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Alt Ref NoSSJE/6/9/1/1/6
Extent86 ff.
TitleLetters sent in 1888
Date18 Jan 1888-5 Dec 1888
DescriptionNews from SSJE missionary work in the Cape Town area of South Africa.


ff. 1-2: took 200 Sunday School children to Claremont where they had cake, buns and ginger-beer; one of the 'Kafir's' has come down with Typhoid - Cape Town is a 'terrible place' for Typhoid, 18 Jan 1888.

ff. 3-4: final arrangements are being made for the 'Kafir' baptism; there have been a 'fair number' attending the preparatory classes, 22 Feb 1888.

ff. 12-14: hopes that none of the members of the Society will be upset by Fr. Rivington's action (in leaving the Society and eventually joining the Roman Catholic Church). Fr. Benson is thanked for sending £350 which will go towards the building a temporary infant school, 16 May 1888.

ff. 17-22: priests from the 'Central African Mission' come to stay some times and SSJE are glad to take them in and put the library at their disposal. A Communion was held for 12 'Kafirs' who were confirmed on Easter Monday, 30 May 1888.

ff. 23-24: some £33 pounds has been raised by collection to put towards the building of a new infant school; the poor people came forward and subscribed most generously, 6 Jun 1888.

ff. 40-41: is always considering the question of what can be done for the 'Kafir' women, partly for their own sakes and partly to provide Christian wives for the 'Kafir converts', 14 Aug 1888.

ff. 47-48: had received visitors from the Girls' Friendly Society who told of problems their Society was having owing to the 'colour question' and the demoralised condition of the 'coloured and semi-coloured women of Cape Town'; a fresh effort will be made to start the Society in Cape Town and the suburbs, 29 Aug 1888.

ff. 51-54: news of Eliza Nontozake, the first 'Kafir' woman to be baptised in the SSJE mission, 12 Sept 1888.

ff. 55-59: the first marriage in the SSJE 'Kafir mission' - a 'great event', 26 Sep 1888.

ff. 60-73: detailed account of a journey through 'Kafir land' in the company of the Bishop of Zululand and the Bishop of St. John's, 11 Oct 1888-7 Nov 1888.

ff. 74-76: the Benediction of the new 'Kafir Girls' Home' has taken place and now has three little girls in it. A meeting was called of the Committee of the Sheppard Memorial School to discuss funding for the school; £500 will be borrowed under the security of St. Phillip's School chapel. Meanwhile, they have been forced to suspend SSJE 'Malay work' due to a lack of Fathers, 14 Nov 1888.

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