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Extent1 vol containg 104 items
DescriptionA miscellany of papers from the collections of Lambeth Palace Library bound together by order of Archbishop Thomas Secker in 1759.
A number of the papers are strays from archival series, especially Carte Miscellanee and Estate Documents, or from manuscripts in the Library. Many are from the papers of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, including items relating to the Diocese of Lincoln of which he was Bishop 1691-4.

On preliminary leaves is a 'Memorandum. The following original papers (long since deposited in the Manuscript Library at Lambeth) were collected and bound by the command of His Grace Archbishop Secker. Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian, Dec. 22 1759'. This is followed by an alphabetical index to the contents, in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel.

1-5, 7. Estate documents of William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury.
1. Receipt given by William Page, Chaplain of Arundel Chantry in Christ Church [Canterbury] to William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, for his wages of £5, received from the Archbishop's Receiver, John Mascall. 8 April 14 Hen. VIII [1523]. 1 f.
2. An order from William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, to his Receiver John Mascall, to pay £20 to Rowland Baxter, his Surveyor. 17 Feb. 14 Henry VIII [1523]. 1 f. Signed by Warham.
3. Receipt given by Thomas Clyfford, Forester of Whiteclyff [Whitecliffe chase and wood in Sevenoaks, Kent] to William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, for one year's fee, received from John Mascall, Receiver of the bailiwick of Otford. 31 December 15 Henry VIII [1523]. 1 f.
4. Receipt given by William Page, Chaplain of Arundel Chantry in Christ Church [Canterbury] to William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, for his salary of £5, received from the Archbishop's Receiver, John Mascall. 25 November 15 Henry VIII [1523]. 1f.
5. Receipt given by Robert Derknoll. Keeper of the park at Knole, Kent, to William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, for one year's fee, received from John Mascall, Receiver of the bailiwick of Otford. 31 December 15 Henry VIII [1523]. 1 f.
7. Receipt given by William Cokks for 53s 4d received by command of the Archbishop of Canterbury from Thomas Wale. With the initials 'W.C.' 27 Feb. 11 [text missing, probably 11 Henry VIII, ie. 1520].

6. Grant of land by John, son of Thomas de Framingham, of Scottow, [Norfolk], to [Ralph Urry, parson] of the church of Clippesby [Norfolk], Nicholas Rydel and John de Cove, mason. Feast of St Hilary, 22 Edward III [January 1349].
On vellum, damaged on left hand side with loss of text. Seal missing. Identification on the verso in the hand of Edmund Gibson, Lambeth Librarian, and the catalogue number '28'.
This is a stray from a group of related documents, CM V/78-81.
For a further document concerning John de Framingham, see National Archives, C 241/119/162.

8-10. Three booklets in Hebrew and Latin, being extracts from Rabbinic scholarship on the book of Exodus. The three booklets are paginated separately 1-31, 1-24, 1-14.
A further five booklets in the same hand and format are MS. 1167, ff. 1-81.
The same hand is found in MS. 787, ff. 8-46.

11. 'The Pylgrym's Love, or the Pylgrim's Invitation to the Land of Promyse'. Verses, beginning 'O all yee that are pylgrims heere...'. N.d. [17th cent.].

12. Outline of proposals for an accommodation between Protestants. n.d. [late 17th cent.]. 2 ff.

13. An list of 'several papers found in a trunck of Mr. Dell's, who was Secretary to Doctor Laud Archbishop of Canterbury'. Relates to William Dell (fl. 1619-1646), Secretary to William Laud. N.d.. 1 f.

14. 'The Number of yr. Gr. [your Grace, ie. the Archbishop of Canterbury] rent weathers [payments of rent in the form of wethers, ie sheep], with the several tymes when they are to be payde, and the names of the places at which they are to be delyvered'. Records farmers of manors and other lands of the archiepiscopal estates in Chislet, Shelvingford, Boughton under Blean, and Leysdown rectory, Kent. Tenants include George Whitgift, farmer of the manor of Shelvingford, Margaret Parker, farmer of 40 acres at Shelvingford, and John Parker, farmer of the manor of Boughton. N.d. [late 16th cent.]. 2 ff. Cf. item 41.

15. A copy of a petition from Sir Henry Dutton Colt (c.1646-1731) to the King [William III] soliciting the post of Master of the hospital of St. Katharine by the Tower, London, expected to be vacated following the misdemeanours of the existing Master Sir James Butler (c.1642-1704). n.d. The covering letter accompanying this petition, dated 4/14 June 1696 is MS. 953 item 46. 2 ff. Butler was removed from office in 1698. Colt's petition was unsuccessful.
Cf. MS. 953, item 46.

16. 'An abstract of the proposalls made by John Bremen, Thomas Ffermin, Dionisius Andrews Esqs, with a short account of the severall reports made ... by Sir Robert Sawyer, Sir George Treby and Sir Edward Ward, Attorneys Generall, for erecting an office for regulating the abuses in collecting of charity by briefs...'. n.d. [temp. William III]. Cf. MS. 929, item 123, draft letters patent to John Bremen, Thomas Firmin, and Dionisius Andrews, Esquires, to collect briefs, licences, and letters patent for charity, [1695]. 2 ff.

17. Letter to an unnamed recipient with a list of European biographical and bibliographical works. Signed 'Godet'. n.d. 17th cent [after 1640]. 1 f.

18. 'The limitations in Mr. Pitts settlement'. Abstract of the will of [?George] Pitt. n.d. [?late 17th cent.]. 2 ff.

19. 'A Letter to the Hackney-Coachmen of London'. A printed sheet, warning against the evil of working on the Sabbath day. n.d., temp. William III. 1 f. Not found in ESTC.

20 and 40. Papers in a case concerning the title of the Prior of Christ Church, Canterbury, to fealty and rent from the yoke of Leybourne, otherwise called the Yoke of 'Esshetissfford' [Ashford] in the Hundred of Chart, Kent, formerly in the possession of Juliana de Leybourne, Countess of Huntingdon (d. 1367). n.d. [15th cent] In Latin and English. 2 ff. Further papers in this case are CM VI/107. 3 ff.

21. 'A Friendly Epistle to the Bishops of the Church of England, with proposals for Christian Concord betweene the common Protestants and the baptized Believers'. A Nonconformist proposal for reconciliation with the Church of England. n.d. [late 17th cent.]. 2 ff.

22. Statement of the case of John Honnor and Mary his wife (plaintiffs) against Joseph Bradshaw (defendant), in an appeal from the Court of Arches to the Court of Delegates. The case concerned the marriage of John Honnor at Leighton Buzzard, Beds., to Mary Parrott, alleged to be the niece of Honnor's first wife. The marriage was annulled in the Court of Arches in 1693 (see Arches case 1138, Bradshaw v. Honnor). 2 ff.

23. Petition of 'Prince Butler' [pseudonym] to the Lords Justice of England for a licence to print a petition to the King and Parliament against his adversary, alleging that without such a licence the printers dared not print it. Possibly relates to the printing of 'A Malicious Man makes Reasons. To the Honourable the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, in Parliament assembled. The Humble Petition of Prince Butler...', a satire on James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde [London, 1700?]. 2 ff.

24. Copy of an address to 'My Lord' [? the Bishop of London or Archbishop of Canterbury] from William Vesey, John Sharpe, and William Urquhar [Urquhart] in defence of Mr. Honyman [James Honeyman] and his ministry in Rhode Island. n.d. [c. 1708]. 1 f.
Related papers are in the SPG and Fulham papers, especially SPG/16.
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 772. Available from World Microfilms Publications:
Lambeth Palace Library: Miscellaneous American Material. Reel 1 (with other MSS.)
Copies of the microfilm may be available in other libraries.

25. Anonymous letter [?to the Archbishop of Canterbury] attacking the bishops and the Book of Common Prayer. 11 October, 1707. 2 ff.

26. Ordinance of William Fuller, Bishop of Lincoln, enforcing a statute of his predecessor Robert Sanderson of 7 November 1662 concerning sermons by the prebendaries in Lincoln Cathedral. 26 Sept. 1671. 2 ff.

27. 'Tabula Feodorum Com.ii et Officialis Archidiaconatus Leicestr. Registrarii Procuratorum et Apparitorum ejusdem Curiae, extracta e registro principali domini Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis xx Novembris 1627'. A table of fees charged by officials of the Archdeaconry of Leicester.
4 ff.

28. Manors in Kent. A summary of leases of manors and lands in Kent [estates of the Archbishopric of Canterbury], with the dates of the leases (granted between the reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI), names of leaseholders, details of rents and dates for payments. Included are lands at Romney Marsh, Alkham, Chislet, Shepherdswell, Westgate (Canterbury), Deal, 'Byxley' [?Bexley], Hull in Sholden, Newenden, Colred, East Malling, West Malling, Boughton, Charing etc. n.d. [c. 1551]. 7 ff.

29-33. Papers relating to the examination of candidates for holy orders, seemingly papers of Thomas Tenison while Bishop of Lincoln 1691-95.
Included are questions and answers (item 30 endorsed 'Tyndals exam Ju 97', item 31 including questions in Tenison's hand), and attestations regarding the examination of Robert Kilburn in August 1694 (items 32-33). On the verso of item 29 are rough notes by Thomas Tenison of bequests to be made in his will (cf. item 34). n.d. 7 ff. Cf. item 44.

34. Notes by Thomas Tenison, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, of bequests to be made in his will. n.d. [A reference to Potter as Bishop of Oxford dates this to 1715]. 1 f. Cf. item 29.

35. Extracts from the registry of the Archdeacon of Canterbury, of presentations to the living of Kenarton alias Kenardington, Kent in 1586, 1590, 1623, and 1632. 17th cent. 2 ff.

35b. Bond given to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Lord Buckhurst, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, by Robert Lister, Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford,and John Every, for £200, Lister to appear at Lambeth before the Archbishop and the High Commission. 20 June, 38 Eliz. [1596]. 2 ff.

36. Report of a sermon preached by Dr. Walls [?George Walls, D.D., a canon of Worcester, d. 1727] in the 'College Church at Worcester' following Queen Anne's charge to Convocation concerning the reform of the ecclesiastical courts with regard to excommunication and commutation money. n.d. 3 ff.

37. Memorandum by William Goldwell, farmer of the manor of Great Chart, Kent, concerning a piece of land called Blowrede in Great Chart. n.d. [early 16th cent.]. 1 f.

38. Last of the marsh of Lydden, Kent. 10 April 2 Henry VI [1424]. 2 ff. Part of Estate Documents series: Christ Church Canterbury Estates: Prior and Convent - Court Rolls - Individual properties in Kent - Lydden
Recorded in Jane Sayers, 'Estate documents at Lambeth Palace Library' (Leicester, 1965), p. 45.

39. List of presentations to livings in the Diocese of Rochester from 1608 to 1638. n.d. 10 ff.

40. See item 20.

41. List of provisions (wheat, barley, malt, wethers [sheep], hay) payable annually to the Archbishop of Canterbury by his tenants in Kent, with names of tenants and due dates of payment. n.d. [late 16th cent]. Tenants include John Parker, farmer of the manor of Boughton. Cf. item 14.

42. 'At a general meeting of the Vice-Chancellor, Heads of Houses, and Proctors of the University of Oxford, at the Apodyterium of the Convocation-House, on Saturday Nov. 27. 1714' (Oxford, 1714). A printed sheet setting out the arrangements for the funeral of John Radcliffe (1652-1714). Signed: 'Bern. Gardiner Vice-Chancellor'. 1 f.

43. Letter from Thomas Frank, Archdeacon of Bedford and Rector of Cranfield, Beds., to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, responding to charges against him. With a paper by Frank concerning his jurisdiction in the parish of Woburn, rejecting claims to juridiction by the Duke of Bedford as a peculiar belonging to the Abbot of Woburn. 29 Oct. 1713. 4 ff. A further memorandum on the same subject, dated June 1713, is MS. 941, item 35.

43b. An account of the honours paid to Henry Sacheverell (1674-1724), religious controversialist, in his progress towards Shropshire. 22 June 1710. 1f.

44. Questions in an examination for ordination, with the answers of the candidate, Charles Ley. Endorsed by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, 'Mr Lees examination Dec 6 1706'. 1 f. Cf. items 29-33.

45. Copy of a warrant issued by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, and others for payment of £10 to Moses Jacqueau [French sea officer and refugee] for shipping Vaudois and French refugees to Virginia, Carolina and other plantations. 18 March 1703. 2 ff.

46. Petition to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, from the parishioners of Godmersham, Kent, concerning a water mill in the parish. With the signatures of the churchwardens and dozens of parishioners. 20 May 1695. 2 ff.

47. Petition to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, from prisoners imprisoned for debt in the Marshalsea, Dublin, concerning a Bill for the relief of debtors. With 21 signatures and on behalf of over 70 other prisoners. 13 July 1697. 2 ff.

48. Letter to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, signed 'Foulk the king of the New Jerusalem and the king of the Jews'. London, 28 March 1695. Endorsed by Tenison 'Mad Foulks paper given by himself'. 2 ff.

49. Report on the state of Ireland [in the hand of Richard Tenison (1642-1705), Bishop of Clogher, afterwards Bishop of Meath]. Endorsed by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, 'B. Clo ... state of Ireland June 1695'. 2 ff.

50. 'Certificats of the Lord Ronsell's sufferings during the Irish Warr, because he would not serve King James and because he assisted and relieved the poor English whilest he was a Roman Catholick, doeing them and the English Government all the publick and private service he was able'. Testimonials by the Archbishop of Tuam and others to Adrian Adornes, Baron of Courthuy Ronsele, written 1691-94. Copies, December 1694. With an endorsement in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury. 8 ff. Cf. MS. 711 ff. 89-130, and MS. 942 item 119.

51. 'Articles ... exhibited by the parishioners of Patrixbourne and Bridge in the county of Kent against John Markallar ... viccar of the said parishes for his oppressions ....' Signed by the churchwardens and numerous parishioners. 16 May 1695. 2 ff.

52. Articles in the case against Thomas Watson (1637-1717), Bishop of St. David's. Endorsed in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury 'Articles ag. B of St Davids 1695/6'. 12 ff.

53. Christ Church Canterbury estates: Dean and Chapter. Rental (arrears) 1607-08. 24 ff.
Description on the front cover in the hand of Edmund Gibson, Lambeth Librarian, and the number '53'.
Recorded in Jane Sayers, 'Estate documents at Lambeth Palace Library' (Leicester, 1965), p. 56.

54. Christ Church Canterbury Estates: Prior and Convent. Rental of Ickham, Kent. Late 15th cent. 6 ff. Incomplete.
Recorded in Jane Sayers, 'Estate documents at Lambeth Palace Library' (Leicester, 1965), p. 50.

55. Writ for the meeting of Convocation. 30 Nov 1 William and Mary [1689]. 8 ff.

56. Account by Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian, of the publication by Thomas Allen in 1756 of a print of the warship 'Henry Grace a Dieu' or 'Great Harry', launched 1514. With details of Ducarel's enquiries concerning the original picture, attributed to Holbein and said to have once been in the possession of Canterbury Cathedral. Addressed to Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, 17 Aug. 1756. 4 ff.

57-66. Papers of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning prayers, general fasts and thanksgivings during the War of the Spanish Succession.
57. Letter from Sir Charles Hodges concerning a General Thanksgiving for the victory obtained by the Duke of Marlborough at Ramillies. Whitehall, 17 May, 1706. 2 ff.
58. Letter from Henry Boyle, afterwards Baron Carleton, concerning a General Thanksgiving for the success of the campaign. Whitehall, 22 Dec 1708. 2 ff.
59. Letter from Simon Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt, Attorney General, about a proclamation for a General Fast. 7 Nov 1707. 2 ff.
60. Letter from Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland, concerning Tenison's draft of a form of prayer and Queen Anne's wishes concerning it. Whitehall, 8 July 1708. 2 ff.
61-66. Drafts of forms of prayer. Items 65-66 are in Tenison's hand; others have corrections in his hand. 10 ff.

67-69. Letter [to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury], from John Somers, Baron Somers, concerning the revocation of the patent of William Payne (c.1649-1697) as visitor-royal of London churches. 24 Oct, no year [1695]. With a paper 'Some reasons for the superseding Dr. Paines commission' (endorsements and notes in Tenison's hand on the verso), and a formal resignation by Payne of his office as visitor, 17 October 1695 (on vellum, signed). 4 ff.

70. Letter [to Thomas Tenison, Bishop of Lincoln] from Robert Clavell [?Robert Clavell, Warden of the Stationers' Company], concerning the distribution of 1,610 copies of a publication to Lincoln, Leicester and elsewhere. 27 Nov 1694. Endorsed by Tenison: 'Mr Clavels note of thanksgiving books...'

71. 'Schedula exonerationum et acquietantiarum'. A schedule of receipts for payment of clerical taxation (tenths) in the archdeaconries of Huntingdon and Bedford, diocese of Lincoln. 1661-83. On vellum, 1 f.

72. Guild or Confraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the church of St. Botolph, Boston, Lincs. Printed letter of confraternity, conveying indulgences and privileges to a new member on admission to the Guild. Printed by Richard Pynson between 1513 and 1515. With additions in manuscript concerning the issue of the document to a new member of the Guild in 1515.
Printing begins: 'VNIVERSIS et singulis xpifidelibus presentas litteras inspecturas nos Aldermannus et camerarii Gilde seu confraternitat. in honore dive Marie virginis in ecclesia sancti Botulphi de Boston Lincoln. diocesis institut. Salutem...'.
Printing ends: 'Visa et examinata per me Jo. Calipolen.' This is John Yong, or John Young (d.1526), titular Bishop of Gallipoli from 1513, a notable pluralist (Dean of Chichester, Archdeacon of London, Warden of New College, Oxford etc).
Printed on vellum, 187 x 282 mm. 44 lines.
The initial V consists of a block 28 mm. square containing a white V on a black ground. Inside the letter is the Virgin Mary with the Child in her arms and below is a design of leaves. The rest of the word NIVERSIS is made up of a single woodcut block with white capitals on a black ground and with white frame lines above and below.
The date of publication is not stated, but is between 1513 and 1515 (ie. during the papacy from 1513 of Leo X, who is named as Pope, and 1515 when the document was issued). The unnamed printer is Richard Pynson. who appears to have held the contract for printing these forms of admission to the Guild from c.1504 to c.1522, (see D.E. Rhodes, 'Some documents printed by Pynson for St. Botolph's, Boston, Lincs.', in 'The Library' 5th series, vol 15, 1960, pp. 53-57). The type is Pynson's 70 textura, known to have been used in 1509, 1516 and 1521 (see Frank Isaac, 'English and Scottish printing types 1501-35; 1508-41' (Oxford University Press, 1930), fig. 17.
Seven editions by Pynson are recorded (S.T.C. Indulgences. 27-33), printed between 1504 and 1522. The present example is not in S.T.C.
The manuscript additions indicate that the document was issued to 'Ricardus Norys armigerus' on 11 July 1515. It is signed 'per me Johannem Good cam[erarius]'.

73-75. Papers relating to the deprivation of Arthur Bury (1624-1713) as Rector of Exeter College, Oxford. 1695 and n.d. 9 ff.

76. Proviso from a Bill concerning small tythes. Endorsed by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, 'Proviso to Bill of Small Tythes that is rejected. The originall paper agreed upon by the Bishops in 1693/4. This is the A.B. of Yorks hand [John Sharp, Archbishop of York] and the paper he presented to the House'. 2 ff.

77. 'Heads relating to an intended Commission for the better disposal of ecclesiastical preferments belonging to the Crown'. A rough note or draft of the proposed terms of the Ecclesiastical Commission. In the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, and endorsed by him with the date '1694'. 2 ff. The Commission was established on 6 April 1695 (see MS. 927). 2 ff.

78. Warrant of William III addressed to John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury, for the issue of a dispensation to Thomas Tenison, Bishop of Lincoln, to hold in plurality the vicarage of St. Martin-in-the-Fields and the rectory of St. James, Westminster. Dec. 1691. 1 f.

79. Narrative concerning John Hardy, alias Harding, a religious imposter in The Strand, Westminster. Endorsed: 'Mr. Warrens narrative of Harding the Imposter'. n.d. [late 17th cent.]. 1 f.

80. Printed announcement of the opening after Easter [1688] of two schools for boys instigated by Thomas Tenison, Rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields and afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, and Simon Patrick, Rector of St. Paul's Covent Garden, Dean of Peterborough and afterwards Bishop of Ely. The first school was to be under the Library in St. Martin-in-the-Fields (for boys of the parishes of St. Martin-in-the-Fields and St. Paul's, Covent Garden). The second was to be at the Tabernacle near Golden Square in the parish of St. James, Westminster (for boys of that parish).
Begins: 'Two small schools, perfectly Free, having been erected for some time...' 1 f.
For a plan of the Tabernacle and school at King St, Westminster, c.1690-1702, see MS. 4444 item 2.
Cf. Edward Carpenter, 'Thomas Tenison' (London, 1948), pp. 26-32.

81. Account of the festivities and pageants staged by the Dutch representative at the Imperial Diet to celebrate the Dutch naval victory over the English in the Four Days Battle. Regensburg, 14 July 1666. Endorsed 'Hague Gazette'. 1 f.

82. A writ of Quare Impedit addressed to Thomas Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, ordering him to appear before the King's justices at Westminster in a case concerning an appointment to the benefice of Grainsby, Lincs. 5 May 1688. 1 f.

83. Address by Henry Coventry, Envoy Extraordinary to Sweden, on taking leave of the King of Sweden at the end of his mission. May, 1666. 2 ff.
Endorsed on the verso in the hand of William Griffith, secretary to Henry Coventry's mission. William Griffith (fl. 1652-1702), born at Stratford Longton, Essex, was admitted a sizar at Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1652, graduated B.A. 1655/6, M.A. 1659 (Venn, 'Alumni Cantabrigienses'). He became a notary public in 1664. His manuscripts show him as secretary to Henry Coventry, Envoy to Sweden, 1664-66 (MS. 1091); secretary to Henry Coventry, Plenipotentiary at the Peace of Breda 1667 (MS. 783); and as assistant to Sir William Glascock, Master of Requests, 1674-79 (MSS. 937and 942). A number of his manuscripts were purchased by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury.

84. Statement by William Herbert, Petty Constable of Llanvaches, Monmouthshire, concerning the tenure of the benefice of Llanvaches between the sequestration of the vicar, Francis Price, in 1648 and his return at the Restoration. 25 August 1662. 1 f.

85. Grant by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln of the office of registrar and keeper of the archives to Richard Claver. and Robert Sanderson, notaries public. Signed by Michael Honywood, Dean of Lincoln and three members of the Chapter. 3 Jan 1662/3. 1 f. On vellum.

86. A survey of clergy in the diocese of Oxford. Endorsed: 'The certificate of the clergie within the Dioces of Oxon 1593'. 6 ff.
This return forms part of a survey commissioned by John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, in January 1593, which aimed to discover the qualifications and intellectual state of the parish clergy. Documents for other dioceses are amongst the Cartae Miscellanee. See Dorothy M. Owen, 'Charters in Lambeth Palace Library. A catalogue of Lambeth manuscripts 889 to 901 (Carte Antique et Miscellanee)', pp. 9-10.

87. Will (original, signed and sealed) of Richard Harman, merchant, of Whitechapel, Middlesex, made 28 March 1549. Proved [in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury] 2 Oct. 1551. on vellum. 1 f.

88. Bond for £1000 given to the Queen by William Kirkham, of 'Pynne' [?Pyne], Devon, Thomas Southcott, of 'Bovietrace' [?Bovey Tracey], Devon, and Jeremy Hilliarde, of Exeter, to appear before the Queen's High Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical at Lambeth. 7 Aug. Anno 31. Eliz.[1589]. 2 ff. Signed and sealed.

89. Extracts out of the records of the Convocation of Canterbury 1711-12 relating to the judgment upon William Whiston (1667-1752) whose publications were considered anti-trinitarian and heretical. 2 ff.
For related papers see:
Court of Arches records, case 7056, Pelling v. Whiston, 1713.
Convocation records
MSS. 803, 813, 951/25, 952/89-90, 1029/112-116.
Fulham papers: Gibson/2, ff. 222-232.

90. Paper comparing a text addressed to the crown in a printed work and in a corresponding manuscript. n.d. 2 ff.

91-92. Historical and chronological notes on the Dukes of Normandy and the Kings of England, 820-1273. Written in a single hand. In French and Latin. n.d. [?late 16th cent]
Item 91 is paginated 1-24; item 92 is paginated 1-60. At item 92 p. 47, after date 1259, is a note: 'huc usque Mathew Parishes', ie. from the chronicles of Matthew Paris (d. 1259).
The first leaf of item 91 is annotated 'Notes of Talbot', seemingly in the hand of George Carew, Earl of Totnes (1555-1629). Cf. item 94.

93. Manor of Southfleet, Kent, part of the estates of the Prior and Convent of Rochester. Courts and views 1510-1527. i, 18 ff.
Recorded in Jane Sayers, 'Estate documents at Lambeth Palace Library' (Leicester, 1965), p. 58.

94. A collection of pedigrees, some with arms in trick, of French noble families. Much of the information is dated 1598 ('a present 1598').
A few leaves of different size contain arms in trick of Spanish families. 30 leaves, bound haphazardly.
In the hand of George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629).
From the 'Carew-Sheldon' manuscripts. These manuscripts were acquired by Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677), Archbishop of Canterbury. All, or nearly all, were previously owned by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes. See M. R. James, 'The Carew manuscripts', English Historical Review, vol 42, 1927, pp. 261-267, and M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932), p. 401.
Not identified in the 'Carew-Sheldon' catalogue dated 1664 (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a) but no doubt a stray from the main series of the Carew genealogical manuscripts.

95-99. Certificates concerning Hospitals in the Diocese of Norwich in 1665. These are strays from a national survey of hospitals and almshouses ordained by Charles II in 1665 and carried out by Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury, via the diocesan bishops. The main series of returns to this survey are in MS. 639, ff. 139-445. Further strays are in MS. 951/1, ff. 54-86, 110-113.
95. Letter from Thomas Greene, Mayor of King's Lynn, Norfolk, to Edward Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich, sending a paper concerning the hospital of Lynn. 17 Aug. 1665. 2 ff. The paper is found in MS. 951/1, f. 77.
96. Return [to Edward Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich] concerning the hospital of Castle Rising, Norfolk. Signed by James Scott, Vicar of North Wotton and Thomas Lawson, rector of Castle Rising. n.d. 2 ff.
97. Return to Edward Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich concerning the hospital of Thetford in Norfolk and Suffolk. Signed by John Burryll, priest and master of the hospital, and others. 14 Aug. 1665. 1 f.
98. Return concerning hospitals in the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, ie. the hospital of Beccles. n.d. 2 ff.
99. Return concerning an almshouse at Framlingham, Suffolk. Signed by Richard Golty [Rector of Framlingham, d. 1678]. 2 ff.

100. Estimate (itemised) for building a chapel,at a cost of over £218. Endorsed in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury 'Est. of chappell at Blackheath'. n.d. [c. 1697].
The Dartmouth Chapel at Blackheath in the parish of Lewisham, Kent, was built in 1697 at the expense of Susanna Grahme, an aunt of William Legge, Baron Bartmouth (afterwards 1st Earl of Dartmouth). 2 ff. On this chapel see MS. 3220.

101. Letter to Thomas Tenison, Bishop of Lincoln and afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, reporting on the scandal surrounding the death of Theodore Maimbourg (d. 1692) amid accusations against him of Socinianism. Endorsed: 'Mr. Brocas's account of Maimbourgs Socinianism to the Bishop of Lincoln Decemb. 21 1692'. 4 ff. Cf. MS. 932 item 1.

102. 'A catalogue of the MSS lately belonging to Mr. Griffith'. At the end is a price '£2 10s'. 2 ff. Most, or all, of these items owned by William Griffith were acquired by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury.
William Griffith (fl. 1652-1702), born at Stratford Longton, Essex, was admitted a sizar at Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1652, graduated B.A. 1655/6, M.A. 1659 (Venn, 'Alumni Cantabrigienses'). He became a notary public in 1664. His manuscripts show him as secretary to Henry Coventry, Envoy to Sweden, 1664-66 (MS. 1091); secretary to Henry Coventry, Plenipotentiary at the Peace of Breda 1667 (MS. 783); and as assistant to Sir William Glascock, Master of Requests, 1674-79 (MSS. 937and 942).

103. 'A collection of Greek liturgys and liturgic authors of the Greek Church in St. Martins Library in 38 vols '. 8 ff.
A catalogue of Greek liturgical works in the Library of St. Martin-in-the -Fields, founded in by Thomas Tenison, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, in 168 5.

104. A shelf list of part of Lambeth Palace Library, in the hand of David Wilkins (1685-1745) Lambeth Librarian. n.d. [c.1717-18]. 79 ff.
The catalogue is in order of shelf marks (in the form XLI.1.7], recording some 5,000 printed books in the Library as found in bays I-VII, XLI-XLIV, LI-LXIV. The shelf marks correspond to those in Wilkins' author catalogue of Lambeth Palace Library dated 1718 (LR/F/17-19), to which this shelf list must be preparatory.
The books range in date from 1485 to 1715 (with one later correction at f. 23r adding a book published in 1716), but are overwhelmingly of the second half of the 17th century, with very few books earlier than 1600. They appear to represent additions to the historic Lambeth collection, all or mainly from the bequest of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 1715).
LanguageEnglish, French, Latin
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2012.
PhysicalDescriptionBuckram binding, 345 x 240 mm, 19th cent.
Paper and membrane leaves (items 6, 69, 71, 72, 85, 87 membrane).
CustodialHistoryRecorded in Andrew Coltee Ducarel's catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts dated 1763 (LR/F/42).
Items 3, 5, 38, 53-54, and 93 are now part of Estate Documents (but still physically bound in this volume).
RelatedMaterialMSS. 951-954 form a series of miscellanies bound up by A.C. Ducarel between 1759 and 1762
PublnNoteGwynn, Robin, 'The Huguenots in later Stuart Britain, vol. 1' (Brighton, 2015) [KA125.H84]

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NA2825Canterbury Cathedral Priory; 997-1540; Benedictine religious house997-1540
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DS/UK/6028Sacheverell; Henry (c. 1674-1724); clergyman and religious controversialistc. 1674-1724
30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
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GB/109/6778Watson; Thomas (1637-1717); Bishop of St David's1637-1717
NA2931Diocese of Canterbury; Cathedral Church of Christ
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GB/109/19801Payne; William (c.1649-1697); clergymanc.1649-1697
GB/109/15756Somers; John (1651-1716); 1st Baron Somers; Lord Chancellor1651-1716
GB/109/20353Diocese of Lincoln; Archdeaconry of Huntingdon
GB/109/20352Diocese of Lincoln; Archdeaconry of Bedford
GB/109/11159University of Oxford; Exeter College; 1314-1314-
DS/UK/4980Sharp; John (1645-1714); Archbishop of York1645-1714
NA2732Barlow; Thomas (1607-1691); Bishop of Lincoln1607-1691
GB/109/15589Patrick; Simon (1626-1707); Bishop of Ely1626-1707
GB/109/19803Coventry; Henry (c.1617-1686); politician and diplomatc.1617-1686
GB/109/19804Llanvaches, Monmouthshire; ancient parish
NA1395Diocese of Lincoln; Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
179Diocese of Oxford; 1545-1545-
38Whitgift; John (?1530-1604); Archbishop of Canterbury?1530-1604
GB/109/6784Whiston; William (1667-1752); natural philosopher and theologian1667-1752
GB/109/14535Carew; George (1555-1629); Earl of Totnes; statesman1555-1629
NA2970Diocese of Norwich
GB/109/9057Reynolds; Edward (1599-1676); Bishop of Norwich1599-1676
GB/109/18656Griffith; William (fl. 1652-1702); notary, minor official, collectorfl. 1652-1702
NA1527St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex; ancient parish
618Lambeth Palace Library; 1610-1610-
GB/109/21800Colt; Henry Dutton (c.1646-1731); Sir; politicianc.1646-1731
GB/109/16814Boston, Lincolnshire; ancient parish
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