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TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsists of:
1 Letter from Samuel Walsall, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, to John Williams, Lord Keeper, Bishop of Lincoln, and later (1641) Archbishop of York, from Cambridge, 19 June 1622, explaining why one Ramsey could not be elected to a Fellowship. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
2 Letter in the hand of David Jordan, pastor and assistant moderator for the Vaudois, [to Tenison], from Frankfort-am-Main, 28 November 1699, concerning the sufferings of the Vaudois at Darmstadt despite charitable aid given to them. Sends acts of a colloquy held at Frankfort. See item 3.
Also signed by [Jacques] Rapon, pastor and moderator for the Vaudois, and J[acob] Moutoux, pastor to the Vaudois. French. 2 ff.
3 'Actes du Colloque tenu à Francfort sur le Mein le 22, 23 et 24e Novembre 1699 stile vieux par les Pasteurs et les députés des Eglises Vaudoises qui sont établies dans le pays de Darmstadt et dans les Estats voisins'. French. Endorsed by Tenison. See item 2. 2 ff.
4 Extracts concerning Cambridge University taken from a printed book, and headed 'Ex Antiquitate Britannica et praecipue Ecclesiae Cantuariensis historia', 17th cent. The entries have not been traced in Parker's De antiquitate ecclesiae. 2 ff.
5 Extracts from the statutes of Caius College, Cambridge, concerning a dispute between the Master and Fellows, early 18th cent. On the back occurs the name 'J. Ellys' (i.e. John Ellys, Master 1703-16). 8 ff.
6 Extracts from the statutes of Eton College, 17th cent. Also included is a copy by Tenison of a letter from Queen Elizabeth I to the Provost and Fellows of Eton, 11 June 1566, giving permission to hold benefices valued at over £10 but under 40 marks. 4 ff.
7 Injunctions, orders, and directions from Charles I to the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Heads of Houses, Proctors, officers and all other students in Cambridge University, from Newmarket, 4 March 1630. Copy. Heading in Tenison's hand. 2 ff.
8 Attested copies of documents concerning Cambridge University, 1630-74:
Injunctions, orders, and directions by Charles I, 4 March 1630.
Letter from Charles II, from Whitehall, 15 December 1669, concerning the enforcement of discipline.
Letter from James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, Chancellor, to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate, from Newmarket, 8 October 1674, forbidding that sermons should be read.
Statute 'De modestia et morum urbanitate'. 6 ff.
9 'The case of the Printing-House at Cambridge', concerning a house in Queens' College garden proposed by the Master and Warden of the Stationers' Company for their printing house in 1696, and the subsequent release by the university of the stationers from 'all obligation of printing soe much as a Bible in ye University', c.1699. 2 ff.
10 Objections by the University of Oxford to a Bill brought in during the last session of Parliament and to any similar Bill for abolishing licensing of the press, 2 December 1695. Copy. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Oxf. obj. ag. scheme of Printing Act. 1694. 95'. 2 ff.
11 Statement by the Vice-Chancellor and certain Heads of Houses of Cambridge University on the interpretation of the statute concerning compounders, 1686. Copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
12 Cambridge University. 'Certain Queries relateing to ye University humbly submitted to consideration', consisting of proposals for the reform of college and university statutes, with a transcript of the statutes granted by James II in 1685, c.1714. Endorsed by Tenison. 8 ff.
13 Notes in the hand of Samuel Walsall, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (d. 1626), for the history of the college, including a plan of the disposition of rooms temp. Matthew Parker [Archbishop of Canterbury]. 12 ff.
14 Form of consecration of the chapel of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, by Peter Gunning, Bishop of Ely, Michaelmas 1677. Printed in J. Wickham Legg, English Orders for consecrating churches (Henry Bradshaw Society vol.XLI no.xxviii), 1911. 7 ff.
15 Petition by an unnamed member of Wadham College, Oxford, to Tenison as Visitor for amendment of the statutes, [1694]. 6 ff.
16 Memorandum of resolutions agreed by the Delegates of Cambridge University Press 'for ye procureing of ye books due to our Library by vertue of ye Act of Parliament in ye 17 of Car.2 [17 Chas.II cap.4]', 21 April 1674. Endorsed by Tenison, '1674. Agreement of Delegates of Univ[ersity] of Camb[ridge] about books to be sent by ye Stat[ioners] to univers[ity] libr[ary]'. 2 ff.
17 Petition by twenty-three graduates and students of Cambridge University to the House of Commons against the wearing of surplices in chapel and hall, [1643]. Copy. Note by Tenison, 'Taken (April 18 1677) from ye copy of Mr. John Buck, Esquire Bedell, and he thought ye time was about 1643'. 2 ff.
18 Part of 933/41. 2 ff.
19 Copy by Tenison of a letter from George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, to the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of Cambridge University, from Wallingford House, 28 May 1671, on his election as Chancellor. Also the text of a speech by him on the same subject given in London, with various jottings including notes on Izaak Walton's life of George Herbert (1670). 1 f.
20 Letter from Thomas Rivers, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, to [Richard] Willis, Fellow of the same college, from Oxford, 19 September 1699, desiring the late general ill-conduct of elections to be examined by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
21 Opinion by Sir Edward Northey on a case stated by Thomas Dutton concerning the right claimed by the Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, to negative elections of Fellows, 9 October 1710. 9 ff.
22 Founder's kin of All Souls College, Oxford. A certificate by the College of Arms that Thomas Digges, son of Sir Dudley Digges and grandson of Sir Thomas Kemp, is kin of Archbishop Chichele, 21 December 1629, with a letter from Archbishop Abbot on the same subject, from Lambeth, 19 December 1629. Certified by Peers Mauduit, Windsor Herald, and Robert Dale, Blanch Lion Herald, 15 August 1694. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
23 All Souls College, Oxford. Pedigree of Nicholas Leigh, of Addington, Surrey, esq., tracing his descent from Archbishop Chichele. Certified by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux King of Arms, 30 July 1579, and exhibited by [Thomas] Boys in a claim for a Fellowship in the same year. Seal of the College of Arms in a wooden skippet.
24 All Souls College, Oxford. Blazoned pedigree of William Boys claiming descent from Archbishop Chichele, 17 September 1691.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 198

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