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Alt Ref NoMS 929
TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsists of:
1 Letter from Hugh Broughton, Consul in Venice, to Archbishop Tillotson, 10 December 1694, requesting him to ensure the protection of Protestants in a treaty of friendship about to be discussed between the King and the State of Venice. Copy. 2 ff
2 The Flying-Post: or the Post-Master, 18-20 September 1707. Tenison has marked the report of the death of Captain King, who used to drink a health to Sorrel the horse from which William III fell and broke his collar bone. 1 f.
3 Account of the building of Greenwich Observatory in 1675-76, and of observations made subsequently by John Flamsteed, c.1700. A few corrections in Flamsteed's hand. Inscribed by Flamsteed, 'The State of my work at ye Observatory'. Printed F. Baily, Life of Flamsteed, 1835, 187-9. 2 ff.
4 'Order and method of the royal unction or anointeing as it was performed on the 18th of January of this present 1701st yeare in the castle-church in Konigsberg in Prussia'. Endorsed by Tenison. 11 ff.
5 Declaration by Charles II, from Castle Elizabeth, Jersey, 23 October 1649. Inscribed by Tenison, 'Transcribed from the printed copy lent to me by Sr Charles Cottrell'. Steele 2878. 5 ff.
6 Instructions to the Lords Justices of Ireland concerning the disposal of ecclesiastical and civil patronage belonging to the crown, c.1690. Endorsed by Tenison. See 931/32. 2 ff.
7 'A list of the Bishops and Deans of Ireland, and of the fellows of Dublin College', [1695]. Same hand as no. 11. 2 ff.
8 Unsigned letter to Henry Capel, Baron Capel, Lord Deputy of Ireland, from Dublin, 15 April 1696, concerning disclosures by a Captain Plantagenet alias Plat concerning the intended invasion of Ireland on behalf of James II. Copy. 2 ff.
9 Letter from Richard Tennison, Bishop of Clogher, to Tenison, from near Belturbet, 23 November 1694, expressing regret that Tenison has not been appointed Archbishop of Dublin. Recommends a petition by St. George Ashe, Provost of Trinity College, to the king and queen on behalf of the college. Intends to visit the dioceses of Raphoe and Derry for the Primate, and has confirmed 'about two thousand Scotch' at his own visitation. Recommends George Browne, Professor of Divinity at Dublin, for preferment. Seal. 2 ff.
10 'Memorial concerning the Episcopal Clergy of Scotland', [1694]. 2 ff.
11 'A list of the Deans of Ireland', [1695]. Same hand as no. 7. 2 ff.
12 Letter from John Paterson, Archbishop of Glasgow, to Tenison, 9 April 1696, asking on account of his infirmities to be released from prison into the charge of the bearer. 2 ff.
13 Unsigned letter to -, October 1703, concerning the state of parties in Scotland, and defending the Presbyterian establishment against proposals for toleration of the Episcopal party. Endorsed by Tenison. 7 ff.
14 Letter from Edward Wetenhall, Bishop of Cork and Ross, to Tenison, from Merlewood, 13 March 1694, welcoming Tenison's proposed translation to Dublin, and giving an account of a dispute about a prebend in Cork cathedral. His wife, 'known to yr Lp. by the name of Philippa D'Oiley' sends her services. Seal. 2 ff.
15 'A list of the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland', 1694. 2 ff.
16 Scottish Parliament. An Act for the encouragement of preachers at vacant churches on the north side of the Firth of Forth, 2 July 1695. See Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, 1822, IX, 389. 1 f.
17 'Memoriall containing some Proposalls to be offered to the King for preserving the Episcopall Clergy of Scotland', c.1695. 2 ff.
18, 20 'The case of the Episcopall Clergie of Scotland', describing the persecution of the episcopal clergy by the Presbyterians, and particularly the actions of a committee of ministers and elders appointed by the General Assembly, [December 1694]. Two copies, of which no.20 is endorsed by Tenison, 'Dr. Leslie's paper December 1694'. 2 + 2 ff.
19 Letter from Thomas Picot, minister of Torteval and La Forêt, Guernsey, to William III, [March 1701], protesting against new 5 Canons designed by the Bishop of Winchester for Guernsey. French. 3 ff.
20 See 18.
21 Account of a dispute concerning the endowment by Charles I of three scholars of Jersey and Guernsey at Exeter, Jesus, and Pembroke colleges, Oxford, c.1692. 1 f.
22 Letter from Thomas Picot to Peter Mews, Bishop of Winchester, from La Forêt, Guernsey, 4 February 1701, stating that the inhabitants of Guernsey are troubled because of poverty as to their means of performing the new Canons. 2 ff. Encloses 23.
23 Petition by the inhabitants of Torteval, Guernsey, to Peter Mews, Bishop of Winchester, stating that the parish has no school though the new Canons require several schoolmasters in each parish. Other objections to the Canons they leave to their pastor, who teaches the catechism as required, 16 December 1700. Signed by 'La Douzaine de Torteval'. French. 2 ff.
24 Remarks by Thomas Picot on the new Canons by the Bishop of Winchester, [December 1700]. French. 8 ff.
25 Petition by the Dean and clergy of Jersey probably to Queen Anne, in which they complain of the poverty of the clergy, and ask that the clergy rent their tithes from the crown at the rents stated in the extent last revised in 1666, c.1701. The date '1692' has been added in the margin. 2 ff.
26 'Canons ou Constitutions Ecclesiastiques des Isles de Guernezey, Serk, et Oriny', [1700]. French. 5 ff.
27 Letter from Thomas Picot to Tenison, from La Forêt, 21 February 1701, enclosing copies of letters and other papers concerning the Canons issued by the Bishop of Winchester. French and English. 6 ff.
28 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, [to Tenison], 5 October 1703, reporting that the Archbishop of Dublin has withdrawn his claim to precedence over Armagh. Inquires before whom English bishops take the oaths of supremacy and allegiance on translation from one see to another. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
29 Memorial from the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland to James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant and Governor-General of Ireland, requesting the Queen to remit the 20th parts to the clergy and to grant first fruits for the purchase of impropriations and glebe for the augmentation of small livings. Also a petition to Queen Anne and abstracts of the yearly value of the 20th parts and of first fruits for the years 1682-1702. Endorsed '1705'. Copies. 4 ff.
30 Letter of recommendation by Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Dublin, for Esdra Mark Lightenstone, a Lutheran pastor, 20 May 1701. Printed; Latin. 1 f.
31 Letter [from Thomas Tramalier, Tremaillier, to Tenison, 19 July 1700], approving the Canons for Jersey and Guernsey, despite some objections to the use of surplices. Approves of an amnesty for irregularities over 40 years, and urges the imposition of the Canons without alteration.
Enclosed, Order of the Privy Council separating the Channel Islands from the diocese of Coutances and uniting them to the diocese of Winchester, 11 March 1568. Copies. Endorsed by Tenison. 3 ff.
32 Certificate by Christopher Hatton, 1st Viscount Hatton, Governor of Guernsey, that the bailiff and jurats of the royal court at Guernsey have refused to allow the Dean of Guernsey on the bench though they have allowed the privilege to the previous Dean, 10 May 1701. Copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
33 Letter from Viscount Hatton [to Tenison], from Kirby, 2 November 1700, giving an account of opposition to the new Canons for Guernsey, and advising delay in issuing them. 2 ff.
34 Letters patent confirming the grant of Canons to the island of Jersey, 21 James I. Copy. 2 ff.
Also Canons ecclesiastiques dresses par le commandement du roy pour I'isle de Jersey, London, 1661. Endorsed by Thomas Picot, minister at La Forêt, Guernsey. 9 ff.
35 Memorial by Philip Falle, minister in Jersey, to Tenison, giving an account of his life and services to the government, and seeking preferment, [1696]. 6 ff.
36 Proper heads for an Act relating to Chauntreys, and other superstitious foundations in Ireland, [1693]. Proposals for vesting Irish chantries in the crown and for applying the revenues of the Guild of St. Ann in St. Audoens church, Dublin, to that church. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
37 The state of the case of St. Ann's Guild within the church of St. Audoens, Dublin, [1693]. 2 ff.
38 'Some memorialls concerning His Majesty's late promise or grant of the forfeited impropriations etc. to the Church', Dublin, 12 May 1698. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
39 Ireland. 'A List of the Forfeited Tythes, Rectoryes etc now remaineing in the books of the Commissioners of Forfeitures with Observations annexed how the same are Incumbred and Sett', [1695]. 2 ff.
40 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, [to Tenison, 1703] , reporting a ferment among the inferior clergy because no answer has been received to a petition to the Queen for a Convocation. The Irish Parliament has reduced the list of civil pensions and passed a resolution to raise £150,000 by excise on tobacco. 2 ff.
41 Letter from the same to the same, from Drogheda, 12 September 1706, reporting after his visitation the improved state of the Province. Mentions an increase in the number of Nonconformists who conform; the performance of services and prayers, monthly communion frequent, but surplices resisted; churches in good repair; increase in the building of parsonage houses; the state of bishops' houses. Seal. 2 ff.
42 Petition by a meeting of Scottish episcopalian clergy in the diocese of Murray to John Hay, 1st Marquess of Tweedale, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, and to the Privy Council at Elgin, protesting their loyalty and mentioning the spread of popery because of vacant churches and lack of discipline, 6 September 1692. 1 f.
43 Account by Elias Ashmole, Windsor Herald, of the institution of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, and a transcription of the Greek and Latin inscription on a commemorative medal struck by the Emperor Heraclius, before 1692. 2 ff.
44 'The case of the Forfeited Tythes in Ireland', c.1698. Concerns the application of tithes and lands forfeited in the late rebellion. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
45 Answers to queries by Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, concerning the history and rights of the Irish Convocation, [5 July 1703]. 2 ff.
46 Brief addressed to [Thomas Barlow] , Bishop of Lincoln, on the part of John Emerton in a case of a marriage alleged to have taken place in the house of Joseph Foster at Chipperfield between him and Bridget, daughter of Sir Thomas Hyde and Mary his wife, subsequently the wife of Sir Robert Viner, 1st Bart., c.1675. Endorsed by Barlow. See Houston, Court of Arches 3131. 22 ff.
47 Summary of the actions of Admiral Edward Russell, Earl of Orford (1697), before and after the battle of La Hogue, April-July 1692. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Ld. Nottingham's abstract', and perhaps compiled in connection with proceedings in the House of Lords against Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, Secretary of State for the South, caused by Russell's inactivity. 6 ff. Cf. MS. 684 ff. 207-225.
48 Annual statistics and analysis of baptisms and burials in the parish of Addle [? Adel, Yorks.] compared with statistics compiled by John Graunt, 1605-92. 2 ff.
49 Letter from Maurice Wheeler, master of Gloucester cathedral school, to Tenison, from Gloucester, 11 February 1699, proposing the establishment of cathedral schools as nurseries for the nobility and gentry and perhaps for Dissenters. Endorsed by Tenison. 3 ff.
50 Statement concerning probate fees in the diocese of York consequent on the indictment of the registrar for extortion in charging fees in excess of those authorised by statute in 21 Henry VIII, May 1706. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Case of Mr. Sharp sent to the Archbishop of York about fees as registrar'. 6 ff.
51 Memorial from Arsenius, Archbishop of Thebes, Genarius, Vicar of St. Catharine's in Alexandria, and others now in London, to Tenison, denying that they intend to submit to the Pope and claiming that the purpose of their visit is the collection of alms, [13 June 1713]. Endorsed by Tenison. See 930/30. 2 ff.
52 Letter from Charles Masham to Tenison, from St. Helena, 29 November 1705, giving an account of the Church of England in St. Helena. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
53 Petition by seven French ministers officiating in four churches in London established since the last French persecution complaining that their congregations desert them for the Non-conformists because of the pew-rents, [1694]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
54 Arguments between M. Testas and M. [Andre] de Lortie, a Socinian, on the question, 'Si J.C. est le fils de Dieu de toute eternite', late 17th cent. Endorsed by Tenison. French. 6 ff.
55 'A memorandum concerning the Diocese of Down and Connor in the Kingdom of Ireland', describing the neglected state of the diocese caused by the residence in England of Bishop Hacket for the past 12 or 13 years, [10 December 1691]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
56 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, to Tenison, from Dublin, 16 January 1705, complaining of the attempts by William King, Archbishop of Dublin, to usurp his right to preside in the Irish Convocation. Seal. 2 ff.
57 Letter from Thomas Tenison, Bishop of Lincoln, and (1695) Archbishop of Canterbury, to Archbishop Tillotson, 24 February 1694, stating that the Act for dealing with forfeited estates in Ireland is unlikely to pass and that the value of the estates and impropriations is small. Draft. See 930/204. 2 ff.
58 Memorandum entitled, 'The Authority of Parliaments in Ireland over inferiour Courts ought not to be questioned', [17 May 1697]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
59 Letter from Henry Cary, 1st Viscount Falkland, Lord Deputy of Ireland, to the Privy Council, from Dublin Castle, 8 December 1628. Printed J.T. Gilbert, History of the Irish confederation, 1882, I, 210-17. Contemporary copy. 5 ff.
60 'A short view of the present condition of the Church of Ireland, together with some Remedys proposed', [April 1697]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'B.L.' [? Thomas Smyth, Bishop of Limerick]. 14 ff.
61 Sermon preached by Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Meath, at Christ Church, Dublin, 'on the day of thanksgiving for the reduction of Ireland', 26 November 1691. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Bp. of Meath's sermon for which he was put out of the Privy Council in K. William's time'. 15 ff.
62 'The Dublin Dialogue between and Englis Capt. and A. and B., two Gent. of Ireland, being an accomp of the present state and condition of that Kingdome: in this method, plaine language and without a preface for Brevity sake' c.1707. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff.
63 Petition by the Provost, Fellows, and Scholars of Trinity College, Dublin, to William and Mary, for the reduction of quit rents because of the ruin of the college buildings and devastation of its lands in the late wars, [1692].
Enclosed is a second petition by the same parties to William III for the reduction of quit-rents already approved for 3 years to be continued for a further 4 years, [1695]. 4 ff.
64 Order by William III for the preparation of a Bill for the confirmation of impropriations and impropriate tithes and glebe in the possession of the crown to the Church of Ireland, [1694]. Copy. 2 ff.
65 Petition by the Irish Archbishops and Bishops to Tenison, requesting him to use his endeavours to persuade the king to grant all impropriations and impropriate tithes and glebe belonging to the crown, whether forfeited or belonging to him of right, to the incumbents of the parishes concerned, from Dublin, 5 March 1695. Seal. 2 ff.
66 Letter from William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel, to Edward Jones, Bishop of St. Asaph, from Cashel, 28 February 1695, asking him to intercede with Tenison to induce the king to lift the stay of disciplinary proceedings by Palliser against William Jephson, Dean of Lismore. Seal. 2 ff.
67 Letter from William Palliser, Archbishop of Cashel, to William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, from Cashel, 1 March 1695, referring to his dispute with Jephson, and describing attacks on his episcopal authority by Rowland Davies, Dean of Ross. Seal. 2 ff.
68 Warrant from Charles II to Richard Butler, Earl of Arran, Deputy-Lieutenant of Ireland, authorising the grant of letters patent to William Moreton, Bishop of Kildare, for the augmentation of his diocese from concealed lands to the value of £700, 27 February 1684. Signed: Charles R. 4 ff.
69 Warrant from William and Mary [to Richard Butler, Earl of Arran], for the endowment of the diocese of Kildare with £700 per annum from forfeited lands, the endowment intended by Charles II having been frustrated by the king's death, [1691-4]. Copy. 2 ff.
70 Petition by William Moreton, Bishop of Kildare, to William and Mary, for augmentation of the diocese of Kildare with £700 from forfeited lands, [1691-4]. Copy. 2 ff.
71 Petition by William Moreton, Bishop of Kildare, to Archbishop Tillotson, asking him to recommend the enclosed petition [item 70] to their Majesties, [1691-4]. 2 ff.
72a Clause from an Act or Bill of the Irish Parliament for endowing the diocese of Kildare with £700 per annum from forfeited lands, [1691-4]. 2 ff.
72b Proposals for the prevention of clandestine marriages in the Fleet prison, where 3,000 couples are married yearly, the Queen's Bench prison, and Lamb's chapel (of which the Cloth Workers' Company is patron), in order to prevent loss of stamp duty, temp. Queen Anne. 1 f.
73 Circular letter from Tenison to the Bishops of his Province, requiring enforcement of the canons concerning the grant of marriage licences, temp. Queen Anne. Copy. 2 ff.
74 Circular letter from Tenison to the Bishops of his Province, requiring them to suppress clandestine marriages, and particularly the practice of issuing blank licences, [1696]. Draft. 2 ff.
75 'Injunctions for preventing of Clandestine Marriages and all Abuses in granting Matrimoniall Licences', [February 1696]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
76 'An answer to the Considerations concerning the proposals', [1696]. Objections to proposals for suppressing clandestine marriages. 2 ff.
77 'Considerations concerning the Proposal hereunto annext' [for suppressing clandestine marriages, 1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
78 Notice of a petition for the consecration of the chapel at Toddington, Beds., belonging to Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Cleveland, and a licence by John Williams, Bishop of Lincoln, for births, marriages, and deaths in the same, [1631]. Latin drafts. 2 ff.
79 'The Form used by His Grace Thomas, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, when he consecrated the new churchyard given by him to the parish of Lambeth in the County of Surrey, October the 4th 1705'. 17 ff.
80 Dedication of the Earl of Cleveland's chapel at Toddington, Beds., by John Williams, Bishop of Lincoln, 12 September 1631. Latin. 2 ff.
81 Petition (signed) by Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Cleveland, to John Williams, Bishop of Lincoln, to consecrate his private chapel at Toddington, Beds., [1631]. 1 f.
82 'The Order of the Consecration of the Chapel at Bromley College', [1697]. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff.
83 Consecration of the churchyard of the parish of Fulmer, Bucks., by William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, 1 November 1610. Latin draft. 2 ff.
84 Dedication of the church of St. James at Fulmer, Bucks., by William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, 1 November 1610. Signed by Barlow. The witnesses include Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton. Latin. 2 ff.
85 'The Consecration or Dedication of the Chappell at Auckland-Castle belonging to the Bishops of Durham made by ... John [Cosin]. Bishop of Durham', 1 August 1665. Endorsed by Tenison. 7 ff.
86 Consecration of the chapel at Hatfield House by William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, [1611]. Late 17th cent. copy. 2 ff.
87 Petition by the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of Ireland to James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, asserting the right to have a full Convocation with every Parliament, [1703]. Copy. 1 f.
88 Address by the Lower House of the Irish Convocation to the Upper House, requesting them to address the government to recognise the ancient rights of Convocation, [25 October 1703]. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
89 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, to Tenison, from Dublin, 16 October 1703, giving an account of Bills passed in the Irish Parliament. The Archbishop of Dublin has given up his claim to precedence. Explains the petition for restoring the ancient rights of Convocation. Describes his intention to found a library at Dublin. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
90 Letter from Henry Capel, Baron Capel, Sir Cyril Wyche, and William Duncombe, Lords Justices of Ireland, to Tenison, from Dublin Castle, 28 December 1694, requesting his assistance in carrying out a royal visitation, and enclosing an account [missing] of proceedings in the diocese of Down and Connor. 2 ff.
91 Reasons by William Moreton, Dean of Christ Church, Dublin, and Bishop of Kildare, contesting the legality of a mandate from the Archbishop of Dublin for the latter's enthronement, [1703]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
92 'A Brief State of the Bishop of Kildare's Case', by William Moreton, Bishop of Kildare, concerning a dispute about the Dean of St. Patrick's right to enthrone the Archbishop of Dublin, [1703]. Also a statement by [Jerome Ryves], Dean of St. Patrick, asserting his right. 2 ff.
93 Address by the Deans, Archdeacons, and Proctors of the Lower House of Convocation assembled in Dublin to the Irish Archbishops and Bishops on the right of Convocation to make Canons, [1703]. 2 ff.
94 Opinion by William Oldys and Stephen Waller, civil lawyers, on the visitorial powers of the Archbishop of Armagh, from Doctors' Commons, 17 June 1703. 4 ff.
95 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, to Tenison, 23 September 1703, stating that the Irish Convocation is national and not provincial because all four provinces meet together. 2 ff.
96 Unsigned letter to Tenison, [1695], discussing the state of the Church in Ireland and approving of the king's order that all promotions pass through Tenison's hands. Seal. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
97 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, to the Tenison, from Dublin, 25 December 1703, inquiring about the powers of the president of the Upper House of Convocation. Seal. 2 ff.
98 Note [by Edmund Gibson, later (1723) Bishop of London] on the rights of the president of the [Irish] Upper House of Convocation, [December 1703]. 2 ff.
99 Letter from Narcissus Marsh, Archbishop of Armagh, to Tenison, from Dublin, 16 October 1703, stating that the Lower House of Convocation regrets the rashness of its address to the Archbishops and Bishops concerning Convocation [item 88]. Cannot believe report that Tenison obstructs calling the Irish Convocation. Seal. 2 ff.
100 Draft in the hand of Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester, of the greater part of item 104. Addressed to Tenison. Seal. 6 ff.
101 Paper in the hand of Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, entitled, 'Remarks upon a Case put and resolved by the Right Reverend Father in God the Ld Bishop of Worcester [Edward Stillingfleet] in his discourse of Bonds of Resignation Page 93.94', [1695]. 6 ff.
102 Letter from Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, 4 December 1695, concerning dispensations for pluralities. 2 ff.
103 Letter from Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, 4 November 1695, concerning a dispute with Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, concerning bonds of resignation. 2 ff.
104 Letter from Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, from Worcester, 10 January 1696, stating the canon law in a dispute with Burnet concerning bonds of resignation. Endorsed by Edmund Gibson. 10 ff.
105 'An Act for the more easy and speedy recovery of moneys for the repairing of churches', [1702]. Draft. 4 ff.
106 Objections [by John Bettesworth, Dean of Arches] to a proposed Bill concerning contempt of court [item 107], [May 1713]. Endorsed, 'D. Arches. Notes on Bill de Contumaci Capiendo'. 2 ff.
107 Draft Bill abolishing excommunication for contempt of court and substituting procedure under writ De contumaci capiendo, [1713]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
108 'The Case of making the severall terriers of glebelands to be admitted evidences of Record in law humbly offer'd to consideration', [1700]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'B. Wor.' but not identified. 4 ff.
109 'Proposals humbly laid before the Most Reverend Fathers in God the Arch Bishops and the Right Reverend the Bishops to put in execution the Act made for the better collecting of charity money on Briefs', [1706]. 2 ff.
110 Proposals [by Humphrey Prideaux, later (1702) Dean of Norwich] for reform of the law concerning charities, with an account of the method of issuing briefs. Mr. Fall has the right to print and prints 1,200 which he sells persons concerned in the briefs at excessive rates, [March 1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
111 Petitions by Nehemiah Scot and others for the reform of the collection of briefs for charity by erecting an office by letters patent, [1695]. See also item 123. 2 ff.
112 Letter from Nathaniel Crewe, Bishop of Durham, Thomas Sprat, Bishop of Rochester, and Thomas White, Bishop of Peterborough, Commissioners for the diocese of London, to William Lloyd, Bishop of St. Asaph, from Whitehall, 6 January 1687, ordering the registration and publication of an order by Archbishop Sancroft prohibiting clandestine marriages. 2 + 1 ff.
113 'A Defence of the King's Commission to visit exempt places and to grant Lycenses of Marriage there', [1695]. 2 ff.
114 Letter from an unnamed Bishop to the clergy of his diocese, 12 June 1708, concerning licences for marriage at prohibited times. Copy. 4 ff.
115 Considerations against the intended Commission to visit exempt places for the suppression of clandestine marriages, with an account of fees payable at Doctors' Commons said to be a cause of such marriages, [1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
116 Petition to the King to grant a commission to enforce the marriage laws and grant licences at a cheaper rate, [October 1695]. Draft. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
117 'A Bill to preserve Libraries that have been or shall be erected by Charitable Contribution in small Parishes in England', [1703]. A draft amended by Tenison. Enacted as 7 Anne c.14. Endorsed by Edmund Gibson. 3 ff.
118, 124 'An Act explaining a former Act [3 W. and M. c.3] intituled, An Act for the better ascertaining the Tythes of Hemp and Flax', c.1700. Draft Bill amended by Tenison and revised version. Probably enacted as 11 Will.III c.16. 2 + 1 ff.
119 Amended draft of part of a Bill for substituting writs for contempt of court in place of excommunication, [1713]. 1 f.
120 Draft Bill for suppressing clandestine marriages and regulating the grant of licences, with numerous clauses and emendations by Tenison, [1690]. 9 ff.
121 Letter from John Rainolds, President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, to William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, 20 September 1604, begging to be excused for not answering a letter, stating that he has been employed in translating the Bible, and denying that he ever said the cap and surplice were things indifferent. Also a letter from the same to Archbishop Bancroft, 5 August 1605, concerning the Book of Common Prayer. Copies. Both letters are described as ex MSS Autographo penes W. Wells bibliopol. Londin.'. 4 ff.
122 Letter from Richard Willis, Dean of Lincoln, and (1723) Bishop of Winchester, to Tenison, from Lincoln, 23 September 1706, commenting on a paper sent to him by Tenison on the nature of the Kingdom of Christ. 4 ff.
123 Letters patent to John Bremen, Thomas Firmin, and Dionisius Andrews, Esquires, to collect briefs, licences, and letters patent for charity, [1695]. Draft. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff. Cf. MS. 952, item 16.
124 See 118.
125 Memorial to the Archbishops and Bishops on behalf of the annual meeting of the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy, [1694]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'This was given me by the Archbp. of Cant. in the H. of Lds. Dec. 1694. He was displeased at it, as was the Court of Assistants who could not find out the Author'. 2 ff.
126 'A Scheme of the annual values of the spiritual livings and benefices in England and Wales, with a proposition for augmentation', 1711. Proposes a tax on all transfers of property and vesting of the proceeds in Queen Anne's Bounty. 2 ff.
127 Licence from George I to the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy to purchase additional property to the value of £3,000 per annum, 16 November 1714. Latin copy. 3 ff.
128 Synodical licence from Callinicus, Patriarch of Constantinople, to the Archbishop of Philipopolis to travel, 1700. Greek copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
129 Legal opinion on the writ De excommunicato capiendo, 1699. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff.
130 Declaration by Matthew Wren, Bishop of Ely, of the qualifications required from candidates for ordination in his diocese, April 1667. Engrossed on parchment but not signed or sealed. 2 ff.
131 Letter from Edward Stephens to the Archbishops and Bishops, 12 December 1705, advocating the reunion of Christendom, and proposing alterations in the liturgy to promote unity with the Greek Orthodox Church. 2 ff.
132 Autobiography of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, to his appointment as Lord Treasurer of Ireland in 1631, 23 June 1632. 3 ff.
133 'An Act for the better regulating the residence of ecclesiastical persons and plurality of benefices', [1678]. 4 ff.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 193
RelatedMaterialSee additional information on this manuscript in LR/L/13A
PublnNoteGwynn, Robin, 'The Huguenots in later Stuart Britain, vol. 1' (Brighton, 2015) [KA125.H84]

J. Akamatsu, 'Gender, power and sensibility: Marital breakdown and separation in the Court of Arches, 1660-1800', (unpublished PhD thesis, 2009) [Lambeth Palace Library OC330.A5]
MS 929, fol. 131: P. M. Doll (ed.), 'Anglicanism and Orthodoxy: 300 Years after the "Greek College" in Oxford', 2006 [H27.D6]

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GB/109/18222Breman; John (c. 1627-1703); Politicianc. 1627-1703
DS/UK/5934Bromley College; 1666-1666-
GB/109/18224Browne; George (fl. 1695-1699); Provost of Trinity College, Dublinfl. 1695-1699
GB/109/6779Burnet; Gilbert (1643-1715); Bishop of Salisbury; historian1643-1715
GB/109/18227Butler; James (1331-1382); 2nd Duke of Ormond1331-1382
GB/109/18228Butler; Richard (d. 1686); Baron Butler of Cloughgrenan, Viscount Tullough and Earl of Arrand. 1686
GB/109/18231Callinicus (fl. 1688-1702); Patriarch of Constantinoplefl. 1688-1702
GB/109/18234Capel; Henry (c. 1638-1696); Baron Capel of Tewksburyc. 1638-1696
GB/109/18236Cary; Henry (c. 1575-1633.); 1st Viscount Falklandc. 1575-1633.
NA2179Charles I (1600-1649); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1600-1649
NA2943Charles II (1630-1685); King of Great Britain and Ireland1630-1685
1082Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy; 1655-1655-
GB/109/8919Cosin; John (1595-1672); Bishop of Durham1595-1672
GB/109/15105Crew; Nathaniel (1633-1721); 3rd Baron Crew; Bishop of Durham1633-1721
GB/109/18253Davies; Rowland (1649-1721); Dean of Cork1649-1721
GB/109/18259Dopping; Anthony (1643-1697); Bishop of Meath1643-1697
GB/109/18266Duncombe; William (fl. 1689-1695); Lord Justice of Irelandfl. 1689-1695
164Province of Canterbury; Court of Arches
DS/UK/4444Diocese of Ely
DS/UK/5192England and Wales; Privy Council; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/18274Falle; Philip (1656-1742); Historian; Clergyman1656-1742
GB/109/18279Finch; Daniel (1647-1730); 2nd Earl of Nottingham & 7th Earl of Winchilsea1647-1730
GB/109/18281Firmin; Thomas (1632-1697); Philanthropist1632-1697
GB/109/18283Flamsteed; John (1646-1719); Astronomer Royal1646-1719
DS/UK/5963George I (1660-1727); King of Great Britain and Ireland1660-1727
75Gibson; Edmund (1669-1748); Bishop of London1669-1748
GB/109/17266Herbert; William (1580-1630); 3rd Earl of Pembroke1580-1630
GB/109/18315Church of Ireland; Diocese of Down and Connor
GB/109/13455Trinity College Dublin; 1592-1592-
GB/109/18318Jones; Edward (1641-1703); Bishop of St. Asaph1641-1703
GB/109/18321Church of Ireland; Diocese of Kildare; 520-1846520-1846
GB/109/16248King; William (1650-1729); Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin1650-1729
GB/109/10935Lloyd; William (1627-1717); Bishop of Worcester1627-1717
GB/109/16425Marsh; Narcissus (1638-1713); Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh1638-1713
GB/109/9115Mew; Peter (1619-1706); Bishop of Winchester1619-1706
GB/109/18348Moreton; William (c. 1640-1715); Bishop of Meathc. 1640-1715
180University of Oxford
GB/109/17144Palliser; William (1646-1727); Archbishop of Cashel1646-1727
GB/109/17595Paterson; John (1632-1708); Archbishop of Glasgow1632-1708
GB/109/18363Prideaux; Humphrey (1648-1724); Dean of Norwich1648-1724
GB/109/16567Rainolds; John (1549-1607); theologian and college head1549-1607
GB/109/18372Russell; Edward (1652-1727); Admiral; Earl of Orford1652-1727
GB/109/18373Ryves; Jerome (fl. 1699-1705); Dean of St. Patrick, Dublinfl. 1699-1705
32Sancroft; William (1617-1693); Archbishop of Canterbury1617-1693
GB/109/16166Savile; Sir; Henry (1549-1622); mathematician and classical scholar1549-1622
GB/109/17713Church of Ireland; Diocese of Meath; c. 588-c. 588-
DS/UK/4980Sharp; John (1645-1714); Archbishop of York1645-1714
GB/109/8972Sprat; Thomas (-1713); Bishop of Rochester-1713
NA2638Stillingfleet; Edward (1635-1699); Bishop of Worcester1635-1699
30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
GB/109/18401Tenison; Richard (1642-1705); Bishop of Clogher, and Meath (1697)1642-1705
31Tillotson; John (1630-1694); Archbishop of Canterbury1630-1694
DS/UK/5841Diocese of York
GB/109/18407Wentworth; Thomas (1501-1551); 1st Baron Wentworth1501-1551
GB/109/18408Wetenhall; Edward (1636-1713); Bishop of Cork and Ross1636-1713
GB/109/18411White; Thomas (1628-1698); Bishop of Peterborough1628-1698
GB/109/15919Willis; Richard (1664-1734); Bishop of Winchester1664-1734
GB/109/9514Williams; John (1582-1650); Archbishop of York1582-1650
NA2489William III (1650-1702); King of Great Britain and Ireland, Prince of Orange1650-1702
GB/109/15952Wren; Matthew (1585-1667); Bishop of Ely1585-1667
DS/UK/5350Wyche; Cyrill John (1867-1945); Chancellor of Grahamstown Cathedral and Archdeacon of Cradock1867-1945
NA1274Lambeth, Surrey; St Mary; -1951; ancient parish-1951
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