RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Date1679-JUNE 1707
Description1-3. Duplicate of Order in Council, 25 Apr. 1679, permitting clergy serving as chaplains at sea or in the plantations to retain benefices in England.
4-7. 'Proposals for propagating the Gospel in all Pagan contries.' The first proposal, published in [Dr.] Gordon's Geographical Grammar, is for raising a fund to train clergy in pagan languages and send them out as missionaries. Supplementary proposals, designed for a future edition, are for establishing missionary schools in various Indian communities to train them in English and Christianity, as he is convinced that the multiplicity of their languages makes his first proposal impractical. Dated 6 Jan. 1701/1 in notation.
8-9. Proposals for more effective fund raising. Dated 6 Mar. 1701/2 in notation.
10. List of Lord Mayor and aldermen, dated 13 Mar. 1701/2.
11-12. By-laws and standing orders of Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, dated in margin. Last date is 17 Sept. 1702.
13. Joshua Walker to Secretary (John Chamberlayne), Great Billing, near Northampton, 5 Mar. 1702. Unwilling to commit himself to a subscription because of family responsibilities, but asks for printed material concerning society. (Note: As Chamberlayne is secretary throughout the present correspondence, he will henceforth be identified simply as 'Secretary'.)
14. Bishop Compton to Archbishop Tenison, 15 Mar. 1702, suggesting some tracts with which he thinks George Keith should be supplied.
15-16a. Draft of address by society to Queen Anne on her accession. Dated 27 Mar. 1702 in notation.
17. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 27 Mar. 1702, recommending John B. Soroseil for mission to Staten Island.
18. L. Gordon to Doctor Bray, 17 Apr. 1702, saying he has experienced delay in getting (New) York money and in obtaining Queen's Bounty.
19. Draft of recommendation of Bishop Compton to Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations concerning support of the Church in New York.
20-1. William Stephens to Doctor [William] Beveridge, Hadstock, 11 May 1702. Testimonial for John Bartow. Endorsed by Edward Norton.
22. Bishop of Ely to --, Melton, near Doncaster, 16 May 1702 (slightly damaged), refers to subscription and says he is in Melton for his health.
23. Sir William Russell to Secretary, 19 May 1702. Most country gentlemen feel that present taxes make them unable to do much for society.
24. Sir William Whichcote to Secretary, Lin Hall, 4 June 1702, promising to support society.
25. Bishop of Salisbury to Secretary, 13 July 1702. Archdeacons will be the best persons to solicit subscriptions from clergy.
26. Bishop of Ely to Secretary, Ely, 14 July 1702, naming persons who might manage subscriptions.
27. Bishop of Chichester to Secretary, 15 July 1702. He will inquire among the clergy to see who might undertake the work.
28-9. Bishop of Chester to Secretary, Chester, 15 July 1702. Listing possible managers of the subscription.
30. Bishop of Bath and Wells to Secretary, Bath, 25 July 1702, with a similar list.
31. Sir Edmund Turner to the Secretary, Stoke, near Post Wytham in Lincolnshire, 17 Aug. 1702. He has sent Mr. Hodges (the treasurer) £107/4/6 collected by John Adamson, Rector of Burton-Coggley.
32. Sir Edmund Turner to Secretary, 14 Sept. 1702, speaks of sending list of subscribers and names persons who might be appointed collectors.
33. Sir Edmund Turner to Secretary, same date. He has distributed copies of charter and abstracts and could use some more.
34. John Adamson to Secretary, Burton Coggley, 16 Sept. 1702, suggesting that collectors be listed in order of seniority.
35. Richard King to Secretary, Exon, 19 Sept. 1702, asking that official forms be sent for collection.
36. Draft of letter from Secretary to all 'deputies' (collectors), 6 Oct. 1702.
37. Richard King to Secretary, Exon, 7 Oct. 1702, enclosing some subscriptions.
38. A. Charlett to Secretary, University College, Oxford, 18 Oct. 1702. He has received a parcel of papers and given them to those for whom they were intended.
39. Sir John Philipps to Secretary, Picton, 20 Oct. 1702, concerning appointment of collectors in Diocese of St. Davids.
40. W. Buxhill to Secretary, Dedham, 3 Nov. 1702, recommending [Samuel] Thomas as missionary to South Carolina.
41. Jenkin Williams to Secretary, Taunton, 9 Oct. 1702. Unspecified obligations at home prevent his accepting appointment as missionary.
42. George Bond to Secretary, 12 Dec. 1702, promising support.
43. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 18 Dec. 1702. He has received requests for ministers from Swansea, Massachusetts, Westchester, New York, and an unnamed location between Philadelphia and Newcastle.
44. Nathaniel Marwick to Secretary, Taunton, 23 Dec. 1702. He is willing to go as missionary, if he can obtain his parents' consent, if his terms are met, and if he is sent to New York.
45. John Osmond to Secretary, Exeter, 16 Dec. 1702, acknowledging appointment as collector.
46. William Brown to Secretary, Haverford West, 17 Dec. 1702, acknowledging similar appointment.
47-8. Nathaniel Markwick to Secretary, Taunton, 4 Jan. 1703. As his parents oppose his going to America, he has accepted a benefice in the Diocese of Bath and Wells.
49. Joshua Walker to Secretary, Great Billing, near Northampton, 11 Jan. 1702/3. He has sent a gift of £5.
50. John Mackqueen to Secretary, Dover, 16 Jan. 1702/3, recommending George Mackqueen as missionary.
51. George Thorp to Doctor Beveridge, 28 Jan. 1702/3, authorizing him to subscribe £10 per annum in his name.
52. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 19 Feb. 1702/3, enclosing some papers.
53. George Thorp to Secretary, Christ Church, Canterbury, 11 Mar. 1702/3, subscribing fifty shillings a quarter.
54. A. [Alexander] Torriano to Secretary, Farnham Castle, 29 Mar. 1703. He will distribute the society's material at next visitation.
55. Bishop of Sarum to Secretary, Salisbury, 5 Apr. 1703. He is distributing appeal, but will not press for subscriptions until he learns what the 'trading towns' have done.
56. James Fall to Secretary, York, 5 Apr. 1703. Is sending contributions.
57. Bishop of Chester to Secretary, Chester, 10 Apr. 1703. He will have the society's material distributed at the forthcoming visitations, and will pay his own subscription.
58. James Gordon to Secretary, 13 Apr. 1703, concerning a bill drawn on the society by his deceased brother.
59. Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry to Secretary, 14 Apr. 1703. He will distribute appeal at next visitation.
60. Philip Stubbs to Secretary, Wadham College, Oxford, 14 Apr. 1703, concerning collection.
61. Bishop of Ely to Secretary, 15 Apr. 1703. Sorry to hear that none of those he recommended has answered the Secretary's letters.
62. John Vaughan to Secretary, Carnarvon, South Wales, 15 Apr. 1703. Thinks it will help subscriptions there if he knows what has been subscribed elsewhere.
63. Richard King to Secretary, Exon, 24 Apr. 1703, reporting progress.
64. Bishop of Bristol to Secretary, Bristol, 28 Apr. 1703. He will ask his archdeacon to inquire in his next visitation for possible collectors in Dorsetshire.
65. John Thrale to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Exchequer, 30 Apr. 1703. As agent for the Colony of New York, he has been asked to remind the Archbishop of the request of the Lords Commissioners that he name a clergyman for that province.
66. Thomas Willis to the Secretary, Adderbury, near Banbury, 6 May 1703. On behalf of the Bishop of Llandaff, who is ill with the gout, he says the bishop will do what he can for the society when he goes to his diocese next March.
67. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 11 May 1703, asking aid for [John] Jackson, minister at St. John's, N.F.
68. Jonathan Edwards to Secretary, St. John's College, Oxford, 15 May 1703. He is sending testimonials for [Henry] Nichols.
69. Francis Cooke to Secretary, Exeter, 17 May 1703. Writes on behalf of Bishop of Exeter to say that material arrived too late for distribution at archdeaconal visitation.
70. Archbishop of York to Secretary, Bishops-thorpe, 26 May 1703. John Brook, a young clergyman whom he recommends, is willing to serve in the colonies, but his relatives will let him go only if they know where he is to be sent, and what his support is to be.
71. Francis Wyndham to Secretary, Clowerswall, 28 May 1703. Acknowledging election to membership.
72. Bishop of Oxford to Secretary, Worcester, 31 May 1703. He has arranged for distribution of the society's material.
73. Archbishop of York to Secretary, Bishops-thorpe, 7 June 1703, recommending Thompson, who offers to go to the colonies as schoolmaster.
74. Richard Wroe to Secretary, Manchester, 22 June 1703, enclosing a contribution.
75. Bishop of Chester to Secretary, Wigan, 29 June 1703, asking to whom he should pay subscription.
76. Archbishop of York to Secretary, 30 June 1703. Asks forms for testimonials and application for Brook, but doubts that Thompson, who is not a university man, is qualified for the post at New York, where Bishop Compton proposes to send him.
77-8. William Ashurst to Secretary, London, 30 June 1703. Doubts that his Corporation (for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England) will be able to aid the society in sending a missionary to the Mohawks, as they are already supporting three Dutch ministers among them.
79. Richard Wroe to Secretary, 9 July 1703. He, Joseph Yates, and Joseph Hooper are willing to serve as collectors.
80. Sir Edmund Turner to Secretary, Stoke, near Port Witham, 7 Aug. 1703, concerning collection in Lincolnshire.
81. Richard King to Secretary, Exon, 1 Sept. 1703. Has collected £20 for the society.
82. Richard Wroe to Secretary, 24 Sept. 1703, asking for more material to distribute.
83. John Evans to (Mr. Adamson, notation), 19 Sept. 1703. He has collected more than he expected, but thinks more could be done if the bishops and other leaders would push the work.
84. Francis Hildyard to Secretary, York, 11 Oct. 1703, transmitting some subscriptions.
85-6. John Adamson to Secretary, Burton, 1 Nov. 1703. Reports success of local subscription and urges a general collection.
87. Richard Wroe to Secretary, Burton, 1 Nov. 1703, acknowledging receipt of appointment as collector.
88. Codicil in will of John Robinson of Ruabon in the county of Denbigh, signed 26 Nov. 1703, leaving £50 in books and cash to society.
89. Charles Smith to Secretary, Ashelworth, near Gloucester, 14 Dec. 1703, asking further information concerning his appointment as missionary to Mohawks.
90. Thomas Tye to Secretary, 15 Dec. 1703. He is a candidate for appointment as missionary.
91. Thomas Tye to Secretary, Burton, 29 Dec. 1703. Finds some difficulty in obtaining additional testimonials as required.
92. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 8 Jan. 1703/4, asking aid for Urquhart, who is going to Jamaica, New York, Crawford, who is going to Dover Hundred, Delaware, and Stewart, who is going to Bedford, New York.
93. James Davis, Rector of Heyden in Essex, 3 Feb. 1703/4. Testimonial to Alexander Stuart, who has been studying with him at request of Doctor Bray. Letter to Stuart on reverse side.
94. Michael Bridges to Secretary, Barnsley, 7 Feb. 1703/4, asking for information on how to seek a missionary appointment.
95. John Adamson to Secretary, Burton-Coggsley near Stamford, 10 Feb. 1703/4, concerning collection in Lincolnshire.
96-7. William Popple to Secretary, Whitehall, 13 Feb. 1703/4. On behalf of Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations, he says that Queen allows a bounty of £20 to any minister going to the plantations. Commissioners think it would encourage ministers to go to colonies if they were assured of a benefice in England after a certain time. Suggests inquiring how funds are raised for Corporation for Propagation of the Gospel in New England.
98. Richard King to Secretary, Exon, 23 Feb. 1703/4. His recollection of the amount of his recent remittance differs from that reported by Hodges.
99. List of vice presidents, 1701-3/4.
100-1. Charles Smith to Secretary, Ashellworth, 19 Mar. 1703/4. Society rejected him for Indian mission because he is married, but proposed to send him to Roanoke, North Carolina. He is unwilling to go there, because it is too unhealthy, but will accept an appointment to South Carolina.
102. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 18 Mar. 1703/4, introducing [John] Thomas, who is willing to go to New York or New Jersey.
103. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 10 Apr. 1704, introducing Wall, who would like some books to take to his parish in Virginia.
104. Michael Bridges to Secretary, Barnsley near Doncaster, 10 Apr. 1704, again seeking information about an application. He is a friend of Thorogood Moore's.
105. Bishop Compton to Committee, 17 Apr. 1704, recommending unnamed bearer to a mission.
106. W. Melmouth to Secretary, 21 Apr. 1704, with some paper that he wants to have presented to the society.
107. Anonymous note, London, 25 Apr. 1704, accompanying a gift of books.
108. Richard Wroe to Secretary, Manchester, 5 May 1704. Has not received sermons that were sent to him.
109. H. Gower to Doctor [Wilt] Stanley, St. John's College, Cambridge, 20 May 1704, describing efforts to organize trustees of charity bequeathed by Mr. [Barnabas] Oley.
110. Draft of letter from Secretary to non-attending members, Petty France, Westminster, 12 May 1702.
111. Richard Wroe to Secretary, Manchester, 12 May 1704. The sermons have been received. The delay was caused by their being given to the Wigan carrier instead of to the Manchester carrier.
112. Bishop Compton to Committee, 13 May 1704. Berkley, whom he recommended for Braintree, Massachusetts, has been obliged to return for want of support, but he has applied to the Queen for a grant to support ministers there and at Swansea and Narragansett.
113. W. [William] Popple to Secretary, Whitehall, 23 May 1704. Lords Commissioners desire a copy of the society's charter and an account of what has been done under it.
114-15. H. Gower to Doctor Stanley, St. John's College, Cambridge, 23 May 1704 (two copies), relating to the [Barnabas] Oley charity (109).
116-17. Thomas Bray to Secretary, Sheldon, near Birmingham, 24 May 1704, concerning payment of allowance to [John] Lockier.
118. Thomas Roch to Secretary, 6 June 1704, concerning the [Barnabas] Oley charity.
119. Thomas Bray to Secretary, 11 June 1704. He has received favourable reports of[John] Lockier's work in Rhode Island.
120. Thomas Locke to Secretary, 6 July 1704. [Barnabas] Oley's will made no reference to the society, which was not in existence when it was drawn, but allows trustees to give a considerable sum towards the propagation of the Gospel.
121-2. Extract of a letter from Governor [Joseph] Dudley of Massachusetts to Lords Commissioners, 13 July 1704, saying colonial authorities are sending a delegation to conciliate the Iroquois, as is customary every five years, and expressing fear that their alliance will be lost if a missionary is not sent among them.
123. [George] Barnsley, Selscomb, 21 July 1704 and James Cranston, Hasting, 23 July 1704 to Secretary, acknowledging appointment as collectors.
124. William Turner to Secretary, Stamford, 12 Aug. 1704. Testimonial to [Thorogood] Moore.
125-6. Richard Wroe to Secretary, 14 Aug. 1704. Reports sending contributions collected in his area.
127. John Evans to Secretary, Uffington, 2 Sept. 1704. He does not know [Christopher] Buckton, about whom the Secretary has inquired, but has obtained a testimonial from head of school in Stamford, where [Christopher] Buckton was an usher.
128. Bishop Compton to Treasurer, 7 Sept. 1704, asking that [John] Jackson's allowance be paid to bearer, his agent.
129. J. Sayer to Secretary, Whitnisham, 5 Oct. 1704, enclosing a contribution and offering to serve as collector.
130-1. Thomas Bray to Secretary, Sheldon, 11 Nov. 1704. He does not know who is responsible for paying Governor [Francis] Nicholson's benefaction to the society.
132-3. John Blair to Committee, London, 20 Nov. 1704. He is in debt as the result of being taken by the French on way to North Carolina.
134. Secretary to Primate of Ireland and Archbishop of Dublin, St. Martin's Library, 15 Dec. 1704 (draft), enclosing material relating to the society.
135-6. Thomas Bray to Secretary, Sheldon, 23 Dec. 1704. In response to an inquiry occasioned by a petition from the wife of Robert Keith [Mary Keith] , he says that Keith was not granted an allowance when he went to Maryland in 1701, because local support was deemed sufficient.
137. George Barnsley to Secretary, Selscomb, 26 Dec. 1704, reporting collections.
138. Bishop of Londonderry to Bishop Compton, 11 Jan. 1704/5, asking him to find a post for son of Colonel Blayer.
139. Bishop Compton to Committee, Fulham, 12 Jan. 1704/5, asking them to examine Marston, whom he proposes to send as catechist to New York.
140. Archbishop of Armagh to Secretary, 30 Jan. 1704/5, acknowledging receipt of material relating to society.
141. William Popple to Bishop Compton, Whitehall, 3 Feb. 1704/5, enclosing 121-2.
142. Bishop Compton to Committee, 5 Feb. 1704/5, introducing Aeneas Mackenzie, recommended for appointment to New York or New Jersey.
143. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 15 Feb. 1704/5. Knows no one to recommend for an unspecified mission, unless they send [Daniel] Bondet there instead of to New York. Urges that assistance be provided for [Evan] Evans in Philadelphia.
144. William Turner to Secretary, Stamford, --- Feb. 1704/5. If [Christopher] Buckton ever had a serious defect in speech, he has overcome it, and he has maintained a good character since he has been in that area.
145-7. Archbishop of Dublin to Secretary, 26 Feb. 1704, asking gift of books for Rea, who is going to Jamaica, W.I.
148. Bishop Compton to Committee, 2 Mar. 1704/5, introducing [George] Ross, who is seeking an appointment to New York.
149. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 4 Mar. 1705, asking allowance for [John] Talbot at Burlington, New Jersey.
150. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 14 Mar. 1705, introducing 'the two Appia's', Vaudois missionaries.
151-2. Thomas Bray to Secretary, Sheldon, 14 Mar. 1704/5. In answer to an inquiry as to who is responsible for continuing allowance to [William] Tibbs in Maryland, he says that, in order to obtain support of deputies from the poorer parishes for the establishment act, he had to promise help in supplying them with ministers. When this act was disallowed, and he sent back the draft of an act that would be approved, six ministers were sent over with it, three of them, including Tibbs, with an allowance. He originally made himself responsible for this, but as the subscriptions originally made for that purpose were transferred to the society, he thinks it should accept responsibility for continuing the allowance.
153. Bishop Compton to Committee, Fulham, 7 May 1705, asking them to examine William Guy whom he thinks may be the proper person to send to Rye, New York.
154. Bishop Compton to Committee, Fulham, 11 May 1705, introducing Thomas Lloyd, recommended by the Bishop of Bangor for Bermuda.
155. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 17 May 1705, introducing Jacob Rice, who may be a good person to send to Newfoundland, as the government is recalling [John] Jackson.
156. Josua Walker to Secretary, Great Billing, near Northampton, 19 May 1705, enclosing a contribution.
157. Bishop of Peterborough to Secretary, Peterborough, 9 June 1705, naming clergy who may be qualified to serve as collectors.
158. Archbishop of York to Secretary, Bishops-thorpe, 23 June 1705. He ordained [William] Guy ten years ago and was favourably impressed by him then, but has only seen him once since.
159. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 30 June 1705. As the people in [George] Muirson's former parish (unnamed) resent his having come home for orders, Compton recommends sending him to Rye, New York, where the people have been discouraged by [Thomas] Pritchard. He recommends continuing Honeyman on Long Island.
160. Archbishop of York to Secretary, Bishops-thorpe, 23 July 1705. He has been told by resident of parish in Nottinghamshire where [William] Guy was a curate, that he left parish without notice to rector, because of a scandal caused by his drinking.
161. Vigerius Edwards to Secretary, Old Bayley, 17 Aug. 1705. Prevented by rheumatism from attending meeting, he reports that he and Doctor [Samuel] Bradford have audited the treasurer's accounts.
162. Memorandum listing 'matters of the Society Adjourn'd on various dates'. Latest date 3 Sept. 1705
163. Humphrey Hody to Secretary, Monks Risborough in Bucks., 13 Sept. 1705, having retired to the country, he is discontinuing his subscription.
164. Charles Smith to Secretary, Ashellworth, near Gloucester, 3 Oct. 1705. He is willing to go as missionary to Iroquois instead of to South Carolina as formerly proposed.
165. William Hamilton to Secretary, Callidon, near Armagh, 10 Oct. 1705. Testimonial to Andrew Auchinleek.
166. George Keith to Secretary, London, 16 Oct. 1705, listing previous payments by the society to [John] Talbot.
167-9. Extract from the will of Jane Brown, 3 Nov. 1705, bequeathing £100 in trust to be paid to the society in five annual instalments.
170. Bishop Compton to Committee, 5 Nov. 1705, introducing Tuckerman, who is going to the Leewards and solicits books.
171. George Keith to Secretary, London, 13 Nov. 1705. He has received a letter from [John] Talbot, who asks continuance of his allowance.
172. Archbishop of Dublin to Bishop Compton, Pall Mall, 13 Nov. 1705 recommending William Dun.
173. Bishop Compton to Committee, Fulham, 6 Dec. 1705, recommending [Edward] Roberts for Salem, New Jersey.
174. James Cranston to Secretary, Hastings in Sussex, 8 Dec. 1705. He has had poor success as a collector but has a chance to obtain a benefaction from a nobleman.
175. Bishop Compton to Committee, Fulham, 10 Dec. 1705, asking gift of books for [George] Wright, who is going to the Leewards.
176. Undated note from Bishop Compton that appears to have been included with (175), asking that [John] Talbot be established at Burlington, New Jersey, and that books be sent him.
177. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 17 Dec. 1705, asking that a gift be made to Evan Evans in Philadelphia, who is inadequately supported by local contributions, and that an assistant be sent him. Suggests [Edward] Roberts for the post. Lord Cornbury has asked that a missionary be sent to eastern Long Island. Honeyman asks that his allowance be continued in Rhode Island.
178. George Keith to Treasurer, Eburton, 17 Dec. 1705, concerning publication of his journal.
179-80. George Keith to Treasurer, Eburton, 29 Dec. 1705, recommending allowance for Andrew Rudman.
181. George Keith to Secretary, 27 Dec. 1705, concerning publication of his journal.
182-3. Standing orders of the society. Marginal dates extend through 1705.
184. Secretary to Bishop Compton, Petty France, 2 Jan. 1706 (copy), asking him to obtain Queen's bounty for Jenkins, who is going to Apoquimininck, Delaware; to seek a royal allowance for a minister at Albany, and to propose a place for [William] Cordiner.
185. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 7 Jan. 1706. There are legal difficulties in the way of obtaining a chaplain's stipend at Albany. If the society will send [William] Cordiner there, with an allowance as schoolmaster, Compton will undertake to obtain another £50 from some source. Recommends continuing Honeyman in (Newport) Rhode Island, as [Christopher] Bridge has gone to Narragansett.
186. Bishop Compton to Committee, 18 Jan. 1706, introducing [Robert] Maule, who is recommended by the Archbishop of Dublin.
187-8. Bishop Compton to Doctor Maplecroft, 16 Jan. 1706. Urges sending [William] Cordiner to Albany and appointing [William] Black to assist Brooks. Regrets that stipend of [John] Bartow has been stopped, as he has done good work in Westchester.
189. Draft of letter of thanks for contributions, 22 Jan. 1705/6.
190-1. William Ashurst to Secretary, London, 26 Jan. 1705/6, describing financial and other arrangements of the Corporation for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England.
192. Bishop Compton to Christopher Bridge, Fulham, 4 Feb. 1706, advising him to leave Boston, because of friction, and accept appointment in Rhode Island.
193. Treasurer to Secretary, 6 Feb. 1706. He needs the secretary's alphabetical list of members to compile a list of members trading with the colonies, as requested by the committee.
194. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 13 Feb. 1706. Discusses several possible appointments.
195. Bishop of Bangor to Secretary, 21 Feb. 1706, asking for a gift of books to Sheppard, who is going to Virginia.
196. Archbishop of Dublin to Secretary, Dublin, 25 Feb. 1706. In answer to an inquiry, he says that Lord Cutts died insolvent.
197. James Chalmers to Secretary, 27 Feb. 1705/6. Testimonial to James Ray.
198. George Wheeler to Secretary, Durham, 14 Mar. 1706, enclosing a bill for £5. Recommends Theophilus Pickering, Sir Ralph Carre, and John Smith for membership.
199. Secretary to Colonel Yeate, 9 Apr. 1706 (copy), asking how to proceed in seeking aid for the society from the City of Bristol.
200. Certificate of John Harding, bookseller, and William Cooper, his assistant, 7 and 13 Apr. 1706, saying that after buying some books from an unidentified clergyman, they found the society's seal in them.
201. George Barnsley to Secretary, Selscomb, 15 Apr. 1706, returning commission sent to him and to [James] Cranston to collect for society.
202. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 15 Apr. 1706. Received unspecified charge too late to stop [George] Wright from sailing, but will write him to see what answer he can give.
203-4. George Wright to Bishop Compton, Plymouth, 3 May 1706. The charge is selling the society's books, which he admits, but seeks to extenuate.
205. Secretary to Mr. Yate, Petty France, 24 Mar. 1706, resigning as justice of the peace in Westminster because he feels that his colleagues are lax in punishing prostitution.
206. Secretary to Barnsley, Petty France, 28 May 1706, thanking him for remittance (copy).
207. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 13 June 1706, recommending [Edward] Roberts for Salem or Apoquimininck.
208. John Adamson to Secretary, Burton, 13 June 1706. Sir Edmund Turner has withdrawn his subscription because age requires him to close his London house, but will probably contribute the same amount voluntarily. Adamson proposes a general collection for the society.
209. Sir Jeff. Jeffreys to Secretary, London, 27 June 1706. He sent the society's books to [Thomas] Pritchard, but they were lost, as the ship was taken by the French. Pritchard left no estate.
210. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 29 June 1706, introducing [William] Black, who is well recommended.
211. William Turner to Secretary, Stamford, 2 July 1706. He would like to go to the colonies as a schoolmaster, but has not yet been able to obtain his wife's consent.
212. Secretary to Archbishop of Cashel, Petty France, 2 July 1706, acknowledging contribution.
213. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 4 July 1706, concerning several appointments.
214. Frideni [actually Friedrich] Bonet to Secretary, 22 July 1706 (in French), recommending Benedict Picket [actually Pictet] as a member.
215. George Keith to Secretary, Eburton, 1 Aug. 1706, concerning publication of his journal.
216. C. Whiting to [Philip] Stubbs, Ross, 10 Aug. 1706. He has received a gift of £5 and a silver flagon for Communion as the result of a sermon on behalf of the society.
217. Henry Newman to Treasurer, 16 Aug. 1706, asking aid for [John] J(ackson?) a former missionary, now unemployed, though, the Queen has promised to do something for him sometime.
218. C. Congreve to Secretary, Portsmouth, 19 Aug. 1706, asking if any action has been taken concerning appointment of John Humphreys as schoolmaster at Albany.
219. C. Congreve to Secretary, Portsmouth, 20 Aug. 1706. He has put in writing some proposals for promoting the Church in America, and will send them to the committee if requested. Two of them appear on the reverse of sheet. They are: that vacant lands in New York and other colonies be held in trust for the support of bishops, and that glebe lands be provided in several colonies.
220. C. Whiting to [Philip] Stubbs, Ross, 18 Sept. 1706. Refers to a contribution to the society, but is chiefly concerned with apprenticing a poor relation to some trade.
221. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 26 Sept. 1706. Agrees to send [William] Black to Boston.
222. John Osmond to Secretary, 14 Oct. 1706, enclosing contributions.
223. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 14 Oct. 1706. An unnamed visitor from New England thinks [William] Black too young for the lectureship in Boston, so why not send him to Narragansett? Recommends [Edward] Roberts for Salem.
224. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 18 Oct. 1706. Proposes Sir Charles Hobby, a rich planter from Jamaica, W.I., as a member and wonders if anything can be done for [Alexander] Innes in New Jersey and [Jacob] Rice in Newfoundland.
225. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 25 Oct. 1706, introducing unnamed bearer, who has a testimonial from the Bishop of Londonderry.
226. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 15 Nov. 1706. As the shortness of the day and the badness of the road prevent his attending the committee, he inquires about its action on several matters in which he is interested.
227. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 27 Nov. 1706, introducing Robinson, a prospective missionary.
228-9. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 29 Nov. 1706, asking that committee be patient with some person unnamed.
230. Frideni [actually Friedrich] Bonet to Secretary, Suffolk St., 9 Dec. 1706, introducing Lubominski a Polish convert from Roman Catholicism.
231. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 20 Dec. 1706. Recommends [William] Cordiner for Albany, [William] Black and Robinson for North Carolina, and Jenkins for Apoquimininck.
232. Bishop of Gloucester to Secretary, 23 Dec. 1706, explaining deprivation of Talbot (cf.i. 138-9, 143-4). As the living was a poor one, he thought the curate should have the full income. Talbot had resigned, but refused to put his resignation in legal form, and the patron grew impatient.
233-4. William Black to Secretary, Plymouth, 3 Jan. 1707 (probably 1708). He and [Thomas] Jenkins have run out of money because of delays in sailing.
235. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 18 Jan. 1706/7. Suggests sending [William] Cordiner to Albany and [Christopher] Bridge to (Newport) Rhode Island, transferring Honeyman to Narragansett.
236. Secretary to Archbishop of Dublin, Petty France, Westminster, 3 Feb. 1706/7, thanking him for recommending [Robert] Maule.
237. Wilt. Stanley to Secretary, Hadham, 3 Feb. 1706/7. He is unwilling that a hastily written piece of his be used in a projected work by Doctor Woodroff.
238. Secretary to Whistler, Petty France, Westminster, 5 Feb. 1706/7 (copy), acknowledging a benefaction.
239-40. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 6 Feb. 1706/7, with a memorandum of recommendations to be presented to committee.
241-2. Archbishop of Cashel to Secretary, Dublin, 25 Feb. 1706/7. He does not find the bishops of his province much inclined to support the society, but thinks they might be if written to individually.
243. Archbishop of Armagh to Secretary, Dublin, 4 Mar. 1706. He did not press collection for society when he first received material, as the bishops of his province were concerned with building manses, authorized by a recent act of Parliament, and he was concerned with founding a public library, which he stocked by purchasing Bishop Stillingfleet's library. These pressures being lessened, he is prepared to send a gift of £300.
244. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 22 Mar. 1706/7, asking that an unnamed person be recommended to committee.
245. Secretary to Archbishop of Dublin, Petty France, Westminster, 25 Mar. 1707, again thanking him for recommending [Robert] Maule.
246. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 29 Mar. 1707, recommending [William] Black for Sussex County, Delaware.
247. Secretary to Archbishop of Cashel, Petty France, Westminster, Mar. 1706/7 (copy). His letter (241-2) was presented to society. Most members think that an appeal to the Irish bishops would have more weight if it came from the archbishops.
248. Secretary to Archbishop of Armagh, acknowledging contribution referred to in (243). Undated draft, but evidently authorized at March meeting.
249. Another, much corrected draft of the same letter.
250. George Keith to Committee, Eburton, 4 Apr. 1707, asking aid for [John] Talbot.
251. Extract from will of Edward Clifford, dated 4 Apr. 1707, leaving £100 for the advancement of the Protestant religion in the West Indies.
252. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 12 Apr. 1707. He is surprised to learn that [Robert] Maule has sailed for Carolina, as he thought that he was to be sent to New Jersey with [John] Brooke.
253-5. [John] Talbot to Secretary, London, 16 Apr. 1707. Asks society to return him to America. Hints that he has been beset by rumours.
256. Archbishop of Armagh to Secretary, Dublin, 23 Apr. 1707. He is remitting the £300.
257. Bishop Compton to Committee, Fulham, 28 Apr. 1707, asking grant for [Joshua] Walker, who is going with [William] Cordiner to be schoolmaster in his parish.
258. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 3 May 1707, suggesting applying to American merchants and planters for contributions.
259. Secretary to Doctor [Jonathan] Edwards, Petty France, Westminster, 6 May 1707 (copy). As [Henry] Nichols, one of the missionaries, says he is not receiving income from a travelling fellowship at Oxford, Edwards is asked to ascertain the facts.
260. Bishop Compton to Secretary, Fulham, 12 May 1707. Asks gift of books to [Jonathan] Evans, who is going to Virginia, and inquires when [Christopher] Bridge's salary will start in Narragansett.
261. Jonathan Edwards to Secretary (Jesus College, Oxford), 11 May 1707. [Henry] Nichols' stipend has been regularly paid.
262. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 16 May 1707, asking what decision has been made concerning [Christopher] Bridge, who has been at Narragansett six months.
263. Con. (?) Yeats to [Henry] Shute, Marlborough, 22 May 1707. Brown, of Cottley, Bradford Parish, Wilts., has left £100 to the society.
264. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 24 May 1707, recommending [Alexander] Wood.
265. Robert Atkyns to Bishop of Gloucester, Lower (?, writing smudged), 29 May 1707, offering gift of £100 to the society.
266. Josiah Woodward to Secretary, 30 May 1707, asking help for [Elizabeth Thomas] widow of (Samuel) Thomas.
267. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 21 June 1707, urging allowance for Bridge.
268. Bishop Compton to Secretary, 21 June 1707. [William] Cordiner is in financial difficulties because of delayed sailing.
269. Bishop of Gloucester to (Archbishop Tenison), Little Chelsey, 21 June 1707, enclosing (265).
270-1. Archbishop of Cashel to Secretary, Dublin, 24 June 1707, reports sending a contribution, and says he has received [George] Keith's journal.
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GB/109/16425Marsh; Narcissus (1638-1713); Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh1638-1713
GB/109/16599Robinson; Richard (1709-1794); 1st Baron Rokeby; Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh1709-1794
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GB/109/17123Beaw; William (fl. 1679-1706); Bishop of Llandaff (1679-1706)fl. 1679-1706
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GB/109/14823Bradford; Samuel (1652-1731); Bishop of Rochester1652-1731
DS/UK/3476Bray; Thomas (1656-1730); clergyman1656-1730
NA1682University of Cambridge
GB/109/17144Palliser; William (1646-1727); Archbishop of Cashel1646-1727
GB/109/15059Chamberlayne; John (1666-1723); Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1666-1723
NA2931Diocese of Canterbury; Cathedral Church of Christ
77Compton; Henry (1632-1713); Bishop of London1632-1713
24Cornwallis; Frederick (1713-1783); Archbishop of Canterbury1713-1783
GB/109/17152Cumberland; Richard (1632-1718); Bishop of Peterborough1632-1718
GB/109/17153Cutts; Lord; John (c 1660-1707); Baron Cutts of Gowranc 1660-1707
GB/109/16248King; William (1650-1729); Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin1650-1729
GB/109/17155Dudley; Joseph (1647-1720); Colonial Governor1647-1720
GB/109/17157Evans; John (c 1652-1724); Bishop of Meathc 1652-1724
GB/109/12795England and Wales; Exchequer; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/15312Hall; John (1633-1710); Bishop of Bristol1633-1710
GB/109/17164Honeyman; James (fl. 1700-1750); Missionary in Rhode Islandfl. 1700-1750
GB/109/17165Hodges; John (fl.1703-1708); Treasurer of the SPGfl.1703-1708
DS/UK/5961Hough; John (1651-1743); College head and bishop of Worcester1651-1743
GB/109/17167Jeffreys; Sir; Jeffrey (c 1652-1709); Politicianc 1652-1709
GB/109/11163University of Oxford; Jesus College; 1571-1571-
GB/109/17171Keith; George (1638-1716); Anglican clergyman1638-1716
GB/109/17177England and Wales; Privy Council; Lords Commissioners of Trade and Foreign Plantations; 1696-17071696-1707
180University of Oxford
GB/109/17184Russell; Sir; William (1740-1818); Merchant1740-1818
GB/109/9239Diocese of St. David's
GB/109/9268University of Cambridge; St. John's College; 1511-1511-
DS/UK/5736University of Oxford; St. John's College
DS/UK/4980Sharp; John (1645-1714); Archbishop of York1645-1714
NA2638Stillingfleet; Edward (1635-1699); Bishop of Worcester1635-1699
30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
GB/109/15798Talbot; William (1659-1730); Bishop of Durham1659-1730
GB/109/11913Trelawney; Sir; Jonathan (1650-1721); 3rd Baronet; Bishop of Winchester1650-1721
DS/UK/5112University of Oxford; University College
GB/109/11962University of Oxford; Wadham College
GB/109/7516Williams; John (1817-1899); Bishop of Connecticut1817-1899
GB/109/6779Burnet; Gilbert (1643-1715); Bishop of Salisbury; historian1643-1715
GB/109/19695Pictet; Benedict (1655-1724); Swiss Reformed theologian1655-1724
GB/109/21672Bonet; Friedrich (fl. 1707); Resident on London of the King in Prussiafl. 1707
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