RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoSECKER 3
Extent345 ff.
DescriptionCanterbury diocesan papers: benefice, parochial and other diocesan correspondence of Thomas Secker (1693-1768), Archbishop of Canterbury 1758-68.

f. 1. Alkham. Letter to Secker from Richard Smith, Vicar of Alkham, on his appointment of John Perfect as curate for Alkham. Hythe, 16 Dec. 1762. On John Perfect's imperfections, see Robert G. Ingram, pp. 130-1.
ff. 2-3. Ash. Two letters from Secker to Benjamin Longley, Curate of Ash. October - November 1758
ff. 4-9. Bapchild. Case of Samuel Bickley, Vicar of Bapchild, sentenced for attempted sodomy. With opinions of Charles Yorke, Attorney General, and Fletcher Norton, Solicitor General, as to his deprivation. 1763-4.
ff. 10-11. Bethersden. Valuation of the living. 1760.
ff. 12-13. Borden. Account of small tithes received for the vicarages of Borden and Halstow, 1750-55. 1759.
ff. 14-22. Canterbury Cathedral. Papers relating to the institution of Thomas Dampier to a prebend at Canterbury. Included is a letter to Secker from Charles Yorke, Attorney General. 1765.
ff. 23-27. Canterbury Cathedral. Report of Robert Mylne on on the fabric of the cathedral. May 1768.
For Mylne's papers relating to St. Paul's, see MSS 1489, 2027, 2552-3.
ff. 28-137. Canterbury hospitals, especially Eastbridge; St. Nicholas, Harbledown; and St. John the Baptist. The papers relate to accounts, statutes, vacancies for inmates, estates and other matters. Correspondents include Henry Heaton, Master of Eastbridge hospital, Thomas Lamprey, Master of Harbledown hospital, and John Head, Archdeacon of Canterbury and Master of Harbledown hospital. 1753-67. Cf. ff. 335-45.
ff. 138-144. Canterbury: St. Paul with St. Martin. Mainly correspondence between Secker and Thomas Lamprey concerning a dispute about tithes. 1757-59.
ff. 145-147. Chilham. Correspondence between Secker and Matthew Kenrick concerning Kenrick's purchase of the advowson of Chilham and Secker's refusal to institute his son [Jarvis Kenrick] to the living on grounds of insufficiency. April 1762.
f. 148. Chislet. Letter from Secker to Nicholas Simons, consenting to his residing at Canterbury but insisting on the duties required of him at Chilham. 10 Aug. 1758.
f. 149. Crundale. Letter from Secker to Edmund Filmer, Rector of Crundale, urging him to provide the requisite number of services at Crundale. 8 Oct. 1758.
ff. 150-151. Detling. Catalogue of the parochial library, signed by John Russell, Vicar of Detling. 10 Nov. 1758.
ff. 152-153. Doddington. Transcription of the epitaph to Daniel Somerscales (d.1737), Vicar of Doddington, and an account of his charity in the parish.
ff. 154-166. Elham. Letters to Secker from Thomas Thompson, Vicar of Elham, and Henry Barton, Warden of Merton College, Oxford, concerning the vicarage and tithes of Elham. With a history of the advowson and documents concerning former incumbents. 1763.
f. 167. Elmsley. Letter to Secker from Thomas St. Lo concerning the ruinous state of the church at Elmsley. 2 Sept. 1765.
ff. 168-173. Ewell. List of institutions to the vicarage of Ewell 1308-1661. In the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian. n.d.
ff. 174-175. Frittenden. Letter from Secker to Henry Friend, Rector of Frittenden, concerning the burial of persons not baptised. 9 Aug. 1763.
ff. 176-177. Goodnestone by Faversham. Letters from Secker to Charles Norris, Rector of Goodnestone, urging him to provide the requisite number of services. 24 Aug. 1758.
ff. 178-194. Goodnestone by Wingham. Correspondence of Secker with John Maximilian De L'Angle (on behalf of his father Theophilus De L'Angle, curate of Goodnestone), and Sir Brook Bridges, concerning the subjection of Goodnestone to the Archbishop's visitation. With the opinion of Charles Yorke, Attorney General. 1761-6.
f. 195. Goudhurst. Letter from Secker to Robert Polhill, Vicar of Goudhurst, concerning the baptism of a negro. 11 Feb. 1766.
f. 196. Ham. Letter from Secker to Miss Carter concerning the services required to be performed by Nicholas Carter, Rector of Ham. 15 Nov. 1758.
ff. 197-199. Harbledown. Correspondence of Secker with William Gostling, Curate at Harbledown, concerning the baptism of an Anabaptist. April 1758. With accounts for the living, 1758-60.
f. 200. Harrietsham. Letter from Secker to Edward Smith, Rector of Harrietsham, threatening the sequestration of his living if deficiencies are not remedied. 2 Nov. 1762.
ff. 201-2. Harty. Two letters from Secker to Jude Holdsworth, Curate of Harty, Oct.-Nov. 1758.
ff. 203-4. Hollingbourne. Case arising from the intended marriage of Thomasine Chittenden and John Dutnall, with the opinion of George Hay, Vicar General of the Archbishop. April 1759.
f. 205. Horton [ie. Monk's Horton]. Letter from Secker to John Clough, Rector of Monk's Horton, alleging that children at Monk's Horton are not catechized. 9 Oct. 1758.
ff. 206-208. Kenardington. Letter from Secker to George Burnett on his removal from the parish on grounds of ague and giving advice on Methodism, 6 July 1759. Letter from Secker to Moyle Breton on the profits of the living and failure to provide the requisite number of services, 2 April 1768.
ff. 209-220. Kennington. Four letters from Secker to Philip Wharham, Vicar of Kennington, concerning the lease of the rectory and sums due to him from the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1762-66. With a copy of a terrier of the glebe lands of Kennington, 1630.
ff. 221-224. Leysdown. Letter from Secker to Gilbert Allenson, about his undertaking the cure of Leysdown without the Archbishop's consent. 6 Jan. 1759. Letters from Secker to John Taylor Lamb and Liscombe Maultbe Stretch, Vicars of Leysdown, concerning curates. 1759-66.
f. 225. Linton. Letter from Secker to Samuel Weller allowing him to reside at Maidstone. 19 April 1763.
ff. 226-227. Luddenham. Letter from Secker to Wheler Twyman, Rector of Luddenham, on the curacy of John Sayer. 19 Jan. 1761.
ff. 228-231. Maidstone. Letters between Secker and John Denne (1726-1800), perpetual curate of Maidstone, Nov. 1759. Anonymous letter to Secker from a debtor in Maidstone gaol, 'this dismal place of horror', concerning the non-attendance of any clergyman. 22 June 1760.
ff. 232-233. Marden. Letter to Secker from William Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester, critical of the character of John Andrews, Vicar of Marden, and his conduct as Vicar of Stinchcombe, Glos. 5 March 1767.
f. 234. Minster in Thanet. Letter from Secker to Francis Dodsworth reproving his failure to provide a curate and services on leaving Minster in Thanet. 14 May 1761.
ff. 235-236. Murston. Letter from Secker to Thomas Leigh, Rector of Murston, urging him to provide the requisite number of services. 6 Dec. 1759.
ff. 237-238. Reculver. Statement of annual income of the vicarage of Reculver, 1758-60.
f. 239. Rolvenden. Letter from Secker to Daniel Chadsley, Vicar of Rolvenden, on his officiating at Small Hythe without seeking Secker's consent. 22 Jan. 1760.
ff. 240-243. St. John the Baptist, alias Margate. Letters patent of Queen Mary for the augmentation of the vicarage of St. John the Baptist, 6 Nov. 1553. A copy. Letter from Secker to William Harrison, Curate at Margate, concerning Methodists there. 11 Oct. 1765.
f. 244. Sandwich. Letter from Secker to John Rutton, Vicar of St. Mary's, Sandwich, concerning Rutton's old age and urging him to provide a curate. 3 Aug. 1762.
f. 245. Shadoxhurst. Letter from Secker to Robert Polhill, Rector of Shadoxhurst, making enquiries about Mr. Wilkison, a possible curate. 13 Sept. 1764.
ff. 246-249. Sheerness [parish of Minster-in-Sheppey]. Two letters from Secker to David Price [Deputy Chaplain to the Garrison] advising him on dealings with Methodists. 1761-63.
f. 250. Sittingbourne. Letter from Secker to Thomas Bland, Vicar of Sittingbourne, urging him to provide the requisite number of services. 8 Oct. 1758.
ff. 251-252. Small Hythe [chapel in the parish of Tenterden]. Letter from Secker to Richard Thoresby, chaplain, on the income and services of the chapel. 24 July 1760.
f. 253. Snave and Chillenden. Letter from Secker to Josias Pomfret, Rector of Snave and Rector of Chillenden, concerning his non-residence and provision for services. 24 Nov. 1758.
ff. 254-258. Staplehurst. Case arising from the will of Major John Gibbon, dated 20 Nov. 1707, with the opinion of Charles Yorke, Attorney General, 23 April 1762.
ff. 259-260. Stodmarsh. Letter to Secker from John Head, Archdeacon of Canterbury, concerning Stodmarsh and other matters in the Archdeaconry of Canterbury. 5 July 1766.
ff. 261-262. Stonar. An account of the case between Thomas Lamprey, instituted to Stonar in 1752, and Mrs. Rooke concerning tithes, 1753-57.
ff. 263-264. Stone-in-Oxney. Letter from Secker to John Head, Archdeacon of Canterbury, concerning the lack of the full number of services at Stone and at Fairfield, both served by Richard Moore, Curate at Stone and Deputy at Fairfield. 19 May 1762.
f. 265. Stowting. Letter from Secker to James Cranston, Rector of Stowting, urging him to provide the requisite number of services. 21 Oct. 1758.
f. 266. Throwley. Letter from Secker to Johnson Lawson, Vicar of Throwley, urging him to provide the requisite number of services. 8 Oct. 1758.
ff. 267-268. Tunstall. Letter to Secker from Mrs. E. Carter, on behalf of Thomas Pennington, appointed Curate at Tunstall. Deal, 23 June 1766.
ff. 269-272. Warehorn. Correspondence of Secker with John Pearsall, Rector of Warehorn, concerning charities in the parish, 1762, and concerning the absconding of his curate, 1767.
f. 273. Whitstable. Letter to Secker from Thomas Gurney, Curate of Whitstable, concerning the baptism of an 'Antipaedobaptist'. 15 May 1765.
ff. 274-277. Witchling. Two letters to Secker from Philip Yonge, Bishop of Norwich, concerning Arthur Clarke, Rector of Witchling and of another living in Suffolk, and the possibility of declaring void his living of Witchling. March-Sept. 1765.

ff. 278-325. Papers relating to visitations and confirmations in the Diocese of Canterbury, 1758-66.
ff. 278-279. Lists of the metropolitical visitations of Archbishop Wake 1716-1728 and Archbishop Potter 1737-46.
ff. 280-281. 'Inquiries to be made concerning the visitation'. Questions, in Secker's hand, concerning the conduct of past visitations. n.d.
ff. 282-285. 'Articles of visitation and inquiry concerning matters ecclesiastical, exhibited to the ministers, church-wardens, and sidesmen, of every parish within the diocese of Canterbury : at the primary visitation of the Most Reverend Father in God, Thomas, by divine Providence, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury ...'. Printed. 1758.
ff. 286-288. Letter to William Symondson [Secker's secretary] from Henry Hall, Rector of Harbledown and formerly Lambeth Librarian, concerning the manner of conducting an Archbishop's visitation. 19 May 1758.
[f. 289. Number not assigned].
f. 290. List of the Corporation who dined with Secker at Canterbury 23 July 1758.
f. 291. List, in Secker's hand, of places where few or none were confirmed. 1758.
f. 292. List of dinners ordered in 1758.
ff. 293-294. Memorandum on payments during the visitation.
f. 295. Letter from Secker to John Head, Archdeacon of Canterbury, sending copies of a letter from Secker to the bishops of the Province of Canterbury, to be distributed to incumbents. 16 May 1759.
f. 296. 'To the Reverend the Minister of - ...'. Printed. A circular letter announcing when and where the Archbishop will confirm, with directions to the clergy in preparation for the confirmations, an exhortation to be read in church beforehand and prayers. n.d.
f. 297. 'To the Minister of the parish of - ...'. Printed. A circular letter issued by Secker announcing when and where the Archbishop will confirm, with instructions to the clergy on tickets to be issued to those being confimed and other matters. 176-.
ff. 298-299. Letter from Secker to Mr. Denne, declining an invitation to stay at his house during the visitation of Maidstone. 14 April 1762.
ff. 300-303. Draft commission from Archbishop Thomas Herring to Anthony Ellys, Bishop of St. David's and George Paul, Vicar General, to undertake the visitation of the diocese of Canterbury, June 1753. The text is amended to serve as a commission from Secker to John Green, Bishop of Lincoln, and George Hay, Vicar General, to undertake the visitation of the diocese of Canterbury, June 1762.
f. 304. Commission from Secker to John Green, Bishop of Lincoln, and George Hay, Vicar General, to undertake the visitation of the diocese of Canterbury. Original, on vellum, signed by Secker and sealed. 10 June 1762.
f. 305. Timetable, in Secker's hand, for his visitation. June 1762.
ff. 306-317. Six letters to Secker from Charles Hall, his chaplain, providing reports on the progress of the visitation. 13-27 June 1762.
f. 318. Statistics of those confirmed at various locations in 1758 and 1762. In Secker's hand.
f. 319. Bill signed by John Rivington, bookseller, for large quantities of prayer books, tracts and confirmation tickets supplied to clergymen on Secker's direction. London, 15 April 1766.
ff. 320-325. Timetables, statistics of tickets issued for confirmations and of persons confirmed from each parish, and accounts during the visitation of May 1766.

ff. 326-331. Lists of benefices in the gift of the Archbishop in the Diocese of Canterbury and peculiars, with valuations. 1759 and n.d. In Secker's hand.

ff. 332-333. List of curacies in the Diocese of Canterbury noted in the archiepiscopal registers from Laud to Potter. In the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian. Arranged by the names of benefices.

f. 334. Statistics of papists in various parishes of the Diocese of Canterbury in 1758 and 1765. In Secker's hand.

ff. 335-345. Extracts from historical documents relating to Eastbridge and Harbledown hospitals, compiled by Henry Hall, Rector of Harbledown and Lambeth Librarian. n.d. Cf. ff. 28-137 and MS 1131.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2014.
PhysicalDescriptionGuard book, bound in blue cloth, 340 x 260 mm.
Paper leaves (except f. 304, vellum), various sizes.
Copiesff. 70-120
Negative Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 759

selected ff.
Negative Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 274, 286
PublnNote'The speculum of Archbishop Thomas Secker', ed. J. Gregory (Church of England Record Society vol. 2, 1995) [H5051.C4]. Edition of VG 2/5.
Robert G. Ingram, 'Religion, Reform and Modernity in the Eighteenth Century: Thomas Secker and the Church of England', Studies in Modern British Religious History, 17 ( Boydell Press, 2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.SI6]

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