RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoSTOTT/3/8/1
Extent272 ff.
TitleCEEC [Church of England Evangelical Council], 1960-1970
Date24 Mar 1960-15 Dec 1970
DescriptionPrimarily comprises of Church of England Evangelical Council memoranda and minutes, including discussions concerning:

Relationship between CEEC, the Church Society and Diocesan Evangelical Unions (ff. 3v, 180)
'Growing into Union' publication and the Anglican-Methodist Unity Scheme (ff. 4, 11, 21, 36, 39v-41, 64-66v, 94, 113, 114v, 117-118, 122, 127-128, 130-131, 157, 180v)
Roman Catholic Mass at Canterbury (ff. 7, 36, 38, 62, 69v-74, 77v, 83v)
Recruitment to ministry and the Fenton Morley proposals (ff. 7v-8, 10, 78v, 80-81, 91, 93, 97, 111v, 182v)
Structure and role of CEEC (ff. 8v-9)
ONE conference at Swanwick, 1970 (ff. 38v, 70, 78)
Relationships between evangelical societies (ff. 42-47)
Race relations, including responses to comments by Enoch Powell (ff. 63, 70v-74, 84, 90)
Canon Hugh Montefiore's appointment (ff. 62v, 74, 78, 84v)
1972 joint conference with the Evangelical Alliance (ff. 73, 77, 83)
New Synod Group (ff. 82)
CEEC Covenants (ff. 86-87)
Preaching and communication (ff. 88-89)
Thirty-Nine Articles and the 'Supplementary Confession of Faith' document (ff. 92-96, 101, 104, 111, 114, 116, 122v, 131v, 135)
Priorities for 1970 (ff. 97-100)
Regional councils (ff. 104v, 107, 126, 128, 131v)
Evangelical Study Conference (ff. 108-109)
General Purposes Sub-Committee (ff. 119-120)
Sunday Entertainments Bill (ff. 122, 128v)
Latimer House (ff. 123)
British Evangelical Council (ff. 157v)
A brief summary of the foundation of CEEC (ff. 271)

Also contains:

ff. 1-2: letter to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, discussing a forthcoming meeting with members of CEEC to discuss the future of theological colleges including those in Bristol, and the issues of reservation and admission to communion. December 1970

ff. 12-34: Correspondence concerning a Roman Catholic Mass in the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, March- July 1970
Correspondents include John Stott, Cyril C. Cowderoy, Archbishop of Southwark, W.E. Shewell-Cooper and W.H. Gaze of the Protestant Reformation Society, W.M.D. Persson, Derek Osborne, Ian White-Tomson and John Meek.

ff. 35: CEEC Digest leaflet, June 1970

ff. 48-61: Correspondence with Hugh Montefiore, Bishop of Kingston, 16 January-16 May 1970
Includes statement by the Church of England Evangelical Council in response to Montefiore's comments concerning the possible homosexuality of Jesus

ff. 65-68, 75-76: Ministry
Includes an invitation and report on the findings of the consultation on group and team ministries at Mabledon, Tonbridge, 5-6 May 1970, by Roger Beckwith, a Church Pastoral Aid Society booklet and letter from Colin Cranston concerning proposed reforms to the appointment of the clergy

ff. 102-103: Correspondence with Gervase Duffield, editor of The Churchman, December 1969

ff. 136-148 : British and Foreign Bible Society, 2 December 1968-3 April 1969
Papers and correspondence concerning changes in the charter and by-laws of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Correspondents include John H. Williams, A.T. Houghton and John Stott

ff. 149: letter from William Persson concerning Staff Colleges Courses, 26 March 1969

ff. 150-156: typescript report narrating events relating to the proposed merger of Tyndale Hall and Clifton Theological College, Bristol, March 1969

ff. 159-176: Church of England Evangelical Council constitution, including revisions and lists of members, 30 September 1960-6 March 1969

ff. 177-179: Church of England Evangelical Council report and account summary, March 1969

ff. 121, 184-249 Church of England Evangelical Council memorandum on the 'Theological Colleges for Tomorrow' report, 15 March-1 October 1968
Comprises of the memorandum presented by Rev. Colin Brown providing an assessement in response to the report 'Theological Colleges for Tomorrow' commissioned by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, with subsequent correspondence concerning reported difficulties in the relationship between Clifton Theological College and Tyndale Hall, Bristol. Correspondents include Colin Brown, Timothy Dudley-Smith, Russell B. White, William M.D. Persson, Alan Neech, J.I. Packer, Arthur Smith, and Dr Orr Ewing.

ff. 250-258: Papers relating to a pre-Lambeth Conference Bishops' Retreat at Oak Hill College, organised by CEEC, 21-23 July 1968

ff. 259-261: copies of letters from Stott to J.I. Packer and Gordon Clark, 1 December 1964-20 August 1965

ff. 262-270 correspondence with the Rt Rev. John Ralph Strickland Taylor concerning his position as President of the Council, including discussion of how representative its membership should be, and the form of its name, May-September 1961
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