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Alt Ref NoSTOTT/5/22
Extent233 ff.
DescriptionCorrespondence, press cuttings and papers concerning the Pentecostal and charismatic movements, and in particular the areas of dispute with evangelicals in the Anglican church. Includes discussion of speaking in tongues, also known as glossolalia; the phenomena of miraculous healing, including the Morris Cerullo mission to London; the 'Toronto blessing'.

ff. 1: book review of 'Breaking Strongholds in Your City' edited by C. Peter Wagner, concerning 'spiritual mapping', 1995

ff. 2-10: Miraculous healing, June 1990-August 1993
Articles and correspondence of Dr Peter May, concerning miraculous healing, including the book 'Unexpected Healing' by Jennifer Rees Larcombe, and Morris Cerullo's mission to London in 1992. Also includes an article on Benny Hinn.

ff. 11-44: 'Toronto Blessing' and the Airport Vineyard church in Toronto
Articles and correspondence concerning reports of the Airport Vineyard services, John Wimber and the effect of the phenomena on British churches, including the Holy Trinity, Brompton.

ff. 45-62: correspondence and papers from Clifford Hill of the PWM [Prophetic Word Ministries] Trust concerning the proposed visit to Britain of Wimber and the Kansas City Fellowship, May-June 1990

ff. 63-92: Academic paper entitled 'Tongues: a Supernaturalising Error in need of Correction' by Robert Heinrich Zerhusen, Talbot School of Theology, and correspondence with its author concerning the position of R. Clyde McCone and Stott on speaking in tongues and the Pentecost, June 1990

ff. 93-139: booklets, press cuttings and bibliographies relating to the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements
Includes material by the Christian Medical Fellowship, Peter C. Moore, J.D.G. Dunn for the Theological Studies Group of the Graduates Fellowship, and C.A. Marshall. Also contains manuscript notes by Stott, and booklets: 'Gospel and Spirit: A Joint Statement' by the Fountain Trust and Church of England Evangelical Council, 1977 and 'Charismatic Crisis' by Michael Harper

ff. 140-151: Evangelical and Charismatic dialogue papers, November 1976
Includes notes to introduce the dialogue by J.I. Packer, a summary of conclusions from the dialogue, and drafting notes by Stott concerning a joint statement to be issued by the Fountain Trust and Church of England Evangelical Council

ff. 152-175: 'Further Thoughts on Spiritual Gifts and Baptism in the Holy Spirit' by John Kessler
Text of the address initially delivered at the International Council of the Scripture Union meeting, Wuppertal in May 1973, and related correspondence between Stott and Kessler, including Stott's reply to Kessler's paper written at the request of the Council

ff. 176-194: Church Times press cuttings, July 1971-May 1972; ff. 267-278: Text of an article entitled 'Concerning Spiritual Shortcuts' by Raymond W. Frame, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, 1967

ff. 195-203: Correspondence concerning Pentecostalism and University Christian Unions, November 1964-May 1965
Correspondence concerning a LIFCU [London Inter-Faculty Christian Union] Bible Reading delivered by Stott 'Being Filled with the Spirit' with the treasurer of the Students' Pentecostal Fellowship and with the Honorary Vice-President of CICCU [Cambridge Inter Collegiate Christian Union] about the attitudes of the Pentecostals in Cambridge

ff. 204-224: Correspondence of John Stott and Oliver Barclay with Michael Harper, May 1964-4 December 1964
Discussion of Harper's involvement in the Pentecostal movement and the establishment of the Fountain Trust following his departure in July 1964 as Curate of All Souls. Includes discussion of a planned Pentecostal prayer meeting at the New Cavendish Street flat

ff. 225-228: Liskeard Lodge, October-November 1964
A report to the CMS [Church Missionary Society] Executive Committee concerning the development of 'speaking in tongues' at Liskeard Lodge training college, and subsequent correspondence regarding the memorandum, including between Stott and Martin Peppiatt

ff. 229-230: typescript memorandum; ff. 231-233: manuscript notes by Stott, 19 October 1962
ArrangementReverse chronological order
RelatedMaterialSee also STOTT/5/16 for information about John Wimber, power evangelism and healing

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