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Description1-2. Extract from statement of 'Praying Indians' (those converted to some form of Christianity) to the Commissioners for Indian Affairs at Albany, 28 June 1700. Reproaches English with not instructing Indians in Christianity.
3-4. Letter of Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations to Archbishop of Canterbury, Whitehall, 25 Oct. 1700, recommending establishment of a fund to support ministers of the Church of England among Indians.
5. William Vesey to Samuel Myles, New York, 10 Feb. 1702. Refers to an effort of Bridge to obtain a chaplaincy held by Vesey, to inquiries concerning Honeyman and Colonel Quarry, and asks Myles to send a cask of wine and a cask of pickle sturgeon. Says Talbot defended Myles against some who favoured Bridge. (Year may be 1703. Reading uncertain.)
6-7. Testimonial of Thomas Tipping to John Bartow, 28 May 1702.
8. Testimonial to [John] Bartow by several clergymen, 2 Apr. 1702. (Latin.)
9. Testimonial to [John] Bartow from William Stephens, Vicar of Lynton in Cambridgeshire, 3 June 1702. [John] Bartow has been his assistant and has kept a private school in Lynton for four years.
10. Testimonial to [John] Bartow from parishioners of Pampisford, Cambridgeshire, where he was vicar for four years, 10 June 1702.
11. Testimonial to [John] Bartow from Thomas Harris, rector of Dutford [i.e. Duxford?] [Cambridgeshire], 10 June 1702.
12. Testimonial to [John] Bartow from Henry Smyth, Rector of Hildersham, 13 June 1702.
13. [John] Bartow to Society, London, 25 June 1702. About to leave for Portsmouth, he asks an advance for expenses.
14. [John] Bartow to Secretary, Portsmouth, 7 July 1702, asking for an advance. His passage cost £8.
15. [John] Bartow to Secretary, Portsmouth, July 1702, asking that society establish a credit for him in New York.
16. Extract from a letter of Samuel Thomas to Doctor Bray, Rye, 17 Aug. 1702, complaining of ill usage of Captain, who will not allow him a cabin to sleep in, though he paid over £10 for passage.
17. [Samuel] Thomas to Bray, Rye, 17 Aug. 1702. The letter from which (16) is extracted, describing difficulties at start of voyage.
18. [John] Bartow to Whitfield, New York, 7 Oct. 1702. He has arrived safely, but finds much sickness in town. He has met Colonel [Caleb] Heathcote, who has shown him great kindness.
19-20. Extracts from letters of missionaries to various correspondents from Nov. 1702 to Mar. 1704, testifying to zeal of Colonel [Francis] Nicholson on behalf of the Church.
21. George Keith to Secretary, New York, 11 Dec. 1702. Speaks of [John] Talbot's joining in his mission and refers to a letter of Lord Corbury to the justices of the peace against the Quakers.
22-3. Testimonial of Rector ([William] Vesey) wardens and vestry of Trinity Parish, New York, to good behaviour of [George] Keith during his mission.
24. Order of Queen in Council, 3 Apr. 1703, directing the Archbishop of Canterbury to make arrangements for sending missionaries to the Iroquois as a means of confirming their allegiance to England.
25. Honeyman to Secretary, Portsmouth, 10 May 1703, reporting difficulties in sailing.
26-7. John Bartow to Secretary, Westchester, New York, 25 May 1703. Describes operation of provincial establishment act and reports a legal dispute over land in Westchester.
28. Elias Neau to Treasurer, New York, 10 July 1703 (French), reporting work with Negro slaves.
29. Translation of (28).
30. Lord Cornbury to the Bishop of London, Burlington, 23 Aug. 1703, introducing (John) Thomas who is returning for priest's orders, having been assistant and schoolmaster in Philadelphia.
31-2. Testimonial to Charles Smith from clergy of the Diocese of Worcester, 6 Sept. 1703.
33-8. Printed copies of amendments to the laws governing Trinity Church, New York, dated 2nd and 3rd years of Queen Anne.
39. Testimonial of James Chalmers and David Crawford to William Urquhart, 4 Feb. 1703/4.
40. Lord Cornbury to the Society, New York, 21 Mar. 1703/4. Testimonial to [George] Keith, who is about to return to England.
41. Lord Cornbury to the Bishop of London, New York, 21 Mar. 1703/4. Another testimonial to [George] Keith.
42. Lewis Morris to [George] Keith, Trenton, 4 Apr. 1704, praising his work.
43-4. [Caleb] Heathcote to Secretary, Manor of Scarsdale, 10 Apr. 1704, describing religious conditions in Westchester.
45. [Elias] Neau to Treasurer, New York, 15 Apr. 1704 (French), describing his work.
46. Honeyman to Doctor Beveridge, 15 Apr. 1704, reporting his settlement in Jamaica, New York.
47. Honeyman to Secretary, Jamaica, 15 Apr. 1704, describing his initial work there.
48. Translation of (45).
49. [John] Bartow to Secretary, Westchester, New York, 24 May 1704. Reports arrival of [Thomas] Pritchard, scandal (which he disbelieves) relating to Honeyman, and death of [John] Lockier.
50. Thomas Pritchard to Secretary, Mamaroneck, 6 June 1704, reporting on his work.
51. Thomas Pritchard to Secretary, Rye, New York, 18 June 1704. Reports baptizing two adults and having a large class of catechumens.
52-5. [Elias] Neau to Treasurer, New York, 22 June 1704 (French, with translation), reporting on his work.
56-7. Honeyman to Secretary, Jamaica, New York, 26 June 1704. [William] Urquhart has been sent to replace him, on the basis, he says, of a single charge against him.
58. William Thomson to Henry Shute, Richmond, 28 July 1704. Testimonial to C. Buckton of Stamford.
59-60. [Elias] Neau to Treasurer, New York, 4 July 1704 (French, with translation), reporting on his work.
61-2. [William] Urquhart to Shibs, New York, 4 July 1704. Urges sending a bishop. Is told that a number of Harvard students might conform to the Church of England if ordination was available. Local residents find the society ignorant of geography, as some of its published reports place Rhode Island in New York and Long Island in New England. [William] Vesey complains that [Elias] Neau is negligent in church attendance. Scandal around Honeyman seems to have arisen because he persisted in lodging at a certain house after Vesey had advised him that it was a place of ill fame.
63-4. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 29 Aug. 1704 (French, with translation). [William] Vesey has challenged his canonical right to function as a catechist, since he is a layman and a merchant.
65-6. [Elias] Neau to Doctor [Josiah] Woodward, New York, 15 Sept. 1704, referring to this dispute and giving some account of his catechizing.
67-8. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 15 Oct. 1704 (French, with translation), relating to the same controversy.
69-70. John Lydins to Society, New Albany, 28 Aug. 1704 (Dutch, with translation), giving some account of his work among the Indians.
71-9. An account of the state of the Church in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as it was laid before the clergy convened in New York, 5 Oct. 1704. Also includes New England, though it is not named in heading. Honeyman is placed in Newport.
80-1. [John] Bartow to Society, Westchester, New York, 10 Oct. 1704. Books donated by the society have been gratefully received by those whose residence is too remote for regular church-attendance.
82-4. Address of the convened clergy to the Bishop of London and the Society, New York, 17 Oct. 1704. Request books to distribute, especially those dealing with controversial issues.
85. [William] Vesey to the Archbishop of Canterbury, New York, 26 Oct. 1704. Recommends appointment of [George] Muirson as catechist to replace [Elias] Neau. [Elias] Neau is a worthy and good man, but he is an elder of the French congregation and a merchant. He does not communicate with the Church of England, and he does not speak good English.
86. [Caleb] Heathcote to the Bishop of London, New York, 23 Oct. 1704, recommending appointment of Joseph Cleator as schoolmaster.
87. Heathcote to Secretary, New York, 23 Oct. 1704, making the same recommendation.
88. Duplicate of (87).
89. Thorogood Moore to Secretary, New York, 24 Oct. 1704. He reached New York in August. He recommends continuance of [Elias] Neau as catechist, but believes that [George] Muirson could also serve usefully as assistant to Vesey and schoolmaster.
90-1. [William] Vesey to the Secretary, New York, 26 Oct. 1704. Praises [Elias] Neau, but thinks catechist should be at least in deacon's orders and again recommends [George] Muirson for the post.
92. [William] Urquhart to the Secretary, New York, 1 Nov. 1704. Describes conditions in Jamaica and recommends [George] Muirson.
93-4. Pritchard to Secretary, Rye, New York, 1 Nov. 1704. Reports conditions in his parish and asks that he be given the same allowance (£50) as Bartow and other missionaries
95-6. Cornbury to Secretary, New York, 6 Nov. 1704. Corrects some errors in the society's printed report. [George] Muirson was sent as schoolmaster for Albany, but as there was no allowance for a schoolmaster there, Cornbury held him in New York, where the legislature had provided an allowance. He is now going home for orders.
97-9. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 6 Nov. 1704. He has carried out a promise made to [Thorogood] Moore by resigning his post in the French church and conforming to the Church of England (French, with translation).
100. Cornbury to Secretary, New York, 6 Nov. 1704. Duplicate of (96).
101-4. [Elias] Neau to Treasurer, New York, 20 Dec. 1704 (French, with translation). Mentions that he became acquainted with the Book of Common Prayer while still in his 'dungeon'.
105-9. Account of the state of the Church in New York in 1704, signed by C. Congreve.
110. Testimonial of the Earl of Crometie to Aeneas Mackenzie, 29 Jan. 1704/5.
111. [Caleb] Heathcote to Secretary, 23 Feb. 1705, Manor of Scarsdale. As [George] Muirson's appointment as catechist is causing dissent in Trinity Church, he recommends sending him to Staten Island.
112-13. [William] Vesey to the Society, New York, 26 Feb. 1705, making the same recommendation. He no longer needs an assistant, as Cornbury has directed the chaplain ([John] Sharpe) to assist him and has designated Club as schoolmaster.
114-16. John Thomas to the Society, New York, 1 Mar. 1704/5. He has been settled in Hempstead for two months, but finds that most of the people are Independents or Presbyterians, with some Quakers. His position would be precarious were it not for the support of Lord Cornbury.
117-19. Thorogood Moore to Secretary, Albany, 8 Mar. 1704/5. Reproduces an exchange of speeches with representatives of the Indians, but is not sure of acceptance. Recommends an allowance for [Samuel] Eburne, who ministers on the Isle of Shoals. Reports opposition to [George] Muirson in New York.
120-2. [John] Thomas to Secretary, Hempstead, New York, 26 May 1705. He still meets with opposition, but has won over some dissenters. (1 leaf only: no ff. 121-2.)
123. [John] Bartow to Secretary, New York, 26 May 1705. Complains of slowness in payment of allowance. Colonel [Lewis] Morris has presented a bell to the church in Westchester.
124-5. [John] Thomas to Secretary, Hempstead, 27 June 1705. Complains of stubbornness of Independents in resisting conversion, though he and [William] Urquhart, the only other Church minister on the island, have made some gains.
126-7. [William] Urquhart to Secretary, Jamaica, New York, 3 July 1705. His position has become more tolerable since the arrival of [John] Thomas. Requests prayer books.
128-9. [John] Thomas and Urquhart to the Society, Jamaica, 4 July 1705, repeating the same information as (124-7) and praising Lord Corbury.
130-1. Petition of residents of Oxford, Pennsylvania, for a missionary, 19 Aug. 1705. (Misplaced.)
132-3. John Thomas to Society, Hempstead, 23 Aug. 1705. He serves Hempstead and Oyster Bay, and lacks prayer books and church furnishings in both places. Has difficulty in obtaining sponsors in baptism, as people object to performing that office.
134. John Barclay to [George] Keith, New York, 7 Sept. 1705. [John] Brooke gives most of his time to Elizabeth, where the local (Independent?) minister died recently, after suffering a stroke while reading a rebuke to his congregation for going to hear others.
135-7. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 3 Oct. 1705 (French, with translation). He has resumed his catechizing, with the support of the society and with [William] Vesey's approval.
138-9. List of masters and mistresses who send their slaves to Neau for catechizing (French, with translation).
140. Abstract of a letter from New York (writer not given), 22 Oct. 1705, relating to [Thorogood] Moore's mission to the Indians. [Thorogood] Moore has returned to New York saying that he had received no reply to his address to the Indian chiefs. He was told (by whom?) that he had followed the wrong procedure. He should have obtained authority from Lord Cornbury to tell the Indians that he had been sent by Queen Anne in answer to their requests.
141-4. Samuel Eburne to Secretary, New York, 25 Oct. 1705. Having read in the printed report of the society that a grant was made to the minister on the Isle of Shoals, he is submitting evidence that he is that minister (2 copies).
145. Aeneas Mackenzie to Secretary, Staten Island, 8 Nov. 1705. He has been well received by the English third of the population. The other two-thirds are Dutch and French.
146-9. [Caleb] Heathcote to Secretary, Scarsdale, New York, 9 Nov. 1705. After acknowledging election to society, he gives an account of the religious situation in the province and especially in Westchester.
150-1. [Caleb] Heathcote to Secretary, Scarsdale, New York, 9 Nov. 1705. Two copies of a note reporting the sending of (146-9).
152-3. John Thomas to Secretary, Hempstead, 9 Nov. 1705. Pleads again for prayer books.
154-5. An abstract of (146-9), apparently in the same hand.
156-7. Address of missionaries in New York and New Jersey to Society, New York, 12 Nov. 1705. Having persuaded William Bradford to print an edition of the Prayer Book, with Tate and Brady, they ask society to make him a grant. They note that Bradford was bred a Quaker, but is now a Churchman, and assert that he suffered business losses because of his conversion.
158-60. Thorogood Moore to Secretary, New York, 13 Nov. 1705. Having left Albany because he could not obtain any answer to his address to the Indians, he gives some reasons why he thinks the society should concentrate its work on the English population.
161-3. [John] Thomas and [William] Urquhart to the Society, New York, 14 Nov. 1705. They have received a gift of prayer books for use in Jamaica, but ask more for distribution among the people there and in Hempstead.
164. Urquhart to Secretary, 14 Nov. 1705. He has received some furnishings and books through [Elias] Neau. Refers to a predecessor, [Alexander] Stuart, who absconded because of debt.
165. Moore to Secretary, New York, 14 Nov. 1705. Suggests that he be sent to Burlington as [John] Talbot is going to England.
166-71. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 15 Nov. 1705. Repeats information in (135-7), with similar lists of masters.
172-3. [George] Muirson to Secretary, Rye, New York, 21 Nov. 1705. When he returned from England, Lord Cornbury sent him to Rye to replace [Thomas] Pritchard, who had cut his own throat. He has visited Connecticut, where he found a number of people favourably disposed to the Church.
174. [William] Vesey to Secretary, New York, 21 Nov. 1705. Willing to accept [Elias] Neau now that he has the Bishop of London's licence. Repeats that he had no objection to him personally, as he was a 'glorious confessor of our most holy religion'. [George] Muirson has gone to Rye. He was asked to collect the society's books held by [James] Gordon, but they are unmarked, so the matter will have to be settled with Gordon's brother. Asks an allowance for [William] Huddleston, schoolmaster in New York.
175-7. Cornbury to Secretary, New York, 22 Nov. 1705. Recommends sending a missionary to Suffolk County, on the end of Long Island. He took the chaplain at the fort with him on a recent visit on Long Island, who read services in Brookhaven. He has authorized [Thorogood] Moore's going to Burlington, but speaks of trying to make things 'easier' for him at Albany on his next visit. Muirson is settled at Rye and [Aeneas] Mackenzie on Staten Island.
178. [George] Muirson to Secretary, Rye, New York, reporting on his work. He has drawn a bill on the society for £25, anticipating an allowance of £50.
179-80. John Sharpe to Secretary, 24 Nov. 1705, Fort Anne, New York. He accepted the chaplain's post after serving a half year in New Jersey. Recommends sending a missionary to Suffolk County and giving aid to [Andrew] Rudman, Hepburn, and [Daniel] Bondet.
181. Cornbury to Secretary, New York, 27 Nov. 1705, recommending an allowance for [William] Huddleston.
182. [Caleb] Heathcote to Secretary, Manor of Scarsdale, 20 Dec. 1705. The people at Rye are building a stone church. He recommends allowance for [William] Huddleston.
183. Robert Livingston to Secretary, 20 Dec. 1705, asking aid for [John] Lidins [Lydins] at Albany.
184-5. Robert Gardiner and Thomas Lillibridge to [George] Keith, Newport, Rhode Island, 12 Dec. 1705 (misplaced), protesting transfer of Honeyman. They say that he was charged with 'base actions' when chaplain of a man-of-war.
186. Abstract of several letters received from [Caleb] Heathcote in 1704-5 summarizing a number of recommendations for promoting the Church in Westchester.
187. [Robert] Livingston to Secretary, 31 Jan. 1705/6. He has been told by recent arrivals from New York that [Thorogood] Moore has no intention of returning to Albany. Recommends sending of pious books for the use of the inhabitants.
188. James Gordon to Secretary, Haronby, 5 Feb. 1705/6. Asks that a list of the society's books held by his deceased brother be sent to [William] Vesey, so that the rest of his library can be disposed of. Describes work of charity schools in Haronby.
189. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 1 Mar. 1705/6 (French), reporting on his work. Letter will be delivered by Evan Evans.
190-1. Extract of the society's minutes relating to [Elias] Neau up to 21 Mar. 1706.
192-4. [John] Thomas to Secretary, Hempstead, 7 Apr. 1706. People are building a new church. Quakers are numerous in the county.
195. [John] Thomas to Secretary, Hempstead, 10 Apr. 1706. Repeating information in (192-4) and asking for books for distribution.
196. [Caleb] Heathcote to Secretary, New York, 16 Apr. 1706. 200 persons have been baptized in Rye and about 20 or 30 added to communion since [George] Muirson's arrival. [George] Muirson plans to visit Stratford, where he has learned that there are a number of churchmen, and Heathcote will accompany him. Heathcote recommends an allowance to Bondet, on condition that he assist [John] Bartow.
197. Secretary to [William] Huddleston, Petty France, Westminster, 18 Apr. 1706 (copy). Committee has decided that society should not grant a regular allowance to a schoolmaster not appointed by it, but has voted him a gift of £10.
198. Secretary to Cornbury, Petty France, Westminster, 18 Apr. 1706 (copy). A missionary will be sent to Suffolk County as soon as 'conveniently maybe'. If [Thorogood] Moore's mission to the Indians fails, he will be joined to [John] Talbot in the care of Burlington. Richard Townsend has been appointed schoolmaster on Staten Island at request of [Aeneas] Mackenzie.
199. Copy of (197).
200. Secretary to vestries of [John] Thomas and [William] Urquhart, Petty France, Westminster, 22 Apr. 1706 (copy, with spaces for names left blank), expressing satisfaction at cordial relations reported between minister and vestries.
201-2. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 30 Apr. 1706 (French, with translation). Finds that some masters fear that they will lose control of their slaves if they are baptized.
203. Secretary to [William] Bradford, Petty France, Westminster, 3 May 1706 (copy), asking him to send specimens of his edition of prayer book.
204. Secretary to [Aeneas] Mackenzie, Petty France, Westminster, 3 May 1706 (copy), informing him of [Richard] Townsend's appointment and of a shipment of books.
205. Secretary to [Elias] Neau, Petty France, Westminster, 3 May 1706 (copy, French). Mentions acts of Maryland and Virginia declaring that baptism does not emancipate slaves.
206. Secretary to [John] Thomas and [William] Urquhart, Petty France, Westminster, 3 May 1706 (copy). Society has voted to send them prayer books and the Bishop of London has secured a gift of a large church Bible, Prayer Book, and book of homilies for each of their churches from the Queen. They should account to the treasurer for books received.
207. Secretary to Vesey, Petty France, Westminster, 3 May 1706 (copy), asking his continued support for [Elias] Neau. Society has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to apply to the Queen to direct the passage of declaratory laws similar to those referred to in (205).
208. Secretary to [Daniel] Bondet, Petty France, Westminster, 24 May 1706 (copy). Society has voted him a gift of £10, but cannot grant him a regular allowance unless his congregation conforms to Church of England, although he himself is episcopally ordained.
209. Secretary to [George] Muirson, Petty France, Westminster, 24 May 1706 (copy). Queen is giving a pulpit and communion table to the church at Rye, and society is donating prayer books.
210. Secretary to [Caleb] Heathcote, Petty France, Westminster, 5 June 1706 (copy). Society approves his effort to get larger official stipends for the ministers in Westchester, and does its best to secure the appointment of a suffragan, as he has recommended. Society fears that it might be a breach of the Toleration Act for it to intrude in Connecticut, unless requested by the inhabitants (crossed out).
211. Secretary to Sir Jeff. Jeffries, Petty France, Westminster, 27 June 1706 (copy), asking by what ship books delivered to him for shipment to [Thomas] Pritchard were sent, and if [Thomas] Pritchard left any estate.
212. Secretary to [William] Urquhart, Petty France, Westminster, 3 Aug. 1706. Asking him to deliver to [George] Muirson society's books which he secured on departure of [Alexander] Stuart.
213-14. [John] Bartow to Secretary, New York, 8 Aug. 1706. Society has withdrawn his allowance, leaving him in great distress.
215-16. [John] Bartow to Secretary, 14 Aug. 1706, about the same matter.
217. [John] Bartow to (Bishop of London?), Westchester, 16 Aug. 1706. Allowance was stopped because he had been in service three years.
218-20. Petition of wardens, justices, and vestry of Westchester, 27 Aug. 1706, asking continuance of Bartow's allowance.
221-4. Printed copy of acts passed by 7th session of the General Assembly of New York, beginning 17 Sept. 1706 (2 copies). Act for raising money to fortify the City of New York; act for raising a fund for the defence of the frontiers; act to encourage baptism of slaves. All children of slave mothers to be slaves in perpetuity; no slave to be admitted witness against a freeman.
225-6. [George] Muirson to Secretary, Rye, 2 Oct. 1706. Church in Rye is nearing completion. He has visited Connecticut and preached in Stratford. He is informed that there are many unbaptized persons in Connecticut, as the Independents will only baptize the children of those who are in full communion with them.
227-8. [William] Huddleston to Revd. John Postlethwaite, New York, 9 Oct. 1706. Grateful for the gift of £10, but would still like a regular allowance.
229-30. [John] Bartow to Secretary, New York, 4 Oct. 1706, pleading for restoration of allowance.
231-2. [John] Bartow to Secretary, New York, 12 Oct. 1706. Reports sending (222-4). Says that charges against Honeyman in Newport were brought by a turbulent person, who had previously caused trouble for [John] Lockier.
233. Robert Livingston to Secretary, New York, 14 Oct. 1706. Reports safe arrival. His son-in-law, Captain Vetch, who has been in business in Massachusetts, has been 'excessively' fined by the government there and is going home to seek a remission of the fines.
234-5. Joseph Cleator to Secretary, Dartmouth, on way to New York, 29 Oct. 1706. Ship was driven into port by bad seas and the enemy.
236-7. [Elias] Neau to Secretary, New York, 28 Nov. 1706. He has procured passage of act printed in (222-4), and has asked [William] Vesey and [John] Sharpe to preach occasionally in favour of instruction of slaves.
238-9. [William] Huddleston to [John] Postlethwaite, New York, 21 Nov. 1706, asking him to support a petition that he is presenting to the Bishop of London.
240. [William] Bradford to Secretary, New York, 12 Dec. 1706. He has sent a copy of his edition of the prayer book and is now sending a copy of his Philadelphia Almanac, which the Quakers are trying to discourage by promoting a rival.
241. [Joseph] Cleator to Society, Dartmouth, 23 Dec. 1706. Captain hopes to be able to sail in three weeks.
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