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Alt Ref NoMonte/O/1/2
Extent142 ff.
TitleVicar of Great St. Mary's, Cambridge
Date8th April 1963-7th September 1970
DescriptionCorrespondence received by Hugh Montefiore (HM) during his time as vicar of Great St. Mary's Church, Cambridge.
Contents include the following:
ff. 1-4: Letters from Alec Vidler (King's College, Cambridge), Ken Carey (Bishop of Edinburgh), Archbishop Ramsey and Nevill Francis Mott (Master of Gonville and Caius College Cambridge) giving their opinions on whether Montefiore should take the incumbency at Great St. Mary's;
ff. 5-10: Letters of congratulation on the appointment including one from the treasurer of Great St. Mary's;
f. 11: Letter regarding the Montefiore prize founded by HM;
ff. 12-13: Letter from C.S. Lewis declining a request to lecture due to ill health;
ff. 15, 17: Letters from Nevill Francis Mott and Julian Bewick thanking Montefiore for his service as Dean of Gonville and Caius College;
ff. 18-20: Correspondence with Miss Valerie Pitt on the contents of one of Montefiore's sermons;
ff. 21-23: Letter from the Inter-University Jewish Federation of Great Britain and Ireland (1964) informing the HM that he would not be able to speak at the IUJF seminar due to internal pressure and withdrawal of funds in response (includes HM's response to the situation to the Council of Christians and Jews);
ff. 25-26: Correspondence with Denzil C. Sebag-Montefiore (brother of Hugh Montefiore) in response to Hugh preaching at Eton whilst Denzil's son was studying there;
ff. 33-34, 62: Letters from Nevil Francis Mott including one on his resignation from Gonville and Caius;
ff. 38-29: Letter from HM to Jeremy Griggs editor of ACCENT disagreeing with the Warden of All Souls' stance on psychiatry and the discussion of sex in church (1965) and a response from the Warden;
f. 44: Letter from Enoch Powell informing HM that he will attend a service at Great St. Mary's;
f. 46: Letter from Bp. Edinburgh regarding a letter by Bp Jim Pike in the Express;
ff. 49, 52, 54: Letters from (William Franklin) Billy Graham on his plans to lecture at Great St. Mary's;
ff. 55-59: Reaction letters to HM preaching at Christchurch and Wellington, New Zealand (1966);
ff. 64-74: Correspondence with jazz composer Duke Ellington who performed a concert of sacred music at Great St. Mary's on 26th February 1967 (includes press cuttings and concert programme);
f. 75: Letter from Martin Luther King Jr informing HM that he is unable to speak at the University Church (1967);
f. 78: Letter from Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge thanking HM after Muggeridge's talk at Great St. Mary's;
ff. 79-92: Correspondence on a dispute between the Bp of Edinburgh and LB Tirrell over the latter's comments in the Scottish Daily Express (includes letters from Professor Ian Henderson regarding the use of a letter HM sent to Rev. George MacLeod);
f. 93: Letter from Archbishop Ramsey expressing sympathy over the controversy surrounding Montefiore's speech at the Modern Churchmen's Conference during which he had speculated that Jesus may have been homosexual;
ff. 94-95: Letter from The Times asking how best they could quote Montefiore's Modern Churchmen's Conference on the nature of Jesus;
f. 97: Letter from Alan Brunskill Webster on his missionary work in Bangalore;
f. 101: Letter from Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher on Montefiore's comments on 'Church in Question' in 1967;
ff. 106-108: Letter from Archbishop Ramsey giving advice on whether HM should leave Cambridge for a post in London;
ff. 111-116: Correspondence with Eric Ashby the Master of Clare College, Cambridge on the Consultative Committee's discussion on the review of Edicts as to students and the function of the Proctorial system in relation to students;
ff. 117-118: Letter from Stephen Usherwood dated 1968 complaining about Montefiore's action taken on the positioning of Ruben's Adoration of the Magi in King's College Chapel;
f. 119: Brief letter from the Bishop of Lester on a reading from a Cambridge Church Representative at King's College Chapel;
f. 120: Letter from the Bishop of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich informing HM that the position of Provost in the diocese was becoming available;
ff. 123-124: invitation from President and Mrs. Nixon to dinner at The White House on 29th April 1969;
f. 126: Letter from a parishoner David C. Polden thanking HM for his sermon 'What you have done to me'; letter from George Brown MP thanking HM for hosting his visit to Cambridge and the University Church;
f. 128: Letter from Rev Dr Colin Morris cancelling his visit to speak at Great St. Mary's due to political strife in Zambia;
f. 129: Letter from Archbishop Ramsey regarding the Convocations and the Anglican-Methodist Union scheme and its presentation to the General Synod (1969);
f. 130: Letter from Rev Lewis Mervyn Charles-Edwards (Bishop of Worcester) on HM's future ecclesiastical appointment with comments on the Church of England's procedures for allocating benefices;
f. 131: Letter from the BBC thanking HM for his appearance on the 'World at One' in 1970;
f. 132: Letter from Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge confirming his intention to speak at Great St. Mary's in 1970;
f. 133: Letter from Br. Denis of the Society of Saint Francis complimenting HM on his services at Great St. Mary's and passing on a compliment from Archbishop Michael Ramsey;
f. 134: Letter from Prof. John Coen of the University of Manchester dated April 1970 reading 'E pui si muove';
ff. 135-136: Letters from Archbishop Ramsey inviting HM and his wife to visit his home;
f. 141: Undated letter from Rev. Hewlett Johnson cancelling his appointment to speak at Great St. Mary's due to an important political visit with Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-Lai and Chairman Mao Tse-tung;
f. 142: Letter from the Sisters of the Church, Surrey thanking HM for a lecture he gave at Fairfield Hall.
ArrangementChronological. Undated letters at the end of the file.

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