RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 942
TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsists of:
1 Mandate from Archbishop Warham to Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of London, to summon Convocation following the king's writ of 6 February 1522 for 20 April next at St. Paul's, from Lambeth, 7 February 1522. Copied in the 17th cent. from the Bishop of Lincoln's records at Buckden. Not in Warham's register. See CSP For. and Dom. 1519-23, no. 2819 (2). 1 f.
2 Letter from James VI, King of Scotland, [to David Foulis, 1st Bart. (1620), 4 May 1596], acknowledging the receipt of letters, and discussing whether an ambassador should be sent 'to crave ye thinge you wot of'. Copy. Endorsed, 'Du Roy d'Escosse a Mr. Foules'. 1 f.
3-8 Six letters from Henri IV, King of France, to [Anthony] Bacon, 1586-97, mainly expressing his friendship and desire to see him. French.
3. La Rochelle, 17 November 1586.
4. La Rochelle, 17 July n.y.
5. n.p., n.d
6. 'ce XIme avryl a traversy' [end. 12 April 1596].
7. Pavia, 27 October 1594.
8. Pavia, 26 June 1597.
6 ff.
9 Letter from Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, Lord Chancellor, to George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham (1623), 5 August 1618. Copy. Printed Works, XIII, 321-2. 2 ff.
10 'A booke or Rentall of all the Rents and quitrents the farmes excepted in and about the Citye of Canterburie wch weare due to the deane and chapter of Christchurch at the Feast of St. Michaell 1618 and are to be collected by me John Cartwright'. The arrangement is by parishes. 23 ff. [Though numbered as part of the MS sequence, archivally part of Estate Documents (ED), records of the Archbishops' Estates, in which catalogue it also appears.]
11 Letter from Edmund Sucklyng, Dean of Norwich, William Wells, Foulkes Robartes, and John Spendlove, Prebendaries of Norwich, to Sir Henry Montagu, Lord Chief Justice and (1626) 1st Earl of Manchester, from Norwich, 22 January 1619, asking for a copy of the reference made by the king to him in a dispute between the Archbishop of Canterbury [George Abbot] and the church of Norwich. Seal. 2 ff.
12 Letter from Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, [to George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham (1623)], 17 February 1620. Copy. Printed Works, XIV, 80-1. 1 f.
13 Terrier of the rectory or parsonage of Kirkby Underwood, Lincs., by James Adamson, clerk, and the churchwardens and other inhabitants, May 1625. 2 ff.
14 List of lecturers in parishes in the diocese of London, 1628. Endorsed, 'A noat of all the Lecturers in London when I [William Laud] came to be Bishop thear 1628'. 4 ff.
15 'The names of all parsons and vicars in the severall parishes within the Citty and suburbs of London as well exempt as not exempt', [June 1629 - June 1630]. Endorsed. 7 ff.
16 'The names of all Lecturers within the Citty and Suburbs of London as well in places exempt as not exempt', [1629]. Endorsed. 7 ff.
17 Order of the Court of Wards and Liveries that Sir John Hayward and Anne his wife show cause why they should not pay arrears of rent owed to Archbishop Abbot during the minority of Michael Livesey his majesty's ward, 27 January 1631. Copy. Endorsed by Edmund Gibson. 1 f.
18 Examination of Robert Bostock, stationer, before Sir John Bankes, Attorney-General, and Sir Edward Littleton, Solicitor-General, about 'a Remonstrance written concerninge the shippinge busines' circulated in manuscript, 10 August 1637. Mentions Anthony Wythers and George Thomason. Copy. Endorsed. 2 ff.
19 Extract from Henri de Sponde, Continuationis annalium ... Baronii, 1653, for the year 1645 referring to the death of Archbishop Laud. Latin. 1 f.
20 Opinion by William Meyrick, D.C.L., on the question whether a man may marry his wife's uncle's widow or his wife's father's widow, 2 June 1659. Endorsed, 'Concerning Lord M[anchester]'s marriage with Lady Warwick [Eleanor, widow of Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick]'. 2 ff.
21 Sentence of divorce between Patrimoniale Hyacintho Frichignono and Angela Margarita Gallina pronounced by the Archbishop of Turin, 17 April 1666. Translated by William Griffith, public notary, 13 October 1674. Endorsed. 2 ff.
22 Confirmation by Charles II of alterations in the liturgy, 24 February 1662. Copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
23 'The Case of the Free School of Witney Com. Oxon', founded by Henry Box in 1662 and settled on the Grocers' Company. It is stated that the school is neglected by the Master, John Goole, who supplies the vicarage of Ensham, c.1715. Endorsed. 2 ff.
24 Commission by Matthew Wren, Bishop of Ely, to Robert King, his Vicar-General and Official Principal of his Consistory Court, and others, to conduct his ordinary visitation, from Wilburton, Isle of Ely, 30 June 1662. Corrected draft. Endorsed. 3 ff.
25 Letter from the Privy Council to Sir Anthony Bateman, Lord Mayor of London, confirming the privilege of all employed by the office of the Ordnance of exemption from personal offices and duties in the City of London and suburbs, and from arrest, prest, or imprisonment without leave of the Master Lieutenant of the Ordnance, Whitehall, 15 June 1664. Certified copy. Endorsed. 2 ff.
26 'An Humble Petition of all ye femall sex of ye Citty and Suburbs of London to his Royall Majestie Charles ye 2th conserning ye peace and unity with ye Netherlands ... Translated out of English at Amsterdam by Simon Simonsz, Bookseller, upon ye Crosse Boomfloot in ye yeare 1665', dated London, 24 May 1665. 2 ff.
27 Chronological list of persons ordained by Edward Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich, 28 January - 10 June 1666. 4 ff.
28 Extract from the statutes of Gloucester cathedral (cap.26) concerning Almsmen, [1669]. Endorsed, 'Mr. Viner to mee for an Almsman's place for a poor man in Gloucester Jan. 25 1668'. Also a further endorsement in the hand of William Griffith, public notary. 1 f.
29 List of casualties and prisoners on both sides at the battle of Seneff between the Prince of Orange and the Prince of Condé, 11 August 1674. Translated from a copy printed at The Hague by Arnold [Arnout] Leers, 1674. In the hand of William Griffith. 2 ff.
30 Copies of letters from William Griffith, assistant to Sir William Glascock, Master of Requests, 1678-9. See also MS. 937 item 12. They are as follows:
To Edward Halford, merchant, 11 March 1678, on the formalities for obtaining a pass for his ship. Blanks already printed may be obtained from Mr. Brown at his office in shipyard in St. Bartholomew's Lane.
To Samuel Lowton, merchant in Broad Street, 22 March 1678, concerning a petition against one Wigan presented to the Lord Chancellor and a petition to the Crown. Describes manner of collecting poll money in Devon and Cornwall.
To Mrs. Quary in Ireland, 8 April 1678, inquiring about her health and matters of business.
To Samuel Pepys, 13 April 1678, concerning a pass for Mr. Halford's ship the Little James from Harwich.
To [Samuel] Lowton, 26 April 1678, making an appointment to go to the King's Remembrancer's Office in the Temple. An Order in Council made for restitution to be demanded for his lading of the Golden Pelican of Lúbeck carried to Dunkirk.
To [Samuel] Lowton, 29 April 1678, on the same subject.
To Joseph Coling, Marshal of the King's Bench, 8 July 1678, concerning the compounding of a debt by one Terrie to Parks.
To Samuel Langley, at Broseley, Salop., 14 July 1678, on the possibility Langley might be pardoned payment of a fine. Since Sir Robert Howard's patent expired fines have been granted towards rebuilding St. Paul's cathedral.
To Charles Goldsmith, merchant in London, 15 July 1678, discouraging him from seeking appointment as consul in Algiers, worth not above £200 a year, which will be filled on the recommendation of the Levant merchants.
To Walter Gould, 17 July 1678, concerning the disposal of an Irish viscountcy.
To Stephen Lowton, Rector of Staplehurst, 20 July 1678, threatening to serve a writ for recovery of a debt due to him for acting in a petition against one Wigan.
To - Change, 12 August 1678, notifying him that Sir William Killigrew will hear a dispute between him and Mr. [James] Gourlaw.
To Mrs. Jane Goodman, [widow of George Goodman], 15 August 1678, concerning her petition to the Council for compensation from one Hall, a servant of the Queen, concerning a woodman's place in Northants. and Rutland. Also a copy of a letter from her to Mr. Brent, at the Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
To Samuel Langley, 16 August 1678, recommending a composition in case he was not successful in the assizes.
To Stephen Lowton, 31 August 1678, on recovery of his debt.
To Roger Andrews, Yeoman of H.M. Treasury Office, 2 September 1678, sending him petitions, one of which should be delivered by [William] Chiffinch [Closet-Keeper to Charles II], with a message to Mr. Yardley about preservation of turkey eggs in bran.
To Mr. Brent, 2 September 1678, concerning Mrs. Goodman's suit as above.
To Mrs. Jane Goodman in Northamptonshire, 4 September 1678, reporting his actions in her case.
To Benjamin Colinge, at Mrs. Sales house at Willington, 7 September 1678, sending news of the siege of Strasburg; Dutch have ratified treaty with France; progress of negotiations. Sir William Swan, the resident at Hamburg, is dead and likely to be succeeded by Sir Peter Wych 'our Christian-Turk'. Two persons condemned for felony for assisting Mr. Wroth in carrying away Mrs. [Bridget] Hyde reprieved. Remembrances, including those of Harry Parker, Bishop of London's secretary.
To James Gourlaw, Yeoman of H.M. Buttery at Windsor, 7 September 1678, advising him to settle his dispute with Mr. Change, who is now at Windsor.
To Stephen Lowton, 9 September 1678, upbraiding him for non-payment of a debt and threatening a writ.
To Benjamin Colinge, 10 September 1678, sending news of the signing of the Peace of Nymegen.
To Stephen Lowton, 12 September 1678, with further news from Nymegen. Sickness in London 'griping-in-ye-guts' - Bills of Mortality rose above 600 the last week. Andrew Hind is dead 'of ye new distemper (as 'tis called)'.
To Stephen Lowton, 19 September 1678, general gossip.
To Stephen Lowton, 21 September 1678, with news from Nymegen. The Duke of Villa Hermosa desires no more troops be sent to Flanders; the marriage of Danby's daughter to the Earl of Plymouth; a fire at Limehouse; a victory by Captain [George] Rooke in the frigate Dover.
To Samuel Langley as above, 21 September 1678, reporting ratification of peace between France and Holland, and a treaty between France and Spain. The Earl of Ossory returned from Holland and Mr. Hide ambassador from Nymegen. Marriage of Danby's daughter.
To Benjamin Colinge as above, 24 September 1678, reporting various deaths caused by 'this new ... Epidemical Distemper of ye Autumnal season'.
To Mrs. Jane Goodman, 25 September 1678, hoping her matter will be settled on the return of the court from Windsor.
To Benjamin Colinge as above, 26 September 1678, reporting the burial of Lord Howard of Escrick. Admiral Sir John Narborough's movements.
To Benjamin Colinge, 28 September 1678, reporting that the king goes to Newmarket; Secretary Conway has gout; a dangerous plot against the king discovered.
To Richard Colinge, Secretary to the Lord Chamberlain, 3 October 1678, asking in his brother's absence from town for the place of sewer of the Great Chamber likely to fall vacant.
To Benjamin Colinge, 3 October 1678, with current gossip.
Draft by Griffith of a letter to be written by James Gourlaw to Patrick Wisehart, son of the late Bishop of Edinburgh, 10 October 1678, asking for particulars of the ship King David and whether declared a prize at the beginning of the last Dutch war.
To Littleton Powel, Esq., at the Excise Office in Broad Street, 11 October 1678, recommending one John Giles for a gauger's place.
Copy of a letter from John Wickham to Richard Seward, butler of Winchester College, 14 October 1678, asking about almsmen's places in Winchester cathedral.
To Gregory Griffith, his brother, 15 October 1678, referring to a meeting arranged in Rickard's Coffee-house behind the Exchange, and to a case concerning an apprentice imprisoned on a fraudulent bond about which he has spoken to Sir Edmund Wyndham, Knight-Marshal.
To Benjamin Colinge as above, 17 October 1678, reporting the disappearance of Sir Edmund Godfrey and examinations by the Privy Council in connection with Titus Oates.
To Benjamin Colinge as above, 19 October 1678, giving an account of the discovery of Sir Edmund Godfrey's corpse. One Cary, a Romish priest since reconciled, is also missing. A report that the King of Spain refuses to ratify the Treaty of Nymegen; the French have invested Cologne.
To John West, of King Street, Westminster, tailor, 21 October 1678, about making a suit and other garments.
To Benjamin Colinge as before, 22 October 1678, on Sir Edmund Godfrey's murder.
To Mrs. Mary Quary at Dublin, 24 October 1678, inquiring about her welfare, with a covering letter of the same date to Samuel Richardson stating that she is wife of Robert Quary, Lieutenant of Foot.
To Mrs. Jane Goodman, 29 October 1678, concerning her dispute with Hall.
Copy of a letter from James Gourlaw to Patrick Wiseheart, 31 October 1678, repeating his inquiry about the ship King David.
To Mr. Chiffinch, [1678], commending a petition by young William Webb.
Copy of a letter from Grace Stanton to Mr. Woodcock, of Thames Ditton, 2 November 1678, about payment of rent due to her.
To Mrs. Jane Goodman, 7 November 1678, on the same business as before.
To Samuel Lowton, 7 November 1678, threatening legal action against his brother who prevaricates about payment of his debt.
To Barnaby Cop, at Ash near Blandford, his brother-in-law, 12 December 1678, on family matters; the vote of Land Tax; impeachments are preparing against Lords Powys, Bellasys, Stafford, Arundel, and Peters.
Incomplete letter, 8 January 1679, concerning procuring a Scottish peerage for someone who will free from encumbrances the estate of a friend and M.P. impoverished for his services to the crown under Cromwell.
Copied on the blank sides of quarto advertisements for the London to York Four Day and Six Day coach. 28 ff.
31 List by William Griffith of memorable ecclesiastical and civil events, January-April 1678 and January-May 1679. 19 ff.
32 Sepulchral epitaph for Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester, 1671. 2 ff.
33 Letter from Samuel Parker, Archdeacon of Canterbury, and (1686) Bishop of Oxford, [to John Spencer, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge], 10 November 1681, concerning his nomination of one Hall for a hospital pension [at Harbledown]. Inquires about the progress of his studies. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
34 Detailed account of Monmouth's Rebellion, 1685 [by Andrew Paschall, Rector of Chedzoy between Bridgwater and Sedgemoor]. Printed S. Heywood, Vindication of Mr. Fox's history of the early part of the reign of James the Second, 1811, app.IV. 6 ff.
35 Map depicting the battlefield of Sedgemoor and the surrounding area with explanatory notes by Andrew Paschall, Rector of Chedzoy, 1685. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Map of D. Monmouth's marches etc drawn and given me by Mr. Paschal'. 2 ff.
36 Procurations of Archbishop Sancroft during the suspension of Thomas Wood, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, for non-residence and neglect of his office, received for the whole diocese by William Walmisly, 1685. 6 ff.
37 Address by the House of Commons to James II on his speech on November 9th 1685 on the suppression of Monmouth's rebellion and a Bill of Indemnity for popish recusant officers in the army. Title in Tenison's hand. 2 ff.
38 State of the case in the King v Peirce on a Quare impedit for the advowson of Bedale, Yorks., with the judgment of the Lord Chief Justice for the King, [1685]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'King's Title to Beddle. D. Gale 85 [? Miles Gale, Rector of Keighley]'. 2 ff.
39 Certificate by Thomas Duppa, Gentleman Usher, of the admission of Henry Atkinson as Chaplain in Extraordinary to the King on the warrant of Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset, Lord Chamberlain, 3 February 1690. Registered in the Faculty Office, 10 February 1690. Endorsed with a description of the document which is said to be 'shewed March 1691'. 2 ff.
40 See 938/52
41 Proxy granted by Joseph Beaumont, Canon of Ely and Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge, to John Spencer, Dean of Ely, for proceedings in the Chapter, 11 June 1690. Seal. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
42 Letter from John Cutts, Baron Cutts of Gowran (1690), to -, from the royal camp at Goldenbridge [Goulden Bridge], 4 August 1690, concerning the siege of Limerick. 2 ff.
43 List of counterparts of leases granted by the Bishop of Lincoln and of other records in the custody of Thomas Gilbert, [1690]. Endorsed by Tenison. 3 ff.
44 A true copy of part of that paper which Mr. Ashton left in a friend's hands together with the letter in which he sent it enclosed, from Newgate, 27 January 1691. Wing A3992. John Ashton, a Jacobite conspirator, was hanged at Tyburn, 28 January 1691. 1 f.
45 Extracts from Journals of Virginia and Maryland commending the conduct of Colonel Francis Nicholson, Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia, 1691-2. Copies. 2 ff.
46 Articles for the surrender of Galway, 21 July 1691. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
47 Letter from Henry Wharton to Tenison, from Canterbury, 20 January 1692, criticising E. Gibson's Librorum manuscriptorum in duabus insignibus bibliothecis, altera Tenisoniana Londini, altera Dugdaliana Oxonii catalogus, 1692. Wishes all manuscript libraries might be catalogued; he has a most exact catalogue of the MSS. at Lambeth. Seal. 2 ff.
48 Charter of William and Mary College, Virginia, 8 February 1694. Copy. Endorsed. 8 ff.
49 Remarks on the charter of William and Mary College, Virginia, [1694]. 2 ff.
50 Paper of charges levelled against Sir Edmund Andros, Governor of Virginia, alleging his opposition to William and Mary College, [1697]. 4 ff. Cf. MS. 954 item 60.
51 Letter from Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland (1702), [to Tenison], from Althorp, 8 October 1692, regretting that Tenison is not coming to stay at Althorp this year. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
52 Tenths payable in the diocese of Lincoln, arranged by deaneries, 1693. 6 ff.
53 Warrant issued by Henry Sydney, Viscount Sydney and (1694) Earl of Romney, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, for a licence under the great seal for William Jephson, Dean of Lismore, to be absent from Ireland for four months, 24 June 1693. Attested copy. Endorsed. 2 ff.
54 'Some Remarks on a Paper printed by Ri: Baldwin as a True account of Mr. Shadrac Cook's Tryall October 17th 1693'. Cook, a clergyman, was fined for forging Lord Nottingham's seal on a pass. It is claimed that Cook was falsely accused and that Mrs [Ann] Merryweather's pardon has been obstructed by her involvement. [Ann Merryweather was found guilty of treason in January 1693]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Mrs. Merryweather May 26 95. To sp[eak] to Ld. Justice Holt'. 2 ff.
55 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, to Tenison, 27 November 1693, correcting confusion about two clergymen named Gretton, one of whom is scandalous, whereas the other will seek institution from Tenison. Mentions one Joseph Cope, who serves two churches and a chapel in Derbyshire and a living in Lincolnshire. Refers to his presidency of the Sons of the Clergy. 1 f.
56 Letter from Tyr Stephens to Tenison, from Leicester, 4 December 1693, concerning citation of the churchwardens of Witherley, Leics., for omitting to present at a visitation the rector [Henry] Grove. They say he was 'surprized and overtaken in drinke' while in Warwickshire. 2 ff.
57 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, [to Tenison], 19 December 1693, commenting on the offer of the archbishopric of Dublin to Tenison. Believes Mrs. Tenison would not leave the kingdom and 'would hardly cross ye water to Lambeth to see you Archbishop of Canterbury'. Commends [Thomas] Bray who is coming to London to print his discourses on the catechism, and also Thomas Hacket. 1 f.
58 Letter from William Jephson, Dean of Lismore, to Richard Aldworth, Secretary to the Lords Justices of Ireland, from London, 27 January 1694, complaining that the Bishops of Waterford and Cloyne are resolved to proceed against him at the Archbishop of Dublin's visitation though he has a licence to be absent. Copy. Endorsed. 2 ff.
59 Reasons by William Jephson, Dean of Lismore, addressed to the Lords Justices of Ireland, stating why he has not yet been instituted to the rectories of Clonpriest and Ardagh in the diocese of Cloyne, [after June 1694]. 2 ff.
60 Letter from Mary Goldingham to Tenison, 29 January 1694, asking that an institution to the rectory of Leadenham, Lincs., be deferred. Seal. 2 ff.
61 The case of Mary Goldenham, administratrix of Nathaniel Goldenham, late incumbent of Leadenham, stating that she was tricked out of the profits of the sale of the next presentation to Leadenham, [January 1694]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
62 Letter from Richard Aldworth, Secretary to the Lords Justices of Ireland, to Nathaniel Foy, Bishop of Waterford, from Dublin Castle, 20 February 1694, informing him that the Lords Justices consider the Dean of Lismore's request for leave of absence reasonable. Copy. Endorsed. 2 ff.
63 Similar letter to the previous item addressed to William Palliser, Bishop of Cloyne. 2 ff.
64 Letter from Richard Tennison, Bishop of Clogher and (1697) Meath, to Tenison, from near Belturbet, Co. Cavan, 21 March 1694, hoping that he will accept the archbishopric of Dublin. Seal. 2 ff.
65 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, to Tenison, from Dublin, 18 June 1695, giving a character of Edward Walkington [appointed Bishop of Down and Connor, August 1695]. Seal. 2 ff.
66 Letter from Thomas Taylor [to Tenison], from Authorpe, 23 June 1694, asking for the return of a MS. on the liturgy by his late brother. Amongst his brother's MSS. is one entitled Antithesis Sacra licensed by Archbishop Sancroft's chaplain [William] Needham on the day the Bishops were sent to the Tower, and a translation of the famous thesis of Capellus made at the desire of [Thomas] Comber, Dean of Durham. Proposes to write on the Articles himself. Seal. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
67 Petition from Charles Northcott, Prebendary of Cloyne, to the Lords Justices of Ireland, describing his sufferings for the Protestant cause and seeking the rectories of Clonpriest and Ardagh, [1694].
Letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland to Nehemiah Donellan, Prime Serjeant-at-Law, and to Sir Richard Levinge, Solicitor-General for Ireland, from Dublin Castle, 7 September 1694, enclosing the petition and inquiring whether the livings are void.
Reply by Donnellan, 17 September 1694, that presentation was obtained three years ago but institution has not taken place. Encloses a letter from William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel, to Richard Aldworth, from Cashel, 22 August 1694, recommending the revocation of the presentation to William Jephson, who is a great pluralist. Copies. 4 ff.
68 Letter from William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel, to Lord Justice Wich [Sir Cyril Wyche], from Cashel, 6 October 1694, justifying his conduct towards Dean Jephson and disputing the latter's account. Copy. 2 ff.
69 Letter from William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel, to Humphrey May, Secretary to the Lords Justices of Ireland, from Cashel, 8 October 1694, defending his conduct towards Dean Jephson. Copy. Endorsed. 2 ff.
70 Letter from William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel, to Archbishop Tillotson, from Cashel, 14 November 1694, giving an account of his dispute with Dean Jephson, who has now obtained institution from the Vicar-General of the diocese of Cloyne even though his presentation has been revoked by the Lords Justices and the diocese of Cloyne is vacant. 2 ff.
71 Petition from Dean Jephson to William III against the intention of the Lords Justices to present [Charles] Northcott to the parish of Ardagh, [1694]
Minute by Sir John Trenchard, Secretary for the Northern Department, referring the case to the Lords Justices of Ireland, 15 November 1694. 2 ff.
72 Letter from Sir Cyril Wyche [Wich] and William Duncombe, Lords Justices of Ireland, to Sir John Trenchard, from Dublin Castle, 14 December 1694, enclosing a statement and opinion on the Jephson case. Endorsed. 2 ff.
73 Letter from George Hooper, Dean of Canterbury, and (1704) Bishop of Bath and Wells, [to Tenison], from Canterbury, 15 December 1694, acknowledging his letter with the congé d'élire and the king's letter commendatory for Tenison. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
74 Petition from Bernard Pichon to be admitted to the parish church of St. Jean du Canet, diocese of Périgueux, with notarial attestation, 1693-4. Latin and French copy. See 937/9. 4 ff.
75 Letter from Sir Henry Ingoldesby, 1st Bart., to Tenison, from Dublin, 4 January 1695, congratulating him on his appointment as Archbishop. Refers to the likelihood that the government of Ireland will be altered from Lords Justices to a Lord Lieutenant. Hopes Tenison will support the appointment of Lord Capel. Seal. 2 ff.
76 Letter from Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset, Lord Chamberlain, to Tenison, from Whitehall, 16 January 1695, sending a list of Lent Preachers. Wafer seal. 2 ff.
77 Deed of nomination by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln of two Canons, namely John Inet and Samuel Fuller, for Tenison to select one as official or guardian of the spiritualities on the vacancy caused by his translation to Canterbury, according to a composition with Archbishop Boniface, 21 January 1695. Latin copy. 2 ff.
78 Letter from John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam, [to Tenison], from Dublin, 25 January 1695, congratulating him on his appointment to Canterbury. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
79 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, to Tenison, 9 February 1695, thanking him for supporting the Church of Ireland. Gratefully acknowledges their deliverance by King William. Recommends either [Peter] Browne 'of ye college' or James Moor, of Athy, diocese of Dublin, for the bishopric of Dromore. Seal. 2 ff.
80 Letter from Michael Boyle, Archbishop of Armagh, [to Tenison], from Dublin, 9 February 1695, congratulating him on his appointment to Canterbury. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
81 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, to Tenison, from Dublin, 23 February 1695, recommending St. George Ashe for the vacant see of Dromore and Browne for the Provostship of Trinity College. Seal. 1 f.
82 Memorial by George Everett, shipwright, to the Lords of the Council 'appointed a Committee of Trade and Plantations' concerning a complaint by him of extravagant and irregular practices in the naval dockyards, and proposing that the Navy Board provide details of annual costs of repairing and building ships in the royal navy, 25 February 1695. Copy certified by Everett. 2 ff.
83 Letter from Sir Samuel Morland, 1st Bart., to Tenison, from Hammersmith, 5 March 1695, thanking him for a letter. Seal. 2 ff.
84 Letter from Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Meath, [to Tenison], 15 March 1695, recommending Edward Smith, a Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, to succeed St. George Ashe as Provost. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
85 Letter from Arthur Charlett, Master of University College, Oxford, [to Tenison], from University College, 19 March 1695, mentioning the Bishop of Lincoln's catalogue of MSS. which Dr. [Edward] Bernard hopes may come in time [for inclusion in Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum]. Sends 'a curious and very choice collection of Mr. Pepys'; refers to Harman's library and museum [? Paul Hermann] now selling in Holland - several of his botanical books are purchased for the Bodleian Library. Mr. [H.W.] Ludolfus is bringing out of Holland [for the university press] a font of Slavonic and Armenian types. Refers to Bill to remove university privilege in printing. Death of Henry Wharton. Hopes the Bishop of Lichfield will find a way to redeem 'that laborious young man of Coventry [Humphrey] Wanley from a shop', and sends a copy of the Warwick catalogue compiled by him. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
86 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, to [to Tenison], from University College, 22 March 1695, describing a riot in Trinity College against the severe discipline of the Vice-Provost [Peter] Browne. A visitation may be needed. Complains of the unruliness of the students. Confirms Tenison's favourable information about Tobias Pullein [Bishop of Dromore 1695]. Seal. 2 ff.
87 Statement of the claim of Robert Wood, of Wadham College, Oxford, B.A., to a Fellowship at All Souls being founder's kin, [1695]. Two copies both endorsed by Tenison, and one dated by him. 2 ff.
88 Allegations by Richard Pritchard, Fellow of Dulwich College, against the Master and Warden for infringement of the statutes praying for a visitation, heard before Tenison, 19 August 1695. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff. Cf MS. 953 item 39.
89 Answers by John Alleyn, Master of Dulwich College, and Thomas Alleyn, Warden of the same, to allegations made to Tenison as visitor by Richard Pritchard, one of the Fellows, [1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 10 ff.
90 Replication by Richard Pritchard, senior Fellow of Dulwich College, to the previous item, [1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 8 ff.
91 'Memorandum in behalf of the poor French refugees in Canterbury', [1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
92 'The case of the curat of Maidstone', whether he was chargeable with arms to the militia when the rectory was already charged, [1695]. Also a table of fees payable to the curate agreed in 1664. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
93 Memorial concerning oppression by Presbyterians of episcopal clergy in the diocese of Aberdeen drawn up by order of a meeting of delegates from the diocese, 3 April 1695. They state that unless measures are taken to ordain clergy and admit them to vacant livings, the episcopal interest will soon suffer total eclipse. Endorsed by Tenison. 8 ff.
94 Letter from Samuel Foley, Bishop of Down and Connor, to St. George Ashe, Bishop-elect of Cloyne, from Dublin, 30 March 1695, requesting him to inform the Archbishop of Canterbury that the forfeited impropriations not yet granted by the king do not exceed £600 per annum. Seal. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
95 Letter from William Duncombe, one of the Lords Justices of Ireland, to Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, from Dublin, 10 April 1695, soliciting the Archbishop through him for a temporary curacy for his son, since he is sure there will be no resident clergy in Ireland for three years. Protests at accusations against him and asserts his loyalty. Seal. 2 ff.
96 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, to William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 27 April 1695, concerning subscribers to the latter's lectures on the Catechism, of which he has taken 50 copies. Gives a lengthy account of the state of his diocese. Two seals. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
97 Reports of campaigns in the Mediterranean and in Europe, 6-23 April 1695, from London, 21 May 1695. Engraved heading consisting of two round and one oval medallions inscribed 'From the avant courier with the geographical description of places of battles, encampments or sieges'. Endorsed, 'St. Alban' [? Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St. Albans]. 2 ff.
98 Letter from the Council and General Assembly of Maryland to Tenison, from Annapolis, 22 May 1695, praying him to obtain the royal assent to an act passed in the assembly for establishing religion. They also desire his patronage for a school they wish to found.
Signed by Henry Jowles, custos sigilli, on behalf of the Council. A postscript that the contents have been communicated to the Bishop of London as their diocesan. Attested by Robert Smith, Speaker of the House of Burgesses. 2 ff.
99 Unsigned letter to Tenison, from Annapolis, 29 May 1695, accusing John McNeale, Dean of Down, of simony and ignorance. Jeremy Taylor, who was 'under a necessity of ordaining several weake and unqualifyd men', ordained him. Seal. 2 ff.
100 Testimonial by William Moreton, Bishop of Kildare and (1705) Meath, in favour of Edward Walkington, chaplain to the previous House of Commons, Archdeacon of Ossory, and (1695) Bishop of Down and Connor, 19 June 1695. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
101 Act against intruders to churches, 1 July 1695. Noted but not printed in Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, 1822, IX, 388. 1 f.
102 'Breviate of the Report for amendment of the Coynes', [September 1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 6 ff.
103 Letter from Francis Lockier, chaplain to the English factory at Hamburg, and (1725) Dean of Peterborough, to Tenison, from Hamburg, 10 September [1695], concerning a controversy between John Spencer, the hebraist, and Carpzovius. Sends a packet from [Daniel Ernst] Jablonski and a catalogue of Dr. Hinkelman's library to be sold at auction. 2 ff.
104 Certificate by inhabitants of Snave, Kent, that the minister [Edward] Bushnell ceased to be resident because of ill-health, 14 September 1695. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
105 Certificate by Sir Nicholas Toke that John Lodge, Rector of Ruckinge (Roking), is an unfortunate rather than an ill man and has suffered in his goods and reputation by his sister a crazy and idle person, 21 October 1695. 1 f.
106 Certificate by neighbouring clergy that Phillip Jones, Vicar of Addington, Surrey, is of sober life and conversation, 14 October 1695. 2 ff.
107 Letter from John Montagu (Mountagu), Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Tenison, from Trinity College, 15 October 1695, thanking him for recommendation as Clerk of the Closet. Refers to Dr. George Oxenden (Oxinden). 2 ff.
108 Letter from Humphrey Prideaux, Archdeacon of Suffolk, and (1702) Dean of Norwich, to Tenison, from Norwich, 16 October 1695, hoping that the bishop's sentence on [John] Powell, [Rector of Trimley], for incontinence [simony] will not be reversed on appeal to the Court of Arches. Refers to Mr. Keen who is resident after sixteen years absence, to [John] Langston, minister of the Independent congregation at Ipswich, and to a case of simony at Eyke. At Yoxford [Nathaniel] Parhurst refuses the cross in baptism. Seal and postmark. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
109 Letter from Sir Henry Capel, Baron Capel of Tewkesbury, Lord Deputy of Ireland, to Tenison, from Dublin Castle, 5 November 1695, recommending Thomas Smyth as Bishop of Limerick. 2 ff.
110 Letter from Arthur Charlett, Master of University College, Oxford, to Tenison, from University College, 25 October 1695, mentioning Thomas Dunster, Warden of Wadham College, and giving an account of the behaviour of John Toland [Tolon]. 2 ff.
111 'The complaint of Richard Blechynden, Rector of Crick in the County of Northampton, against Mr. Thomas Newman, his Proctor, for betraying him in a cause of dilapidations and delivered to Mr. Dean of the Arches upon December 5 [16]96'.
A note that the paper was delivered to the Archbishop of Canterbury with an account of the dilapidations by the Bishop of Ely. Houston 957. 2 ff.
112 'The state of my case about dilapidations in the parsonage house of Crick' [Northants.], by Richard Blechynden, [1696]. Copy with annotations by Blechynden. 2 ff.
113 Proposals [by Edward Randolph, Collector and Surveyor of Customs for New England], to the Commissioners of Customs, for the suppression of illegal trade in tobacco between the Plantations and Scotland, [January 1696]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
114 Minutes of vestry meetings of St. James's, Piccadilly, concerning the amendment of a Bill for raising £4,000 for the completion of the church, and referring to a decision not to rebuild the steeple, [January-February 1696]. Signed, John Batchelor, clerk. 4 ff.
115 Letter from Henri de Massue de Ruvigny, Viscount and (1697) 1st Earl of Galway, to Tenison, from Turin, 22 January 1695 N.S., congratulating Tenison on his appointment as Archbishop and commending poor French refugees to him, and also 'Lord Ronsel', whom the late Archbishop had taken under his protection [see item 119]. 2 ff.
116 Names of a Committee of the House of Commons to report to the Speaker on a 'Bill for regulating select vestrys and preventing abuses arising thereby read a 2nd time', appointed 11 February 1696. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
117 Order for release of John Gardiner from the custody of the sheriff of Suffolk on a writ of habeas corpus, 27 November 1696. Latin. Endorsed. 1 f.
118 Petition by the Master, Wardens, and Assistants of the Corporation of Weavers of Canterbury to Tenison, urging him to support a Bill, which has been read twice in the House of Commons, 'for Restraining the wearing the East India and Persia wrought silks and Bengalls etc. in England', 30 March 1696. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
119 Oath of allegiance to William III by Count Adrian Adornes, Baron of Corthny, Lord of Ronsele etc., born a subject of the King of Spain at Ghent in Flanders, at Dublin, 7 April 1696. Seal. 2 ff. Cf. MS. 711 ff. 89-130 and MS. 952, item 50.
120 Letter from Cardell Goodman, actor and adventurer, [to Tenison], 10 April 1696, expressing gratitude for a favour. 2 ff.
121 Petition by Ralph Blackhall to William III alleging mis-management in the Post Office and proposing reforms, from Ball Alley in Coleman Street, [1696]. The depositions include names of the clerks. 8 ff.
122 Letter from Paul Sellyes, a Hungarian, to Tenison, from Oxford, 23 April 1696, asking for help at one of the universities. Latin. 1 f.
123 Statement read in court by Alexander Knightley during his trial for treason, [20 May 1696]. Endorsed by Tenison. Printed State trials, 1777, IV, 778-9. 2 ff.
124 Letter from Anthony Woodson, curate of West Tarring, to Tenison, from West Tarring, 31 July 1696, seeking that the sequestration of West Tarring be made effective for payment of arrears of his salary of £40, the tithes having been sold by Dr. [John] Harison, the vicar, for life. Asks that the Chancellor of Chichester, who works against him, be directed to implement it. Seal. 2 ff.
125 Letter from Matthew Sylvester, nonconformist divine, to Tenison, from West Tarring, 8 June 1696, presenting a book [sc. Reliquiae Baxteriana, 1696], the author of which had bequeathed his writings to Sylvester. 2 ff.
126 Letter from John Paterson, Archbishop of Glasgow, to Tenison, from Norwich, 22 June 1696, informing him that he is staying in a minister's house, and asking him to intercede with the king to allow his return to Scotland to care for his eleven children. 1 f.
127 Letter from Robert Wood to Tenison, from Norwich, 10 July 1696, about a poor gentleman who had been a prisoner for more than a year and whom he had wished Mr. Fermin to see at Garaways Coffee-house where he frequently met Mr. Finch of St. Thomas' Hospital. Seal. 1 f.
128 Letter from John Savage to Tenison, from Norwich, [11 September 1696], stating that he was despoiled of his estate in King James' time, and asking him to obtain part of the sum of £1,600 in the Exchequer belonging to him as he is in great want. 2 ff.
129 Propositions extracted from the reasons for the foundation and promotion of a Philadelphian Society which were read at the first meeting of Tenison in Westmorland-House, London, 1697. Endorsed by Tenison, 'from Mr. Roch' [Richard Roach, Rector of St. Augustine, Hackney]. [?] Wing P3779. 6 ff.
130 Reasons for the foundation and promotion of a Philadelphian Society, [1697]. Lacks title. 2 ff.
131 Note on a Polyglot Bible bound with Matthew Poole's Synopsis, [21 October 1697]. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
132 Draft petition by the executors in Spain of the will of Sir William Godolphin, made in Madrid, for leave to prove the whole will in the P.C.C. where Francis Godolphin and Elizabeth Godolphin, wife of Charles Godolphin, M.P., have taken out letters of administration and bar further proceedings in the P.C.C. by claiming parliamentary privilege, [5 March 1697]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
133 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, [to Tenison], 10 April 1697, expressing concern at the activities of John Toland and four Muggletonians in Dublin. Lords Montrath and Drogheda, Lords Justices, were absent from Easter Communion and are the source of rumours. Rejoices there are no Socinians in Ireland. 2 ff.
134 Letter from Bennet Sherard, 2nd Baron Sherard, [to Tenison], 24 April 1697, asking the archbishop to intercede with the king for remission of fine for renewing lease of property in Brewer Street. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
135 Letter from Charles Cope to Tenison, from Shadwell, 14 April 1697, concerning his difficulties as executor of his sister's will. 2 ff.
136 Letter from John Battely, Archdeacon of Canterbury, to Tenison, from Canterbury, 27 April 1697, on Mr. Ansell's penitence for the dishonour he has done his holy profession. Dr. [John] Aucher's health deteriorates. 1 f.
137 Opinion of Serjeant [Henry] Gould on behalf of the defendant in a suit concerning the right of presentation to the united parish of St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe and St. Anne, Blackfriars, [May 1697]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Mr. [Robert] Blake's case [Rector 1694] concerning his contest with D. Burd[?]'. 2 ff.
138 Letter from George Oxenden, Vicar-General, to Tenison, 2 June 1697, concerning arrangements for a metropolitical visitation. Endorsed by Tenison, 'About vis. of S. Asaph diocese'. Seal. 2 ff.
139 Opinion by Ralph Grainge on a case of simony concerning the living of Llansantfraid-yn-Mechain apparently involving the diocesan bishop, 6 July 1697. Endorsed by Tenison. See also 44, 46, 48. 1 f.
140 Letter from Philip Falle, Prebendary of Durham (1700), to -, 21 September 1697, forwarding a memorandum from Jersey for transmission to Tenison recommending [Thomas] Tramalier [Tramailler] for the vacant deanery of Jersey. 1 f.
141 Answer by Richard Roach, Rector of St. Augustine, Hackney, to five queries concerning his Philadelphian beliefs, [November 1697]. Endorsed by Tenison. 6 ff.
142 Judgment in case of disputed election of Alban or Placid Francis, O.S.B., and Maurice Knightley as Abbot of Lamspringe, Germany, [5 October 1697]. Latin copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
143 Letter from William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel, to Tenison, from Cashel, 30 March 1698, concerning D[ean] J[ephson], who expects to receive the next bishopric, and hoping one so underserving will not be made bishop. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
144 Letter from John Mandevile, Chancellor of Lincoln, and (1722) Dean of Peterborough, to Tenison, from Lincoln, 20 August 1698, reporting the election of [John] Adamson and Mr. Wotton as 'Convocation-Men', and opposition to the election of [Laurence] Echard. Sir Edward Hussey, 3rd Bart., elected burgess for the city of Lincoln with over a hundred votes more than Sir Thomas Mares, and even more than Sir John Bolles, 4th Bart. Seal. 2 ff.
145 Letter from J. Newdigate to Tenison, from Lincoln, 5 February 1699, asking for an appointment. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Newdigate Societies'. 2 ff.
146 Letter from William Wake, subsequently (1716) Archbishop of Canterbury, to Tenison, from Lincoln, 9 April 1699, submitting his refusal of the see of Bristol to the primate's determination. Endorsed by Tenison, 'D. Wake's 2d Letter'. 2 ff.
147 Rules for an annual meeting of the Archdeaconry of Chester for relief of widows and children of poor clergy, with lists of those relieved in 1697 and 1698, [March 1699]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'D. Antwizzle's [Edmund Entwisle, Archdeacon of Chester] paper concerning charter to ministers' widows and wishing incorporation'. See 933/20. 2 ff.
148 Letters testimonial of the good behaviour of Edward Marston, Clerk, 14 May 1699. Signed by Nathaniel Ellison, Vicar of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and Theophilus Pickering, Rector of Gateshead. Latin. 1 f.
149 Letter from the churchwardens and vestry of Trinity church, New York, to Tenison, from New York, 22 May 1699, praising the help given by the late Governor of New York, Benjamin Fletcher, in building a church, and describing the enmity of the new Governor [Richard Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont], particularly in connexion with a seven-year lease of a farm. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
150 Letter from James Vernon, Principal Secretary of State, to Tenison, from New York, 15 July 1699, sending a further account of the [French] refugees by Mr. [George] Stepney. 2 ff.
151 Letter from John Wallis, mathematician, to Tenison, from Oxford, 31 August 1699, discussing a proposed change to the Gregorian calendar, and criticising Locke's proposal to omit the next eleven leap-years. 2 ff.
152 Letter from William Wills, [Rector of Dowlish Wake], to Tenison, from Dowlish Wake, Somerset, 26 December 1699, proposing for the suppression of profaneness: (1) suppression of ale-houses alias Hell houses, but not inns in market towns; (2) authority for ministers to make affidavits to J.P.s or at Sessions of all disorders in their parishes. 2 ff.
153 Letter from Thomas Greene, Bishop of Ely (1723), to Tenison, from Dowlish Wake, Somerset, 13 April 1700, reporting the value of St. Margaret, West Cliffe, and Buckland, Kent, and the next appointment to them. Mentions Thomas Watson, deprived Bishop of St. David's. 2 ff.
154 Statement with corrections by Tenison of the possibly simoniacal presentation of James Mead, schoolmaster of Benenden, to the rectory of Benenden, 26 April 1700. 2 ff.
155 Letter from John Somers, Lord Somers, Lord Chancellor, to the rectory of Benenden, 4 May 1700, referring to the Archbishop's approaching visit and asking for particulars of a house Tenison thought might suit him. 2 ff.
156 Letter from Edward Villiers, 1st Earl of Jersey, to the rectory of Benenden, from Hampton Court, 22 May 1700, informing him that the king had conferred the vacant prebend of Worcester on [Miles] Stapylton, and desiring him to inform the other Commissioners. 2 ff.
157 Letter from Tenison to the Bishops in the Commission for ecclesiastical appointments, from Lambeth, 23 May 1700, sending a copy of the previous item (156). Stapylton, who is Lord Jersey's chaplain, is a good man. Cannot say the same of Mr. Smalwood who is recommended by another peer. Copy. 2 ff.
158 Letter from Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely, to Tenison, from Ely, 25 May 1700, stating that if the king has decided to confer the prebend of Worcester on Stapylton the Bishops have nothing to do in the matter. Seal. 1 f.
159 Letter from Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, to the Tenison, from Salisbury, 25 May [1700], hoping that the archbishop will look on the letter [from the Earl of Jersey] as superseding their commission and that he will surrender it to the king. Desires to be left out of the Commission if continued on present lines, and wishes Tenison had stood his ground earlier. 2 ff.
160 Letter from John Moore, Bishop of Norwich and (1707) Ely, to the Tenison, from Salisbury, 27 May 1700, regretting that the king should take action prejudicial to the Commission for ecclesiastical appointments. The Commission cannot approve the promotion of anyone of bad character. 2 ff.
161 Letter from John Sharp, Archbishop of York, to the Tenison, from Bishopthorpe, 29 May 1700, acquiescing in the king's pleasure on the Worcester prebend. Hopes Tenison will remind the king of the expectations of his old chaplains. His pleasure that Tenison has recommended the Bishop of Gloucester for the Mastership of the Savoy. Seal. 2 ff.
162 Special marriage licence for Sir John Woodhouse, 4th Bart., and Elizabeth Benson, of Wrenthorpe, Yorks., 17 June 1700. With interlinear addition attested. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Copies of licence of marriage not known if seen by me'. The original of this licence in the Faculty Office was issued without Tenison's authorisation. 2 ff.
163 Letter from Theophilus Dorrington, Rector of Wittersham, to Humphrey Hody, Chaplain to Tenison, from Wittersham, 14 September 1700, on a nest of Dissenters, mainly Anabaptists, in the parish. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
164 Anonymous letter to Tenison, 1 January 1701, complaining about the unfitness of the recently appointed vicar of Nuneaton, Warks. 2 ff.
165 Letter from Michael Glyd to Tenison, from Barbados, 3 December 1701, referring to the disposal of books (the Guide of a Christian) by Ralph Grey, 4th Baron Grey of Warke, the late Governor, entrusted to Glyd by Tenison when at Lambeth. 2 ff.
166 Petition by the Readers of Gresham College concerning the interruption of their salaries and a proposed scheme for rebuilding, [9 May 1701]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
167 Petition by French refugee ministers to Tenison to be restored to the list for the royal bounty at the rate of £24 for their maintenance and £10 for their wives, [3 January 1702]. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
168 Receipt by P. Roussilhon, minister, for sums raised in four churches in London for the maintenance of their eight ministers, 7 October 1705. French. Endorsed. 2 ff.
169 Loyal address by the Archbishops, Bishops and the rest of the clergy of the Province of Canterbury assembled in Convocation, [1701]. Draft with corrections. Endorsed. 2 ff.
170 Letter from Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely, to Tenison, from Ely, 4 August 1701, requesting a dispensation for his chaplain [Savile] Wharton to hold two livings. Hopes the king will appoint Dr. Edw [Edwards] to Chelsea College, and will accept the Commissioners' recommendations. 1 f.
171 Letter from Sir Richard Bulkeley, 2nd Bart., to Tenison, from Dublin, 9 August 1701, concerning his intended foundation of a college and school at Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 2 ff.
172 'Act enabling Her Majesty to appoint Commissioners to Treat for an Union betwixt the two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, June 25th 1702'. Printed Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, 1824, XI, 26. 2 ff.
173, 175 Original and copy of a petition by Peter Mews, Bishop of Winchester, to the King for the grant of Canons to the Island of Jersey, none having been granted since the Restoration, with a clause abrogating acts contrary to the tenor of the Canons of 1604 and a clause concerning the power of the Crown to confirm them, [March 1700]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 + 2 ff.
174 Letter from the Scottish Parliament to Queen Anne, 25 June 1702, concerning the Act of Union. Copy. Printed Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, 1824, XI, 26-7. 2 ff.
175 Original of item 173. 2 ff.
176 'A Short Account of the Grey Coat Hospital in Tuttle Fields, 23 January 1702', with a statement of account showing a debit balance. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
FindingAidsItems 45, 48-50, 82, 98, 149 also noted in Charles M. Andrews and Frances G. Davenport, 'Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in Minor London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge' (Washington, 1908), p. 289:
942. 45. "Extract from the Journals of Virginia and Maryland of 1691-92-1694 shewing how acceptable Coll: Francis Nicholson hath been and is to those Governments."
942. 48. Copy of the charter of William and Mary College, Virginia. Dated 8 Feb. 4 Wm. and Mary.
942. 49. "Remarks from [on] the Charter of William and Mary College in Virginia." n. d.
942. 50. Paper beginning "Sir E. Andr. [os] is an enemy to the College of W. and M. in Virga." n. d.
942. 82. Copy of Geo. Everett's Memorial to the Lords of the Councill, appointing a Committee of Trade and Plantations. London, February 25, 1694/5.
942. 98. Letter to Archbishop Tenison from the Maryland Assembly relative to acts for the establishment of the Protestant religion in the province. Annapolis, May 22, 1695.
Printed in Bishop Perry's 'Historical Collections relating to the American Colonial Church' (4 vols.), treating the colonies of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and Delaware.
942. 149. Letter to Archbishop Tenison from the churchwardens and vestry of Trinity Church in New York concerning the enmity of the then governor to the church. May 22, 1699.
Transcribed by Dr. Francis L. Hawks, historiographer to the American Episcopal Church, during his visit to England in 1836.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 199

MS. 942/4, MS. 942/48-50, MS. 942/82, MS. 942/98, and MS. 942/149 [American material]:
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 772

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
Lambeth Palace Library: Miscellaneous American Material. Reel 1 (with other MSS.)
Copies of the microfilm may be available in other libraries.

Copies are available from the British Library Microform Research Collections:
RelatedMaterialFor MS 942/50, see also MS 954/60
PublnNoteMS 942, no. 47: Peter Hoare, "Archbishop Tenison's Library in St Martin's-in-the-Fields: the building and its history", 'London Topographical Record', Vol. XXIX, 2006 [H5195.L8W3]
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The new world: a catalogue of an exhibition of books, maps, manuscripts and documents, held at Lambeth Palace Library between 1 May and 1 December, 1957 : together with transcripts of five unpublished documents in the Library relating to the early history of the American continent. ff31 [Z921.L6L2]
Temple, Liam Peter, Mysticism in early modern England (Boydell Press, 2019) [G5077.G7T4]

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NA2943Charles II (1630-1685); King of Great Britain and Ireland1630-1685
GB/109/18240Charlett; Arthur (1655-1722); Master of University College Oxford1655-1722
DS/UK/6049Diocese of Chester; 1541-1541-
GB/109/18245Coling; Joseph (fl. 1678); Marshal of the King's Benchfl. 1678
GB/109/18246Comber; Thomas (1645-1699); Dean of Durham1645-1699
NA1602Province of Canterbury; Convocation
GB/109/18247Coote; Richard (1636-1701); 1st Earl of Bellomont1636-1701
GB/109/7337Diocese of Coventry and Lichfield; -1837-1837
GB/109/17153Cutts; Lord; John (c 1660-1707); Baron Cutts of Gowranc 1660-1707
GB/109/18258Donellan; Nehemiah (c. 1565-1609); Prime Serjeant at Lawc. 1565-1609
GB/109/18259Dopping; Anthony (1643-1697); Bishop of Meath1643-1697
GB/109/18262Diocese of Down and Dromore; Church of Ireland
DS/UK/6194Alleyn's College of God's Gift; 1619-; public school1619-
GB/109/18266Duncombe; William (fl. 1689-1695); Lord Justice of Irelandfl. 1689-1695
GB/109/18267Dunster; Thomas (d. 1719); Warden of Wadham College, Oxfordd. 1719
GB/109/18270Echard; Laurence (c. 1672-1730); Prebendary of Lincolnc. 1672-1730
GB/109/11926England and Wales; Court of Wards and Liveries; 1540-16601540-1660
DS/UK/5192England and Wales; Privy Council; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/13906James II (1633-1701); King of Great Britain and Ireland1633-1701
GB/109/18271Commissioners of Customs; 12th century-1643; Customs authority prior to the introduction of the Boards of Customs and Excise for England & Waleswere appointed12th century-1643
GB/109/18274Falle; Philip (1656-1742); Historian; Clergyman1656-1742
GB/109/18278Ferdinand II (1578-1637); Holy Roman Emperor1578-1637
GB/109/18282Fitzcharles; Charles (c. 1657-1680); Earl of Plymouthc. 1657-1680
GB/109/18284Fletcher; Benjamin (fl. 1692-1699); Governor of New Yorkfl. 1692-1699
GB/109/18285Foley; Samuel (1655-1695); Bishop of Down and Connor1655-1695
NA2940Fowler; Edward (1632-1714); Bishop of Gloucester1632-1714
GB/109/18287Foy; Nathaniel (1648-1707); Bishop of Waterford1648-1707
75Gibson; Edmund (1669-1748); Bishop of London1669-1748
GB/109/7288Diocese of Gloucester; 1541-18361541-1836
GB/109/18295Godolphin; Sir; William (c. 1635-1696); Diplomatc. 1635-1696
GB/109/18299Gresham College; c. 1600-; Educational establishmentc. 1600-
GB/109/18300Hayward; Sir; John (c. 1564-1627); Civil Lawyerc. 1564-1627
GB/109/15349Henri IV (1553-1610); King of France and Navarre1553-1610
NA3023Hooper; George (1640-1727); Bishop of Bath and Wells1640-1727
GB/109/18313Hyde; Laurence (c. 1642-1711); 1st Earl of Rochesterc. 1642-1711
GB/109/13455Trinity College Dublin; 1592-1592-
GB/109/18316Church of Ireland; Diocese of Dublin
NA2506James I (1566-1625); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1566-1625
GB/109/18322Killigrew; Sir; William (c. 1606-1695)c. 1606-1695
GB/109/18323King; Robert (c. 1599-1676); Head of Trinity College Cambridgec. 1599-1676
618Lambeth Palace Library; 1610-1610-
35Laud; William (1573-1645); Archbishop of Canterbury1573-1645
GB/109/18326Leers; Arnout (fl. 1662-1695); Printerfl. 1662-1695
GB/109/18328Levinge; Sir; Richard (1656-1724); 1st Bart.; Judge1656-1724
NA1252Diocese of Lincoln
GB/109/18330Littleton; Edward (1589-1645); Baron Littleton; Solicitor General1589-1645
GB/109/10935Lloyd; William (1627-1717); Bishop of Worcester1627-1717
GB/109/18331Lockier; Francis (c. 1669-1740); Dean of Peterborough (1695)c. 1669-1740
GB/109/18332Grey Coat Hospital; Westminster; 1666-; School for Girls1666-
137Diocese of London
GB/109/11025Montagu; Edward (1602-1671); 2nd Earl of Manchester1602-1671
GB/109/16425Marsh; Narcissus (1638-1713); Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh1638-1713
GB/109/9115Mew; Peter (1619-1706); Bishop of Winchester1619-1706
GB/109/18342Meyrick; Sir; William (c. 1595-1669); Civil Lawyerc. 1595-1669
GB/109/18344Montagu; Henry (c. 1564-1642); 1st Earl of Manchester (1626)c. 1564-1642
GB/109/18345Montagu; John (c. 1654-1728); Master of Trinity College, Cambridgec. 1654-1728
GB/109/18348Moreton; William (c. 1640-1715); Bishop of Meathc. 1640-1715
GB/109/15510Morland; Sir; Samuel (1625-1695); 1st Baronet; Knight; natural philosopher, diplomat1625-1695
GB/109/18351Narborough; Sir; John (c. 1640-1688); Admiralc. 1640-1688
GB/109/10725Nicholson; Sir; Francis (1660-1728); Knight; colonial governor1660-1728
NA2970Diocese of Norwich
DS/UK/5100Diocese of Norwich; Bishop
GB/109/18354Oxenden; George (c. 1651-1703); lawyerc. 1651-1703
179Diocese of Oxford; 1545-1545-
GB/109/8163Oxford University Press
180University of Oxford
DS/UK/5109University of Oxford; All Souls College; 1438-1438-
GB/109/17144Palliser; William (1646-1727); Archbishop of Cashel1646-1727
GB/109/17957Parker; Samuel (1640-1688); Bishop of Oxford1640-1688
GB/109/18356Paschall; Andrew (c. 1631-1696); Chancellor of Wellsc. 1631-1696
GB/109/17595Paterson; John (1632-1708); Archbishop of Glasgow1632-1708
GB/109/15589Patrick; Simon (1626-1707); Bishop of Ely1626-1707
DS/UK/3278Pepys; Samuel (1633-1703); MP, diarist, public servant, antiquary1633-1703
GB/109/18359General Post Office; 1660-19691660-1969
GB/109/18363Prideaux; Humphrey (1648-1724); Dean of Norwich1648-1724
GB/109/18365Pullein; Tobias (1648-1713); Bishop of Dromore (1695)1648-1713
GB/109/18368Randolph; Edward (c. 1632-1703); Colonial Adminstratorc. 1632-1703
GB/109/9057Reynolds; Edward (1599-1676); Bishop of Norwich1599-1676
GB/109/18374Sackville; Charles (1643-1706); 6th Earl of Dorset; 1st Earl of Middlesex1643-1706
GB/109/9238Diocese of St. Asaph
GB/109/18378Scott; James (1649-1685); Duke of Monmouth; 1st Duke of Buccleuch1649-1685
DS/UK/4980Sharp; John (1645-1714); Archbishop of York1645-1714
GB/109/18391Smyth; Edward (c. 1662-1720); Bishop of Down and Connor (1699)c. 1662-1720
GB/109/15756Somers; John (1651-1716); 1st Baron Somers; Lord Chancellor1651-1716
GB/109/18394Spencer; Charles (1675-1722); 3rd Earl of Sunderland; Politician1675-1722
GB/109/18395Spencer; John (c. 1630-1693); College Headc. 1630-1693
GB/109/18397Sidney; Henry (1641-1704); 1st Earl of Romney1641-1704
GB/109/18398Sylvester; Matthew (c. 1636-1708); Divinec. 1636-1708
GB/109/18399Taylor; Jeremy (c. 1613-1667); Bishop of Down and Connorc. 1613-1667
DS/UK/5740Tenison; Anne (-1714); née Love; wife of Archbishop Tenison-1714
GB/109/18401Tenison; Richard (1642-1705); Bishop of Clogher, and Meath (1697)1642-1705
31Tillotson; John (1630-1694); Archbishop of Canterbury1630-1694
GB/109/18405Trenchard; Sir; John (1649-1695); Secretary of State1649-1695
DS/UK/3216Tunstall; Cuthbert (1474-1559); Bishop of Durham1474-1559
GB/109/17190Vesey; John (1638-1716); Bishop of Tuam (1679-1716)1638-1716
GB/109/18000Villiers; George (1592-1628); 1st Duke of Buckingham; royal favourite1592-1628
29Wake; William (1657-1737); Archbishop of Canterbury1657-1737
43Warham; William (?1450-1532); Archbishop of Canterbury?1450-1532
GB/109/6778Watson; Thomas (1637-1717); Bishop of St David's1637-1717
NA2489William III (1650-1702); King of Great Britain and Ireland, Prince of Orange1650-1702
NA1874Diocese of Winchester
GB/109/15952Wren; Matthew (1585-1667); Bishop of Ely1585-1667
DS/UK/5350Wyche; Cyrill John (1867-1945); Chancellor of Grahamstown Cathedral and Archdeacon of Cradock1867-1945
164Province of Canterbury; Court of Arches
DS/UK/3476Bray; Thomas (1656-1730); clergyman1656-1730
GB/109/24031Locke; John (1632-1704); philosopher1632-1704
GB/109/19696Jablonski; Daniel Ernst (1660-1741); German theologian and reformer1660-1741
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