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Extenti, 189 ff.
DescriptionA collection of English sermons, all or mainly preached in London, c.1565-c.1569.
The sermons are mainly by John Bullingham (d. 1598), a Prebendary of St. Paul's 1565-71 and later Bishop of Gloucester (primarily dominical sermons, possibly in connexion with the divinity lectures preached in St. Paul's Cathedral), and John Mullins (d.1591), a Prebendary of St. Paul's and Archdeacon of London 1559-91. Also included are sermons by Gabriel Goodman (1528-1601), Dean of Westminster, Alexander Nowell (c.1516-1602), Dean of St. Paul's, Edmund Grindal (1519-1583), Bishop of London and afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, and others.
A number of the sermons were preached at St. Paul's Cross. Also included are sermons at the annual feasts of London livery companies: the Girdlers' Company (ff. 33r-34v), Cooks' Company (ff. 57v-59r), Broderers' Company (ff. 74v-76v), Stationers' Company (ff. 98r-99r), Drapers' Company (ff. 107v-110r), Haberdashers' Company (ff. 131v-133v), and the 'marbelers' [? Masons' Company] (ff. 61r-62v).
The sermons appear to have been collected here for printing or for the practical use of a preacher. At f. 101v is a note' All this hitherto ruled or marked may be lefte owt if you will...'.

f. i. Index of sermons by type (funerals, christening, others) and biblical text.
f. 1r-v. 'Mr Alvie uppon a buriall'. [possibly Richard Alvey (d. 1584), Master of the Temple].
ff. 2r-4v. 'A sermonde of master Bullingham'. This sermon, preached at St. Paul's Cross, is also found in Bodleian MS. Tanner 50, where it is dated 24 September 1565.
ff. 5r-6v. 'Another sermonde of Mr. Bullingham at Paules Crosse'.
ff. 6v-9r. 'A sermonde of Mr Bullingham at Pauls Crosse'.
ff. 9v-11r. 'Mr Bullingham post trini dominica xv'
ff. 11r-12v. 'Mr Bullingham dominica post trini xix'
ff. 13r-15r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 15r-16r. Anonymous.
ff. 16v-17v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 17v-20r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 20r-22r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 22r-23r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 23r-24v. Anonymous.
ff. 24v-27r. Anonymous.
ff. 27r-29r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 29v-31v. 'Mr Bullingham on palme sondaye'.
ff. 32r-33r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 33r-34v. 'Mr Bullingham upon ye girdlers fest'.
ff. 35r-36v. 'Mr Bullingham dominica post trinit viii epistola'.
ff. 36v-38v. 'Dominica 5 post trinit Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 38v-40r. 'Mr Bullingham Dominica iii post trinit'.
ff. 40v-41v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 41v-43v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 43r-45r. 'Mr Bullingham uppon a buriall'.
ff. 45r-47r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 47r-48v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 49r-50r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 50v-51v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 52r-53r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 53r-54v. 'A buryall semonde'. Anonymous.
ff. 55r-56r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 56r-57v. 'Post trinit xi. Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 57v-59r. 'Mr Bullingham at ye cooks fest'.
ff. 59v-61r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 61r-62v. 'Mr Bullingham uppon ye marbelers feste'.
ff. 62v-64r. 'Mr Bullingham dominica iii advent as s. fosters [St. Vedast, Foster Lane, London]'.
ff. 64r-66r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 66r-67v. 'Mr Bullingham uppon a buriall'.
ff. 68r-69v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 70r-72r. 'Master Bullingame'.
ff. 72r-74r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 74v-76v. 'Mr Bullingham uppon ye imbroderers fest'.
ff. 76v-78r. 'Mr Bullingham uppon a buriall'.
ff. 78r-79v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 79v-91r. Eight sermons on the book of Malachi. Several are explicitly attributed to 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 91v-92v. 'Mr Bullingham. Dom. xviii post trin.'
ff. 93r-94v. 'Master Bullingham'.
ff. 94v-96r. 'Uppon a buriall'. Anonymous.
ff. 96v-98r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 98r-99r. 'Mr Bullingham at ye stationers feste'.
ff. 99r-102r. 'Mr Bullingham on a buriall'.
ff. 102v-104r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 104r-105v. 'Master Bullingham at mistris longs buriall'.
ff. 106r-107r. 'Master Bullingham uppon a buriall at Wilmotts churche'.
ff. 107v-110r. 'Mr Bullingham at the drapers feaste'.
ff. 110r-111v. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 111v-113r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 113v-115r. 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 115r-121r. 'Mr Bullingham'. Series of 4 sermons on Psalm 2.
ff. 121r-125v. Series of 3 sermons on Psalm 6.
ff. 125v-127r. 'Mr Bullingham'. On Psalm 130.
ff. 127r-131v. Series of 4 sermons on Psalm 114.
ff. 131v-133v. 'Mr Bullingham at the habberdashers feste'. On Psalm 15.
ff. 133r-139r. Four sermons on Malachi chapter 1. Several are explicitly attributed to 'Mr Bullingham'.
ff. 139r-142r. 'Mr Bollingham'.
ff. 142r-144r. 'Mr Deane of Westmynster dominica iiiia advent'. [Gabriel Goodman,
Dean of Westminster and Prebend of St. Paul's].
ff. 144v-147r. 'Mr. Noell'. [Alexander Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's].
ff. 147r-148r. 'Mr. Mullins uppon domin. xviii post trin.'
ff. 148v-149v. 'Master Mullyns'.
f. 150r. 'Mr. Mullins Dominica 4 post paske'.
ff. 150v-152r. 'Master Kelke at paules crosse. Dom. i post trin.' [possibly Roger Kelke (1524-1576), Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge].
ff. 152v-153r. 'Mr Mullyns. Dom. septuagesima'.
ff. 153v-154r. 'Mr Mullyns. p.m advent.'
ff. 154v-155v. 'Mr Mullyns. Saint Thomas apostell'.
ff. 155v-156r. 'Mr Mullyns uppon a visitation'.
ff. 156v-158r. 'Mr Mullyns'.
f. 158r-v. 'Mr Mullyns uppon a visitation'.
ff. 158v-160v. 'Mr Mullyns. The xxiiii post trin.'.
ff. 161r-162r. 'Mr Mullyns'.
ff. 162v-163r. 'Master Mullyns'.
ff. 163r-164v. 'Master Mullyns'.
ff. 164v-167r. 'Mr Archdeacon Mullyns at a visitation at saint pulchers [St. Sepulchre, London]'.
f. 167r-v. 'My lorde of London dom. xx post trinitat'. [Edmund Grindal, Bishop of London].
ff. 167v-169r. 'Mr Mullyns at pauls crosse'.
ff. 169r-171r. 'Mr Mullyns at saint pulchers [St. Sepulchre, London] uppon the visitation'.
ff. 171r-173r. 'Master Mullyns uppon a phisitacion'.
ff. 173r-175r. Anonymous.
ff. 175r-178r. 'Mr Mullyns at paules crosse dominica xii post trinita.'
ff. 178r-181v. 'A sermonde of Mr. Mullyns uppon the christeninge of his owne childe and daughter named Marye the vii daie of November anno domini 1568'. [Mary Mullyns, daughter of John Mullyns, was christened at St. Gregory by St. Paul's, London, 7 Nov. 1568].
ff. 181v-183r. 'Mr. Mullyns on ye epistell of S. Marks daye'.
ff. 183r-184v. 'A sermonde of Mr. Noell [Alexander Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's] uppon Mr William Boyers buriall at Saint Nicholas churche agenste burchen lane'. ['William Bowyer Esquire of Wymbleton' was buried in the parish of St. Nicholas Acons, London, 28 April 1569. See William Brigg, ed, 'The register book of St. Nicholas Acons, London' (Leeds, 1890), p. 88].
ff. 184v-186v. 'Mr Barnes '.
ff. 186v-187v. 'Mr archdeacon Mollyns uppon the same'.
ff. 187v-189r. 'Master subdean of paules'.
f. 189v. Blank.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2012
PhysicalDescriptionBuckram binding 278 x 184 mm., 19th cent.
Paper leaves, edges gilt. Written in a single hand.
CustodialHistoryRecorded amongst the manuscripts of Archbishop Thomas Tenison in David Wilkins' catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts dated 1720 (LR/F/40).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 450
RelatedMaterialThis is one of four major witnesses to the sermons at St. Paul's Cross in the 1560s, the others being Henry Machyn's diary (B.L. Cotton Vitellius F.V), John Stow's memoranda (L.P.L. MS. 306) and a sermon notebook (Bodleian MS. Tanner 50).
PublnNoteArnold Hunt, 'Preaching the Elizabethan settlement', in 'The Oxford handbook of the early modern sermon', ed. Peter McCullough and others (Oxford, 2011), pp. 366-386.

Cited in Mary Morrissey, 'Politics and the Paul's Cross sermons, 1558-1642', OUP 2011 [Lambeth Palace Library G4208.E6M6]

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