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Alt Ref NoSion L40.2/E89
Extent33 vols and 2 files
DescriptionDiaries and papers of Herbert Hamilton Maughan (1884-c.1979), an Anglo-Catholic priest of strongly Romanist views.

Maughan was educated at King's School, Canterbury and at Keble College, Oxford (B.A. 1905), and was ordained deacon and priest 1907-8. He was Curate of St. Saviour, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, 1907-9; St. Cuthbert, Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court, London,1909-1910; St. Michael, Brighton, 1910-12. He was Chaplain to the Holy Cross Convent, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, 1913 and a schoolmaster and Assistant Chaplain at Ellesmere College, Shropshire, 1914-16. He assisted at St. Augustine, Queen's Gate, Kensington, 1917-18. For some years thereafter he held no fixed appointment but officiated regularly at churches throughout the south east of England. He was a London Diocesan Home missionary at North Hillingdon, Uxbridge, 1930-31. He lived at Brighton and Hove from c.1932-48, when he moved to Dublin to escape 'Socialist England'. From his homes in Hove and Dublin he ran the Coelian Press which published works by Maughan himself and others. Maughan was the author of numerous books, including 'The liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church', 1916; 'The Leslie dialogues', 1916; 'Some Brighton churches', 1922; 'Do you read in the train?', 1945; and 'Anglican circus', 1953. He married Gertrude Margery Bowles in 1928.

Sion L40.2/E89/1-31. Diaries, 1909-48, mainly written in annual copies of 'Charles Letts's Office Diary'.
Sion L40.2/E89/1. Diary. 1909.
Sion L40.2/E89/2. Diary. 1910.
Sion L40.2/E89/3. Diary. 1911.
Sion L40.2/E89/4. Diary. 1912.
Sion L40.2/E89/5. Diary. 1913.
Sion L40.2/E89/6. Diary. 1914.
Sion L40.2/E89/7. Diary. 1915.
Sion L40.2/E89/8. Diary. 1917.
Sion L40.2/E89/9. Diary. 1918.
Sion L40.2/E89/10. Diary. 1919.
Sion L40.2/E89/11. Diary. 1920.
Sion L40.2/E89/12. Diary. 1921.
Sion L40.2/E89/13. Diary. 1922.
Sion L40.2/E89/14. Diary. 1924.
Sion L40.2/E89/15. Diary. 1925.
Sion L40.2/E89/16. Diary. 1926
Sion L40.2/E89/17. Diary. 1927.
Sion L40.2/E89/18. Diary. 1932.
Sion L40.2/E89/19. Diary. 1933.
Sion L40.2/E89/20. Diary. 1935.
Sion L40.2/E89/21. Diary. 1936.
Sion L40.2/E89/22. Diary. 1937.
Sion L40.2/E89/23. Diary. 1938.
Sion L40.2/E89/24. Diary. 1939.
Sion L40.2/E89/25. Diary. 1941.
Sion L40.2/E89/26. Diary. 1942.
Sion L40.2/E89/27. Diary. 1943.
Sion L40.2/E89/28. Diary. 1945.
Sion L40.2/E89/29. Diary. 1946.
Sion L40.2/E89/30. Diary. 1947.
Sion L40.2/E89/31. Diary 1948.

Sion L40.2/E89/32. 'Roman impressions of an English pilgrim', volume one. Impressions of Rome based on Maughan's visit in 1904. A preface is dated August 1905.
Cloth binding, 238 x 182 mm.; x, 219 pp.

Sion L40.2/E89/33. Scrapbook, containing mainly printed articles and letters by Maughan and reviews of his books. 1913-60.
Cloth binding, 250 x 200 mm., 52 ff.

Sion L40.2/E89/34. Loose papers, mainly found in the diaries. 1909-c.1953. 59 items.

Sion L40.2/E89/35. Photographs. 43 items.
1-26. Herbert Hamilton Maughan, many in various forms of clerical dress.
27-39. Mainly family and friends. Included is a photograph of Arthur Henry Stanton (1839-1913) whose funeral is recorded in the diaries.
40-41. Altars.
42-43. Religious processions.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2014
PhysicalDescriptionSee Description field
CustodialHistoryThe papers were given by Maughan's daughter Barbara (b. 1930) to Dr. Judith Pinnington (see Publication Note field), who presented them to Sion College in or after 1983.Transferred from Sion College to Lambeth Palace Library, 1996. Further papers were given to Lambeth Palace Library by Dr. Judith Pinnington in 1999.
PublnNoteJudith Pinnington, 'Rubric and Spirit. A diagnostic reading of Tractarian worship', in Kenneth Leech and Rowan Williams eds., 'Essays Catholic and radical' (London, 1983), pp. 95-130, especially pp. 110-112 on Maughan.

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NA2009Stanton; Arthur Henry (fl. 1875-1883); Curate of St Alban, Holborn, Middlesexfl. 1875-1883
GB/109/22294Maughan; Herbert Hamilton (1884-c.1979); Anglo-Catholic priest1884-c.1979
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