RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 340/2
Extent167 ff.
TitleMiscellaneous Papers: Special Letters
DescriptionArchbishop Ramsey's personal responses to letters, generally from members of the public, about social, pastoral, doctrinal and liturgical matters, including:

Divorce, divorced priests, and divorced women and the Mothers' Union (ff.1-4); family planning and sale of contraceptives in student unions (ff.5-6); moral standards of the the young (ff.7-9); homosexuality (f.10); abortion and euthanasia (ff.11-13); the death penalty (f.14); suicide (f.15)

Apartheid (f.16); disarmament (f.17); Rhodesia (ff.18-20); "just war" (ff.21-23); pacifism (ff.24-28); peace in the Middle East (ff.29-30);

The Common Market (f. 31); the study of Latin (ff.32--36); Charles Baring, Bishop of Durham (ff.37-38); commemoration of King Charles the Martyr (ff.39-41); possible replacement of St. George as patron saint of England (ff.42-43); World Congress of Faiths (ff.44-45); Nationwide Festival of Light (f.46); restoration of York Minster, 1972 (ff.47);

Anglican-Roman Catholic relations, including authority, mixed marriages, canonisation of the Forty Martyrs of the Reformation era (ff.48-61); unity, including Anglican-Methodist scheme, united church in New Zealand, and episcopal ministry of bishops of the Church of South India in Britain (ff.62-71); age for confirmation (ff.72-73); religious instruction of children (ff.74-75); priests: celibacy and address as Father (ff.74-76); Christian concept of freedom (ff.77-78); Christian use of wealth (Mark 10: 17-30) and charitable giving (ff.79-84); Christian revelation (ff.85-87); determinism in Christian belief (ff.88-91); eternal life (f.92); free will (f.93); heaven, and the possibility of meeeting atheists there (ff.94-99); doctrine of kenosis (ff.100-103); missionary activity (ff.104-105); prayer and the use of the Lord's Prayer (ff.106-112); priesthood of women (f.113); gender in the Godhead (ff.114-115); the Real Presence in the Eucharist (ff.116-123); the Resurrection (ff.124-129); the soul (ff.130-131); speaking in tongues (f.132); assaults on 'traditional' Anglicanism, and liturgical revision (ff.133-149); intercommunion (ff.150-151); use of the common cup at Holy Communion (f.152); use of the Psalms in worship (ff.153-161); spiritualism (ff.162-167); demonic powers (ff.168-169).

Correspondents include: Allan Shaw, Dean of Bulawayo (ff.19-20); Edward Carpenter, Dean of Westminster (ff.44-45); Dr. Margaret Deanesly (ff.62-65); Norman Lesser, Archbishop of New Zealand (ff.69-70); Joseph Fison, Bishop of Salisbury (f.71); Sir Stephen Holmes (ff.143-145).
RelatedMaterialRamsey's letter to Edward Carpenter, Dean of Westminster, forms part of their correspondence on the World Congress of Faiths in Ramsey 173, ff.262-71, 274-275.

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