RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 954
Extent1 vol containing 63 items
Date16th century-18th century
DescriptionA miscellany of papers from the collections of Lambeth Palace Library bound together by Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian, in 1762.
The miscellany includes numerous items from the papers of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury. Also included are strays from other collections, including Commonwealth records (item 13) and the Carew manuscripts (item 36).
On preliminary leaves is a list of contents, ending 'finished January 15 1762. Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian'.

1. Absolution by William Fuller, Bishop of Lincoln, of Samuel Washborow, under sentence of excommunication dated 19 April 1664. 28 May 1668. A draft, with notes of two similar absolutions in 1663 and 1666. 1 f.

2-5. Certificates issued in the name of Prince George of Denmark, Lord High Admiral, granting exemption from being impressed into the Navy to the Archbishop of Canterbury's watermen. Printed, with details and physical descriptions added in manuscript. 7 ff.
2. Matthew Dyer, employed on the Archbishop's barge. 11 Jan. 1703/4.
3. James Stewart, employed on the Archbishop's barge. 11 Jan. 1703/4.
4. John Hill, Scarlet Smith and Robert Taylor, working on a ferry boat at Lambeth. 11 Jan. 1703/4.
5. William Tearoe, employed on the Archbishop's barge. 11 Jan. 1703/4.
See also MS. 1028, f. 76v-77r.

6. Depositions made before Sir Leoline Jenkins, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, concerning the ship Samuel, of London, shipwrecked while en route from London to Venice on 10 May 1675. The depositions are those of John Mingham, captain of the ship, and Samuel Sowton and Thomas Cutler, merchants of London, owners of the cargo. 2 Aug. 1675. 3 ff. In Latin.
In the hand of William Griffith. William Griffith (fl. 1652-1702), born at Stratford Longton, Essex, was admitted a sizar at Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1652, graduated B.A. 1655/6, M.A. 1659 (Venn, 'Alumni Cantabrigienses'). He became a notary public in 1664. His manuscripts show him as secretary to Henry Coventry, Envoy to Sweden, 1664-66 (MS. 1091); secretary to Henry Coventry, Plenipotentiary at the Peace of Breda 1667 (MS. 783); and as assistant to Sir William Glascock, Master of Requests, 1674-79 (MSS. 937and 942). A number of his manuscripts were purchased by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury.

7. Notes relating to the antiquities of the cathedral and diocese of St. Asaph. n.d. 1 f.

8-9. Declaration of the Archbishops and Bishops concerning Baptism. 26 April 1712. A draft and fair copy. The latter, in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, begins: 'A declaration etc. (the title not yet agreed on)'. 4 ff. Cf. MS. 953 item 96. See also, on this issue in Convocation on 14 May 1712, Gerald Bray ed., 'Records of Convocation, vol X, Canterbury 1708-1713' (Woodbridge, 2006), pp. 189-90.

10. Certificate that Robert Felton, of the parish of St. Bridgete [St. Bride's], London, executor of the will of Anne Felton, has taken the necessary oaths, in particular the rejection of transubstantiation in the Lord's supper. 7 May 30 Charles II [1678]. On vellum. 1 f.

11. Accounts by Thomas Tenison of the disbursement in the parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields of charitable sums received from Sir Stephen Fox (1627-1716). 1694. 4 ff.

12. Ticket for the celebration of the King's birthday by the noblemen and gentlemen born in the parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, including a sermon and dinner at the Sun Tavern in the Strand. 29 May 1683. Printed, with the seals of six stewards. The printing includes an engraving of St. Martin dividing his cloak to aid a poor cripple. I f.

13. A petition from the parishioners of 'Clarely' [ie. Claverley], Salop, to the Commissioners for the Approbation of Ministers, that their choice of William Izard as minister may be confirmed. With dozens of signatures of parishioners. n.d. 2 ff. Endorsed 'Mr Izzard August 12th 1656' and the number '310'. The latter refers to the registration of the admission of William Izzard as minister on 5 Sept. 1656 (COMM III/5, p. 310).

14. A form of consecrating churches, chapels, and church-yards. n.d. A draft of the text considered by the Convocation of Canterbury in April and May 1712. See Gerald Bray ed., 'Records of Convocation, vol X, Canterbury 1708-1713' (Woodbridge, 2006), pp. 180-200. 4 ff. Cf. MS. 953, item 99.

15. 'Motifs de la conversion d'un Gentilhomme Francois à la Religion Reformée'. An anonymous autobiographical narrative. The author gives his date of birth as c.1661 or 1662. 12 ff. n.d. In French. Ends incomplete.

16. Citation to Thomas Tenison, Vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, to appear on 24 March before the Archdeacon of Middlesex to elect Proctors for the Convocation to begin on 27 March [no year]. I f. , printed with manuscript additions.

17. Papers relating to a proposed charity school at Croydon, including reports by 'Mr. Warren' [?Ambrose Warren] listing repairs needed to the garden, brick house and stable, one endorsed 'for Mr. Farns carpenter at Croydon', a sketch plan of the proposed school endorsed 'Mr. Fearne's draught of ye school house att Croydon' and a plan and front elevation of the school, coloured in grey wash. May-August 1713. 9 ff. The plan and elevation are published in A. C. Ducarel, 'Some account of the town, church, and archiepiscopal palace of Croydon...' London, 1783), plate IX, facing p. 80. The school was founded by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1714, for 10 poor boys and 10 poor girls. It is now Archbishop Tenison's Church of England High School. For the statutes of the school see MS. 806/1 ff. 67-74.

18. 'Papers relating to the history of Croydon. A.D. 1754'. Notes and copies of documents in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian. Part of the text is in the form of a letter from Ducarel to Edward Simpson, Chancellor of London, dated 11 April 1754. Ducarel's index to MS. 954 describes this item as presented by him to Archbishop Herring in 1754. 21 ff. Cf. Robin Myers, ‘Dr Andrew Coltée Ducarel, Lambeth librarian, civilian and keeper of the public records’, The Library, 6th ser., 21 (1999), 199-222, especially pp.200-2.
Archbishop Thomas Herring requested Ducarel to prepare an account of Croydon in March 1754. The resulting 'History of the Town, Church and Archiepiscopal Palace of Croydon' dated 1755 (MSS. 957and 1165) was eventually published with additions as 'Some account of the town, church, and archiepiscopal palace of Croydon...' London, 1783).
19. 'Calvini Sententia de Causa Peccati est... Auricularis Confessio Papistica non est ... Verbo Dei consentanea'. An anonymous response to the critique of Robert Bellarmine. n.d. [? c.1600] In Latin. 4 ff. Ends incomplete.

20. A list of contents of an edition of the works of Georg Calixtus (1586-1656) in 11 volumes. The list for vol 11 is in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury. 4 ff.

21. Warrant appointing John Pershall, of the city of London, collector of hearth tax in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hertfordshire and in the cities of Canterbury and Chichester. Printed, with an engraved portrait of James II, and manuscript additions, including the signatures and seals of the Chief Commissioners for the hearth tax. 24 Dec. 1686. 1 f., vellum.

22. 'An exhortation to be read in the Church when the Person decreed to be excommunicated is present'. 10 ff, some with the date 1714.

23. 'Feoda pro Actibus Ecclesiasticis'. A table of fees for licences, certificates and other ecclesiastical documents. n.d. 1 f.

24. Extract from the rolls of the Parliament of Scotland concerning the forfeiture to the crown of the estates of Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran (d. 1473). Extracted by Sir George Hay of Netherleiffe, Lord Clerk Register 1616-22. Begins incomplete. 1 f.

25. 'Elementa Linguae Formosianae apud Indos propè Japan usitata, juxta mentem Georgii Psalmanaazaar'. A table of letters in the supposed alphabet of Formosa, as found in the work of George Psalmanazar (1679-1763): 'An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa, an Island subject to the Emperor of Japan' (London, 1704). 2 ff. Cf. item 27.

26 Letter from Ralph Snow, Receiver General of the Archbishop of Canterbury, to Mr. Lees [Thomas Lees], Vicar of Graveney, Kent, concerning the tithes of Graveney. 21 Nov. 1696. 1 f.

27. Papers relating to the work of the impostor George Psalmanazar (1679-1763) published as 'An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa, an Island subject to the Emperor of Japan' (London, 1704). The papers comprise a copy of the Lord's Prayer, allegedly in Japanese, with pen and ink sketches of a Formosan temple, Vice King and Vice Queen, townsman, peasant man, peasant woman, an unmarried girl, a bride, wife and widow. The papers are endorsed in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury: 'From a Japanese, as he said, of the Island Formosa, Oct. 2, 1703'. The drawings are crude representations of several of the plates which appeared in 1704 in Psalmanazar's book. 8ff. Cf. item 25.

28. Copy of an inquisition post mortem of Thomas Spilman, who died seized of the manor of Swarling and the rectory of Petham, Kent. 36 Eliz. [1593-4]. 4 ff. Imperfect, with many gaps in the text.

29. List of Lent Preachers appointed by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury for the city and suburbs of London. 1713. 2 ff.

30. 'Alterations humbly offered in pursuance of the Proviso in the Act of Uniformity'. Text of alterations to the Book of Common Prayer necessitated by the death of William III and the accession of Queen Anne in 1702. 2 ff.

31. Proposals for the revision of Church ceremonies and liturgy to accomodate nonconformist opinion. n.d. 2 ff.

32. 'Some proper methods to propagate the English Liturgy in Scotland...'. n.d. [temp. Queen Anne]. The document mentions that Mr. [Thomas] Blackwall, presbyterian minister of Aberdeen, is in London to represent the grievances of the Kirk to the Queen. 2 ff.

33. Licence for the marriage of John Warde of Squerries, Kent, widower, and Kitty Ann Hoskins of Croydon, Surrey, spinster, in the Chapel of Lambeth Palace. Issued by the Faculty Office of Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, 12 March 1750. On parchment, printed with manuscript additions. With an embossed paper seal suspended by a cord.

34. Letter from William Fenner [to Anthony Bacon], relating his journey from 'Moysacke' [Moissac] to Bordeaux and the progress of the civil war in France. n.d. The letter is a stray from the Bacon papers, and was written soon after Fenner's letter to Bacon of 13 Feb. 1585 (MS. 647, f. 187).

35. 'A Catalogue of Books to be sold by Auction at the D. of M'rs [? Duke of Marlborough's] Lodgings in St. James, on Sunday 25 July, 1703'. Satirical. 2 ff.

36. 'Notes out of Tacitus'. In the hand of George Carew, Earl of Totnes (1555-1629). A stray from the Carew-Sheldon manuscripts. 1 f.
Cf. MS. 951/1, ff. 132-3.

37. 'Epistle to Mr. Pope'. In verse. Begins: 'By custom doom'd to folly sloth and ease'. Ends: 'And vye in fame with ancient Greece and Rome'. 4 ff. Another copy is found in British Library Add. MS. 28,101 f. 99v, attributed to Ann Ingram, Viscountess Irwin, 'An epistle to Mr. Pope, occasion'd by his characters of women', 1736.

38. An engraved map of New England by John Smith (1580-1631). 'Simon Pasaeus [Simon de Passe] sculpsit, Robert Clerke excudit ... London, printed by Geor. Low'. Inset is a portrait of Smith dated 1616, the year of the map's first publication in his 'A Description of New England'. There are nine recorded states of this map. 1 f.

39. 'Onus Doct. Gul. Wells Pro-Canc. 1673'. Accounts of William Wells as Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University 1672-73. Headed 'Exoneratio'. 1 f.

40. Statement certifying that Henry Pearson, a smith, of Lasey hill in the parish of St. Andrews, Dublin, was forced to leave there in April 1689 and has since been in Beaumaris, unable to maintain himself and his family. Signed by John Jones, Rector of Beaumaris, and others. Beaumaris, 1 Oct. 1689. 1 f.

41. Three petitions for charity. 4 ff. :
i. Petition to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, from Joane Boman, of Bridge, Kent, concerning an annuity bequeathed to her in the will of Sir Arnold Braems, of Bridge, dated 12 August 1679.
ii. Petition to Queen Anne from James King [James King (1693-1761), afterwards 4th Baron Kingston], grandson of John King, 1st Baron Kingston, for a pension. n.d.
iii. Petition to the Archbishop of Canterbury from Thomas Gibbons, seeking relief for himself and his wife, an aunt of Admiral Rook. n.d.

42. Recipe for a drink for the gravel or stone. n.d. 1 f.

43. Reasons for the insistence of the House of Lords upon their amendment to an Act of 19 Charles II for taking, examining and stating the public accounts of the Kingdom. 3 April 1704. 3 ff.

44. 'An answer to yours about the want of money and nationall creditt to support the government and what measures we must take to prevent the utter ruin of trade, nation and government'. n.d. 2 ff.

45. 'By the king. A proclamation for apprehending and securing the person of the Honourable Alexander Murray... the twenty sixth day of November , 1751' (London, 1751). A printed proclamation in the name of George II King of Great Britain. 1 sheet, folded.

46. 'Constitutional queries, earnestly recommended to the serious consideration of every true Briton' [London: s.n., 1751] Printed. 1 sheet.
An attack on William Augustus, Duke of Duke of Cumberland. on the recto is a date in manuscript: 'Jany. 22 1751'. On the verso is a note in manuscript: 'Jan. 22 1750/1. Mem. these queries on a motion from the D. of Marlborough in the H. of L. were condemned ... to be burnt in the Palace Yard by the common hangman...'

47. Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury [?Thomas Tenison] urging the expulsion from England of the Apostolic Vicars and concerning the state of popery in the Kingdom. Signed N. N. No date [between 1703 and 1734, the current Apostolic Vicar in London being named as Bonaventure Giffard]. Incomplete, lacking the first part of the letter. 2 ff.

48. Prayer for a condemned person facing execution. On the first leaf are notes in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, posssibly for a prayer or sermon. n.d. 2 ff.

49. 'Dr. Ducarel's Letter to Gerard Meereman, Esq. pensionary of Rotterdam, concerning Frederick Corcellis'. Copy of a letter from Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian, to Gerard Meereman, concerning the origin of printing in England. In this paper Ducarel confutes a story related by Richard Atkyns in his 'The original and growth of printing' (London, 1664) , on the alleged basis of a source in Lambeth Palace Library, that printing was first introduced into England by Frederick Corsels or Corsellis. London, 21 Nov 1760. 11 ff.

50. Order of the Privy Council of Scotland for enforcing an Act against profanity. Endorsed 'June 28 1695' and 'Act against Profaness 1695'. 1 f., damaged with loss of text.

51. Copy of a prophecy concerning the kings of England. With a note 'This prophecy was inc losed in a letter from my Lord Donegal to Mr. Richard Routh his mothers second husband'. n.d. 1 f.

52. Opinion of Counsel as to the position of a bishop refusing to admit a clergyman to a benefice in response to a writ 'Quare non admisit' and on the position of an archbishop if ordered to admit a 'personam idoneam'. n.d. 2 ff. Incomplete.

53. Account of fees and expenses of Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury, on being made a Privy Counsellor and on his translation to Canterbury. 1663. 1 f.

54. Notes on the law concerning simony. n.d. 2 ff.

55. Lagal argument asserting the right of the House of Lords to make amendments to Bills granting tonnage and poundage. n.d. 4 ff. Incomplete.

56. Draft certificate of Matthew Wren, Bishop of Norwich, of the relaxation of the sentence of suspension passed on Thomas Scott, Rector of St. Clement's, Ipswich. n.d. [between 1635 and 1638]. 1 f.

57. Five miscellaneous items:
i. 'The bricklayers bill for work done at Trinity Chappell', 1690-91. On the verso is a receipt of payment of this bill by the Bishop of Lincoln [Thomas Tenison, until 1691 Rector of St-Martin-in-the-Fields], signed by Henry Ridgeurd, 9 Jan 1692 [ie. 9 Jan. 1693]. Probably relates to Trinity Chapel, Conduit Street, Westminster, a chapel of ease opened in 1691.
ii. Memorandum of expenses in travelling to London 4 June 1701 for the purchase of a house in Bloomsbury.
iii. 'Horstead account Apr. 22 1672'. With a receipt of payment of this account by Thomas [Tenison] to his mother-in-law Grace Love. Signed by Grace Love. 2 ff.
iv. Receipt signed by John Whitfeild and Richard Whitfeild, acknowledging receipt from [Thomas Tenison], Archbishop of Canterbury, of 86 sermons by the late Edmund Whitfeild. 24 Nov. 1696. 1 f.
v. Personal accounts [of a member of the family of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, possibly Grace Love, see item iii]. Includes references to Dr. Lawson, Tenison's brother-in-law. 1700-01. 2 ff.
vi. Rough lnotes on law in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury. 2 ff.

59. Act of resignation of his benefice by James Bromwell, Vicar of Tolleshunt Darcy, Essex, to William Juxon, Archbishop of Canterbury. 20 Oct. 1660. 2 ff.

60. 'Sir E. And. no real friend to the Clergy as appears by what followeth'. A paper concerning Sir Edmund Andros (1637-1714) and the Church in Virginia. Incomplete. n.d. Continued in MS 1029/22 which has an endorsement in Tenison's hand dated 12 Sept. 1695. 2 ff. In same hand as MS 942/50.
Noted in Charles M. Andrews and Frances G. Davenport, 'Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in Minor London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge' (Washington, 1908), p. 290.
Printed in William Stevens Perry, 'Historical collections relating to the American colonial church', 5 vols (Hertford, Conn, 1870-78), vol 1, pp. 32-36.
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 772.
Available from World Microfilms Publications:
Lambeth Palace Library: Miscellaneous American Material. Reel 1 (with other MSS.). Copies of the microfilm may be available in other libraries.

61. 'An Account of the Primary Visitation of ... Thomas [Tenison], Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, begun in May 1695'. 2 ff.

62. 'The primary visitation of ... Thomas Tenison ... Bishop of Lincolne ... 1693'. 2 ff.

63. 'A proposal for publishing a general repertory of the endowments of vicarages' A prospectus by Andrew Coltee Ducarel, dated 3 Dec. 1761. Printed. 8 pp.

64. Andrew Coltee Ducarel, 'Some account of Browne Willis, Esq. L.L. D. late Senior Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London'. A paper read before the Society of Antiquaries 22 May and 12 June 1760. Printed. 8 pp.
LanguageEnglish, French, Latin
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2012
PhysicalDescriptionBuckram binding, 350 x 250 mm., 19th cent.
Guardbook with paper and vellum leaves of various sizes (items 10, 21, 33 vellum).
CustodialHistoryRecorded in Andrew Coltee Ducarel's catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts dated 1763 (LR/F/42).
RelatedMaterialMSS. 951-954 form a series of miscellanies bound up by A.C. Ducarel between 1759 and 1762
PublnNoteB. Rogers "The House of Lords and Religious Toleration in Scotland: James Greenshields’s Appeal, 1709-11", in: R. McKitterick - C. Methuen - A. Spicer, 'The Church and the law', (Cambridge, 2019). [Lambeth Palace Library D140.E2]

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