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Alt Ref NoRCED/8
TitleCorrespondence and papers
DescriptionCorrespondence mainly with the secretary of the Commission about the submission of evidence.
The correspondents are:
Sir Edward George Clarke, lawyer and politician (ff.1-21).
Sir Lewis Tonna Dibdin, ecclesiastical lawyer (ff.22-35).
James Dixon, vicar of Willesden, 1904-5 (ff.36-8).
Thomas Wortley Drury, principal of Ridley Hall, and (1912) bishop of Ripon (ff.39-52).
The Rev. Henry Beachcroft Dunlop, vicar of St. John Withyham, Sussex (ff.53-67).
Frank Elliott, 1905 (ff.68-70).
William Robert Fremantle, dean of Ripon, (ff.71-3).
Lord Hugh Richard Heathcote Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Baron Quickswood (1941): memorandum of evidence by, [1905] (ff.74-105).
Edgar Sumner Gibson, bishop of Gloucester (1904), 1904 (ff.106-7).
William George Harsant and Alfred Kilby of St. Katherine, Rotherhithe, 1905: copy of memorial in support of E.M. O'Hara Lee, vicar of St. Katherine, Rotherhithe, 1905 (see 16283-16331) (ff.108-119).
George Bolton Harwood, M.P., 1904 (ff.120-6). c +
The Rev. Stuart Duckworth Headlam: includes address on disorders in the church to the Guild of St. Matthew, St. Peter's Day 1904, and precis of evidence, 1904-5 (ff.127-56).
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, chairman of the Commission, 1904-6 (ff.157-93).
Henry Tubal Hole, rector of Plympton St. Maurice, Devon 1904-5 (ff.194-201).
Home Secretary, 1904-5: correspondence with the Home Secretary and his under-secretaries or clerks (ff.202-7).
Edward Craig Maclure, dean of Manchester, 1905 (ff.208-24).
Arthur Basil Markham, 1st bart (1911), 1904-5 (ff.225-39).
Harriet A. Packer: declines to proceed with her evidence, 1904-5 (ff.240-45).
George Walter Prothero, kt. (1920), 1906 (ff.246-7).
Leighton Pullen, 1904: includes notes of present troubles in the Church of England (ff.248-57).
R. Powell Rees, J.P., 1905 (ff.258-61).
Joseph Armitage Robinson, dean of Westminster, 1904 (ff.262-72).
Canon William Sanday, Lady Margaret professor of divinity, Oxford, 1905 (The principle of comprehension in the Church of England) copy) (cf. 16332-16591, (ff.273-81).
Henry James Moore Sanders, vicar of Challow, Berks., 1904-5:. reply to criticism, 1904-5 (no. 15580- (ff.282-313).
Thomas Banks Strong, dean of Christ Church, and (1925) bishop of Oxford: precis of his evidence, 1905 (ff.314-17).
Henry Wace, dean of Canterbury, 1904-5 (ff.318-27).
Albert Ellis Blakeney Wade, vicar of Bentley, Doncaster, Yorks.: reply to evidence against, 1905 (ff.328-34).
Henry Russell Wakefield, rector of St. Mary, Bryanston Square, Middx., chairman of the group of clergy who submitted a declaration about discipline in the Church of England: copy of declaration (f.335).
335 ff.

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GB/109/11623Clarke; Sir; Edward George (1841-1931); Solicitor-General1841-1931
DS/UK/4019Dibdin; Sir; Lewis Tonna (1852-1938); ecclesiastical lawyer, judge, administrator and historian1852-1938
DS/UK/3772Drury; Thomas Wortley (1847-1926); Bishop of Ripon1847-1926
1154Fremantle; William Henry (1831-1916); Dean of Ripon1831-1916
349Gascoyne-Cecil; Lord; Hugh Richard Heathcote (1869-1956); 1st Baron Quickswood1869-1956
DS/UK/3869Gibson; Edgar Charles Sumner (1848-1924); bishop of Gloucester1848-1924
GB/109/7492Beach; Sir; Michael Edward Hicks (1837-1916); 9th Baronet; 1st Earl St. Aldwyn; politician1837-1916
GB/109/16408Maclure; Edward Craig (1833-1906); Dean of Manchester1833-1906
GB/109/15686Prothero; Sir; George Walter (1848-1922); historian1848-1922
514Robinson; Joseph Armitage (1858-1933); Dean of Wells1858-1933
GB/109/13602Sanday; William (1843-1920); theological scholar1843-1920
554Strong; Thomas Banks (1861-1944); Bishop of Oxford1861-1944
DS/UK/5115Wace; Henry (1836-1924); Dean of Canterbury; historian and controversialist1836-1924
579Wakefield; Henry Russell (1854-1933); Bishop of Birmingham1854-1933
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