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1-2. John Gilbert to the Bishop of London, Plymouth, 23 Apr. 1702, introducing Samuel Magaw, a Scotch clergyman, who is in need of assistance, having been driven into Plymouth by unfavourable winds while on his way to visit a kinsman who is a minister in Dover.
3-4. Testimonial to John Sharpe from clergymen of Maryland, Annapolis, 26 Apr. 1704.
5-6. Extract from Maryland act of 3 Oct. 1704 declaring that slaves are not manumitted by baptism.
7. Testimonial of several residents of Somerset County, Maryland, that price of tobacco there has been low for the past five years.
8. [William] Cordiner and [Thomas] Jenkins to Secretary, Portsmouth, 28 Apr. 1707, reporting difficulties in getting passage to America.
9. [William] Cordiner to Secretary, Portsmouth, 17 June 1707, concerning the same.
10. [William] Cordiner to Secretary, Portsmouth, 9 July 1707, concerning the same.
11. [William] Cordiner to Secretary, aboard Chester, Spithead, 4 Aug. 1707. He has sailed, but his ship was ordered back.
12. [William] Cordiner to the Bishop of London, on board Chester, Spithead, 30 Aug. 1707. His ship has been ordered to convey the King of Portugal to Lisbon and then sail for Virginia.
13-14. [William] Cordiner to Secretary, on board the Chester, Spithead, 15 Oct. 1707. His ship has not sailed yet, but is ordered to do so with the first favourable wind. He asks relief.
15. Secretary to [William] Cordiner, Petty France, Westminster, 20 Sept. 1707 (copy). Society has voted to advance one 15th of their salaries to him, [William] Black, and [Thomas] Jenkins.
16. [William] Cordiner to Secretary, Portsmouth, 26 Oct. 1707, acknowledging grant and speaking of courtesy shown him by gentlemen in Portsmouth, particularly the mayor (Irving) and vicar ([William] Ward).
17. [William] Cordiner to Secretary, Dinan, 17 Oct. 1707. He has been captured by the French.
18. [William] Cordiner to Mr. Linton, Dinant, 7 Feb. 1707/8, reporting his hardships as a prisoner.
19. [William] Cordiner to Secretary, Prescott Court in St. John's St., 5 June 1708, acknowledging favours from the society.
20-1. [William] Cordiner to the Committee, undated, but referred to in (19), asking them to intercede with the Queen for his relief, as he lost all his possessions when captured.
22-39. [William] Cordiner's. account of his adventures as a prisoner, undated, but dealing with events of 1707/8.
40-1. Do's. memorial to the Society, asking further relief. Says that he is preparing to enter some business.
42. Jonathan Evans and Robert Walker to Bishop of London, on board the Ruby, Spithead, 30 Aug. 1707. Ship was ordered back to Spithead after starting its voyage.
43-4. [Robert] Walker to Secretary, 18 Sept. 1707. He has given up sailing on the Ruby and is seeking another opportunity. He has been sent to Maryland as a school-master by the Bishop of London.
45-6. Walker to Secretary, Portsmouth, 1 Oct. 1707, asking aid.
47. Secretary to Mr. Herbert, Petty France, 9 Mar. 1707 (9) (copy), asking aid for [William] Cordiner.
48-9. Robert Keith to the Society, 4 Apr. 1708. His salary having been stopped for failure to sail to America, he offers explanations.
50. Certificate of James Hindman, 27 Apr. 1708, that Keith had engaged passage and was preparing to sail with him, when he received notice of his dismissal by the society.
51. Keith to members of the Committee, 21 May 1708, referring to (49-51).
52. Undated memorandum of Mrs. Keith, asking that aid be given to her and her children if her husband remains in Maryland.
53-5. Case of Robert Keith (2 copies).
56-7. Additional memorial of Robert Keith.
58-59. Memorial of Mary Keith to the Archbishop of Canterbury, asking relief.
60. Another petition of Keith to the society.
61-2. Henry Nichols to Society, St. Michael's Parish, Talbot Co., Maryland, 13 Sept. 1708, explaining his removal from Chester, Pennsylvania.
63-4. William Black to Secretary, Annapolis, 7 June 1709, explaining that he had to flee his parish in Delaware because it was raided by a French privateer.
65-6. Black to the Bishop of London, Annapolis, 7 June 1709, with a similar account.
67. Jacob Henderson to Secretary, Reserve, in the Downs, 28 Dec. 1710. They are waiting for a favourable wind. He acknowledges gift from the society.
68-9. Jacob Henderson to Secretary, Kicotan, Virginia., 21 Mar. 1710/11. He has got that far and is waiting for an opportunity to get to Dover, Delaware Mr. Wallace, the minister at Kicotan, with whom he is staying, advanced £5 to [Thomas] Jenkins on a bill on the society which has been protested. Wallace has had a report from [John] Urmston of the death of James Adams, the society's missionary in North Carolina.
70. Alexander Adams to the Bishop of London, Stepney Parish, Somerset County, Maryland, 2 July 1711, asking him to obtain a grant from the society because of Adams's extra labour in supplying vacant parishes and the low price of tobacco.
71-2. Alexander Adams to Secretary, Stepney Parish, 2 July 1711, asking for an allowance.
73-4. Undated account of George Trotter's mission to Maryland, beginning in 1697 and ending with his return to England in 1706.
75-6. Extracts from the charter of the Company for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England and Parts Adjacent, 1661.
77. George Keith to Secretary, Boston, 12 June 1702, giving an account of his missionary tour.
78. P. [Patrick] Gordon to Secretary, Boston, 13 June 1702, giving an account of the voyage over and noting that [George] Keith has been joined in his mission by the ship's chaplain, John Talbot.
79. [George] Keith to Secretary, Boston, 7 July 1702, reporting that [John] Talbot has joined him.
80-1. Samuel Myles to the Bishop of Gloucester, Boston, 8 July 1702. He has sought to promote the Church in surrounding towns by lending books, and has drawn a bill on the society for £30 expenses in lodging [George] Keith.
82. Samuel Myles to the Bishop of Gloucester, Boston, 3 Aug. 1702, asking his aid in obtaining an answer to petitions sent home for ministers.
83-4. Christopher Bridge to [George] Keith, Boston, 17 Nov. 1702. Reports forwarding letters of Keith to London and arrangements for printing Keith's answer to [Cotton] Mather. (Addressed to Keith in Philadelphia.)
85. James Honeyman to Society, Boston, 16 Nov. 1703. He has arrived in Boston after a long voyage, his ship having had to wait for a convoy.
86. Certificate of James Roissie, Master of the Portsmouth Galley that Honeyman took passage on his ship in April, 1703, but that sailing was delayed by want of a convoy.
87-8. John Brown to Archbishop of Canterbury, Swansea, 23 Feb. 1703, asking that a missionary be sent to Swansea in response to previous petitions.
89-92. J. [Joseph] Dudley and others to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Boston, 4 Jan. 1703/4. Testimonial to [Christopher] Bridge who is visiting England with [Samuel] Myles's permission. (2 copies).
93-4. [Samuel] Myles to Doctor Beveridge, Boston, 4 Jan. 1703/4, introducing Colonel Charles Hobby. [Christopher] Bridge did not have his permission to return, not having met the conditions he set, and he asks that someone else be sent in his place.
95-6. [Samuel] Myles to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Boston, 5 Jan. 1703/4, introducing Colonel Hobby and asking replacement of [Christopher] Bridge.
97-8. [Samuel] Myles to Beveridge, Boston, 26 Feb. 1703/4, introducing Mr. Barclay, who can tell him all about [Christopher] Bridge.
99-101. [Christopher] Bridge to Society, London, 15 June 1704, giving his version of the affair. Because of the precariousness of his salary from the Privy Purse, his supporters tried to get him a salary from the vestry, but in the end all he got was permission to return to England to try to arrange better payment of his official salary.
102. J. [Joseph] Dudley to [Samuel] Myles, Roxbury, 10 Dec. 1703 (copy, enclosed with (99-101), asking for a vestry meeting to consider advancing Bridge's salary, pending official payment. On same sheet: [Samuel] Myles to Bridge, Boston, 22 Dec. 1703, consenting to Bridge's return, on condition that he draw a bill to [Samuel] Myles for £50.
103-4. Edward to Thomas Bromfield, Boston, 4 Oct. 1704, giving account of a society lately founded to promote religion in New England.
105. [Samuel] Myles to Bishop of London, Boston, 16 Oct. 1704. Testimonial to [George] Muirson, who is going home for orders.
106-7. Testimonial to Muirson from wardens and vestry in Braintree, 19 Oct. 1704.
108. Secretary to ---, Petty France, Westminster, 23 Jan. 1705/6 (copy), asking for information about Corporation for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England.
109. [Samuel] Myles to Gardner, Boston, 25 June 1706. Although [Christopher] Bridge is supposed to be going to Narragansett, Myles sees indictions that he plans to remain in Boston.
110. Henry Newman to the Secretary, Lyon, 19 Aug. 1706, recommending that [Christopher] Bridge be sent to Rhode Island.
111. Daillé to Secretary, Boston, 8 Sept. 1706 (Latin), requesting books.
112. [Christopher] Bridge to Secretary (?), Boston, 7 Oct. 1706. Believes that a number of Harvard students are about to conform to the Church.
113. Daillé to the Society, Boston, 8 Oct. 1706, asking aid.
114. [Samuel] Myles to Secretary, Boston, 9 Oct. 1706, asking society's help for French congregation in Boston.
115-16. [Joseph]Dudley to Secretary, Boston, 10 Oct. 1706, making similar request.
117. [Christopher] Bridge to Secretary, Boston, 15 Oct., 1706, supporting this request.
118. [Samuel] Myles to Secretary, Boston, 15 Oct. 1706, asking that society refund money advanced to [Gersham] Rawlins to enable him to come home for orders.
119. Henry Caner to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Boston, 16 Oct. 1766 (misplaced, because of misreading of date), urging appointment of a bishop, referring to plans for Indian mission and to controversy over New Hampshire grants.
120-1. Edward Bromfield to Secretary, Boston, 24 Feb. 1707. Enclosing some books published by his society and referring to work of Ryhaus Billings (Congregational?) minister at Little Compton and of Elias Neau in New York.
122-3. [Samuel] Myles to Secretary, Boston, 4 Mar. 1707. Bridge has had conflicting orders from the society, directing him to Narragansett and from Bishop Compton directing him to (Newport) Rhode Island.
124. Secretary to Daillé, Petty France, Westminster, 25 Mar. 1707 (copy). Committee has resolved that Daillé is not eligible for an allowance because his congregation has not conformed to the Church of England and because he was not sent abroad by the society. A similar action was previously taken with respect to Bondet in New York.
125. Secretary to [Samuel] Myles, Petty France, Westminster, 6 June 1707 (copy), explaining refusal of Daillé's request. The Bishop of London is having difficulty in finding a well qualified clergyman to replace Bridge as [Samuel] Myles's assistant.
126-7. [Samuel] Myles to Secretary, Boston, 15 Aug. 1707, seeking to collect money advanced to [Gersham] Rawlins and noting that [Christopher] Bridge has been ordered to Narragansett.
128-9. Duplicate of (126-7).
130. Henry Head to Honeyman, Little Compton, 20 Dec. 1707, asking if he has any news of the coming of a minister from England.
131. John Brown to [Samuel] Myles, Swansea, 19 Jan. 1707/8, reporting local sickness.
132. [Samuel] Myles to Secretary, Boston, 12 Mar. 1707/8, saying that Honeyman will inform him how basely he ([Samuel] Myles) has been used by Bridge.
133-4. Extract from a letter of Thomas Barclay to Bishop Compton, Boston, 4 Mar. 1707/8, giving a pro-[Samuel] Myles account of the [Samuel] Myles- [Christopher] Bridge controversy.
135-6. Governor Dudley to Bishop Compton, Boston, 27 May 1708 (copy). Honeyman is returning to wait on the bishop. [Joseph] Dudley hopes that his and Bridge's assignments can be adjusted satisfactorily, as they are both good men.
137. Secretary to [Samuel] Myles, Windsor Castle, 4 Aug. 1708 (copy). Society can only repay his advance to [Gersham] Rawlins by deducting it from Rawlins's salary when he enters their service. State of the society's finances precludes any reconsideration of Daillé's application. The Bridge-Honeyman controversy has been settled by the committee, but the secretary accuses [Samuel] Myles of having written contradictory letters on the subject.
138-9. Governor Dudley to Bishop Compton, Boston, 20 Aug. 1708, expressing his support for [Samuel] Myles, and promising to do his best to maintain peace in the congregation.
140. Paul Dudley to the Secretary, Boston, 25 Mar. 1709, testifying to good character of [Christopher] Bridge.
141-2. Abstract of several testimonials to Bridge received by Henry Newman from correspondents in Massachusetts. Latest date, 26 Mar. 1709.
143-4. [Samuel] Myles to Secretary, Boston, 22 Sept. 1709. He is sending copies of letters from governor and vestry to the Bishop of London relating to their parochial controversy.
145. [Christopher] Bridge to Secretary, Boston, 26 Oct. 1709. He is on his way to Rye, and has written the lieutenant-governor of New York and the church wardens to inform them of his mission.
146-7. [Samuel] Myles to Secretary, Boston, 16 Dec. 1709. Bishop Compton writes that the society is pressing him to appoint an assistant at Boston, but [Samuel] Myles would be content to remain without one, and see the money used to supply nearby missions.
148. William Brattle to Henry Newman, Cambridge, 3 Sept. 1711, protesting inaccuracy of article in Society's printed report concerning Braintree.
149. [John] Leverett to Secretary, Cambridge, 1 Nov. 1711 (extract in secretary's hand), complaining of the same article, which states that the churchwardens and vestry in Braintree, in their testimonials to [George] Muirson, declared that they were without a pastor, and asked that William [Thomas?] Barclay be sent to them.
150. Leverett to Secretary, Cambridge, 12 Nov. 1711. Says there is only one person in Braintree who can be called a Churchman.
151. Governor [Joseph] Dudley to Secretary, Boston, 13 Nov. 1711. Inquiries he has made at request of Society have satisfied him that charges against Honeyman in Rhode Island are groundless, and that Honeyman has behaved well for the past three years.
152-61. Petition of clerical and lay deputies to General Convention, 8 Aug. 1789, to Archbishops of Canterbury and York, asking their assent to the consecration of Edward Bass as Bishop of Massachusetts by [William] White, Provoost, and [Samuel] Seabury.
162-3. Copy of letter of Bishop White to the clergy of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Philadelphia, 10 Aug. 1789, relating to this matter.
164-5. Undated address of the vestry of King's Chapel, Boston, to the Bishop of London, saying that they prefer to do without an assistant.
166-7. Undated recommendations that King's Chapel, Boston, be aided by society, as it needs enlarging, requires two ministers, and the payment of the assistant's salary from the privy purse is precarious. Payment of arrears was cancelled by death of William III.
168. [Samuel] Myles to [Robert] Gardner, Boston, Sept. ---, asking him to secure secretary's support for unspecified petition. Postscript instructs him to burn this and other letters.
169. Secretary to Governor of New England, undated draft, saying that society will defray expenses of students who come home for orders, if they are qualified.
170-1. [John] Talbot to [Richard] Gillingham, Newcastle, 10 Apr. 1703 (copy). On way to his mission. Letter is chiefly an unfavourable account of religion in the colonies, with special strictures against the Quakers.
172-3. [John] Talbot to [Richard] Gillingham, Virginia, 3 May 1703. He is visiting friends there. [George] Keith is at his daughter's house. Reports beginnings of several churches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania (copy).
174-5. Lewis Morris to Doctor Beveridge, Trenton, 12 July 1703, asks appointment of a minister for Monmouth County, where the labours of [Alexander] Innis [Innes] and of [George] Keith and [John] Talbot have brought a number of people into the Church.
176-9. [John] Talbot to Secretary, Philadelphia, 26 Aug. 1703. Acknowledges appointment by society, gives some account of [George] Keith's mission, and praises Governor Nicholson for his incorruptibility and his zeal for the Church. Identifies recipient of (170-3) as Richard Gillingham, Vicar of Chigwell in Essex.
180-3. [John] Talbot to Secretary, Philadelphia, 1 Sept. 1703. Repeats some of the information in (176-9), and asks for books, as the parcel he had with him is lost. Urges sending bishops. [George] Keith plans to return in spring. Both this and (176-9) are being brought by John Thomas.
184. Wardens of Burlington to Archbishop of Canterbury, 1 Sept. 1703. Having built a church, they ask for aid in securing Prayer Books and furnishings.
185-6. [John] Talbot to Secretary, New York, 22 Feb. 1704. Refers to a conference of tome of the clergy held at the instance of Lord Cornbury and Colonel [Francis] Nicholson. Defends [Francis] Nicholson against critics. Notes conversion of some Quakers.
187. Parishioners of Burlington to Society, 2 Apr. 1704, reporting [John] Talbot's settlement among them.
189-90. Talbot to Secretary, Philadelphia, 7 Apr. 1704. Notes that [George] Keith is returning. Praises work of Alexander Innes and hopes that society will aid him. Notes that Honeyman's settlement has been delayed by a scandal, and refers to a number of other clergymen.
191-6. [John] Talbot to Whitfield, 20 Oct. 1704. Speaks of attending a meeting of clergy of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in New York, which has sent an address to the society. Reports conditions in Burlington, refers to several missionaries, and pleads for a bishop.
197-8. [John] Talbot to Society, London, 14 Mar. 1705, asking to be appointed missionary in Burlington, having lost his living in Gloucestershire. He came home partly to promote plea for a bishop.
199. [John] Brooke to Secretary, Elizabeth, 20 Aug. 1705, reporting his arrival. On advice of Cornbury, he has settled in Elizabeth to serve that and neighbouring towns.
200. Thomas Crawford to Secretary, Burlington, 7 Nov. 1705, asking to be transferred from Dover Hundred, Delaware, because it is an unhealthy location.
201. [John] Brooke to Secretary, Elizabeth Town, 23 Nov. 1705. He has assembled a congregation at Piscataqay and recommends sending a missionary there.
202-3. [John] Brooke to Archbishop of York, Elizabeth Town, 23 Nov. 1705, reporting arrival and successful beginning.
204. Secretary to [Andrew] Rudman, Petty France, Westminster, 2 Mar. 1705/6 (copy). He made a mistake in drawing on the society under the impression that he had been employed as a missionary, but, in view of good reports of his work, society has voted to pay him £30 for the current year, plus a gift of £20.
205. Secretary to [John] Brooke, Petty France, Westminster, 22 Apr. 1706 (copy), announcing the dispatch of a parcel of books and informing him of the society's rule that all missionaries must give an exact account of local contributions.
206. Daniel Leeds to [George] Keith and [John] Talbot, Burlington, 28 Apr. 1706, speaking of two islands in the Delaware which, as a test of the main current convinces him, are on the Jersey side and therefore belong to the Crown, which he thinks might be persuaded to give them to the Church in Burlington.
207. Secretary to [Thorogood] Moore, Petty France, Westminster, 3 May 1706 (copy). Because his negotiations with the Indians, to whom he was sent, failed, society has appointed him and Talbot to serve alternately in Burlington and as itinerants in North Carolina. (New Jersey?)
208. [John] Brooke to Archbishop of York (?), Amboy, 11 Oct. 1706. Complains that society is not paying him what they promised when they transferred him from Long Island.
209-15. [John] Brooke to Secretary, Amboy, 11 Oct. 1706, reporting on his work in several places and complaining that his allowance is less than the £100 which he says was orally promised him by the Archbishop of Canterbury and other members of the committee.
216-19. Printed remonstrance of New Jersey Assembly to Governor Lord Cornbury, 8 May 1707, and the Governor's response. The grievances are of an administrative nature, some of them relating to the subordination of New Jersey to New York. No ecclesiastical issues are mentioned.
220. Secretary to [John] Talbot, Petty France, Westminister [Westminster], 8 June 1707 (copy). Asking him to personally deliver letters in a packet that will be given him by Captain [John] Hamilton, and urging him as senior missionary to set an example of moderation.
221. Secretary to ThorogoodMoore, Petty France, Westminister [Westminster], 9 June 1707 (copy of letter sent by [John] Talbot). Informing him of his appointment as missionary at Hopewell, with an allowance of £60. He has been supplying for [John] Talbot. Enjoins him to make regular reports, including an account of local contributions, in accordance with the society's order.
222. [John] Talbot to Secretary, Reserve at Spithead, 23 June (1707). Ship required to return to port by Dunkirk squadron.
223-4. Thorogood Moore to Secretary, Burlington, New Jersey, 17 July 1707. Refers to some bills drawn on the Treasurer.
225-6. [John] Talbot to Secretary, Burlington, 24 Aug. (1708? Notation gives year as 1707, but contents seem to require later year.) It is nine months since he saw [Thorogood] Moore and [John] Brooke off from Boston and he fears they are lost. He sees their troubles as providing argument for a bishop. He returned through Connecticut, where he notes that [George] Muirson has gathered forty communicants.
227. Talbot to Secretary, Lisbon, 14 Sept. (1707). His ship has been driven in there on its way to New England. Mentions difficulties of [William] Black and [William] Cordiner.
228-33. Printed reply of New Jersey Assembly to Lord Cornbury's answer to its remonstrance, 24 Oct. 1707.
234-5. [John] Talbot to Secretary, Rhode Island, 13 Dec. (1707). Reports his safe arrival. Refers to flight of [Thorogood] Moore and [John] Brooke and to Bridge-Honeyman dispute.
236. Talbot to Secretary, New York, 10 Jan. (1708). He has got this far, but cannot get to New Jersey because of ice. On his way from Rhode Island he preached to a congregation of two or three hundred in Stratford. Refers to Colonel [Caleb] Heathcote as the finest gentleman he has met in America.
237. John Hamilton to Secretary, Burlington, 13 Jan. 1707/8. A testimonial to Honeyman, who will deliver it.
238. [John] Talbot to Secretary, Westchester, 14 Feb. (1708). Still prevented by weather from proceeding to New Jersey. He gives some account of [George] Muirson's work in Connecticut.
239-41. Secretary to [John] Talbot, Windsor Castle, 6 Aug. 1708 (copy). Speaks of differences of opinion between them, voices suspicion that [John] Talbot had selfish motives for returning to England, and urges him to moderation. Mentions reports that he has preached in parishes of neighbouring clergy against their wishes.
242. Secretary to Captain [John] Hamilton, Petty France, Westminster, 6 Sept. 1708, asking him to keep an eye on the society's missionaries.
243. Henry Shute to Secretary, 28 Sept. 1708, reporting satisfactory preaching by [Edward] Vaughan.
244. [John] Talbot to Secretary, Rhode Island, 13 Dec. (1707?). It is dated 1708 in notation, but reference to departure of [Thorogood] Moore and [John] Brooke points to earlier year.
245-6. Petition of Edward Vaughan to the committee, undated, but refers to preaching test reported in (243). Asks some allowance from the society for his expenses as, at the urging of Mr. Evans, he came to London to seek appointment as missionary though under canonical age for ordination to the priesthood.
247-8. Testimonial to [Edward] Vaughan from clergy in the Diocese of Landaff, where his father, Robert, is rector of Woolves Newton. Undated, but seems to belong with papers for 1708.
249. Secretary to --- Bass, Petty France, Westminster, 24. Jan. 1709/10 (copy), asking him to counsel and report on missionaries. Postscript refers to some land that Bass has advised the society to purchase in the province.
250. Secretary to --- Bass, Petty France, Westminster, 22 Feb. 1709/10 (copy). (Notation identifies Bass as Secretary of New Jersey.) Asking further information about the lands referred to in (249) and speaking of a proposal to buy a house in Burlington as a possible future residence for a bishop. This plan must be kept secret, lest the price go up.
251. Secretary to [John] Talbot, Petty France, Westminster, 25 Feb. 1709/10 (copy), accusing him of intemperate language in speaking of his opponents.
252-5. J. Bass to Secretary, Burlington, 23 May, 1711. Giving some account of condition of the Church in New Jersey and Delaware and a description of the land referred to in (249).
256. Secretary to --- [John] Sharpe, Petty France, Westminster, 24 May 1711 (copy). Committee has approved some recommendations of his for safeguarding its books, but cannot purchase his books for the use of missionaries, as they are not on the list approved by the society.
257. Secretary to [Edward] Vaughan, Petty France, Westminster, 24 May 1711 (copy). He cannot expect an augmentation of his allowance as [Thomas] Halliday has been sent to assist him.
258-9. [Thomas] Halliday to Secretary, Amboy, 5 Aug. 1711. He serves Amboy and Piscataway, having a larger congregation in the latter town. He has had some difficulty with those who are holding subscriptions raised to build a church under [Thorogood] Moore in Amboy.
260-1. Bass to Secretary, Burlington, 9 Aug. 1711, referring to the house in Burlington and to the dispute in Amboy.
262-3. [Edward] Vaughan to Secretary, Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, 12 Oct. 1711. He has had a dispute with Colonel Townley over land supposedly donated for a church in Elizabeth. Criticizes [Thomas] Halliday's conduct in Amboy.
264. Undated description of Elizabeth, attributed to Colonel [Francis] Nicholson.
265. Undated fragment listing towns in New Jersey.
266. Lewis Morris to Secretary, undated, referring to Keith's mission.
267. Notes on a memorial of Moore concerning things he thought necessary for his mission.
268. List of furnishings desired for the Church in Burlington.
269-70. Undated account of religion in East Jersey, attributed to Colonel [Lewis] Morris in notation.
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