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Alt Ref NoSECKER 6
Extent298 ff.
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers of Thomas Secker (1693-1768), Archbishop of Canterbury 1758-68, relating to the Archbishop's peculiars and as Visitor of various institutions .
Included are some papers inherited by Secker from his predecessor, Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury 1747-57.

ff. 1-63. Papers of Thomas Herring as Visitor of All Souls College, Oxford. 1749-56.
The papers were reviewed and frequently endorsed by Thomas Secker, and numbered 1-30.
ff. 1-2. Letter to Herring from Stephen Niblett, Warden of All Souls, concerning the appeal to the Archbishop from Henry Bennet [or Henry Bennett], scholar of Balliol College, following his failure to obtain a fellowship despite his claim to be of founder's kin. 25 Jan. 1748/9.
ff. 3-4. Letter to Herring from John Bettesworth, Dean of the Arches and the Archbishop's Commissary for the case. 29 Jan. 1748/9.
f. 5. Letter from Secker to Stephen Niblett. 30 Jan. 1748/9.
f. 6. Petition to Secker from All Souls requesting a hearing of the case by the Archbishop in person. 8 February 1748/9. On vellum, sealed.
ff. 7-8. Reply by Herring to the petition. 20 Feb. 1748/9.
ff. 9-!0. Letter to Secker from John Bettesworth approving the Archbishop's reply to All Souls. 21 Feb. 1748/9.
ff. 11-12. Letter from Secker to Stephen Niblett. 6 March 1748/9.
ff. 13-14. Letter from Secker to Stephen Niblett confirming that he has admitted Henry Bennet to a fellowship of the College. 26 June 1749.
f. 15 Letter to Secker from William Blackstone, Syndic of All Souls, on the problems arising from founder's kin. 22 Aug. 1749.
f. 16. Questions submitted to Herring following the case of Henry Bennet on the definition, extent and possible limitation of founder's kin. 10 Oct. 1749.
ff. 17-19. Letters to Secker from John Bettesworth with advice on the same. October 1749.
ff. 20-23. Letter from Secker to Stephen Niblett responding to the questions from All Souls. 20 Oct 1749. With Niblett's reply, 25 Oct. 1749.
ff. 24-25. Letter from William Blackstone, sending a printed copy of his essay 'An essay on collateral consanguinity ... : more particularly as it is regarded by the statutes of All Souls College ... ' (London, 1750). 17 Feb.1749/50. A copy is in the Library at PF530.B5. Cf. A. Taussig, 'Blackstone and his Contemporaries' (University of Texas at Austin, 2009) [Lambeth Palace Library O33.B5T2].
ff. 26-28. Petition to Herring from All Souls seeking a resolution of the issue of founder's kin in principle and urging the Archbishop to determine the question himself rather than referring it to civilian lawyers. 18 Feb. 1750/1. With a draft letter from Herring written in response, n.d.
ff. 29-54. Papers in the cases brought by Richard Harvey and Thomas Bennet against the Warden and Fellows of All Souls arising from their claims to admission to fellowships as founder's kin. Feb. 1750/1- Feb. 1752. Included are letters from William Blackstone and Stephen Niblett and reports by the Archbishop's Commissaries John Bettesworth, George Paul, and Sir George Lee.
ff. 55-56. Petition to Secker from Thomas Bever complaining that the election of Bever and of Robert Vansittart has been declared void and one place as a scholar given instead to Mr. Bennet. Seeks admission to the other scholarship. n.d.
ff. 57-58. Letter from Herring to Sir George Lee and George Paul stating that he is ready to judge in favour of Thomas Bennet's claim to a fellowship. 27 Feb. 1752.
ff. 59-60. Letter to Secker from Stephen Niblett confirming that he has admitted Bennet to a fellowship. 10 April 1752.
ff. 61-63. Copies of a petition to Herring from All Souls concerning the prohibition of the civilian fellows of All Souls from acting as advocates and proctors, 29 Nov. 1756, and of Herring's decree, 27 Jan. 1757 (ff. 62-63). With a letter of thanks from All Souls (on vellum) 4 Feb. 1757 (f. 61).

ff. 64-139. Papers of Thomas Secker as Visitor of All Souls College, Oxford. 1762-66.
The first section of these papers was numbered 31-69; items 31-55 later became separated and are now MS. 1155, ff. 82-137.
ff. 65-79. Papers, in Secker's hand, concerning his hearing on 20 Feb. 1762 of the appeals by Spencer [Woolley Leigh Spencer], Carne [Edward Carne] and Wynne [Luttrell Wynne] after their failure to be elected fellows of All Souls as founder's kin in the election of November 1761.
ff. 80-83. Copy of the order of Thomas Cooper, Bishop of Winchester, in the case relating to Richard Fines and John Bolney, limiting the number of founder's kin in Winchester College and New College, Oxford. n.d. [1587].
f. 84. Copy of an order of the Committee for Reformation of the Universities limiting the number of founder's kin in Winchester College and New College, Oxford. 11 Sept. 1651.
ff. 85-86. Note, in Secker's hand, on a passage in a work by Lord Clarendon relating to founder's kin. n.d.
ff. 87-99. Extracts from a work on founder's kin [written 1725 or later]. Endorsed by Secker: 'Found amongst papers of Archbishop Herring's time, relative to All Souls College...'. The extracts are in the hand of Henry Hall, Lambeth Librarian 1742-57.
ff. 100-101. Extracts from the statutes of All Souls College, in Secker's hand.
ff. 102-106. Extracts from the Archbishops' Registers at Lambeth relating to All Souls College. In Secker's hand.
ff. 107-111. A chronological list of references to All Souls College in the Archbishops' Registers at Lambeth, 15-18th cent., in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian. 19 Jan. 1762.
ff. 112-115. Letter to Secker from Dr. John Burton, enclosing a letter from Luttrell Wynne, one of the failed candidates for a fellowship at All Souls, dated 7 Feb. 1762. Eton College, 15 Feb. 1762.
ff. 116-117. Letter from Secker to George Onslow, stating that having heard the appeals he has declared void the election of November 1761; with consideration of the character and circumstances of Legh Spencer [Woolley Leigh Spencer] as a possible nominee for the fellowship. 24 Feb. 1762.
f. 118. Letter to Secker from Edward Rushworth sending a copy of the sentence in the appeals and a draft monition from the Archbishop to the College to admit as fellows two candidates chosen by the Archbishop. 25 Feb. 1762.
ff. 119-120. Letter to Secker from Edward Bentham, sending information on Carne and Wynne. Christ Church, Oxford, 26 Feb. 1762.
ff. 121-122. Letter from Thomas Hornsby to Revd. Dr. Hall, giving information on the character and circumstances of Spencer, Carne and Wynne. Christ Church, Oxford, 3 March 1762.
ff. 123-124. Letter to Secker from George Onslow, on the character and conduct of Legh Spencer [Woolley Leigh Spencer]. 14 March 1762.
ff. 125-126. Letter to Secker from Edward Bentham, returning and commenting on the letter from George Onslow. Christ Church, Oxford, 18 March 1762.
ff. 127-128. Letter to Secker from Edward Rushworth concerning the texts of the sentence in the appeals and of the monition. n.d.
ff. 129-134. Correspondence between Secker and Stephen Niblett, Warden of All Souls, and A. Popham, concerning a proposed parliamentary bill annexing the living of East Lockinge, Berks., to the wardenship of All Souls College. 2 Jan. - 4 Feb. 1764.
ff. 136-138. Letter to Secker from Richard Trevor, Bishop of Durham, recommending Dr. Buckler as a candidate for the wardenship of All Souls, and on the vacancy in the living of Llanarth, Cardiganshire. With Secker's reply. 5 and 10 June 1766.
f. 139. Address by Secker responding to a speech by Dr. Vansittart [Robert Vansittart] presenting Dr. Tracy [John Tracy, later 7th Viscount Tracy] and Dr. Cooper as candidates for the wardenship of All Souls. 23 June 1766. In Latin.

ff. 140-141. Papers of Thomas Secker as Visitor of Merton College, Oxford. 1765.
ff. 140-141. Letter to Secker from Henry Barton, Warden of Merton College, giving biographical information on Henry Kent and George Bell, Fellows of Merton. 9 Sept. 1765.

ff. 142-162. Papers of Thomas Secker as an Elector to the Radcliffe Travelling Fellowships, Oxford. 1759-60.
John Radcliffe (1650-1714) left property to University College, Oxford, to fund two travelling scholarships for graduates embarking on careers in medicine. The scholars were to be chosen by the Archbishop of Canterbury and others.
ff. 142-144. Extracts from the will of John Radcliffe.
ff. 145-148. Letter to Secker from William Wildman Shute Barrington, 2nd Viscount Barrington, Secretary at War, enclosing a proposal from the Army Hospital Board that Radcliffe Travelling Fellows should spend four years in the East or West Indies and report on conditions and diseases there. 26 Feb. 1759.
ff. 149-150. Letter from Secker to Lady Pomfret responding to her solicitation on the appointment of a Radcliffe Fellow. 5 June 1759.

ff. 163-179. Papers of Thomas Secker as Visitor of the Hospital of the Holy Trinity, Croydon [Whitgift Hospital]. 1758-68.
ff. 163-165. Letter from Secker to the Hospital requiring the removal of persons allowed to lodge in the Hospital contrary to statutes. with a reply from John Taylor Lamb, schoolmaster of the Hospital, and James Harrison, Warden. Oct. 1758.
ff. 166-168. Letter to Secker from John Taylor Lamb about a petition from widow Roberts to continue in the Hospital. With Secker's reply. June 1759.
f. 169. Letter to Secker from John Taylor Lamb on various matters. 20 July 1759.
ff. 170-171. Notes by Secker on estate matters. 11 April 1760 and n.d..
ff. 173-178. Correspondence of Secker with East Apthorp, Vicar of Croydon, and John Taylor Lamb, on complaints of misbehaviour by the inmates of the Hospital, the office of Warden, and the possibility of a Visitation. April 1768.
f. 179. Notes, in Secker's hand, on the statutes of the Hospital. n.d.

ff. 180-192. Papers of Thomas Secker as an Extraordinary Governor and Visitor of Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School, Rochester. 1760-1.
The papers comprise copies of rules and orders for the governance of the school, 1701-1761, including new orders made by the Ordinary Governors on 8 Jan. 1761. With letters to Secker from Peirce Dixon, Upper Master of the School, objecting to the new rules, 1760-1. At. f. 192 is a note from Secker to Dixon indicating that he had no authority to act as Extraordinary Governor and Visitor, based on the advice of Robert Henley, Baron Henley, Lord Chancellor, 10 June 1761. Henley's autograph note of advice is at f. 191v.

ff. 193-292. Papers of Thomas Secker relating to the Archbishop's Peculiars, comprising benefice and parochial correspondence, 1758-68.
ff. 193-195. Barnes, Surrey. Letter from Secker to Ferdinando Warner, Rector of Barnes, reproving him that no person from his parish came forward for confirmation. With Warner's reply. 22-24 Sept. 1763.
ff. 196-199. Bersted, Sussex. Three letters from Secker to Samuel Dugard, Vicar of Bersted, insisting on the full number of services at Bersted. Februry-March 1766.
ff. 200-203. Bexley, Kent. Letter from Secker to Henry Piers about the burial of Elizabeth Ibbut, who had committed suicide. 29 August 1759
ff. 204-205. Bocking, Essex. Letter from Secker to Charles Hall, Rector of Bocking, against deferring the baptism of infants. 20 June 1763.
ff. 206-207. Buxted, Sussex. 'The case of the advowson of Bucksted briefly stated'. Includes information on presentations to the benefice 1496-1673. n.d.
ff. 208-214. Eynsford, Kent. Note by Secker concerning the lease to Lady Dyke of the parsonage at Eynsford and on procuration money, n.d. (f. 208). Copy of an anonymous letter to Robert Wilkin, curate at Eynsford [named here as 'Mr. Wilkins'], critical of his conduct of services. Signed 'Christianus'. 1 Jan. 1763 (ff. 209-214).
ff. 215-216. Gillingham, Kent. Letter from Secker to John Jenkinson, Vicar of Gillingham, concerning the baptism of a negro, possibly a slave. 11 August 1767
ff. 217-220. Grain, Kent. Two letters from Secker to Richard Hancorn, Curate at Grain, on his ministry there. November 1759.
ff. 221-222. Hadleigh, Suffolk. Petition to Secker from Samuel Smith, draper, Thomas White, glazier, Mary Sparrow, widow, Daniel Wade and other subtenants of the church of Hadleigh. 24 January 1759.
f. 223. Halton, Bucks. Letter from Secker to William Wroughton, Rector of Halton, concerning services by his curate J. Shaw. 14 June 1759
ff. 224-225. Hayes with Downe chapel, Kent. Letter from Secker to William Farquhar, Rector of Hayes and Curate of Downe, concerning his ministry there. 14 June 1759.
ff. 226-248. Hayes with Norwood chapel, Middx. Papers relating to the request of Anthony Hinton, Vicar of Hayes, to be admitted also to the curacy of the chapel of Norwood, and to a vacancy in the sinecure rectory of Hayes. Correspondents include Anthony Hinton and George Cooke, patron of the living. 1758-9.
ff. 249-250. Hever, Kent. Legal opinion of Randle Wilbraham (1694-1770) on the right of presentation to the living of Hever. 13 December 1762
ff. 251-252. Isfield, Sussex. Letter from Secker to George Newton, Rector of Isfield, on his ministry there and insisting on the full number of services. 30 Jan. 1759.
ff. 253-258. London, St. Michael, Crooked Lane. Letter to Secker from Thomas Kemp, Rector of St. Michael, Crooked Lane, giving an account of his ministry there, 8 Dec. 1758. with a letter from Secker to the churchwardens concerning a charity in the parish, 1 Feb. 1759.
f. 259. London, St. Michael Royal. Letter from Secker to John Young, Rector of St. Michael Royal, on the small number of confirmations of persons from the parish. 20 March 1761.
ff. 260-262. Pagham, Sussex. Letters from Secker to John Carpenter, Vicar of Pagham, and John Rudd, his Curate, concerning Carpenter's non-residence and provision for services. 1759-60
ff. 263-264. Pinner, Middx. Copy of a deed of gift of land by Francis Tyndall, to fund a preaching minister in the chapel at Pinner, 20 May 1630, with a legal opinion concerning it by Charles Yorke, afterwards Attorney General. 30 July 1765.
f. 265. Portslade, Sussex. Letter from Secker to Ralph Clutton, Vicar of Portslade, concerning his income and land tax. 6 Oct. 1759.
ff. 266-267. Slindon, Sussex. Letter from Secker to Robert Styles Launce, Rector of Slindon, on Roman Catholics in the parish. 5 Oct. 1759.
f. 268. Wootton Underwood [or Wotton Underwood], Bucks. Letter from Secker to Lilly Butler, Curate of Wootton Underwood, concerning his ministry there. 8 Sept. 1761
ff. 269-292. Visitations and confirmations, 1759-67.
ff. 269-271. Letter to Secker from Dr. John Bettesworth about the visitation of the Sussex peculiars. 7 June 1759.
ff. 271-272. Letter to Secker from John Vade concerning the entertainment for parish officers at confirmations at Croydon. 16 June 1760.
f. 273. Letter from Secker to John West, 1st Earl De La Warr, declining an invitation of hospitality during the visitation. 8 July 1761.
ff. 274-275. Draft letter from William Clarke, Commissary for the visitation of the Sussex peculiars, to the incumbents of the peculiars, sending articles of enquiry. 8 May 1762.
ff. 276-277. 'To the Minister of the Parish of ...'. Printed circular sent by Secker to incumbents preparing for confirmations by Zachary Pearce, Bishop of Rochester. 21 June 1764.
ff. 278-279. Deanery of Shoreham, Kent. Instructions from Secker concerning the visitation at Easter 1765.
ff. 280-285. Deanery of Shoreham. Information on individual parishes gathered during the visitation. 15 May 1765.
ff. 286-289. Deanery of Croydon. Information on individual parishes gathered during the visitation. 14 May 1765.
ff. 291-292. 'To the Minister of the Parish of ...'. Printed circular sent by Secker to incumbents in preparation for confirmations by Zachary Pearce, Bishop of Rochester, with a schedule of dates and locations July-August 1767. 8 June 1767.

ff. 293-298. Archbishop's Advowsons.
Coulsdon, Surrey. Correspondence between Secker and William Bouverie, Viscount Folkestone, afterwards 1st Earl of Radnor, concerning their rival claims to the advowson of Coulsdon. With historical notes on previous presentations to Coulsdon by the Archbishops of Canterbury in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian. 1763.
LanguageEnglish and Latin
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2014
PhysicalDescriptionGuard book, 340 x 266 mm., bound in blue cloth.
Paper leaves (except ff. 6, 61, vellum), various sizes. Folio 6 is preserved in a pocket at the end of the volume.
CopiesNegative Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 808
PublnNote'The speculum of Archbishop Thomas Secker', ed. J. Gregory (Church of England Record Society vol. 2, 1995) [H5051.C4]. Edition of VG 2/5.

Robert G. Ingram, 'Religion, Reform and Modernity in the Eighteenth Century: Thomas Secker and the Church of England', (Boydell Press, 2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.SI6]

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25Secker; Thomas (1693-1768); Archbishop of Canterbury1693-1768
NA2381Ducarel; Andrew Coltée (1713-1785); Lambeth Librarian1713-1785
NA2593Trevor; Richard (1707-1771); Bishop of Durham1707-1771
27Herring; Thomas (1693-1757); Archbishop of Canterbury1693-1757
GB/109/14668Bettesworth; John (-1751); Dean of the Arches-1751
GB/109/21998Niblett; Stephen (1697–1766); Warden, All Souls College, Oxford1697–1766
GB/109/21870Paul; George (d.1755); Advocate, Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterburyd.1755
GB/109/16347Lee; Sir; George (1700?-1758); ecclesiastical lawyer and politician1700?-1758
DS/UK/3880Burton; John (1696-1771); theologian and classical scholar1696-1771
GB/109/21941Bentham; Edward (1707-1776); Subdean of Christ Church, Oxford, and Regius Professor of Divinity1707-1776
GB/109/20926Radcliffe Travelling Physicians
GB/109/19797Radcliffe; John (c.1650-1714); physician and philanthropistc.1650-1714
GB/109/18412Williamson; Sir; Joseph (1633-1701); Government official1633-1701
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GB/109/22433Blackstone; Sir; William (1723-1780); judge1723-1780
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