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1-4. Godfrey Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 29 May 1702 (translation). Though the governor who persecuted him is dead, his party still controls the council, so Delius does not dare to return to New York as the society requests. He is willing to serve them in England, and to receive episcopal orders for that purpose. Efforts to convert the Indians must be accompanied by civilizing measures and by the prohibition of rum.
5-7. Otto Grassus, Joh. Jacobus, and Johannes Davagius to the Society, 6 June 1702 (Latin). Endorsing work of society and giving some account of their own body.
8-9. Otto Grassus, Joh. Jacobus, and Johannes Davagius to the Society, 6 June 1702 (Latin). Testimonial to Doctor John Leonhardus.
10-11. J. F. Ostervald to Secretary, Neuchatel, 7 Mar. 1703 (French, with translation), acknowledging thanks of society for his dedication of his catechism to it.
12. Alex. [Alexander] Torriano to Secretary, Farnham Castle, 31 Mar. 1703, on behalf of 'My Lord', saying certain papers need not be sent until nearer time for visitation. (Misplaced, should be in vol. vii).
13-15. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 7 May 1703 (French, with translation), declining to go as society's missionary to New York.
16. Copy of (13-15).
17-18. Joh. [Johannes] Leonhardus to Society, Hoven, Rhine Valley, 17 May 1703, asking aid (Latin).
19. D. Cockburn to Secretary, Amsterdam, 7 May 1703. He has been obliged to draw in advance on society's allowance to rent church from the Brownists for another year.
20. L. Tronchin and J. A. Turretin to Secretary, Geneva, 21 May 1703 (French), acknowledging letter from him and agreeing to promote interests of society in Switzerland.
21. Copy of Secretary's reply to (20), 25 May 1703 (Latin).
22-5. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 26 June 1703 (French, with translation), stating terms on which he is willing to return to New York.
26-8. John Ossiander to Count of Wartenburg, Tubingen, 18 July 1703 (Latin, with translation), discussing possibilities of union of Reformed and Lutheran churches.
29. D. Cockburn to Secretary, Amsterdam, 9/20 July 1703. Condition of Church there not very encouraging.
30-1. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 11 Aug. 1703 (translation). He had planned to come to London in person for conference with Bishop (of London) and Archbishop, but has been delayed by illness of ministers with whom he had arranged to supply his parish. Defends terms stated in (22-5), which some members of society seem to have thought exorbitant.
32-3. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Amsterdam, 20 Aug. 1703 (French, with translation), sent (with book by [Elias] Neau) by hand of Mr. Phillips, who is on his way to America with power of attorney to collect funds claimed by Delius in Boston and New York.
34. John Urmston to Secretary, Archangel, 30 Sept. 1703. Encouraged by possibility of assistance from society, though he does not have license from the Bishop of London. Gives unfavourable account of religion in Russia.
35-6. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, The Hague, 10 Oct. 1703 (French, with English translation). He came to The Hague planning to sail for England, but the fleet has been delayed. He is sending a translation of the Dutch liturgy.
37. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 11 Oct. 1703 (French). Further discussion of terms for returning to America.
38. D. Cockburn to Secretary, Amsterdam, 19 Oct. 1703, concerning financial problems of his church.
39. D. Cockburn to Treasurer, Amsterdam, 27 Nov. 1703. One of his bills on the society has been refused because drawn in advance.
40. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 28 Jan. 1704, n.s. (French). Urges continuance of work among Iroquois and asks help in collecting his arrears in Boston and New York.
41. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, De Brille, 16 Apr. 1704 (French). He has again been prevented by accident from sailing for England.
42. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 24 Aug. 1704 (French). He has received favourable reports of the society's mission from the French community in New York.
43. Cockburn to Archbishop of York, 4 Nov. 1704. He has land for a church but is unable to build at present. Asks the archbishop to use his influence to secure continuance of the society's allowance.
44. Joh. [Johannes] Leonhard to Secretary, Geneva, 30 Oct. 1704 (Latin), naming some members of the society with whom he is acquainted.
45-6. J. F. Osterwald to Secretary, Neuchatel, 3 Dec. 1704 (French, with translation). Mentions miscarriage of previous letter from Secretary, and discusses religious situation in Switzerland.
47-8. Osterwald to Society, Neuchatel, 3 Dec. 1704 (French, with translation), acknowledging election to society.
49. John Jacob Scherer to Secretary, St. Gall, 16 Dec. 1704. He speaks of sending several previous letters and books which have not been received, and refers to Leonhard's mission to England on behalf of Protestants in his area, and to previous and expected visit of [Robert] Hales.
50-1. Tronchin and Turretin to Secretary, Geneva, 19 Dec. 1704 (French, with translation). They have learned from Osterwald of their election to the society, though the letter announcing it miscarried.
52-3. Otto Grassus to Secretary, Tosan, 28 Dec. 1704 (Latin, with translation). As 'Dean of the Upper League', he returns thanks for good will of the society as shown in response to Leonhard's mission.
54-5. Johannes Leonhard to Society, Lesamine, 29 Dec. 1704. Reports conditions among the Grissons as he has found them since his return, noting some improvement.
56-7. [John Jacob] Scherer to Secretary, St. Gall, 22 Jan. 1705 (French, with translation). Discusses affairs of the Grissons, and notes that a previous letter, sent in care of Doctor Joaiah Woodward, seems to have miscarried.
58-9. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, The Hague, 7 Feb. 1705 (French, with translation). Regrets his inability to supply the society with his (Indian?) translation of certain devotions, as this and other papers were lost in his flight from New York.
60. Tronchin and Turretin to Society, Geneva, 17 May 1705 (French). Describe troubles of the Grissons.
61-2. [Johannes] Leonhard to Society, Curiae, 22 Aug. 1705 (Latin, with translation). Thanks for assistance to the Grissons.
63-4. Osterwald to Secretary, Neuchatel, 23 Aug. 1705 (French, with translation). He is sending a copy of their liturgy, and asks intervention on behalf of a co-religionist who has served nineteen years in the galleys for a religious offence.
65-7. Otto Grassus to Society, Tosana, 24 Aug. 1705 (Latin, with translation). Correspondence has been presented to their synod, which returns thanks for aid.
68-9. Osterwald to Secretary, Neuchatel, 27 Aug. 1705 (French, with translation), introducing M. de Montmollin.
70. Abraham Pungelen to ---, 3 Oct. 1705 (Latin). Testimonial to Johann Friedrich Hager.
71. [Johannes] Leonhard to Secretary, 4 Feb. 1706, introducing Dubourdieu.
72-3. Otto Grassus and Joh. Jacob Vedzosin to Society, 8 Feb. 1706 (Latin), seeking aid from Queen.
74. Osterwald to Secretary, Neuchatel, 22 Feb. 1706. Introduces Montmollin again and notes that some members of society have expressed approval of their liturgy.
75. Secretary to Otto Grassus, Westminster, 7 Apr. 1706 (copy, French). Directed by society to express good will for their synod and approval of Leonhard's mission.
76. Secretary to Osterwald, Petty France, Westminster, 9 Apr. 1706 (copy). Refers to visit of brothers Appia, and speaks of receiving some documents.
77. Secretary to Leonhard, Petty France, Westminster, 10 Apr. 1706 (copy, French). Acknowledges letters and speaks of visit of the Appias.
78-9. [Otto] Grassus to Society, Tosan, 10 Jun. 1706 (Latin). Thanks for aid.
80. [Johannes] Leonhard to Secretary, 13 Aug. 1706 (Latin), acknowledging letters.
81-2. Osterwald to Secretary, Neuchatel, 21 Aug. 1706 (French with translation). Speaks of Montmollin as representing interests of their group in England.
83. [Johannes] Leonhard to Secretary, Trimonty, 20 Sept. 1706 (Latin), concerning affairs of Grissons.
84. John Jacob Scherer to Society, St. Gall, 30 Nov. 1706 (Latin), with references to brothers Appia and to [Johannes] Leonhard.
85. Frideni [actually Friedrich] Bonet to Secretary, Suffolk St., 9 Dec. 1706 (translation), introducing Lubominsky, Polish convert, who has a letter of recommendation from Professor Monk of the University of Leiden. (A duplicate of vii. 230.)
86-7. B. [Benedict] Picket [actually Pictet] to Secretary, 31 Dec. 1706 (Latin), with complimentary address to society.
88-9. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Bergen-op-Zoom, 28 Jan. 1707, discussing Indian mission and asking aid in collecting arrears. (In English, with numerous corrections, probably a translation.)
90-1. Delius to Secretary, Halveren, 7 Mar. 1707 (French, with translation). Printer at Utrecht wants 25 guilders to print translation of the Bishop of Chichester's sermon.
92-3. Secretary to Osterwald, Westminster, 26 Mar. 1707 (translation). He is sending some of the society's publications by Montmollin, who is returning to Neuchatel.
94-7. Memorial of Italian proselytes, with marginal dates through Mar. 1707 (French, with English abstract), seeking aid of the society.
98. Frideni [actually Friedrich] Bonet to Secretary, Suffolk St., 4 July 1707, enclosing an English version of (94-7).
99-103. The version of the memorial enclosed in (98), dated 12 Apr. 1707. Gives name of first convert as Matthew Bertand de la Logha.
104-5. [Samuel] Werenfels to Secretary, Basel, 23 July 1707, acknowledging election to membership (French, with translation).
106-9. John Rudolf Zwinger to Society (Latin) and to Secretary, 23 July 1707 (French, with translation), acknowledging election as member.
110. Secretary to [Godfrey] Delius, 28 July 1707 (copy), saying, in answer to (90-1), that society is willing to pay 25 guilders for printing the translation of the Bishop of Chichester's sermon.
111-12. Otto Grassus to Society, Tosan, 2 Aug. 1707 (Latin). Concerning affairs of his group.
113. Samuel Werenfels to Society, 8 Aug. 1707 (Latin), acknowledging election.
114-16. Osterwald to Secretary, Neuchatel, 6 Aug. 1707 (French, with translation). He has forwarded letters sent in his care to [J.R.] Zwinger and [Samuel] Werenfels and is sending replies by Chaplain Werndley of the English Navy.
117. Pierre de Toullieu to ---, 14 Nov. 1707 (Latin). Testimonial to Johan Friedrich Hager.
118-19. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, 8 Dec. 1707, Halleren [Ned.] (French, with translation). He is seeking a means of sending the translated sermons to England.
120-2. [Benedict] Picket [actually Pictet] to Secretary, Geneva, 12 Feb. 1707/8 (French, with translation). Protestants in Geneva have appointed a committee to examine the proselytes (cf. 94-103) and provide for their needs.
123. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Halleren [Ned.] , 23 Feb. 1708 (French). Relates difficulties in transmitting printed sermons.
124. Kelsall to Thomas Edwards, Wiebich, 23 Feb. 1708, relating to the [Edward] Clifford legacy. (Cf. viii. 41.)
125-6. [Godfrey] Delius to Secretary, Halleren, 23 Apr. 1708 (French, with translation), concerning possible overcharge by printer of translation of Bishop of Chichester's sermon.
127-8. Secretary to [Benedict] Picket [actually Pictet], Westminster, 25 June 1708 (copy). He apologizes for delay in answering (120-2), but he was unable to communicate it immediately to the society, as its spring meetings are taken up with colonial business, since that is the season when the ships sail.
129-30. Kelsall to the Bishop of Ely, Wiebich, 11 Oct. 1708, concerning the [Edward] Clifford legacy. (Cf. 124).
131. [Benedict] Picket [actually Pictet] to Secretary, Geneva, 28 Dec. 1708 (French), enclosing address of his organization to the society.
132-3. The address enclosed in (131) (Latin).
134-5. Jacob Bassagne [Jacques Basnage de Beauval (1653-1723)] to Society, Rotterdam, -- 1708 (Latin), concerning religion in the colonies.
136-7. Jean Alphones Turretin to Society, Kalends, Jan. 1709 (Latin), presenting his De Variis Christiana Doctrina Fatis.
138. Turretin to Secretary, 22 Jan. 1709 (French), enclosing (136-7).
139. Secretary to Turretin, Westminster, 24 Jan. 1709. Turretin's work was presented to the society by [Frideni] [actually Friedrich] Bonet.
140-4. Osterwold to G. Nichols [actually William Nicholls], Neuchatel, 10 Mar. 1709 (Latin), referring to previous correspondence with Secretary.
145-50. Memorial of [Johannes] Leonhard (Latin), relating some religious developments in Switzerland. Written in 1708, but bears testimonial to Leonhard by Antonius Klingle dated 20 May 1709.
151. [Benedict] Picket [actually Pictet] to William Nichols [actually Nicholls], 20 May 1709 (Latin), expressing respect for Church of England.
152-3. [Johannes] Leonhard to Secretary and to Society, 20 May 1709 (Latin), relating to religious affairs in Switzerland and referring to (145-50).
154-7. Testimonials to [John Frederick] Hager (Latin). Latest date, 14 June 1709.
158-9. [Godfrey] Delius to Treasurer, Halleren, 25 June 1704 (French, with translation), asking him to pay 31 guilders to Secretary to remit to [Godfrey] Delius in payment for printing translation of Bishop of Chichester's sermon.
160. [Jacob] Bassagne [Jacques Basnage de Beauval (1653-1723)] to Secretary, Rotterdam, 30 July 1709 (French), concerning religious affairs.
161-2. Testimonial to [John Frederick] Hager (German), bearing various signatures, 5 Dec. 1709.
163-4. [Benedict] Picket [actually Pictet] to Secretary, Geneva, 15 Jan. 1711 (Latin). Three copies of complimentary address to society.
165-6. Daniel Ernest Fablons to Society, Berolini, 20 Jan. 1711 (Latin), giving some account of a similar society on the Continent.
167-8. [Jacob] Bassange [Jacques Basnage de Beauval (1653-1723)] to Secretary, La Haye, 31 Mar. 1711 (2 copies, French). He has dedicated a book to the society.
169. [Johannes] Leonhard to Secretary, 22 June 1711 (French), relating efforts to propagate the Gospel on the Continent.
170. Mattheus Christophers to Secretary, Amsterdam, --- June 1711 (Dutch), relating to religious affairs.
171-3. Johann Friedrich Hager to Secretary, Ansberg, 15 Aug. 1711, concerning his work with the Palatines (German, with translation).
174. General letter to foreign members, Nov. 1711 (copy, French), acknowledging correspondence.
175-6. Johannes Angelus Berniera to Society, undated (Latin), concerning religious affairs.
177. Undated English version of some ecclesiastical calendar.
178-83. Undated scheme for education of Danish Prince.
184-5. Undated account of some Protestant ministers in Bohemia.
186-8. Undated memorial (attributed in notation to [D.] Cockburn) proposing to set up Church of England worship in Holland.
189. Undated form of subscription for support of worship of Church of England in Amsterdam. Subscriptions to be paid to Bishop Compton.
190. Members of the English congregation in Amsterdam.
191. English-Dutch church calendar.
192-3. Extract from letter of Tronchin and Turretin, undated, urging provision of English worship for benefit of English merchants in Leghorn.
194. Undated account of conversion from Roman Catholicism of Antonio Alverado, Professor of Divinity in Toledo.
195-6. Undated account of Lubominsky.
197. Undated translation of part of letter of [John Jacob] Scherer relating to [Johannes] Leonhard.
198. Undated petition to Society of brothers Appia for books to be used in their work.
199. Undated certificate for [Johannes] Leonhard, initialled by Secretary.
200-1. Extract from letter of supercargoes in China, 30 Apr. 1791, recommending appointment of chaplain at 'factory'.
202-3. Extract from charter of East India Company, 5 Sept. 1698, requiring them to maintain a minister and schoolmaster in their colony on St. Helena.
204-9. Copies of the same extract.
210. J. Broughton to --- ('My Lord'), Bartel's Buildings, Holborn, 21 Jan. 1752, saying that he has laid project of a charity school at Bombay before a committee of (S.P.C.K., Notation) and the members expressed approval, but deferred action because of slim attendance and absence of treasurer, Doctor Denne.
211. Trustees of Bombay Charity School to Bishop of Oxford, 6 Dec. 1754. Acknowledging his effort to secure aid of S.P.C.K., as related in his letter of 1752, receipt of which was delayed.
212. P. Byfield to Bishop of Oxford, Bombay, 8 Feb. 1755, describing progress of charity school.
213. P. Byfield to Bishop of Oxford, Bombay, 10 Mar. 1756, concerning the school.
214. P. Byfield to Bishop of Oxford, Bombay, 20 Jan. 1757. More about the school.
215. P. Byfield to Bishop of Oxford, Bombay, 8 Apr. 1758, concerning the school.
216. William Johnson to Archbishop of Canterbury, Calcutta, 21 Aug. 1784. Relating his efforts, as chaplain of East India Co., to secure erection of church in Bengal.
217-18. D. Brown and other ministers to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Calcutta, 10 Sept. 1787, urging missionary effort among the natives.
219. William Johnson to Archbishop of Canterbury, Calcutta, 10 Sept. 1789, reporting completion of church and his own projected return to England.
220-3. Thomas Blanshard and other chaplains to the Earl of Cornwallis, Governor General, Calcutta, 20 June 1788 (copy received 5 Aug. 1789), urging missionary effort.
224. Thomas Blanshard and other chaplains to Archbishop of Canterbury, 2 Jan. 1789, Calcutta, enclosing (220-3).
225-6. J. Owen to G. [Granville] Sharp, Calcutta, 12 Mar. 1789, enclosing a copy of (220-3).
227-8. D. Brown and other ministers to Archbishop of Canterbury, Calcutta, Sept. 1789, urging missionary effort.
229. Fragment of an act against 'Papists', dated 24 June 1791.
230-8. Proposals for propagating the Gospel in the East Indies, attributed to Major Mitchell and dated 17 Mar. 1800 in notation (cf. 260).
239-50. The Pentateuch in Five Languages, by Francis Gladwin. Calcutta, Cooper & Upjohn, 1791. Specimen pages, with note of presentation from Sir Charles Broughton Rouse to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Calcutta, 1 Feb. 1792.
251. Wilberforce to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Palace Yard, 18 May 1793. Clauses relating to religious institutions were admitted to the India bill with Mr. Dundas's approval and little opposition.
252-3. Undated statement of salaries paid to East India Co. chaplains.
254-9. Religious clauses referred to in (251).
260. M. Mitchell to Archbishop of Canterbury, St. George's Place, Hyde Park, 17 Mar. 1800, transmitting (230-5).
261-4. Another copy of the proposals.
265. Archbishop of Canterbury to Henry Guillam, Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature, Madras: Lambeth House, 31 May 1803. Countersigned 'B. London'. They have confirmed reappointment of Doctor Kerr to post at Fort St. George, but assure Guillam that they are convinced of his good intentions in opposing it.
266-78. A Proposal for Establishing a Protestant Mission in Bengal and Bahar [India] Undated (2 copies).
279. Undated resolutions declaring it the duty of the East India Co. to maintain chaplains at its stations.
280-4. Undated regulations governing the Bombay Charity School.
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