RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 237, ff. 155-271
TitleReunion: Methodists
DescriptionPapers relating to proposals for reunion between the Church of England and the Methodist Church, including: letter from the Revd. Colin Buchanan commenting on Archbishop Ramsey's speech on the Anglican-Methodist scheme at Dunblane, with response (ff.155-156); Roman Catholic attitudes to the scheme, including correspondence with Connop Price, Provost of Chelmsford, Alan Clark, Bishop of Elmham, John Moorman, Bishop of Ripon, Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York (ff.157-181, 189-190) and notes of the Ecumenical Consultation (ff.163-165) and Bishop Clark's draft article for the 'Catholic Herald' (ff.170-175); discussion between Archbishop Ramsey and Archbishop Coggan about their interventions in the debate (ff.182-183); correspondence between Eric Kemp, Dean of Worcester, Geoffrey Tiarks, Bishop of Maidstone, and Archbishop Ramsey about the influence of the North India scheme on Anglican-Methodist reunion and Archbishop Ramsey's speech at Dunblane (ff.184-186, 188); statistics relating to attitudes to the proposals since 1969 (ff.191-193, 196); letter from Kenneth Sansbury about the results of the London Diocesan Synod, with Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.195, 199); letter from the Revd. Harry O. Morton to Archbishop Ramsey about their meeting (ff.197-198); letters from Archbishop Ramsey to Sir John Guillum Scott, Archbishop Coggan and Gerald Ellison, Bishop of Chester about a draft resolution prepared in case the vote in General Synod failed (ff.200-202); letter from Gervase Duffield about future strategy should the scheme fail, with Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.203-204); correspondence between Eric Kemp and Archbishop Ramsey about Roman Catholic attitudes to the scheme and the Ordinal (ff.205-207, 212); enquiry from the Church Army about acceptance of Methodist candidates (ff.208-210, 213); letter from Peter Hinchliff about a possible initiative from the United Reformed Church about wider conversations, with Archbishop Ramsey's response and note about involving Peter Morgan's ecumenical group (ff.211, 217, 219); copy of a letter from Professor Norman Anderson to the Bishop of Chester about a fall-back position should the scheme fail (ff.214-215); copies of circular letters sent to members of General Synod (ff.216,242, 244-248); letter from Kenneth Greet about a press release after the vote (f.220); letter from Marinus Kok, Archbishop of Utrecht enclosing a declaration of the International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference on the Anglican-Methodist Unity Scheme, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.221-228, 252); interventions of Lord Fisher of Lambeth (ff.229, 264); pamphlet by Eric Kemp replying to criticisms of the scheme (ff.230-241); letter of encouragement from John, Cardinal Heenan, with response from Archbishop Ramsey (ff.249, 254); press statement by the Anglican-Methodist Liaison Commission issued on 4 May (f.253); copy of an editorial in 'The Christian Century' of 24 May (ff.257-258); copy of a letter from Sir John Lawrence to Robin Woods, Bishop of Worcester, about the use of the Service of Reconciliation on a diocesan basis, with comment by Archbishop Ramsey (ff.259-263); correspondence between Harry Morton, Kenneth Greet and Archbishop Ramsey following the unsuccessful vote in Synod (ff.265-271).

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Related name records
NA1263Methodist Church of Great Britain; 1932-1932-
273Buchanan; Colin Ogilvie (1934-); Bishop of Woolwich1934-
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/11719Clark; Alan Charles (1919-); Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia1919-
455Moorman; John Richard Humpidge (1905-1989); Bishop of Ripon1905-1989
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
401Kemp; Eric Waldram (1915-2009); Bishop of Chichester1915-2009
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
DS/UK/4956Sansbury; Cyril Kenneth (1905-1993); Bishop of Singapore and Malaya1905-1993
GB/109/11518Morton; Harry Osborne (1925-1988); President of the Methodist Conference1925-1988
530Scott; Sir; John Arthur Guillum (1910-1983); Knight; Secretary-General of General Synod1910-1983
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
GB/109/6605Church of England; General Synod; 1970-1970-
331Duffield; Gervase Elwes (1935-); publisher and theological writer1935-
DS/UK/4403Church Army; 1882-; Anglican evangelical organisation1882-
GB/109/8243Hinchliff; Peter Bingham (1929-1995); Canon of Christ Church and Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford University1929-1995
GB/109/13892United Reformed Church; 1972-1972-
457Morgan; Peter Birkett (1930-1992); clergyman1930-1992
231Anderson; Sir; James Norman Dalrymple (1908-1996); Knight; Professor of Oriental Laws1908-1996
361Greet; Kenneth Gerald (1918-2014); Secretary of the Methodist Conference1918-2014
409Kok; Marinus (fl 1970-1982); Archbishop of Utrechtfl 1970-1982
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/8230Heenan; John Carmel (1905-1975); Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster1905-1975
420Lawrence; Sir; John Waldemar (1907-1999); 6th Baronet; author and Anglican journalist1907-1999
610Woods; Robert Wylmer (1914-1997); Bishop of Worcester1914-1997
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