RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 932
TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsists of:
1 Defence of André Lortie, a French minister, against charges of Socinianism arising from his attendance at the death bed of Maimbourg, presumably Théodore Maimbourg who died in London in 1693. French. Endorsed by Tenison. See also 933/67. 4 ff.
2 Depositions concerning the destruction of Mainz by French troops, 11 August 1704. Latin and French. 4 ff.
3 Abjuration entitled, 'Ristretto de l'abjura semi publica sequita nel sant. officio in persona di Fra: Pietro Paulo di S. Giovanni Evangelista Romano al sacello di Casa Granisi in eta danni quaranta inquisito altre volte nella Cita di Napoli e in quella di Spoleti', 1699. Italian. 2 ff.
4 'Canzonetta novisa fatta li 15 Dixbre 1687 in Londra da me Nicolo Amici da Faenza, sopra l'universale applauso dicendosi la Mata. della Regina gravida done si prega il cielo a corcedergli un Principino quale possa regnare in terrore degl' Infideli ed augumto. della Cattolica Romano religione', [1687]. Dedicated to James II and Mary of Modena. Italian. 4 ff.
5 Appointment by Charles, Prince of Wales, of a council for his affairs in Scotland, [August 1619]. Draft with space for the addition of names. See also 930/99. 1 f.
6 Anonymous reply to A vindication of some among ourselves against the false principles of Dr. Sherlock, 1692 [by George Hickes], commenting in the light of inscriptions on coins on the question whether Caligula, Claudius, and Nero were usurpers. French. 6 ff.
7 Letter from R. de Meulemcester Terlooven, Controller-General of Aids and Subsidies in Flanders, addressed to 'Messeigneurs', from The Hague, 16 February 1712, enclosing 931/40. French. 16 ff.
8 Letter from - to Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux, [1682], concerning the latter's Traité de la Communion sous les deux espèces. French draft. 30 ff.
9 'Response au traité du Père Maimbourg de la vraye parole de Dieu pour réunir toutes les sociétés chrétiennes dans la créance catholique'. Also 'Examen de la Response du Jesuite á ce que Mr. [Jean] Claude avait dit dans son livre contre la défence de la perpetuité, pour sattisfaire aux objections de la méthode pacifique'. French. Item 11 is in the same hand. 40 ff.
10 Précis of apocalyptic prophecies by Durand Fage of Aubaye and Jean Cavalier of Sauve, 'prononcé sous l'opération de l'Esprit' at London, 30 August 1706. French. Endorsed by Tenison. See also 934/52. 4 ff.
11 Twenty-six letters addressed, 'Lettres ou Remarques sur le traitté de la communion sous les deux espèces de Monseigneur Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, Euesque de Meaux', [1682]. French copies. Item 9 is in the same hand. 52 ff. Recorded in the catalogue of the personal library of Archbishop Tenison of c.1715-16 (LR/F/16, f. 8v).
12 Letter concerning the honours due to the Spanish Ambassador, 17th cent. Italian. 1 f.
13 'Mémoire pour l'Angleterre', requesting the protection of James I for subjects of the Palatine and Bohemia in Frankfurt and other towns against confiscation of their property by the Emperor, and urging that in all treaties concerning the Palatinate the invalidity of the imperial Ban be maintained, c.1620. French. Endorsed, 'Ces matières ont esté ... sollicitées par Mr. Carleton et Mr. Williams en reçoit copie'. 2 ff.
14 Memorandum of thirteen reasons why 'Le Roy [de France] est conseillé d'armer á toutes fins', c.1620. French. 2 ff.
15 Letter addressed 'Messeigneurs', perhaps from the French Ambassador in Savoy, c.1619, reporting his efforts to divert the passage of Spanish troops through Savoy from the vicinity of Geneva. French copy. 1 f.
16 Brief note of news from France and Italy, c.1619. French. 2 ff.
17 Letter of recommendation by Rinaldo Perondini for Ottaviano di San Martino, Marquis of San Germano, Ambassador Extraordinary from Savoy to England, 1 July 1634. Italian. 2 ff.
18 Oath by Louis XIII confirming a treaty made in London, 21 September 1610. French copy. 2 ff.
19 'Raisons par les quales S.A. supplie S. Mte de trouver bon qu'elle ne licentie les troppes qui sont hors de ses estats', [1618]. French. Endorsed, 'Sign. Gabaleonies instructions for Paris' [Giovanni Battista Gabaleoni, Savoy Ambassador in England]. 1 f.
20 Letter from Henry Maynard, secretary to Lord Burghley, [to Anthony Bacon, 1592], inquiring about the value of Redbourn rectory, Herts. 2 ff.
21 List of parliamentary boroughs in the Duchy of Cornwall, [1621]. 2 ff.
22 Notes on the improvement of the revenues of the Prince of Wales in the borough of Macclesfield, Cheshire, c.1616. 2 ff.
23 Letter [from Patrick Drummond to Thomas Murray, secretary to the Prince of Wales], from Paris, [1618], giving an account, which he wishes communicated to Sir Robert Naunton, of Louis XIII's discontent with the Parlement, the affairs of La Rochelle, and court news. Signature torn off. 8 ff.
24 Petition by Anthony Atkinson, searcher in the port of Hull, to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, for permission to train merchants' sons and sailors in the use of arms, c.1597. 2 ff.
25 Letter from Sir Isaac Wake to Frederick, King-elect of Bohemia, c.1619, concerning relations between the latter and the Duke of Savoy, and urging moderation. French copy. 2 ff.
26 Form of an oath of loyalty to the King of France required from French Protestants, c.1622. French. 1 f.
27 Letter from John II, Duke of Zweibrücken, Joachim Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, and John Frederick, Duke of Wirtemberg, to James I, [1620], urging the defence of the Palatinate. French copy. 2 ff.
28 Memorandum on the affairs of Bearn, c.1620. French. 9 ff.
29 Prophecy by St. Isidore, Archbishop of Seville, forecasting a great war in Navarre between the Lion and the Lily in 1610. Latin. In another hand, 'this Prophesy is much spoken of heare at the Court; and they are in doubt whether ye meaning of ye Lyon be our Mr or the King of Spaine, but I desirous to be resolu'd haue thought good to put it in yor hands as most capable for such a weightie matter'. 2 ff.
30 Letter from Catherine de Bourbon, sister of Henri IV, Princess of Navarre, Duchess d'Albret, late 16th cent. French. 1 f.
31 Petition by Jo: Crotall, gentleman, to James I, with proposals for increasing the king's revenues, [1614-17]. 1 f.
32 Petition by Fabiano a Nipho, an Italian resident in England, to the Privy Council, requesting the hearing of a petition by him against William Mills, Secretary of the Star Chamber, which had been referred to Sir Thomas Egerton, Master of the Rolls, [1595]. 2 ff.
33 Petition by Morgan Colman probably to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, for continuation of his assistance. Describes his activities since 1571 as writer of the Queen's letters, secretary to Sir William Drury and others in Ireland, and to Lord Willoughby in the Low Countries, c.1591. Endorsed, 'The Lord Keeper' (probably Sir John Puckering in whose service Colman was employed). 1 f.
34 Petition by William Johnson to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, stating that he was recently wounded at Calais [Cales] after soldiering for eighteen years and requesting appointment as shire muster-master, c.1596. 1 f.
35 Letter from Thomas Moresin, physician and diplomat, to 'Monsieur Mousk de Gorhamberie' [? Anthony Bacon], c.1595, asking him to compose a difference between himself and Edward Selwin. French. 1 f.
36 Palinode by Thomas Moresin addressed to Edward Selwin and others, c.1595. Latin. 1 f.
37 List of alms given to named poor persons in the parish of St. Michael Rural, Herts., late 16th cent. 1 f.
38-39 Petition by William Cardinall to the Privy Council that a suit brought against him by Thomas de La Broche, 'a common broker' at Bordeaux, be dismissed or tried by the ordinary course of law and not otherwise, [1592]. Two copies. 4 ff.
40 Letter [from Emile Gueffier, French Ambassador in the Grisons], to Francois de Bonne, Duc de Lesdiguieres, [1620], concerning the Spanish invasion of the Valtelline and the affairs of the Grisons. French copy. 4 ff.
41 Letter without signature or addressee, from Heidelberg, [1618], containing an account of the Defenestration of Prague. French copy. 2 ff.
42 Letter to Louis XIII, [1620], attacking Charles D'Albert, Duc de Luynes, and other powerful subjects. French copy. 6 ff.
43 'Aduis sur les affaires présentes d'Allemagne et de Bohème', urging Louis XIII not to give assistance to the Emperor Ferdinand II deposed King of Bohemia, [1619]. French copy. 6 ff.
44-45 Memorandum of measures for defeating the Spanish in case of invasion, c.1596. Two copies, of which no.45 is in the hand of Jacques Petit. French. 4 + 5 ff.
46 Account of the attempted arrest of Louis de Bourbon, Comte de Soissons, and of Louis XIII's moves against the Princes, [1617]. Unsigned but with armorial seal. 2 ff.
47 Letter [from Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Mayenne], to Louis XIII, c.1620, protesting his loyalty. French copy. 2 ff.
48 Letter from Guy de St. Gelais, Seigneur de Lansac, to Jean Paul d'Esperbès, Seigneur de Lusan, Governor of Blaye, from Madrid, 16 July 1592, mentioning ships sent by heretics, and Spanish affairs. French. 2 ff.
49 Instructions by Frederick I, King of Prussia, for the settlement of refugees from 'notre Principauté d'Orange' persecuted for their religion, from Potsdam, 30 April 1704. French copy. 4 ff.
50 Declaration of the election of Ferdinand, King of Bohemia, Vienna, 13 December 1526. Latin. 1 f.
51 Arguments for and against the election of Ferdinand, King of Bohemia, consisting of 'theses Austriacorum et antitheses Bohemorum', [1617]. Latin. 2 ff.
52 Wrapper apparently for items 53-66 inscribed by Tenison to the effect that they were found in the ceiling of a house in [? Great] Queen Street, St. Giles-in-the-Fields, belonging to Richard Chiswell when workmen repaired it. Items 53-6, 58, 60-6 are printed in Catholic Record Society vol.56, 1964. 1 f.
53 Letter of compliment from Georgius Cornelius, Archbishop of Rodi, to John Leyburn, Bishop of Adramite, Vicar-Apostolic of the London district, from Lisbon, 13 September 1695. Italian. 2 ff.
54-55 'Decreta Sacrae Congregationis de Propaganda Fide habitae die 6 Octobris 1695 ... super rebus Angliae specialiter a Ssmo. Dno. Nostro. Pp. Innocento XII deputatorum instantiis sanctitatisuae factis a Vicariis Apostolicis Angliae in eorum libellis supplicibus'. Seal. 2 ff.
No.54 is a copy by John Betham, R.C. priest, 11 November 1695. 2 ff.
56 Letter to John Leyburn, Bishop of Adramite, from Rome 19 June 1694, authorising a licence for John and Anne Perkins to inter-marry although in the third degree of consanguinity. Italian. 2 ff.
57 Letter from Joseph Shirburne, Prior of the English Benedictines in Paris, to the same, 3/14 February 1694, concerning William Short. 2 ff.
58, 60 A code or method of secret writing, n.d. 1 + 1 ff.
59 Letter from John Perrott, Dean, and the Chapter of the English Catholic Clergy in London, to John Leyburn, Bishop of Adramite, 16 November 1693, urging the continuance of the present Chapter first set up in 1623 and confirmed by Bishop Richard Smith, or if this cannot be done for other means of securing jurisdiction. Printed B. Hemphill, Early Vicars Apostolic, 1954, 165-6. 2 ff.
60 See 58
61 Letter [from John Perrott, Dean, and the Chapter of the English Catholic Clergy in London, to John Leyburn, Bishop of Adramite, 1693], stating the reasons for capitular government and standing ordinary episcopal jurisdiction where the state is not Catholic. Printed B. Hemphill, op.cit., 166-9. 2 ff.
62 Letter from Joseph Shirburne, Prior of the English Benedictines in Paris, to John Leyburn, Bishop of Adramite, and Bonaventure Giffard, Bishop of Madaura, 11 April 1695, submitting to them a dispute concerning Thomas Short and the rights of inheritance possessed by a religious. 2 ff.
63 Letter from John Perrott, Dean of the Chapter of the English Catholic Clergy in London, probably to John Leyburn, Bishop of Adramite, [1693], seeking an appointment for himself and Mr. [John] Ward.
Also the draft of a letter of thanks in French, 6 December n.y. 1 f.
64 'The true state of ye affaire of Mr. Will: Short', concerning the rights of inheritance of a religious, [1695]. 2 ff.
65 Vow of chastity and obedience by a daughter of Sir Patrick Bellew made to Henry Hugh, parish priest of Drogheda, 27 September 1693. Copy dated 13 August 1695. 1 f.
66 Letter from John Perrott, Dean, in the name of himself and the Chapter of the English Catholic Clergy in London, to John Leyburn, Bishop of Adramite, [1693], emphasising the need for a standing ordinary episcopal jurisdiction and a Chapter to exercise jurisdiction sede vacante, and mentioning that they are forbidden by the English crown to accept a Vicar Apostolic. 3 ff.
67 Letter from A[ndré] Lortie to Tenison, from Plumtree Square, 26 August 1707, advocating the union of Protestant Churches, and submitting a tract which he hopes the Queen will pay to be published. 2 ff.
68 Resolutions of the Protestant States of the Holy Roman Empire in the Imperial Diet of Regensburg, concerning the reform of the calendar, 23 September 1699. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
69 Letter from Ludovicus Tronchinus, Professor at Geneva, and Benignus Mussardus Scriba, to Tenison, from Geneva, 13 May 1705, protesting about a Latin poem written in Oxford against the Protestant Church at Geneva. Latin. 2 ff.
70 Opinions of Dutch theologians on seven articles concerning the liturgy of the Church of England and the union of Protestants, [1689]. 6 ff.
71 Letter from Henricus Pontanus to Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland, from The Hague, 11 October 1689, enclosing comments on religious articles. Dutch. 2 ff.
72 Letter from Herman Wits, Professor at Leyden University, to -, from Utrecht, 30 September/10 October 1689, enclosing a paper on the liturgy of comprehension and the reunion of Protestants in England. Dutch. 4 ff.
73 'Reflexions Charitables sur un project d'addoucissement a tendant à la réunion des Protestants d'Angleterre', containing comments on seven articles, by D. Des Marets, pastor of the Walloon church at The Hague, and [ - ] pastor of the reformed church at Castres in Languedoc, [1689]. French. 5 ff.
74 Letter from Jacob Trigland to -, from Leyden, 6 October 1689, on proposals for the reunion of Protestants. Dutch. 2 ff.
75 'Sommaire des Considérations pour la réunion des vraix Protestans d'Angleterre', [by Frederic Spanheim, 1689]. French. See 935/35. 8 ff.
76 'Pensées d'un Théologien désintéressé de deça la mer touchant la réunion des Presbytériens a L'Eglise Angelicane', [1689].
French. 10 ff.
77 'Mémoire pour leurs Altesses Royales [William and Mary] sur les affaires de la Religion', [1689]. French. Same hand as 935/33. 4 ff.
78 Petition by ministers of the Reformed Church in France to Archbishop Sancroft and the Bishops of the Province of Canterbury, for assistance and protection, c.1689. Latin copy. 2 ff.
79 'Abrégé des considérations sur le droit qui apartient au Roy de la grande Bretagne de trauailler au rétablissement des Eglises réformées de France', c.1688. French. 2 ff.
80 Letter from Jean-Alphonse Turrettin, Swiss divine, to Tenison, 8 October 1706, concerning the reunion of Protestants. French. 6 ff.
81-82 'A declaration offer'd as an Expedient for Peace between Those of ye Augustan Confession and ye other of ye Reformed Churches', partly in Tenison's hand, [1701]. See also 935/21, 27B. 8 ff.
83 Unsigned and unaddressed letter commenting on a proposed confession of faith for Lutherans and Calvinists, 5 April 1701. Latin. Written in the same hand as item 80. 2 ff.
84 'A Proposall in order to a new Collection of Councils in three Volumes in Folio 1690'. Corrected by Tenison. See also 933/106. 7 ff.
85 'Observations on Government, or certain Maxims of State; With Moral Reflections'. 1. By George Saville, 1st Marquess of Halifax, 1692. 2. By Charles Montague, 1st Earl of Halifax (1714), 1695. 3. By John Somers, 1st Baron Somers, 1697.
Endorsed by Gibson, 'This belongs to the late Archbps Papers in my closet under the Window'. 9 ff.
86 'De Concordia ineunda inter Protestantes et Reformatos. Omnibus Regibus, Electoribus, Principibus ac Supremis Potestatibus Protestantibus ac Reformatis', c.1701. Incomplete; Latin. Written in the same hand as item 83. 24 ff.
87 Extracts from a manuscript by Francis Warner, Confessor to James II, entitled, 'Concerning the Hystory of the Late Persecution', made for Tenison, 24 April 1691. See The history of English persecution of Catholics and the Presbyterian plot (Catholic Record Society vols. XLVII-XLVIII), 1953. Latin. 14 ff.
88 'Index tomi primi Bibliothecae Sanctorum Patrum, editae Parisiis, 1589', 17th cent. 3 ff.
89 'A Letter of a Pastor of the Church of Rome Converted to the Reformed Religion to his Parishioners both ancient and new Catholicks at Bourges in Berry', by C. D'Argenteuil, late 17th cent. 12 ff.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 194
PublnNoteGwynn, Robin, 'The Huguenots in later Stuart Britain, vol. 1' (Brighton, 2015) [KA125.H84]

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GB/109/21691Joachim Ernst (1583-1625); Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach1583-1625
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