RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMonte/O/1/4
Extent163 ff.
TitleBishop of Birmingham
Date8th March 1978-12th April 1987
DescriptionCorrespondence received by Bishop Hugh Montefiore during his time as Bishop of Birmingham. Contents include:
f. 1: Letter from Rev. Stewart S. Lane to Bishop Montefiore (1983) regarding confusion over Elisabeth Montefiore's attendance on the Bishop's visit to Malawi (see Monte/P/4/2/4 for Bishop Montefiore's Malawi Travel Diary);
f. 3: Letter from Muriel Montefiore, thanking HM for his memorial lecture for her father-in-law Claude Montefiore;
ff. 5-8: Correspondence with the British Friends of Neve Shalom (of which HM was a patron);
f. 9: Letter from the Earl of Aylesford regarding HM's Saturday service attended by the Queen in October 1980;
ff. 11-13: Correspondence with Winckworth and Pemberton solicitors regarding a quote in the Sunday Express implying that the Bishop approves of same-sex marriages (April 1981);
f. 14: Letter from Moseley Parish Church, Birmingham thanking HM for his service at St. Mary's;
f. 15: Letter from George Patrick Dwyer, the Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham thanking HM for his invitation but declining due to ill health;
f. 16: Letter from Rev Alan Webster, Dean of St. Paul's regarding preparations and aftermath of the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer;
f. 17: Letter from St. John's College Oxford inviting HM to acept an Honorary Fellowship;
f. 20: Letter from Bishop John Baker (Bishop of Salisbury) on the Doctrine Commission Report (1982);
f. 21: Letter from HM to Graham Leonard, Bishop of London, regarding Rev Elizabeth Canham's celebration of of Holy Communion in HM's private chapel (includes a copy of the Judgement of the Dean of Arches on the matter);
ff. 22-25: Letter from Denzil C. Sebag-Montefiore (HM's brother) on the relationship between the Montefiore family and Israel;
f. 28: Letter from Rev Michael Harper on HM's speech and intervention at the General Synod in 1982;
f. 29: Letter from Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick regarding belief in the supernatural;
f. 30: Letter from Bishop Peter Mann (Bishop of Dunedin, New Zealand) regarding his plans for his Diocese (including a visit from Robert Runcie) and his attendance at the Provincial Meetings in Wellington during which independence for the Maori was discussed;
f. 32: Letter thanking HM for attending the dedication of a school near Berkswell Hall, Coventry in 1982;
f. 36: Letter from Morris Maddocks (Bishop of Selby) on his appointment as advisor on health to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 1983;
f. 37: Letter from the Stephen Verney (Bishop of Repton) thanking HM for his 'initiative' at the Synod debate on the bomb in 1983;
f. 38: Copy of a letter by Professor Nicholas Kurti (University of Oxford) sent to The Times defending Montefiore's views on Christianity and antisemitism;
f. 41: Letter from Bishop John Robinson (Bishop of Woolwich) updating his friends on his health and homelife (August 1983);
ff. 43-46: Correspondence between HM and Keith Whetston (editor of the Birmingham Evening Mail) regarding an anonymous letter to the newspaper criticising HM's absence from the memorial service for Canon Edward Thomas;
ff. 47-49: Letter to HM from Rev. G. Kerr (Vicar of St. Boniface Parish Church, Birmingham) discussing the history of their troubled relationship and wishing HM a Merry Christmas;
ff. 53-54: Letter from Ruth Robinson, widow of Bishop John Robinson, describing the weeks before her husband's death;
f. 55: Letters from Michael Whinney, Bishop of Aston, and Canon Richard Garrard expressing sympathy over the 1984 article in Private Eye which had targeted HM;
f. 58: Letter from the Westminster Synagogue thanking HM for his attendance at the Shavuot Supper;
ff. 59-61: Correspondence with Richard Luce, Minister of State, over arms control and nuclear disarmament;
f. 62: Letter from Billy Graham thanking HM for his contribution to Mission: England;
f. 63: Letter from Donald Bradley, Vicar of St. George's, Edgbaston, thanking HM for his friendship;
ff. 64-81: Correspondence with the Minister of State and House of Commons on immigration and nationality, including the Hong Kong Bill (Hong Kong [British Nationality] Order 1986) which investigated the status British people in Hong Kong would have after the city passed from British to Chinese sovereignty in 1997;
ff. 82-87: Correspondence with the Central Electricity Generating Board regarding radioactive waste;
ff. 88-93: Correspondence with the Employment Institute and Charter for Jobs inviting Montefiore to join their council;
ff. 94-95: Correspondence with the Board of Social Responsibility on the London Diocesan Motion on family in 1985;
ff. 96-108: Correspondence with the Church Times requesting that HM write a response to an article by the Home Secretary Douglas Hurd on the proposed Sunday Trading Bill (includes a copy of Hume's article in the Church Times and HM's response);
ff. 109-110: Letters from The Tablet requesting HM write a piece on the 'Keep Sunday Special' campaign;
ff. 111-122: Correspondence with The Housing Corporation and Church Commissioners regarding the Wimpole Housing Society and their property transactions with the Church Commissioners and the Maida Vale properties involved;
ff. 123-127: Correspondence with Rabbi Julia Neuberger (of the Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues) on the planned Bill of Human Rights (1986);
ff. 128-132: Copy of a letter from Montefiore to the Board of Social Responsibility on the draft Report of the Social Policy Committee, which contains his comments on the report;
ff. 133-135: Correspondence with Dr. James Hemming thanking HM for his resume of Dr. Hemming's book;
ff. 136-138: Copy of Montefiore's letter to Church House on the future of the General Synod and the need to reorientate the work of the Board of Social Responsibility in light of any future changes to the Synod;
ff. 139-140: Letter from Bill Westwood, Bishop of Peterborough, on the subject of Sunday Trading;
ff. 141-143: Correspondence with Celia Davis regarding Rt. Rev. Richard Holloway's views on sex and marriage on the BBC programme 'Choices' (1986);
ff. 147-148: Correspondence with Dr. Charles Goodhart (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge) on the 'Christian Statement on Immigration and Racial Justice' featured in the Church Times in November 1986;
f. 149: Letter from John Taylor, Bishop of St. Albans, on censorship and Christian videos;
ff. 150-151: Letter to Councillor Byron (Chairman of the Education Committee, Birmingham) protesting the decision to not appoint a replacement Religious Education Advisor after the retirement of the incumbent;
ff. 153-153: Letter of complaint from John Wetherell on HM's article in the Times in 1987 ('Let not the constable judge') and HM's reply;
ff. 154-158: Correspondence with Edward Yarnold (reviewer in the Catholic Herald) on HM's chapter on the Virgin Mary in his book 'So Near and Yet So Far';
ff. 159-160: Correspondence with Father Julian Rockford OSB on HM's article in The Times on religious experiences (1987);
ff. 161-162: Correspondence with Dr. Derek Anton-Stephens regarding an Anglican response to the books 'Holy Blood and Holy Grail' and 'The Messianic Legend' by Brigent, Leigh and Lincoln;
f. 163: Letter from HM to the editor of The Times on the Vatican's statement on human embryology and artificial insemination.

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