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TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsists of:
1 Letter from Theodore Beza to Archbishop Whitgift, before 1 February 1594, concerning episcopal orders and other matters of church doctrine. Latin copy. Printed Strype, Whitgift, 1822, III, book IV, item [xvii].
Also Whitgift's reply, February 1594. Latin copy. See Strype, op.cit., II, 159-73. 4 ff.
2 Account of an informal discussion following the first conference at York House, London, between Thomas Morton, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, John Preston, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and Francis White, Dean of Carlisle, concerning falling from Grace, [11 February 1626]. 2 ff.
3 Account of the second conference at York House between Thomas Morton, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, John Preston, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and Francis White, Dean of Carlisle with the addition of Richard Montagu, later (1638) Bishop of Norwich, concerning the doctrines in Montagu's Gag for the new gospell and Appello Caesarem, [17 February 1626]. 4 ff.
4 Copy presented to Tenison of a petition to Parliament by Abel Carew entitled 'Case for the Protestant Religion', temp. William III. Carew was formerly doorkeeper of the House of Commons but was ejected from his place by James II. 17 ff.
5 Treatise entitled 'Contra Imaginem Pietismi. Pro veritate testimonium ac judicium sinceri alicujus Ecclesiae ministri', written against a recently published book Imago Pietismi, before 1692. Inscribed by Tenison. 5 ff.
6 Translation into English of a treatise entitled 'A Consultation between ye most Puissant Emperour Amurath ye 4th of yt name, and his most Eminent Counsellors, and ye most Honourable ye Lords of ye Othoman Port; And between ye most Serene Prince Gabriel King of Hungary, Appointed in a Conference between Regep Passa, Vizier and Supreme Minister of ye whole Othoman Empire, and the most Illustrious His most Serene Majestie of Hungary's Embassadors at ye High Port, and held A.D. 1629 July 9, concerning the Settlement of ye Jesuite Fathers in ye Turkish Dominions. Addressed to Tenison, then Bishop of Lincoln. Licensed for printing by Robert Midgley, countersigned by Robert Clavell, Warden of the Stationers' Company, 4 January 1689. See also 937/4. 32 ff.
7 'A Narrative of the Proceedings relating to the Building a church in the English Settlement at Fort William in the Kingdom of Bengall', [by William Anderson]. Endorsed, 'Mr. Anderson's Journall, recd. March 12 1707'. 10 ff.
8 'The History of St. Walston taken out of an antient parchment MS, enclosed in a case of 3 peices of Wainscott about a yard long each of ym', with a drawing of the case. Transcript made 29 September 1658. The MS. is said to be in the possession of a recusant named Clarke, of Deanthorp, Norfolk, and 'as he saith, belongeth to ye church of Bawburgh'. Inscribed by Tenison. 9 ff.
9 See item 40
10 Treatise entitled 'Praecipuarum enumeratio caussarum, cur Christiani cum in multis religionis doctrinis mobiles sint et varii, in Trinitatis tamen retinendo dogmate sint constantissimi', late 17th cent. Latin. 21 ff.
11 Prayer for a sick woman, 17th cent. 5 ff.
12 Names of Protestants in the kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania and of refugees to Poland from Italy, France, Germany, and elsewhere, 1539-1605. Endorsed, 'ex libro Annalium Polonicarum'. 14 ff.
13 Certificate by John Ellis, [Under-Secretary of State], that George Timothy Fowler had taken the oaths of supremacy and allegiance, from Whitehall, 15 June 1699. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
14 Declaration [by George Timothy Fowler] of his reasons for leaving the Roman Catholic Church, [1699]. Latin. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Motives of ye conversion of Mr. Tim. Fowler June 1699'. 14 ff.
15 Letter [from John Knighton, Subdean of Lincoln], to Tenison, 6 June 1695, concerning criticism of Tenison's sermon at the funeral of Queen Mary. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Dr. Knighton's answer to B. Kenn 1695. I would not have it published'. 2 ff.
16 Extracts from Cardinal Benno's Vita et gesta Hildebrandi, 16th cent. Endorsed, 'RR Benonis historiae ... ubi forte aliquid de Cantaburiense videtur'. 1 f.
17 Letter from [Daniel Ernst] Jablonski to Lionel Gatford, Archdeacon of St. Albans (1713), from Berlin, 4 July 1699, concerning the union of Protestant Churches. Latin copy. 6 ff.
18 Memorial by John Dubourgdieu, by order of his congregation at the French church of the Savoy, to Sir Robert Harley, Principal Secretary of State, and (1711) 1st Earl of Oxford, requesting steps be taken to exchange French Protestants in French galleys for French priests recently captured at sea, [1704]. 2 ff.
19 Complimentary letter from Jean Frédéric Ostervald, Swiss Protestant divine, to Tenison and the Bishops, from Neuchâtel, 14 October 1707. Latin. 2 ff.
20 Letter from A[ndreas] C[hristoph] Zeller, of the Academy of Juliers, [to .Tenison, July 1708], concerning the false attribution of certain writings [the Declaration of the University of Helmstedt] to Johann Fabricius of Helmstedt, and the change of religion of Elizabeth Christina of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel on her marriage to the Archduke Charles, claimant to the Spanish throne and subsequently (1711) the Emperor Charles VI. Latin. 4 ff.
21 'A Declaration offer'd as an Expedient for Peace between those of the Augustan Confession and the other of the Reformed Churches', contained in ten articles, [January 1701]. Articles 7-10 are in Tenison's hand and relate to the Sacraments. Endorsed by Tenison. See also 932/81 and 935/27B. 6 ff.
22 Latin translation of item 21. 6 ff.
23 'Decretum de apostatis et fugitivis', by Pope Innocent XII, 24 July 1694. Latin copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 6 ff.
24 Treatise entitled 'Instructions suivant lesquelles on peut entretenir Sa Majestie La Reine de la Grande Bretagne des moyens de maintenir la Religion Réformée par toute l'Europe', [1713]. French. Endorsed by Tenison. 6 ff.
25 A copy prepared for publication in London of a Latin book by Johann Leonhardi, minister at Novena, Switzerland, July 1704, entitled 'Factum Tale. Faciem Ecclesiae Jesu Christi in Rhaetia cum periculo ei a Roma imminente, effigians, et pro conservanda Evangelii luce in centum Ecclesiis proximis, per viscera Christi ...'.
The second part is almost identical with Leonhardi's Brevis descriptio democratic Rhaetiae reipublicae sue celsorum trium Rhaetiae foederum regiminis, London, 1704.
Also inserted is Leonhardi's Avis certain du véritable état de la pauvre Église de Farera, [1704]. 11 ff.
26 Translation into English of 'The True Ordinance which is upon the convention of the Lords in Ottense was lookt over and sealed, How the Service of the Church shall be kept in the Kingdoms of Dennemark and Norwegen and the dukedoms of Sleswig and Hollstein', by Christian III, King of Denmark and Norway. Printed in Copenhagen in 1640. 56 ff.
27 Translation from Polish into English in 1684 of 'Agenda or a Forme for the Order of Divine Service in the Evangelical Churches of Poland and the Great Dukedome of Lithvania', printed at Danzig, 1637. The preface relates to the Reformation in Poland. 49 ff.
27B Draft of the declaration contained in item 21 above, [January 1701]. The articles 7-10 are not identical with those written by Tenison and are annotated in another hand. The title has been altered to 'Some Thoughts of a certain English man'. A Latin title is also suggested by Tenison. See also 932/81. 5 ff.
28 Statement concerning the sentence on Dautun or Durant, minister of the Vaudois church and others of his congregation at Kelsterbach near Darmstadt by an assembly of five ministers of Vaudois churches near Frankfurt am Main, January 1706. Dautun was threatened by the assembly with a suit before the Lutheran ministers at Frankfurt on the grounds that he had attacked the Landgrave of Hesse Darmstadt. Ends with an appeal to Queen Anne to stop the case. Endorsed, 'Delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury June 1'. 2 ff.
29 Letter from Johann Leonhardi, minister of the Reformed Church in the Rhaetian Republic, to the S.P.C.K. and S.P.G., London, 29 July 1704, concerning the state of the Rhaetian Church and enclosing copies of various letters on the same subject. Latin. 11 ff.
30 'A Good and Necessary Proposal for the Restitution of Catholicke Communion between the Greek Churches and the Church of England', [by Edward Stephens, 1705]. Chiefly concerns the scheme for educating Greek students in Oxford in 1698. See 938/13. 2 ff.
31 An account of the persecution of Protestant Churches in Poland entitled, 'Ultimus in Protestantes seu Reformatas Boh: Confessionis in Polonia Ecclesias Antichristi furor, brevi sed fideli et Jesu Christo teste pro rei veritate facta narratione expositus', c.1690. Signed: Adam Samuel Hartman and Paul Cyrill, exiled from the Gymnasium of Lesnensis. Latin. 2 ff.
32 Letter from Daniel Ernst Jablonski [to Tenison], from Berlin, 27 October 1708, on the same subject as item 20 above. Latin. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff.
33 'Avis sur la manière dont on pourrait reconcilier les Episcopaux et les Presbyteriens', intended for William and Mary, c.1689. Endorsed, 'Memoire pour leurs maiestés Britanniques sur la reunion des Episcopaux et des Presbyteriens'. Same hand as : 932/77. 4 ff.
34 'Some Reflections upon ye Tracts vizt. The Protestants plea for a Socinian; and ye answer to it, entituled The difference betwixt the Protestant and Socinian methods', c.1687. 10 ff.
35 Treatise by Frederic Spanheim, the younger, entitled, 'Du Fondement qui doit estre posé pour une veritable Réunion ou du Consentement des deux Partis, dans l'essentiel de la Doctrine: Et de quelques Griefs', [1689]. French. See also 932/75. 18 ff.
36 Letter from G. Melchior to Peter Allix, Treasurer of Salisbury, from Amsterdam, late 17th cent., giving an account of his own writings. Latin. 4 ff.
37 'A Funerall Sermon preached at Bilbrough Novr. 22 1671 at the interment of Thos. Lord Fairfax, by Richard Stretton MA, his Domestic Chaplaine'. Inscribed, 'Transcribd from ye original lent me by Mr. Stretton, Nov. 10 1698. B.F. [? Brian Fairfax the elder]'. Endorsed by Tenison. 10 ff.
38 Anonymous letter to Tenison, [June 1697], concerning Jacobite plots in Ireland, and mentioning amongst others Sir Richard Edgeworth, Colonel John Brown 'the lawyer', Sir Stephen Rice, Sir John Butler, Dennis Daly. Endorsed by Tenison, 'rec. June 7 1697'. 4 ff.
39 Treatise entitled, 'Sentimens d'un Protestant touchant la bonne et la vraye Religion, Contre les Erreurs de l'Eglise Romaine et des Sociniens, en Deux Discours', late 17th cent. 20 ff.
40 Treatise entitled, 'Dissertatio Theologica de fide Catholica Ecclesiae Anglicanae, sue Responsio Theologi reformati Libro cui titulus est Defensio fidei Catholicae a quodam Patre Jesuita conscripto', c.1700. Latin. See also item 9, which is a version of the preface. 25 ff.
FindingAidsAlso in Julia Boffey and A.S.G.Edwards, 'New index of Middle English verse' (The British Library, London, 2005)
Also noted on the Digital Index of Middle English Verse:
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 196
PublnNoteMS 935, fol. 30: P. M. Doll (ed.), 'Anglicanism and Orthodoxy: 300 Years after the "Greek College" in Oxford', 2006 [H27.D6]

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