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1-4. Draft of an order for establishing an American episcopate in the reign of Charles II, copied from document found among Fulham Papers by Bishop of London in 1776.
5. Testimonial to George MacQueen, signed by Vincent Edwards and others, Embleton, Northumberland Co., 19 Mar. 1701.
6-20. Memorial of George Keith concerning state of religion in the colonies, 14 Sept. 1701 (4 copies).
21. List of books supplied to [George] Keith for use in his mission.
22-3. Secretary to [George] Keith, Petty France, Westminster, 30 June 1703 (copy). Convinced that [George] Keith does not run any risk of incurring penalties of Toleration Act. Glad to hear of favourable disposition to Church in New England. Suggests appointment of suffragan bishop (crossed out). A number of documents sent by [George] Keith have not been received. Society has agreed to name [John] Talbot as a missionary.
24-5. Extracts from colonial correspondence prepared for presentation to meeting, 27 Feb. 1701/2.
26. Bishop of Gloucester to Archbishop of Canterbury, Gloucester, 6 Oct. 1703, certifying that he has given Charles Smith permission to go to America.
27-9. Testimonial of sundry clergymen to Thomas Tye, 15 Nov. 1703 (Latin).
30. List of gifts by Colonel [Francis] Nicholson to colonial churches through 1703.
31. Testimonial of David Denoon, M.D., to Alexander Stuart, 1 Feb. 1703/4.
32-3. List of books delivered to Doctor Bray for the society by B. Tooke, from library of Mr. Dedwell, 6 June 1704.
34-5. George Keith to Society, asking payment for missionary services from 25 Mar. 1702 to 14 Aug. 1704.
36-7. [George] Keith's account of benefactions of Colonel [Francis] Nicholson to colonial churches, 3 Nov. 1704.
38-9. List of missionaries in service in 1704.
40-1. List of books for a missionary's library, approved by society, 15 Mar. 1705.
42. Testimonial of several ministers to Christopher Buckton, Stamford, 10 Apr. 1705.
43-4. List of missionaries with dates of appointment through July 1705.[Includes William Knox]
45. Secretary to ([George] Keith), Petty France, Westminster, 25 Oct. 1705 (copy), asking for information concerning his agreement with [John] Talbot.
46. Secretary to Missionaries, Petty France, Westminster, 6 Nov. 1705 (copy) to accompany package of printed instructions.
47. Charles Masham to Treasurer, St. Helena, 24 Nov. 1705, reports arrival and receipt of books from society.
48-9. Memorandum of payments from treasurer prepared by George Keith for Committee, 20 Feb. 1705/6.
50. List of letters (by names of addressees) sent to colonies by Mr. [Robert] Livingston, 3 May 1706.
51. Bishop of Carlisle to (Bishop of London?), Rose, 20 May 1706, recommending an unnamed Episcopal clergyman from Scotland.
52. Secretary to Turner, Petty France, Westminster, 28 May 1706 (copy), saying that, on recommendation of Bishop of London, society is prepared to consider employing him as a schoolmaster.
53. Secretary to Turner, Petty France, Westminster, 25 June 1706, saying he has not had a reply to previous letter.
54-8. Testimonials to [William] Cordiner, 3 and 10 Sept. 1706.
59-63. Lists of missionaries sent to plantations through Lady Day, 1707.
64. Testimonial of Gideon Johnston and others to James Adams, former schoolmaster in Castlemere, 18 Aug. 1707.
65. Testimonial of Henry Sanford to Adams, Castlesagh, 20 Aug. 1707.
66. Testimonial of the Bishop of Elphin and others to Adams, 26 Aug. 1707.
67-8. Bishop of London's proposals for an American suffragan, dated Dec. 1707 in notation attributed in further notation to Archbishop Tenison.
69. Answers of sundry Presbyterian clergy to queries whether certain ministerial acts constitute a violation of the Rule of Order of the Church of Scotland, London, 9 Aug. 1708.
70. Testimonial to James Reynolds, 20 Jan. 1708/9.
71. Geo. [George] St. George to Archbishop of Dublin, Cariuk, 28 Jan. 1708/9, asking him to recommend [James] Reynolds to Bishop of London.
72. P. Mahon to Archbishop of Dublin, Cavetowne, 28 Jan. 1708/9. Testimonial to [James] Reynolds.
73. Testimonial to [James] Reynolds from Bishop of Killmore and Ardagh, 19 Feb. 1708/9 (Latin).
74-5. Testimonials to Robert Sinclair, 20 and 23 June 1709.
76. Secretary to Governors of Plantations where the society has missionaries, Westminster, 24 Sept. 1709 (copy), asking them to 'encourage' missionaries to observe rule requiring regular correspondence with society.
77. Secretary to missionaries, Westminster, 26 Sept. 1709 (copy), enjoining compliance with the same rule.
78. Testimonial to Samuel Colby from Bishop of Killmore and Ardagh, 29 Nov. 709.
79. Secretary to Governor [Edward] Tynte, Petty France, Westminster, 26 Dec. 1709 (copy), introducing [Thomas] Hassel.
80. [Henry] Shute to Secretary, 1 Jan. 1711/12, reporting satisfactory preaching by [Francis] Philips.
81. John Humphreys to Secretary, H.M.S. Shoreham, Spithead, 13 July 1712. Hopes to sail with first fair wind.
82-3. Testimonials to Rowland Ellis, 19 and 20 Sept. 1711.
84. Edward Brace to Secretary, Bigleswade, 8 Nov. 1711, offering his services as factor in connection with Codrington Estate.
85-6. J. Hare to Secretary, London, 5 Dec. 1711. Testimonial to Charles Bradley.
87. James Vernon to Secretary, 16 Dec. 1711. Testimonial to [Francis] Philipps.
88-9. Report of Attorney General (P. Yorke) and C. Talbot on Bishop Gibson's first petition for jurisdiction, 27 Jan. 1725.
90-8. Copies of Bishop Gibson's petition and commission, 1726-7, with some later notes on ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the colonies.
99-104. Copy of Bishop Gibson's commission, 9 Feb. 1726/7 (Latin).
105-6. Proposal that Bishop of London share colonial jurisdiction with other bishops. Attributed in notation to Bishop Sherlock.
107-35. Memorial of Bishop Sherlock reviewing history of colonial jurisdiction and proposing appointment of colonial bishops (2 copies).
136-9. Abstract of the foregoing memorial, dated 1749-50 in notation.
140-73. Account of the American colonies drawn up for the Bishop of London by Doctor (William?) Smith, London, 1762.
174-9. Thoughts on the present state of the Church of England in America, 1764 (June). Anonymous, but writer of unsigned notation says he has seen original with corrections in Archbishop Secker's hand.
180-2. Some notes concerning suffragan bishops copied from H. Wharton, Anglia Sacra.
183-4. Suggestions concerning ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the colonies, attributed in notation to Doctor Bentham, 1765. Refers to (180-2).
185-6. Account of legacies bequeathed to Society for the Propagation of the Gospel for support of American bishops. Last legacy, by Archbishop Secker, is dated 4 Apr. 1768.
187-8. Petition to the King for colonial bishops from convocation of clergy in New York and New Jersey, New York, 12 Oct. 1771.
189-92. Samuel Seabury, Samuel Cooke, and Charles Inglis on behalf of clergy in New York to [Thomas Bradbury] Chandler, [Myles] Cooper, [John] Vardill, and [Jonathan] Boucher (Loyalist clergy in England), 28 Oct. 1780. Note that clergy of New York had named the four addressed as their agents to petition for American bishops in 1777, and present further arguments for an American episcopate.
193-6. Memorial of society to Lord Sydney, Secretary of State for the Colonies, undated, but evidently written shortly after the recognition of American independence, making proposals for the establishment of the Church in the King's remaining dominions.
197. Copy of printed statement of John Wesley concerning his appointment of [Thomas] Coke and Asbury as superintendents of the American Methodists.
198-9. Petition of John Jeffreys to the King, 15 Feb. 1785, asking that lands be granted to society in Quebec or New Brunswick to replace some he had given it in New York before American Revolution.
200-9. Petition of clerical and lay delegates to General Convention to the archbishops and bishops, Philadelphia, 5 Oct. 1785, requesting consecration of American bishops (5 copies).
210. Draft of reply from archbishops and bishops, 27 Feb. 1786. Note by Archbishop says reply was given to Mr. [John] Adams for transmission to convention on that date.
211-13. Unsigned draft of letter discussing the American petition, attributed in notation to Archbishop of York (2 copies).
214-15. Draft of reply to committee of General Convention, Jan. 1786.
216-17. William White, Francis Hopkinson, and Samuel Powell to Archbishops, Philadelphia, 24 July 1786, acknowledging receipt of reply on behalf of committee.
218-28. Notes on variations in the 'Philadelphia Liturgy' (proposed American Prayer Book of 1786).
229-30. Bequests to society for American episcopate. Similar to (185-6), but signed by William. Morice, Secretary, Gower St., 21 Mar. 1791.
231. Table showing comparative figures for society's missions, 1783 and 1792.
232. Undated list of places proposed by Bishop of Nova Scotia for new missions. Same sheet contains notes of expenditures through 1795.
233. Extract from 'Doctor Bray's Narrative'.
234. Extract from minutes relating to missionaries, for Lord Lovelace (notation).
235-6. Undated notes concerning missionaries. Names from early eighteenth century.
237-8. W. Glover to Bishop of London, undated, minimizing ecclesiastical differences.
239-42. The Case of His Majesty's Subjects, Members of the Church of England in America. Undated. An appeal for bishops.
243-4. Undated draft of an appeal for the conversion of Negroes.
245-6. Undated draft of a petition for colonial bishops.
247-8. Undated list of books for a missionary library.
249-59. State of religion in the plantations, undated. Attributed in notation to the 'Governor of New England'.
260. Undated fragment proposing a 'Board of Superintendence' for the colonial churches.
261. Undated fragment noting churches in some colonies.
262-3. Undated considerations on the state of the missions.
264. Undated list of books for a missionary's library.
265. Undated statement of books supplied to the society.
266. Draft of an account of religion in the plantations.
267-8. Undated list of maps of the plantations.
269. Undated testimonial to Henry Rooke by J. Searle.
270. Copy of undated letter from Secretary (Chamberlayne) to missionaries, with society's printed instructions.
271. Undated list of officers of Queen's Bench.
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