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TitlePapers on the archiepiscopal household
DescriptionPapers concerning the housekeeper and other officials of the archiepiscopal household comprising:
Order of the Committee for Sequestrations of the Estates of Papists and Delinquents for Ralph Watts to continue as housekeeper, 20 February 1644 (ff.1-2).
Certificates of fees and perquisites of the housekeeper signed by William Sherman, Walter Dobson, Edward Leventhorp, and others, 1644 (ff.3-6).
Certificate of the allowances due to Francis Lovedale, gardener at Croydon Palace, c.1660 (ff .7-8).
Accounts by Ralph Watts and Francis Leigh (Lee) of the household of Archbishop Laud, c.1662-3 (ff.9-12).
Grant by Archbishop Juxon to Paul Widdup, housekeeper, of the Butchers Stalls, Butchers Row, Croydon, for the duration of his office as housekeeper, 16 May 1663, with copy (ff.13-15).
Papers on the claim by Paul Widdup for allowances as housekeeper, and opinion of Ralph Snow on the offices of housekeeper and gardener, 1664, 1686 (ff.16-25, 28).
Lease for 3 years by Paul Widdup to Andrew Pope, jun., of Croydon, shoemaker, and to Rose, his wife, of the Butchers Stalls, 1 November 1681 (ff.26-7).
Grant by Archbishop Sancroft to Edward Starke and John Davies, housekeepers, of the Butchers Stalls, 16 August 1687, with copy (ff.29-31).
'An account of the servants that came with Thomas [Tenison], Archbishop of Canterbury [1694], and those with him when he died', 1715 (ff.32-3).
Memorandum on the offices of housekeeper and gardener at Croydon Palace from the primacy of Archbishop Whitgift to that of Archbishop Tenison, by Ralph Snow, 1696 (ff.34-7).
Notes of wages and other perquisites due to William and Anne Stobbs as housekeepers, c.1705 (ff .40-1, 46-8).
Grant by Archbishop Tenison to William Stobbs of the Butchers Stalls, 27 March 1705, with copy (ff.38-9, 42-3).
Notes of allowances due to the gardener, c.1705 (f.49).
Petition of William and Anne Stobbs to Archbishop Wake to continue to be allowed all the perquisites of the office of housekeeper (annotated), with the latter's letter to Richard Chicheley, receiver general, notifying change in allowances, 5 January 1721. They were to be paid jointly £20 p.a. during the archbishop's pleasure. (ff.44-5).
Order of Archbishop Wake for the payment of £20 p.a. to Martha Gough, housekeeper, 2 December 1734 (ff.50-1).
Order of Archbishop Moore for the payment of £100 p.a. from the profits of the office of secretary to [Richard] Burn, his former secretary, 26 June 1789. Revoked, 6 June 1791 (ff.52-3).
List of the household of [Archbishop Manners Sutton], Charles Barton being noted as resident chaplain, early 19th century (f.54).
54 ff.
PublnNoteLeonie James, The household accounts of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury (Church of England Record Society, 2019)

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30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
680Snow; Ralph (-1707); Receiver General, Treasurer of the Archbishop's Estate and Gamekeeper of the manors of Lambeth, Croydon and Waddon-1707
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