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1. 2 July 1711. (Committee.) Testimonials of David Duncan found insufficient.
2. 16 July 1711. (Committee.)
3-6. 20 July 1711. Because of objections of Archbishop Tenison to Dutch-English prayer book, all copies are to be sent to him to be destroyed, and his advice is sought in preparing another. [Jacob] Henderson allowed to move from Dover to Lewes, Delaware.
7. 13 Aug. 1711. (Committee.)
8-11. 17 Aug. 1711. Testimonials received from Giles Rainsford. Attorneys report difficulty in obtaining possession of Codrington estate.
12. 20 Aug. 1711. (Committee.)
13. 27 Aug. 1711. (Committee.)
14. 17 Sept. 1711. (Committee.) Rowland Ellis, recommended by Bishop of Bangor as schoolmaster, directed to procure further testimonials.
15-16. 21 Sept. 1711. New edition of Dutch prayer book considered.
19-20. 8 Oct. 1711. (Committee.) Advises Bishop of London that it cannot take any action towards the appointment of Ebenezer Taylor, former dissenting minister from South Carolina, until he is in episcopal orders. Recommends [Rowland] Ellis for appointment and receives testimonials from Daniel Mennadier.
21-2. 15 Oct. 1711. (Committee.)
23-30. 19 Oct. 1711. Appoints a special committee on the society's affairs in Barbados on receiving a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury expressing concern about them. [Giles] Rainsford appointed to North Carolina. [Rowland] Ellis named schoolmaster in Burlington. [Daniel] Mennadier appointed to Narragansett.
31. 22 Oct. 1711. (Committee.)
32-9. 2 Nov. 1711. Receives report of committee on Barbadoes and approves draft of agreement with Colonel [William] Codrington for surrender of estate.
40. 5 Nov. 1711. (Committee.)
41-2. 12 Nov. 1711. (Committee.) Recommends Ebenezer Taylor for appointment.
43-4. 16 Nov. 1711. Select committee authorized to seal agreement with Colonel [William] Codrington's attorneys. Taylor appointed to St. Andrew's Parish, Ashley River, South Carolina.
45. 19 Nov. 1711. (Committee.)
46-53. Votes £50 allowance to Gideon Johnston on receiving petition from his wife, saying that he could not stay in Charleston without aid. Agrees to provide him with a schoolmaster. Gift of £50 and library to Alexander Adams, rector of Stepney Parish, Maryland [Thomas] Barclay granted £15 for an Indian interpreter and £5 for an Indian boy. [Thomas] Halliday admonished, on complaint of [Edward] Vaughan that his behaviour was indiscreet.
54-5. 3 Dec. 1711. (Committee.)
56. 10 Dec. 1711. (Committee.)
57-62. 21 Dec. 1711. Barbadoes committee reports sealing agreement with Colonel [William] Codrington. [Robert] Maule allowed to move to some other station in South Carolina if governor and rest of the clergy approve. [Daniel] Mennadier appointed to Christ Church, South Carolina, at his request, instead of Narragansett.
63-71. 31 Dec. 1711. (Committee.) Recommends appointment of [Francis] Philips and [John] Bishop as missionaries.
72-5. 4 Jan. 1711/12. Agents of Colonel [William] Codrington have suggested that society might obtain grant of all of Barbadoes from the Queen [Queen Anne]. Philips appointed to Stratford.
76-8. 7 Jan. 1711/12. (Committee.) Approves draft of petition to the Queen [Queen Anne] for Barbadoes.
79-80. 14 Jan. 1711/12. (Committee.) Receives testimonials from William Guy and recommends his appointment as schoolmaster at Charleston if he receives deacon's orders.
81-2. 18 Jan. 1711/12. Barbadoes committee reports its opinion that society has present title to one fourth of the island.
85-8. 25 Jan. 1711/12. [William] Guy appointed. Archbishop of Canterbury asked to obtain a missionary for the Indians as soon as possible, as Colonel [Francis] Nicholson reports that one chapel will be ready in spring.
89-90. 4 Feb. 1711/12. (Committee.)
91-4. 8 Feb. 1711/12.
95-6. 11 Feb. 1711/12. (Committee.)
96a-f. 18 Feb. 1736/7
97-102. 18 Mar. 1736. Committee reports paying £30 to widow of John Fullerton, missionary in South Carolina, and £10 back salary to his administrator. Has asked vestry in Burlington, New Jersey, to explain discrepancy between their statement of finances and that of the rector, Robert Weyman. People of Newark, New Jersey, have petitioned for a missionary and John Beach is willing to be transferred there from Newtown, Connecticut, but society is not in position to erect a new mission. Roe appointed to St. George's Parish, South Carolina.
103-4. 22 Mar. 1736.
105-14. 20 Jan. 1737. Wetmore reports legal difficulties of Churchmen in Horseneck and Greenwich, Connecticut, where he has officiated during illness of Henry Caner, missionary at Fairfield. He has started action against the tax collectors, and society agrees to give him what support it can. Declines request of Archibald Cummings for an assistant in Christ Church, Philadelphia. Directs inquiry into conduct of [John] Boyd, missionary in North Carolina. Votes gratuity of £10 to [Robert] Kilpatrick, missionary in Newfoundland, as poor fishing season has led to a falling off in local contributions. Collin Campbell appointed to Burlington, New Jersey. Henry Barclay appointed missionary to the Mohawks.
115-20. 17 Feb. 1737. Edward Vaughan, missionary at Elizabeth, New Jersey, reports death of Robert Weyman, missionary at Burlington, leaving wife and six children unprovided for. Before his death, Weyman had reported that Rowland Ellis. schoolmaster at Burlington, neglected his duties to hold public office. Ellis presented a certificate of wardens and vestry to the performance of his duties. Matter referred back to committee. Henry Jones, minister at Bobavista, N.F., granted £40. Trinity, Boston, asks allowance for Davenport, who is to become their rector.
121-6. Ellis dismissed and inquiry instituted into conduct of schoolmasters elsewhere. John Beach renews appeal for Newark and describes some hardships of Churchmen in Connecticut.
127-30. 15 Apr. 1737. William Johnson of Barbadoes, reports difficulties in instructing slaves. Bishop of London reports removal of [Addington] Davenport from Scituate and recommends appointment of Brockwell to succeed him. William Davidson, seeking appointment to North Carolina, is informed society is not in position to start any new missions.
131-4. 20 May 1737. Letter from Vesey reporting on Standard and some other missionaries. Brockwell appointed to Scituate.
135-8. 16 Sept. 1737. Letter from Archibald Cummings, reporting on several missionaries. [Griffith] Hughes, missionary at Radnor, Pennsylvania, has resigned to go to Barbadoes. Votes £10 to James Houston, schoolmaster at Chester, Pennsylvania. Clergy of New York complain that justices of the peace are allowed to perform marriages.
139-44. 21 Oct. 1737. Henry Barclay, catechist to the Mohawks, will be appointed missionary when he has received orders. [Thomas] Morris has resigned his mission at Winnyaw, South Carolina, while under charges. Thomas Benison is recommended for the post and directed to produce testimonials. Accounts of Codrington plantation considered and some action taken.
145-51. 18 Nov. 1737. Report of Ferdinand John Paris, asked to investigate license issue (135-8): Complaining ministers failed to supply proof of the fact or to specify precisely what change they wanted in the wording of marriage licences.
152-6. 16 Dec. 1737. [Charles] Brockwell granted leave to move to Salem, Massachusetts, as soon as a replacement can be obtained for Scituate. [Timothy] Millechamp of Goose Creek, South Carolina, granted leave to return to England for six months, if he arranges supply for his parish.
157-62. 19 Jan. 1738. Paris again asked to inquire into colonial marriage licences. [George] Ross is sending his son [Aeneas Ross] home for orders and hopes he will be appointed missionary. Dismissal of [Rowland] Ellis reaffirmed, in spite of further defence from him. [Richard] Watts has removed from Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, to Bristol, Rhode Island, where he has become master of episcopal school founded through the bequest of Nathaniel Kay. Desires continuance of allowance. Committee reports against taking action until report received of Watts removal from Annapolis Royal. [George] Pigot permitted to come home to prosecute an appeal to King in Council against adverse judgment in a civil action. Committee has received a letter from Roger Price, rector of King's Chapel, opposing aid to Trinity Church, Boston.
163-70. 16 Feb. 1738. Henry Jones, minister at Bonavista, N.F., granted £40. Request for aid to Thomas Roberts, schoolmaster in Horseneck, Greenwich township, Connecticut, rejected. Report from F. J. Paris on history of governor's power to grant marriage licences: though there is an implied sanction for it in the standard form of instruction to governors, he has been unable to find that it was ever expressly authorized by law or commission.
171-2. 16 Mar. 1738.
173-8. 21 Apr. 1738. [John] Checkley to be appointed missionary to Providence, Rhode Island, when he has received orders. Small appointed missionary to Christ Church Parish, South Carolina. [Matthias] Plant, missionary at Newbury, Massachusetts, granted leave to visit England after fourteen years' service. Petition from inhabitants of Hebron, Connecticut, to share in services of Seabury, missionary at New London. Richard Caner, brother of Henry, employed as lay reader at Norwalk, Connecticut.
179-82. 19 May 1738. Decides to maintain two resident missionaries in North Carolina, in place of one itinerant. [Richard] Marsden named as one of them. Checkley confirmed as missionary to Providence on presenting evidence of ordination.
183-8. 16 June 1738. [Timothy] Millechamp, of St. James Church, Goose Creek, South Carolina, obliged to return home because of ill health. John Boyd, serving as itinerant in North Carolina, to be second of two settled missionaries.
189-90. 21 July 1738. [Richard] Marsden has been refused a licence by the Bishop of London.
191-4. 18 Aug. 1738. Allowance of £15 voted for schoolmaster at New Providence, Bahamas.
195-8. 15 Sept. 1738. [William] Harrison, missionary on Staten Island, New York, granted leave to visit England. Archibald Cummings requests grant to aid in expenses as commissary. Bishop of London says he will not obstruct [Richard] Marsden's going to North Carolina, but cannot grant him a licence until he has a report from his commissary. Gratuity of £10 granted to [Timothy] Millechamp to aid him in returning to his cure.
199-202. 20 Oct. 1738. People at Newport desire Samuel Johnson as successor to Honeyman, who is dying.
203-8. 17 Nov. 1738. Mary Varnod, widow of missionary, granted £25. Addington Davenport says he has informed the founders of Trinity Church, Boston, that he cannot do anything for them in his present situation (assistant at King's Chapel), except by agreement with Roger Price, the rector. [William] Beckett, missionary at Lewes, Delaware, and [William] Harrison, missionary on Staten Island, would like to exchange stations. On recommendation of Archibald Cummings, Commissary in Pennsylvania, votes to appoint Aeneas Ross to a vacancy when one occurs.
209-14. 15 Dec. 1738. John Vaughton, manager of the society's plantation on Barbadoes, has had trouble with the slaves, who complain of ill treatment.
215-20. 18 Jan. 1739. Resolves not to appoint a missionary to Staten Island vacated by death of [William] Harrison. Votes £10 additional salary to [Robert] Kilpatrick on condition that he reside the whole year in Newfoundland. Agrees to consider Theophilus Morris, brother to deputy secretary of New York, on first vacancy. Archibald Cummings, commissary in Pennsylvania, reports concerning incomes of missionaries in his jurisdiction. George Ross advised to send his son Aeneas over for ordination. Roe, St. George's Parish, South Carolina, asks removal for reasons of health.
221-4. 15 Feb. 1739.
225-8. 21 Mar. 1739. Archibald Cummings, Commissary in Philadelphia, recommends Aeneas Ross for ordination and gives some account of [George] Whitefield's preaching there. [Richard] Watts, schoolmaster in Bristol, Rhode Island, again asks for an allowance. (Cf. 157-62.)
229-38. 13 Apr. 1739. Philip Bearcroft elected secretary, succeeding Doctor Humphreys, deceased. Petitions received from [Roger] Price and members of Church in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, asking his appointment as missionary there, but society unable to open any new mission. Committee reports having granted a gratuity of £10 to Arnold, itinerant in Connecticut, and recommends him for first vacant parish. McSparran gives some account of school in Providence and of prosecution of his suit. [Charles] Brockwell reports that he has moved to Salem, Massachusetts, because of ill treatment in Scituate. Society agrees to his settlement in Salem. Votes gratuity of £10 to William Lindsay, itinerant in Pennsylvania.
239-42. 18 May 1739. John Garzia appointed to succeed [John] Boyd in North Carolina.
243-8. 15 June 1739. Gabriel Johnson, governor of North Carolina, reports death of Boyd and recommends Garzia to succeed him. Mitchell appointed schoolmaster in New Providence, Bahamas, replacing Squire, who is reported by Smith, the local missionary, to have ceased teaching.
249-52. 20 July 1739. Dismisses [Richard] Marsden after receiving letters about him from Bishop of London and Commissary Garden of South Carolina.
253-8. 17 Aug. 1739. On receiving complaints from clergy and laymen in Massachusetts and Connecticut of unjust taxation, the society authorizes Arnold to come to England and present the case. Massachusetts clergy complain specifically that Governor [Jonathon] Belcher has secured exemption of Quakers and Baptists but not Churchmen from ecclesiastical taxes. On petition from Georgia trustees, society agrees to re-establish mission at Frederica. Refuses request of [Andrew] Auchinleek, minister in Bermuda, for an allowance. Authorizes Barbadoes attorneys to make needed repairs on Barbadoes plantation. Vesey reports on missionary incomes in New York. James Moir, recommended by Garden, appointed to replace [Richard] Marsden in North Carolina, if Bishop of London will ordain him.
259-60. 21 Sept. 1739.
261-6. 19 Oct. 1739. Account of missionary incomes in his jurisdiction from Commissary Price of Massachusetts. [James] Moir's appointment confirmed on proof of ordination. F. J. Paris complains of mistreatment by [Isaac] Brown, missionary at Brookhaven. [Isaac] Brown directed to answer.
267-70. 16 Nov. 1739. [Roger] Price offers to supplement salary of Arnold if they will settle him in Hopkinton. Society refuses to restore [Rowland] Ellis as schoolmaster at Burlington, New Jersey.
271-4. 21 Dec. 1739. Letters from Vesey and others describe complications in calling a successor to [William] Harrison on Staten Island because there are rival vestries there. As [George] Pigot is unwilling to return immediately to Marblehead, Massachusetts, society dismisses him and appoints Alexander Malcolm in his place.

Missionaries whose reports are abstracted in the minutes, 1736-50, volumes III, 97 through V - in volume III the following:
Arhold, Jonathan, iii. 131-4, 199-202, 261-6
Backhouse, Richard, iii. 135-8, 229-38
Barclay, Henry, iii. 199-202, 229-38, 261-6
Beach, John, iii. 121-6, 215-20
Becket, William, iii. 155-6, 249-52
Brockwell, Charles, iii. 105-14, 191-4, 199-202, 215-20, 262-70
Brown, Isaac, iii. 92-102, 203-8, 215-20
Browne, Arthur, iii. 145-51, 163-70
Browne, Joseph, iii. 179-82, 191-4, 215-20
Campbell, Colin, iii. 199-202, 243-8
Caner, Henry, iii. 131-4, 173-8, 229-38
Charlton, Richard, iii. 131-4
Checkley, John, iii. 221-4
Colgan, Thomas, iii. 163-70, 173-8
Cummings, Archibald, iii. 135-8, 195-8, 215-20, 225-8
Currie, Daniel, iii. 173-8, 267-70
Cutler, Timothy, iii. 105-14, 121-6, 197-202, 243-8, 261-6
Dwight, Daniel, iii. 105-14, 261-6
Fordyce, John, iii. 145-51, 191-4, 239-42
Forster, William, iii. 163-70, 173-88, 203-8, 261-6
Garden, Alexander, iii. 249-58
Guy, William, iii, 183-8, 261-6
Hasell, Thomas, iii. 183-8, 249-52
Honeyman, James, iii. 173-8, 215-20
Houston, James, iii. 267-70
Howie, Alexander, iii. 203-8, 225-8
Jenney, Robert, iii. 145-51
Johnson, Samuel, iii. 92-102, 173-8, 199-202, 215-20, 227-38
Johnson, William, iii. 127-30
Jones, Henry, iii. 221-4
Jones, Lewis, iii. 121-6, 229-38
Kilpatrick, Robert, iii. 209-14
Leslie, Andrew, iii. 127-30, 173-8, 191-7, 261-6
Lindsay, William, iii. 145-51, 189-90, 225-8
McSparran, James, iii. 227-38
Miller, Ebenezer, iii. 143-8, 261-6
Millet, iii. 215-20
Milne, Francis, iii. 215-20
Noxon, Thomas, iii, 209-14
Peden, James, iii. 105-14
Pierson, John, iii. 121-6, 189-90
Pigot, George, iii. 191-8
Price, Roger, iii. 261-6
Pugh, John, iii. 135-8, 229-38,
Punderson, Ebenezer, iii. 157-62, 191-4, 262-6
Purdy, iii. 61-6, 229-38
Roe, Stephen, iii. 92-102, 183-8, 215-20, 243-8
Seabury, Samuel, Sr., iii. 131-4, 157-62, 173-8, 221-4
Skinner, William, iii. 127-30
Small, iii. 215-20.
Smith, William (Bahamas), iii. 191-4, 243-8
Standard, Thomas, iii. 131-4
Stoupe, P., iii. 121-30, 173-8
Taylor, George, iii. 179-82, 215-20
Thompson, Thomas, iii. 145-51, 199-202
Usher, Arthur, iii. 203-14, 249-52
Usher, John, iii. 157-62
Vaughan, Edward, iii. 115-20
Vaughton, John, iii. 145-51.
Vesey, William, iii. 131-4, 209-14, 253-8, 271-4
Watts, Richard, iii. 121-6.
Wesley, John, iii. 189-90.
Wetmore, James, iii. 105-14, 163-70, 229-38, 271-4
Willet, iii. 179-82, 229-38.

Parishes from which the foregoing reports were sent:
Albany, New York, iii. 199-202, 227-38, 261-6,
Amboy, New Jersey, iii. 127-30,
Apoquimininck, Delaware, iii. 135-8, 229-38,
Bahamas, iii. 243-8,
Bonavista, N.F., iii. 221-4,
Boston, Mass, iii. 105-14, 121-6, 203-8, 243-8, 261-6,
Braintree, Massachusetts, iii. 243-8, 261-6 ,
Bristol, Pennsylvania, iii. 145-51, 189-90,
Brookhaven, New York, iii. 92-102, 215-20,
Burlington, New Jersey, iii. 199-202, 243-8,
Chester, Pennsylvania, iii. 135-8, 229-38, 267-70,
Christ Church Parish, South Carolina, iii. 215-20,
Dover, Delaware, iii. 203-14,
Elizabeth, New Jersey, iii. 115-20,
Fairfield, Connecticut, iii. 131-4, 173-8, 229-38,
Hempstead, New York, iii. 145-51,
Jamaica, New York, iii. 163-70, 173-82, 215-20, 229-38,
Kent County, Delaware, iii. 249-52,
Lewes, Delaware, iii. 155-6, 249-52,
Marblehead, Massachusetts, iii. 271-4,
Monmouth Co., New Jersey, iii. 215-20,
New England, iii, 117, 131, 149, 224, 241, 298,
New London, Connecticut, iii. 131-4, 173-8, 221-4,
New Providence, Bahamas, iii. 191-4,
New Rochelle, New York, iii. 121-30, 173-8,
New York, iii. 209-14,
Newport, Rhode Island, iii. 173-8, 215-20, 229-38,
Newtown, Connecticut, iii. 215-20,
North Groton, Connecticut, iii. 159-62,
Oxford, Pennsylvania, iii. 203-8, 225-8,
Oyster Bay, New York, iii. 261-6,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, iii. 135-8, 195-8, 215-20, 225-8,
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, iii. 145-51, 163-70,
Prince Frederick Parish, South Carolina, iii. 191-4, 239-42,
Providence, Rhode Island, iii. 215-24,
Radnor, Pennsylvania, iii. 173-8, 267-70,
Rye, New York, iii. 105-14, 163-70, 229-38, 271-4,
Saint Andrew's Parish, South Carolina, iii. 183-8, 261-6,
St. Bartholomew's Parish, South Carolina, iii. 145-51, 199-202,
St. George's Parish, South Carolina, iii. 183-8, 215-20, 243-8,
St. Helen's Parish, South Carolina, iii. 121-6, 229-38,
St. John's Parish, South Carolina, iii. 261-6,
St. Paul's Parish, South Carolina, iii. 129-30, 173-8, 191-4, 261-6,
St. Thomas's Parish, South Carolina, iii. 183-8, 249-52,
Salem, Massachusetts, iii. 215-20, 267-70,
Salem, New Jersey, iii. 121-6, 189-90,
Savannah, Georgia, iii. 189-90,
Scituate, Massachusetts, iii. 131-4, 191-4, 199-202,
Stratford, Connecticut, iii. 92-102, 173-82, 191-4, 199-202, 215-20, 229-38,
Trinity Bay, N.F., iii. 209-14,
West Haven, Connecticut, iii. 199-202,
Westchester, New York, iii. 163-70, 173-8, 183-8, 203-8, 261-6.
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