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Alt Ref NoMS 937
TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsists of:
1 Will of Sir William Petty, Kt., 2 May 1685. Copy. Printed A. Chalmers, General biographical dictionary, ed. 1815, XXIV, 413-19. 13 ff.
2 Opinion of Dom. Octavius Visconti on the oath of allegiance to William and Mary imposed on Roman Catholics, subscribed by him and five other canonists, [1691]. Latin copy. Endorsed by Tenison. See also 933/105, 117. 16 ff.
3 Skeleton outline of a treatise on jurisprudence, 17th cent. Latin. 17 ff.
4 Treatise concerning a consultation between the Emperor Amurath and the King of Hungary at a conference held on July 9th 1629 concerning the settlement of the Jesuits in Turkish dominions, [1689]. Latin. An English translation is 935/6. 25 ff.
5 A martyrology for the month of February, and an alphabetical list of saints A-E and R-W, 17th cent. 13 ff.
6 Narrative of events at Fort St. George, Madras, mainly concerning the administration of justice and mentioning Elihu Yale [mentioned on ff. 1r, 4v, 6r, 6v, 9v, 11r, 17v, 18v], beginning 12 May 1693. 22 ff.
7 Unsigned letter to Tenison, 3 June 1695, enclosing the next item, which the writer had intended to publish but instead submitted for private perusal. 2 ff.
8 'A Serious discourse about ye unwara[n]tablenes of ye kneeling posture in ye Act of receiving ye Lords Supper, and ye sinfulnes of its imposition. Together with a discovery of the sinful vanity of humane additions and traditional mixtures with ye worship of God and ye danger of it. Alsoe some observations relating to ye superstitious change of posture at ye rehearsal of ye Lord Prayer. With some reflections on ye mischeife of buyinge and selling spiritual livings relating to ye Ministry. With certain considerations about ye evill of Persecution, and ye cheife promoters of it in all ages of ye church', by 'a true freind to ye present Government', 1695. 31 ff.
9a-p Copies of fifteen ecclesiastical documents concerning the grant of licences and collations of benefices in various French dioceses to Master Anthony, Rector of Laussac, and Master Bernard Richon between 1678 and 1694. Latin. See also 942/74. 26 ff.
10 Notes on the Scriptures and on questions of theology in Latin but ending in English, 17th cent. 4 ff.
11 Letter from Johann Matthiae, Archbishop of Strengnäss, to Queen Christina of Sweden, 7 December 1655, on hearing rumours that she had abjured her faith for Roman Catholicism. Latin copy. 4 ff.
12 Copies of letters from William Griffith, assistant to Sir William Glascock, Master of Requests, 1674-7. See also 942/30. They are as follows:
To James Gourlaw at Newmarket, 6 October 1674, reporting news of a battle near Strasburg.
To - Jones at the Request Office, 6 October 1674, asking him to request Sir William Heywood to return two named books to him.
To James Gourlaw, 12 October 1674, with further news of military engagements.
To Tobias Rustal, Esq., 16 November 1674, asking him to intercede with the Dean of St. Paul's for a place in the gift of the commission for rebuilding the cathedral.
To - Burges at the Exchequer, 1 September 1675, concerning a patent and warrant for William Glascock.
To John Durel, later (1677) Dean of Windsor, 5 April 1676, about the payment of fees for an almsman's place at Durham for Martin Harbottle.
To Roger Andrews, Yeoman of the King's Ewry at the court at Newmarket, 7 April 1676, a convivial letter.
To John Durel, 7 August 1676, about Harbottle's fees.
To - Snow at the Lord Chancellor's at Kensington, 23 August 1676, pressing for an answer to a petition by Danish merchants.
To - Oats, a saddler over against York Street in the Strand, 27 August 1676, asking for details to prepare a petition for one Blackbourn for an almsman's place.
To - Snow, 13 September 1676, on an appointment for Sir Joseph Williamson to see the Lord Chancellor.
To John Inglis [Scottish Advocate] at the Rainbow Coffee-house in St. Bartholomew's Lane, 9 October 1676, about the Swedish ship Calmar and an appointment with Sir Joseph Williamson about certain other ships.
To - Mitchel at the White Lion near the Old Swan in Thames Street, 9 October 1676, about a warrant for swearing him Groom of the Chamber.
To - Snow, 10 October 1676, about the Norwegian ships Patience, Palm Tree and St. Anne.
To - Web at Hyde Park Corner, 16 October 1676, inquiring what Mr. Andrews should pay for a gallon of honey.
To John Pewtris, a baker near Exeter House, 20 October 1676, cancelling a meeting in Gray's Inn as the king has returned from Newmarket and the Attorney-General is to attend the Council.
To Samuel Lowton, merchant in Broad Street, 6 November 1676, about the ship Calmar. An order in council for the ship Curland will require a petition.
To Sir William Coventry, [November 1676], reminding him to discuss the Patience, Palm Tree and St. Anne with the Lord Chancellor.
To Samuel Lowton, 8 November 1676, stating Sir William Coventry's wish that Lowton present his petition about the Calmar in person.
To - Bering, secretary to the Swedish envoy, 9 March 1676, desiring to discuss the business of the Calmar.
To Colonel Peter Hays [Haies], steward to the Earl of Kinnoull, 8 May 1676, asking him to inquire why a grant of the advowson of Orsett by James I to the Earl of Salisbury did not take effect, and how the patronage of Cheshunt came to the Salisbury family.
To Stephen Jackson, merchant at his house on St. Mary-hill near Billingsgate, 10 May 1676, about a collector's place at Dover.
To Stephen Lowton at his lodgings over against the Pump in Crown Court in Chancery Lane, 10 May 1676, upbraiding him for failing to keep appointments and mentioning meetings with Colonel Haies.
To Stephen Jackson, 27 March 1676, stating that the Lords of the Admiralty have ordered his pass be granted.
To Dr. -, [1676], whom he expects has returned to his 'proper sphere at Lincoln'. Sends compliments from John Inglis, an advocate at Edinburgh.
To Dr. Durel, 28 November 1676, about Harbottle's fees.
To Mrs. Halford in Jeven Street, 29 November 1676, about admiralty business.
To Sir Joseph Williamson, [November 1676], about a pass for a ship trading in the Baltic.
4th petition to the Lord Chancellor concerning the Danish [sic] ships Patience, Palm Tree and St. Anne, 7 January 1677.
To Mrs. Halford, 2 December 1676, hoping to obtain a pass 'at ye Cabinet-Council' for Mr. Halford's ship at cost of £3.
3rd petition to the Lord Chancellor concerning the Danish ships, 10 December 1676.
To Mrs. Halford, 7 December 1676, stating that he has not yet procured a pass.
To Mr. Andrews, a Danish merchant, at a confectioner's at the sign of the Wheat-sheaf two doors on the left hand within Ludgate, 7 December 1676, reporting Sir William Coventry's indisposition.
To Mrs. Halford, 11 December 1676, that the petition is still not heard.
To Dr. Durel, 20 January 1677, about Harbottle's fees.
To Mrs. Gery at Mr. Daniel's over against the Rose and Crown in Queen Street in the Park at Southwark, 20 January 1677, asking her intentions with respect to her son at St. Paul's school.
To Mr. Anderson, 22 January 1677, promising to speak to Sir Joseph Williamson at the committee of the Admiralty.
To Mr. Boswell, a haberdasher at the Flower-de-luce on this side of Fleet bridge, 22 January 1677, about some preferment.
To John Wynhall, town clerk of Basingstoke, 5 February 1677, about a royal pardon for a convicted felon.
To Mrs. Halford, 15 February 1677, stating that the Council has refused a pass for her husband's ship.
13 ff.
13 Letter from Samuel Snowden [to Tenison], 13 November 1689, enclosing a MS. tract advocating alterations to the Book of Common Prayer. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Mr. S.S. conc. matters fitt to be considered in Convocation Nov. 1689'. 10 ff.
14, 16 Brief extracts from Hebrew authors with comments in Latin, 17th cent. 5 + 12 ff.
15 The complaint of Roderyck Mors, sometime a gray Fryre, unto the parlamenthouse of Englande his naturall countrye, [? 1550]. STC 3763. The name 'Judeth Dawson 1617' is written on the title page.
16 See item 14
17 Extracts from a printed book headed 'The Author's Life'. It begins: 'He preferred those notions of God writt by ye finger of ye Almighty Creator in ye minds of all mankind to ye Obscure, Unintelligible, and Impious Doctrines devised by men to serve some turn or particular faction or nation p.6'. 5 ff.
18 'A breefe rehersall of the beleefe of the good willing in England which are named the Famelie of love with the confession of the upright Christian religion against the false accusation of their gaine speakers sett forth anno 1555'. See STC 10681.5. 6 ff.
19 Cardell Goodman. 'Sacred Meditations and Private Ejaculations Digested into Verse', 17th cent. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Sacred Meditations by Mr. Cardel Goodman senior'. Printed Beawty in raggs, ed. R.J. Roberts, 1958. 29 ff.
20 Abstract of a journal of [William] Cordiner, appointed a missionary of the S.P.G. to Shrewsbury, Maryland, describing his captivity in France and eventual return to England, 12 April 1707-9 April 1708. Endorsed by Tenison. See C.F. Pascoe, Two hundred years of the S.P.G., 1901, 31-2. 10 ff.
21 Cardell Goodman. 'A Breefe Meditation of our Mortality' and 'A second Meditation against the feare of Death', 17th cent. Endorsed by Tenison, 'by Cardell Goodman sen. Rector of Freshwater in ye Isle of Wight'. 34 ff.
22 Minutes of the Cambridge Association, 20 January 1657 - 3 August 1658. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Transactions of Presbt. min. in Cambridgeshire 1656, 57, 58'. Printed Minutes of the Bury classis 1647-1657, ed. W.A. Shaw. Chetham Society (New Series), vol.41, app.III, 1898. 14 ff.
23 Family of Love. 'The 16th Epistel. An Eruditious Exhortation to the Goodwillingous which wholely geeue ouer themselues to the Obedience of the Loue'. On the back the letters 'H.N.' (i.e. Hendrik Niclaes).
Also 'Our frindly Salutations and Louing-fauour ... vnto All our beloued frindes in E which deale in and occupy an trade or marchandice' by P.W. (? Perceval Wiburn). 21 + 7 ff. For familist treatises see MSS. 811, 824, 844-846, 868, 869, 871, 937 items 18 and 23, 1068, 3191.
24 The first fifteen Psalms translated into English verse, [by James Gibbs, 1701]. Sig.B1-3 only. See item 25. 3 ff.
25 Letter from James Gibbs, physician and poet, to Tenison, [1701], offering to continue his translation of the Psalms of which the first fifteen have been approved by the Archbishop, and describing his proposals in detail. 2 ff.
FindingAidsItem 20 also noted in Charles M. Andrews and Frances G. Davenport, 'Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in Minor London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge' (Washington, 1908), p. 288:
937. 20. "An Abstract of Mr. Cordiner's Journall."
(Begins: "Being admitted a missionary of the Honble Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, to Shrewsbury Parish in Cecil County, Maryland." Relates numerous difficulties experienced in getting out to sea, where, on the third day out, he was taken prisoner by the French October 10, 1707; also an account of his hardships while prisoner in France.)
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Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 772

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PublnNoteUsed in Kenneth Fincham and Nicholas Tyacke, 'Altars Restored: the Changing Face of English Religious Worship, 1547-c1700' (Oxford University Press, 2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5070.F5]
The new world: a catalogue of an exhibition of books, maps, manuscripts and documents, held at Lambeth Palace Library between 1 May and 1 December, 1957 : together with transcripts of five unpublished documents in the Library relating to the early history of the American continent. ff16 [Z921.L6L2]

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