RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 285, ff. 14-123
TitleWorship and Doctrine Measure
DescriptionPapers relating to the Worship and Doctrine Measure, including: letters from members of the public, with replies (ff.14-15); correspondence between Gerald Ellison, Bishop of London, and Archbishop Ramsey about the Measure, with a copies of correspondence between Bishop Ellison and the Book of Common Prayer Action Group, draft letter from Archbishop Ramsey to Bishops and copy letter from Sir David Stephens (ff.16-23, 25-27, 56-58, 73-76); letters to Archbishop Ramsey from the MPs Selwyn Lloyd, Robert McCrindle, Anthony Wedgwood Benn, Peter Viggers and Robert Banks, enclosing letters from constituents, with replies (ff.24, 28-37, 86-91, 93, 106-110, 112-113); circular letter to Bishops from Archbishop Ramsey about the Worship and Doctrine Measure and the need for concern in safeguarding the 1662 services, with replies from David Say, Bishop of Rochester, Douglas Feaver, Bishop of Peterborough, Victor Whitsey, Bishop of Chester, Edward Henderson, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Maurice Wood, Bishop of Peterborough, Ross Hook, Bishop of Bradford, Stretton Reeve, Bishop of Lichfield, Graham Leonard, Bishop of Truro, and further letter to him from Archbishop Ramsey, Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Coventry, David Brown, Bishop of Guildford (ff.38-50, 60-62); letter from Derek Pattinson to Archbishop Ramsey enclosing a copy of a letter from Oswald Clark to the Ecclesiastical Committee of Parliament, with reply (ff.51-55, 59); agenda of a meeting of the Ecclesiastical Committee, with a note of a report by Derek Pattinson (ff.63-65); letter from Derek Pattinson to Archbishop Ramsey giving the favourable decision of the Ecclesiastical Committee, with reply (ff.66-67); draft report of the Ecclesiastical Committee (ff.68-72); letter from Geoffrey Tiarks, Bishop of Maidstone, to Derek Pattinson about issuing a press release about the delay in passing of the Worship and Doctrine Measure, with reply and draft (ff.77-79); letter from Canon Arthur Bennett about Orders of Confirmation under the Worship and Doctrine Measure, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.80-81); letters from Hugh Whitworth to Derek Pattinson about Archbishop Ramsey's willingness to introduce the Measure in the House of Lords on 14 November 1974, with a circular letter to Bishops requesting their attendance in the House (ff.83-85); note of the Earl of Stradbroke's opposition to the Measure and a letter to Hugh Whitworth in the same vein, with a copy of Lord Stradbroke's letter to Anthony Kilmister (ff.92, 94-104); Archbishop Ramsey's comment for the press on the passing of the Worship and Doctrine Measure in the House of Lords (f.105); circular letter from Derek Pattinson to diocesan bishops about opposition from the Book of Common Prayer Action Group and the Anglican Association (f.111); note about the introduction of the Measure in the House of Commons (f.114); letter from Derek Pattinson to Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, asking him to thank Terence Walker and William Van Straubenzee for their assistance in getting the measure through the House of Commons, with letters and reply from William Van Straubenzee (ff.115-118); letter from Lord Stradbroke to Hugh Whitworth enclosing a memormandum about the Measure, with reply (ff.119-123).

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338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/11656Stephens; Sir; David (1910-1990); Knight; civil servant1910-1990
GB/109/10760Lloyd; John Selwyn Brooke (1904-1978); Baron Selwyn Lloyd; statesman1904-1978
251Benn; Anthony Neil Wedgwood (1925-2014); Labour Politician1925-2014
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
GB/109/7921Feaver; Douglas Russell (1914-1997); Bishop of Peterborough1914-1997
GB/109/8241Whitsey; Hubert Victor (1916-1987); Bishop of Chester1916-1987
DS/UK/4856Henderson; Edward Barry (1910-1986); Bishop of Bath and Wells1910-1986
GB/109/7418Wood; Maurice Arthur Ponsonby (1916-2007); Bishop of Norwich1916-2007
GB/109/6615Hook; Ross Sydney (1917-1996); Bishop of Bradford1917-1996
DS/UK/4941Reeve; Arthur Stretton (1907-1981); Bishop of Lichfield1907-1981
423Leonard; Graham Douglas (1921-2010); Bishop of London1921-2010
DS/UK/3554Bardsley; Cuthbert Killick Norman (1907-1991); bishop of Coventry1907-1991
GB/109/14021Brown; David Alan (1922-1982); Bishop of Guildford1922-1982
486Pattinson; Sir; (William) Derek (1930-2006); Knight; Secretary-General of General Synod1930-2006
296Clark; Oswald William Hugh (1917-2017); member of General Synod1917-2017
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
GB/109/11107Whitworth; Hugh Hope Aston (1914-1996); Lay Assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury1914-1996
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
DS/UK/3506Van Straubenzee; Sir; William Radcliffe (1924-1999); Knight; Conservative MP1924-1999
GB/109/17132Walker; Terence William (1935-); Second Church Estates Commissioner1935-
GB/109/17133McCrindle; Sir; Robert Arthur (1929-); knight; Conservative politician1929-
GB/109/17134Viggers; Peter John (1938-); Conservative politician1938-
GB/109/17135Banks; Robert George (1937-); Conservative politician1937-
GB/109/17136Rous; John Anthony Alexander (1903-1983); 4th Earl of Stradbroke1903-1983
GB/109/17137Kilmister; Claude Alaric Anthony (1931-); Chairman, Prayer Book Society1931-
GB/109/17140Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Parliament; Ecclesiastical Committee
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