RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 764
Extentv, 246 ff.
DescriptionA bass Cantoris partbook, containing services and anthems by John Bull (c.1563-1628), William Byrd (1543-1623), William Cranford (died c.1645), Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger (1575-1628), Thomas Ford (c.1580-1648), Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625), Nathaniel Giles (c.1558-1633), Edmund Hooper (c.1553-1621), Thomas Morley (1557-1603), John Mundy (d.1630), William Mundy (c.1530-1591), Robert Parsons (d.1570), Richard Portman (organist of Westminster Abbey 1633-44), Nicholas Strogers (fl. 1560-1575), Thomas Tallis (c.1505-1585), John Tomkins (c.1587-1638), Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656), Christopher Tye (c.1500-1573), Thomas Weelkes (c.1575-1623), Mathew White (fl. 1600-1630) and Robert White (c.1535-1574).
Copied in London, in a single hand, possibly for use in Lambeth Palace Chapel (where services were restarted by Archbishop Laud in 1633), the Chapel Royal (as suggested by the correspondence of much content with St. John's College, Oxford MSS Mus. 180 and 181), or Westminster Abbey (as suggested by the presence of much music by Richard Portman, the Abbey organist).

The volume contains 21 services or sections of services, together with 65 anthems, in total 86 works, as follows:
(Bull)-1, Byrd-11, (Byrd/Gibbons)-1, (Byrd/N. Giles)-1, (Byrd/ Tallis)-1, Cranford-1, (Cranford/Lamb)-1, (A. Ferrabosco II)-1, Ford-2, (Fox/Hooper)-1, Gibbons-11, Gibbons/(Hooper)-1, N. Giles-4, Hooper-4, Morley-4, (J. Mundy/W. Mundy)-1, W. Mundy [Mr. Mundaye]-1, R. Parsons I-2, Portman-7, Strogers-1, Tallis-4, J. Tomkins-1, (J. Tomkins/Tomkins)-1, Tomkins-16, (Tye)-1, (Weelkes)-3, (M. White/R. White)-1, (R. White)-1, anon-1

f. i. A blank flyleaf.
f. ii recto-verso. Tables of 'all the preses and psalmes' and 'short services' in this manuscript.
f. iii recto-verso. Table of verse anthems in this manuscript.
f. iv recto-verso. Table of full anthems in this manuscript.
f. v. Blank.

ff. 1r-126r. Services and sections of services.
ff. 1r-6r. 'Mr Tallis first psalmes' and 'Mr. Tallis second psalmes'.
ff. 6r-9v. 'Mr Parsons psalmes'
ff. 10r-15v. 'Mr Birds first psalmes', and 'Mr Birds second psalmes'.
ff. 16r-18r. 'Mr Tomkins preces and psalmes'.
ff. 18v-22r. Mr Gibbons first preces' and 'Mr Gibbons second preces'.
ff. 22v-26v. Blank.
ff. 27r-37v. 'Mr Thomas Tomkins shortt servis'.
ff. 38r-49r. 'Mr Tallis shortt servise'.
ff. 49v-58r. 'Orlandoe Gibbons shortt'.
ff. 58v-70v. 'Mr Mundayes shortt'.
ff. 71r-85v. 'Mr Hoopers shortt'.
ff. 85v-97v. 'Mr Strogers shortt'.
ff. 98r-109r. 'Mr Porttmans shortt'.
ff. 109v-112r. 'Mr Morlies and my spirite'.
ff. 112v-113v . 'Mr Gibbons Magnificat'.
f. 114r-v. Nunc dimittis. Begins incomplete.
ff. 115r-117r. 'Mr Byrds for a man alone'.
ff. 117v-126r. 'Mr Gylles first servis'. Includes 'a magnificatt of Docter Gyles'.

ff. 126v-180r. Verse anthems.
ff. 126v-127v. 'Anthem for Easter daye'.
ff. 128r-129r. 'Anthem for St Peters daie'.
ff. 129v-130v. 'Anthem for Christmas daye'.
f. 131r-v. 'Anthem for the S. Circomsicion'.
f. 131v-133r. 'The Blessed Lambe'.
ff. 133r-134r. 'Anthem for Candlemas daye'.
ff. 134r-135r. 'Anthem for Assentione daye'.
ff. 135v-136r. 'Thou God that guides'.
ff. 136v-137v. 'How long wilt thou'.
ff. 137v-138v. 'Alacke when I looke backe'.
ff. 138v-140r. 'Christ risinge from death'.
ff. 140v-141r. 'Behould I bringe you glad tidings'. Orlando Gibbons.
ff. 141v-142r. 'Heare my prayer o God'.
ff. 142v-143v. 'O Lord my God in all distress'.
f. 144r-v. 'Grant Holye Trinitie'. Mr. Gibbons.
f. 145r-v. 'Thou art my kinge o God'.
f. 146r-v. 'O Lord God of my salvation'.
f. 147r-v. 'Give the King thy judgments'.
f. 148r-v. 'Out of the deepe'.
f. 149r-v. 'Have mercie'.
f. 150r-v. 'Lord who shall'.
ff. 151r-152r. 'My beloved spake to mee'. William Cranford.
ff. 152v-153v. 'Turne thou us O good Lord'.
ff. 154r-155r. 'O God of gods'.
ff. 155v-157v. 'O Lord make thy servant'.
f. 158r-v. 'O Lord lett me knowe my end'. Thomas Tomkins.
f. 159r-v. Blessed be the Lord God of Israell'. Thomas Tomkins.
ff. 160r-161v. 'O pray for the peace of Jerusalem'.
ff. 161v-162v. 'If yea be risen againe with Christ'.
ff. 163r-164r. 'Have yee no regard'.
ff. 164r-165r. 'Allmightie God'.
ff. 165v-166r. 'I will magnifie thee O Lord'. Doctor Giles.
ff. 166v-168r. 'O Lord graunt the kinge a longe life'. Thomas Tomkins.
ff. 168v-169r. 'Behold how good'. Richard Portman.
ff. 169v-170r. 'Above the starres'. Thomas Tomkins.
ff. 170v-171r. 'An anthem for St. Stephens day'. Thomas Tomkins.
ff. 171v-173v. 'Christ risinge againe'. Thomas Tomkins.
ff. 174r-175r. 'Anthem for St. Johns Daye'.
ff. 175v-176r. 'The Lord spake unto Ahaz'. Richard Portman.
ff. 176v-177r. 'Anthem for Innocents day'.
f. 177r-v. Reioyce in the Lord'. Richard Portman.
ff. 178v-180r. 'Let us with loud.' Thomas Ford.

f. 180v. Blank.

ff. 181r-212r. Full anthems.
ff. 181r-182r. 'All glory be to God on high'. Thomas Ford.
ff. 182v-184v. 'O Lord I lifte my harte to thee'.
ff. 185r-186r. 'Godlynes is great riches'.
ff. 186r-187r. 'O lambe of God'.
ff. 187v-188v. 'O Lord graunt the kinge a longe life'.
ff. 188v-190r. 'O give thanks unto the Lord'. Doctor Giles.
ff. 190r-191r. 'The Lord bless us'.
ff. 191r-192v. 'O God whome our offences'.
ff. 193r-194r. 'Arise O Lord'.
ff. 194v-195v. 'Prevent us Lord in all'.
ff. 195v-196v. 'O Lord make thy servant'.
ff. 196v-198v. 'O lord I bowe the knees'.
ff. 199r-200r. 'Holie holie Lord God'.
ff. 200v-201r. 'Blessed be thy name'.
ff. 201v-202v. 'I call and crie to thee'.
ff. 203r-204r. 'Behold it is Christ'.
ff. 204r-205v. 'O praise God in his holynes'.
ff. 206r-207r. 'O Lord God allmightie'.
ff. 207r-208r. 'The King shall reioyce'. John Tomkins.
ff. 208v-210r. 'Allmightie God the fountaine'. Thomas Tomkins.
ff. 210r-211r. 'O singe unto the Lord anew'. Thomas Tomkins. Alleluia by Thomas Giles.
ff. 211v-212r. 'Out of the deepe of Mr. Tomkins'. [Listed at f. iii verso among the verse anthems].

ff. 212v-221r. Blank.

ff. 221v-242v. Additional services.
ff. 221v-233v. 'Mr. Morlies servis', including 'Morlies Magnificatt'. 'Thomas Morly'.
ff. 234r-242v. 'Mr Birds short servise'. 'William Byrds'.

ff. 243-246. Blank.
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on:
Census-Catalogue of Manuscript Sources of Polyphonic Music 1400-1550 5 vols., Renaissance Manuscript Studies (Neuhausen-Stuttgart: American Institute of Musicology, Hänssler Verlag, 1979-1988) Vol. 2, p. 114. This description is also reproduced in the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music:
New description of individual services and anthems by Richard Palmer, 2012.
PhysicalDescriptionOriginal binding of dark brown leather (?sheep or goat skin) over wooden boards. Tooled in gold. 227 x 175 mm. Ties missing. Edges of leaves gilt.
Paper leaves, 219 x 164 mm. Two watermarks, neither in Briquet nor Heawood: (1) four-leaf clover with stem; (2) crown? (mostly cut off) surmounted by fleur-de-lis and four-petalled leaf.
New pencil foliation added 2012, replacing original haphazard foliation in ink and inconsistent later foliation in pencil.
Copied by a single scribe. One inked calligraphic initial on f. 1
CustodialHistoryRecorded amongst the manuscripts of Archbishop Thomas Tenison in David Wilkins' catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts dated 1720 (LR/F/40).
CopiesNegative Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 176; Box 192
RelatedMaterialSee additional information on this manuscript in LR/L/13A.
PublnNoteMonson, Craig: 'The Preces, Psalms and Litanies of Byrd and Tallis: Another 'Virtuous Contention in Love'' The Music Review 40 (1979), 257-7, 261
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GB/109/19731Tallis; Thomas (c.1505-1585); musician and composerc.1505-1585
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GB/109/21757Portman; Richard (fl.1633-1644); musician; organist of Westminster Abbey 1633-44fl.1633-1644
GB/109/21758Strogers; Nicholas (fl.1560-1575); musicianfl.1560-1575
GB/109/21759Tomkins; John (c.1587-1638); musicianc.1587-1638
GB/109/21760Tomkins; Thomas (1572-1656); musician1572-1656
GB/109/21761Weelkes; Thomas (c.1575-1623); musicianc.1575-1623
GB/109/21762White; Matthew (fl.1600-1630); musicianfl.1600-1630
GB/109/21763White; Robert (c.1535-1574); musicianc.1535-1574
DS/UK/6316Chapel Royal
DS/UK/3494Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster; 1579-1579-
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