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Extent88 ff.
TitleCorrespondence with Br. Beale
DescriptionSeries of letters written by Fr. Benson to Br. Beale. The majority were sent during the time Br. Beale was undertaking SSJE missionary work in India and provide a valuable insight of the conditions and circumstances faced by those members of the Society sent to India with the aim of educating the local population and turning them to a path of Christianity. Additionally, the letters also provide evidence of Fr. Benson's thoughts on the Society's progress in India, provides updates of events in England and other countries where SSJE were active, and the final letters detail Fr. Benson making preperations for his first trip to India following his resignation as Father Superior and find him en-route to Bombay.


ff. 1-4: Fr. Page is readying himself for leaving [for India]; another party consisting of Fr. Benedict, Fr. Osborne, Br. Coit and two Sisters from All Saints Sisters have left for America; Fr. Benson preached at St. Augustine's, Kilburn on St. Andrews Day, 6 Dec 1877.

ff. 5-6: Br. Beale should not be dismayed that people shrink from the Truth instead of welcoming it, 'they will come to Christ'; Fr. Page will be following soon [to India], Vigil of St. Thomas 1877.

ff. 7-10: Fr. Benson is glad the voyage [to India] was useful and isvery thankful they escaped being shipwrecked; he hopes the next party will not come so near as Br. Beale did. Further discussion on the permanence and power of missionary work, 10 Jan 1878.

ff. 11-12: Fr. Page will find Br. Beale some work to compensate for the 'transitional state' of educational engagements in Bombay. Also news from America where it is probable that SSJE lay brothers will develop into an 'educational order', 18 Jan 1878.

ff. 13-14: Fr. Page will be spending more and more time at Mazagaon, 8 Feb 1878.

ff. 15-16: [Britain] is drawing near to war and if it comes then Fr. Benson hopes it will draw the 'English section out of its miserable life of self indulgence' and bring some fresh recruits [for SSJE] for their own 'military movements'; numbers at Cowley are 'thinned' and it is a struggle to get work done, 10 Apr 1878.

ff. 27-28: expects Br. Beale has now arrived at the Mission House, Mazagaon; prayers from all parts of the Society will be very specially offered to the Mission at Calcutta, 14 Feb 1879.

ff. 31-34: sorry to hear of Br. Beale's broken collar-bone; has been meditating on the joy of the Lord's Resurrection, 30 Jul 1879.

ff. 50-53: has already written about the matters of finance, the letter must have got lost between Bombay and Indore, 25 Oct 1882.

ff. 54-55: looking forward to Fr. Page arriving back with more details about [the mission] at Mazagaon; Fr Puller has been professed has left for Cape Town - they are unsure how long he will stay there. It is impossible to collect money for Fr. O'Neill's Memorial Fund as all the funds they raise and more are needed for their work, 5 Apr 1883.

ff. 61-62: understands the need for more people [in India], but there is need in 'so many places', 9 Nov 1883.

ff. 65-66: is looking forward to seeing Br. Beale, even though it will only be a year hence, 28 May 1886.

ff. 78-79: remarks 'how wonderfully Africa is opening out to us!', but warns that there is a great need for clergy in the Cape Colony, 24 Jan 1890.

ff. 80-81: expects to be in Bombay in November and can 'scarcely realise that the expectation of more than 30 years ago will so soon be an accomplished fact'. Meanwhile, terrible news has come from the Cape [Colony] where the Church has lost £25,000 following the [failure of] banks there - 'all the clergy are destitute', 17 Oct 1890.

ff. 82-83: writing from Nazareth from where he expects to leave in a weeks time for Bombay. Did not expect Fr. Puller to go to Zululand, his position at St. Phillips is more important than being in such isolation, 11 Apr 1891.

ff. 86-87: writing from Boston, USA; it needs as much mission work as Africa, 22 Apr 1892.
PhysicalDescriptionff. 86-87 are ripped into two pieces.
AdminHistoryProfessed 1891.
PublnNoteExttracts taken from some of these letters are published in 'Letters of Richard Meux Benson'. Selected and arranged by ; G. Congreve ; and W.H. Longridge, London : Mowbray, 1916.

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