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TitlePrinted Material
DescriptionMainly printed items as follows:
1 [John Humphrey], A draught for a national church accommodation, whereby the subjects of north and south Britain, however different in their judgments concerning episcopacy and presbytery may yet be united in regard to the queen's headship over both in one church as well as kingdom of Great Britain, [Printed] London, for A. Baldwin in Warwick Lane, 1709. 31 pp.
2 [Edward Stephens], Questions concerning the proper and peculiar Christian worship, [1705]. 4 pp.
3 [Thomas Crisp], Some considerations (concerning the Quakers) of concernment to the Church of England, propounded in a letter to the worthy author of the Snake in the Grass &c., London, printed and are to be sold by C. Brome at the west end of St. Paul's, [1697]. Wing C6954. 8 pp.
4 La statue equestre de Louis le Grand placée dans le Temple de la Gloire. Dessein du feu d'artifice élevé sur la rivière de Seine, Paris, de l'imprimerie de la Veuve Vaugon rue de la vieille Bouclerie à la Banière de France, 1699. 12 pp.
5 The Lord Haversham's vindication of his speech in Parliament November 15 1705, London, printed by Dr. Leach for W.H. and sold by B. Bragg in Ave-Maria lane, 1705. John Thompson, 1st Baron Haversham, moved an address to the Queen to call to England the heir presumptive Sophia of Brunswick. 8 pp.
6 A short account how the kingdom of Denmark became hereditary and absolute by a difference betwixt the Lords and Commons, London, for A. Baldwin in Warwick Lane, 1700. 8 pp.
7 [Sir Theodore Janssen], A discourse concerning banks, London, for James Knapton at the Crown in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1697. Wing J485A. 8 pp.
8 Mr. Higgins's printed case relating to Sir Rich. Bulkley and Col. Forster prov'd notoriously false and scandalous, Dublin, for F. Dickson on Cork Hill, 1711. Refutes charges that Bulkley and Forster claimed that the crown was elective and that the Queen might be deposed. 4 pp.
9 The case betwixt Mr. Pool and Mr. Cornelius Bee considered and decided, [? 1677]. Relates to Matthew Poole's claim to print a synopsis of Bee's Criticks, i.e. Critici sacri in Biblia, 1660. Wing C859. 8 pp.
10 The Swan Tripe-Club in Dublin. A satyr dedicated to all those who are true friends to her present majesty and her government, to the Church of England, and the succession as by law establish'd, and who gratefully acknowledg the preservation of their religion rights and liberties due to the late king William of ever-glorious and immortal memory, printed at Dublin and sold by the booksellers in London and Westminster, 1706. Foxon T496. Attributed to Swift but thought by Foxon more plausibly attributable to William King. 20 pp.
11 The life and character of Dr. Gilbert Burnet, lord bishop of Sarum, from his cradle in Scotland to his episcopal chair in England, London, printed by Rich. Newcomb in Wine Office Court, Fleet Street, 1710. Woodcut. 4 pp.
12 A letter from the borders of Scotland Watson concerning a defence of the late Bishop of St. Davids [Thomas] said to be made and published by Mr. [Robert] Ferguson, [1702]. Headed Letter B. Incomplete. 8 pp.
13 [Edward Stephens], A good and necessary proposal for the restitution of catholick communion between the Greek churches and the Church of England, [Printed, 1705]. Proposes a house in London for Greek students, attempts to settle them in Oxford having failed. See 935/30. 2 pp.
14 A true copy of a letter from the queen's most excellent majesty to his grace the lord archbishop of Canterbury to be communicated to the bishops and clergy of his province in Convocation assembled and accordingly read to them in the Jerusalem Chamber March 1 1705, printed. Two copies. 2 pp.
15 [John Ross], A brief admonition to the members of the Church of England who attend the publick service of it, for W. Hawes at the Bible and Rose in Ludgate Street, 1706. 4 pp.
16 Poland. Relatio compendiosa professionis sanctae fidei catholicae quae facta est in manu serenissimi principis christiani Augusti ex ducibus Saxoniae episcopi Iaurinensis per serenissimum electorem Saxoniae die SS Trinitatis Badenae in Austria anno 1697. Refers to Frederick Augustus, Elector of Saxony, crowned king of Poland as Augustus II. 2 pp.
17 [Edmund Gibson], An account of the proceedings in Convocation in a cause of contumacy commenc'd April 10 1707 occasion'd by the publishing a protestation made against it in one of the common news-papers, [1707]. 18 pp.
18 Some few of the Quakers many horrid blasphemies heresies and their bloody treasonable principles destructive to government. Deliver'd to the members of both Houses of the Lords and Commons in the month of March 1698/9, London, for Rich. Janeway jun. on Addle-Hill near Doctors Commons, 1699. Wing S4506. 20 pp.
19 A letter to a member of the House of Commons in answer to the reasons against passing the Church Bill, [1707]. 8 pp.
20 Forma precum in utraque domo Convocationis, London, Charles Bill and Tho. Newcomb, 1689. Wing C4184. 16 pp.
21 A memento to the East-India companies or an abstract of a remonstrance presented to the House of Commons by the East-India Company in the year 1628 with some few animadversions thereon, London, 1700. Wing M1664. 28 pp.
22 The profit and loss of the East-India trade stated and humbly offer'd to the consideration of the present Parliament, London, 1700. Wing S175. 24 pp.
22A A thanksgiving for our late wonderful deliverance, London, for Richard Chiswel at the Rose and Crown in S. Paul's Churchyard, 1689. 8 pp.
22B A prayer for charity peace and unity to be used in Lent, London, for Ric. Chiswell at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1690. Wing P3188. 8 pp.
23 An account of Dr. [William] Assheton's proposal (as improved and managed by the worshipful Company of Mercers, London) for the benefit of widows of clergymen and others by settling joyntures and annuities at the rate of thirty per cent, London, for B. Aylmer against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, 1699. Wing A203. 24 pp.
24 [Robert Nelson], An earnest exhortation to house-keepers to set up the worship of God in their families with daily prayers for morning and evening, London, printed and sold by J. Downing in Bartholomew Close near West Smithfield, second edition, 1702. 24 pp.
25 A morning oblation, c.1690. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Taken at Mr. Bennet's a popish priest'. 4 pp.
26 An account of Mr. John Pilkington's publick recantation of the errors of the Romish church containing also the means and manner of his conviction etc., London, Daniel Brown and others, 1699. 16 pp.
27 The Oxford almanack for the year of our Lord God 1703, Oxford, at the Theater, 1703. 72 pp.
28 Articles agreed upon by the arch-bishops and bishops of both provinces and the whole clergie in the Convocation holden at London in the year 1562 ... re-printed by his majesties commandment, London, Robert Barker and assigns of John Bill, 1633. STC ?10058. 24 pp.
29 Petition by George Wither 'both on behalf of the Commonwealth and of himself' to Parliament, concerning the manor of Little Horsly [Horkesley], Essex, purchased by him from the Trustees for the sale of estates forfeited for treason, being part of the estate of John Denham, and the sale of it again by the Trustees to the assignee of Thomas Offly in satisfaction of a pretended mortgage, c.1650. Printed. 1 f.
Twenty-nine copies on many of which are notes by William Griffith of the Request Office, including the first page of chapter 1 of a book by him entitled Auctorum scriptorum que Anglicorum index expurgatorius or amendments upon several antient and modern English writers, a note on the restoration of a cross at Coventry, on 'philosophical experiments and relations', on heraldry, on a portrait of Archbishop Whitgift in the possession of Colonel Gervase Holies, a Master of Requests, and on honorary and ecclesiastical titles.
30 'Ars crysopaea universalis et particularis seu panacea metallica vel medicina catholica, et particularia metamorphosia lunae', c.1700. Latin. 21 ff.
31 A collection of medical recipes, including some by Dr. Christopher Langton (d. 1578) and Dr. William Butler (d. 1618), probably compiled in the early 17th century. English and Latin. Also a recipe to cure a horse's cough in Tenison's hand 'for ye B. of Chich. [John Williams] May 1708', and an extract from John Ray's Historia plantarum, 1686-1704. 64 pp.
32 Preface to volume II of S. Anselmi ... theologia commentariis et disputationibus ... illustrata by Cardinal Joseph Saenz de Aguirre, c. 1690. 20 pp.
33 A copy of a letter sent from a gentleman in London to his friend in the country Nov. 12th giving some account of that day's solemnity, printed and sold by J. Nutt near Stationers' Hall, 1702. Concerns Queen Anne's state visit to St. Paul's to celebrate the military successes of that year. 2 pp.
34 An account of a design about erecting some libraries in the Highlands of Scotland for the use chiefley of ministers and probationers, c.1699. 4 pp.
35 Address [by Peter Allix] to all students of the Scriptures, perhaps being the introduction to a polyglot edition of the Bible, c. 1690. Printed. Latin. Two copies. 1 p.
36 The form of the proceeding to the royal coronation of her most excellent majesty queen Anne, printed in the Savoy by Edward Jones, 1702. 4 pp.
37 On the late invention of the new lights, London, printed by R. Roberts for William Rogers at the Sun over against St. Dunstan's church in Fleet Street, 1691. Wing 0314A. 2 pp.
38 A model of a college to be settled in the university for the education of some youths of the Greek church, [1695]. Endorsed by Tenison, '[Benjamin] Woodroffe's model of a Coll. for Greeks [at Oxford]'. Cordeaux and Merry 7358. 1 p. (large).
39 An exact plan of the city of Mons as fortified by the French since they took it in 1691, and A map of ye country about Mons, Conde, Valencienes, Maubuge, Charleroy &c., by C. Price and I. Senex. 4 pp.
40 A letter to a friend about the approaching jubilee, [1699]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Pamphlet conc. Millenium [Millennium] recd. June 28 99'. Also a page of manuscript addressed to Tenison. 2 pp.
41 A letter from an unknown hand shewing the great mischief of divisions in which is proposed a method how all persons and religions may be united. Dedicated to all the ministers of the Christian religion, London, printed by and for I. Dawks in Wardrobe Court in Great Carter Lane, St. Paul's, 1699. 4 pp.
42 The great grievance humbly complained of to her majesty in Council by the dean and ministers of her majesty's island of Jersey, [1703]. Concerns tithes. 1 p. (large).
43 Proclamation by Victor Amadeus II, Duke of Savoy, concerning the Vaudois, Turin per Antonio Valetta, 1694. Printed. Italian. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 p. (large).
44 [Thomas Orme], Observations upon the acts for annuities, c. 1694-8. Wing 0436A (where dated ? 1700). 4 pp.
45 An advertisement necessary to be observed in the navigation up and down the Channel of England. Communicated by a fellow of the Royal Society, printed for Sam. [Samuel] Smith and Benj. Walford printers to the Royal Society at the Prince's Arms, St. Paul's Churchyard, 1701. 1 p. (large).
46 A proclamation prohibiting all ecclesiastical meetings in synods or presbyteries until authorized and ordered by the archbishop and bishops, printed at Edinburgh and reprinted in London for Richard Thrale at the Crosse Keys entering into St. Paul's Churchyard, 1662. Steele 2222. 1 p.
47 Francis Bugg, The last will and testament of that impostor George Fox, for Francis Bugg and sold by C. Brome and J. Tayler in St. Paul's Churchyard, fifth edition, 1703. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 p. (large).
48 Address to George I. The Humble Address of the Protestant Dissenting ministers of the several denominations in and about the cities of London and Westminster, printed for M. Lawrence at the Angel in the Poultry and sold by J. Roberts in Warwick Lane, 1715. 6 pp.
49 Map of the river Tyne from Newcastle to Tynemouth, 17th cent. Printed. 1 p.
50 A new account of the alterations of the wind and weather by the discoveries of the portable barometer, and A journal of the wind and weather, by J. Patrick, barometer maker, for September 1700. Endorsed by Tenison. 3 pp.
51 [Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Meath], The case of the Dissenters of Ireland consider'd in reference to the sacramental test, Dublin, printed by Joseph Ray at the 3 Nags-Heads in Essex Street, 1695. Wing D1910. 6 pp.
52 The case of Jonathan [Trelawny], Bishop of Exon, and Gawen Hayman, clerk, plaintiffs, in a writ of error by them brought in the High-Court of Parliament against Sampson Hele, esq, defendant, for reversing a judgment obtained against them in a quare impedit by the now defendant, [1691]. Concerns the presentation of Francis Hodder. Endorsed by Tenison and another. See also items 53-54 and 942/40. 1 p.
53-54 The case of Sampson Hele, esq, against the right reverend father in God Jonathan, Lord Bishop of Exon, and Gawen Hayman, clerk, in a quare impedit now depending on a writ of error in the House of Lords, [1694]. See also item 52 and 942/40. 1 p. (three copies).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 197
PublnNoteMS 938, fol. 13: P. M. Doll (ed.), 'Anglicanism and Orthodoxy: 300 Years after the "Greek College" in Oxford', 2006 [H27.D6]

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