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TitleShrewsbury Papers
DescriptionFolio 1
Sir William Cecil to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 12 July 1554, announcing the death of the King of France [Henri II] on the preceding Monday from the blow given by [Gabriel de] Montgomery on Friday, and that the news was known only to the Queen who would inform the Privy Council. ½p. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 2
Sir George Bowes to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 18 July 1562, informing him of the sale of 6 acres of underwood in Marwood, [co. Durham], and asking for a warrant for the fencing which had already been carried out. 1p. End.
Folio 4
Receipt of Lord Hastings [of Loughborough] to Robert Fletcher, gent., for £20 in part payment for the sale of his life interest and title in a manor called Everingham Fee in Shelford, [co. Nott.], and other lands there, of which Fletcher had purchased the reversion from the Earl of Huntingdon, 22 May 1566. ½p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 5
Sir Henry Savile to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from York, 27 January 1565/6, about the delivery of letters from the Earl to the Lord President of the Council of the North, [Thomas Young, Archbishop of York.] Lord Dacre [of Gilsland], and to the Master of the Rolls. [Sir William Cordell.] 1p.
Folio 6
[The Earl of Shrewsbury to Thomas Young, Archbishop of York and President of the Council of the North], c.1564, about the method of issuing warrants to the Earl as Justice in Eyre of the forests north of Trent. ½p. Draft. Torn.
Folio 7
George Talbot to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Alnwick, [co. Northl.], 11 October [1557], about the victualling of the force under his command, with which he was starting the same day from Belford, [co. Northl.]. [Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, i. 349-51.] 1p. Torn.
Folio 8
Note by George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, that the Lord Treasurer is to be moved to grant a warrant for wood from the forest [of Galtres] for the repair of Sheriff Hutton Park, [co. York], no date ¼p.
Folio 9
Account of money paid and received on behalf of the Earl of Shrewsbury, by one of his servants, 26 February 1573/4. Amongst the items mentioned are a bill of exchange taken up at Rome by Ralph Barbar and another bill from Bordeaux. A note in the Earl's hand questions certain items in the account. 1p.
Folio 10
The Earl of Shrewsbury to Thomas Baldwin, at Shrewsbury House, London, from Sheffield, 20 October 1579, ordering him to put Cold Harbour, [London], in order for the Archbishop of York. ¼p. Endorsed.
Folio 11
The Earl of Shrewsbury to Thomas Baldwin, at Shrewsbury Place, London, from Wingfield, [co. Derby], 3 May 157[ ], sending by the bearer, Thruston Retford, or his partner, 6 fothers of red-lead to be stored in the lower rooms at Cold Harbour, [London], where the wet will not reach it until it can be sold. ¼p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 12
George Skargell to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Glossop, [co. Derby], 27 March 1580, about the return that day of Harye Bothome, [One of the Earl's tenants at Glossp Dale committed to the Marshalsea, 7 March 1579/80. Acts of the Privy Council, 1578-1580, 411-2.] saying that the Earl had sent for him and for leases in Glossop Dale. 1p. Address: my Lord.
Folio 13
Bill for saddles, harness etc. made for the Earl of Shrewsbury, 1599. 1p.
Folio 14
View of household accounts at Sheffield for the period 1-14 October 1559. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 15
[ ] Ratclyff to [Mary, Lady Talbot], 8 December 1589, enclosing an account of the disbursement of her money, and a note about her 'mineral matters.' Explains that the alum she had described as 'Jameny' is not known, but is thought to be alum plumosum, of which a sample, bought by Seggs, Dr. Gilbert's man, is sent. Mentions Flanders pots, shoes and silver candlesticks; Lady Mary's health [Her eldest daughter] and her progress in 'writing of the French tongue.' 1p.
Folio 16
[George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury] to Mr. Secretary, no date, stating that he had cancelled the court to have been held at the Chamber of the Forest of the Peak, according to the Queen's orders, but explaining that those summoned were tenants and officers of the Queen, that the place was 4 miles from his charge, [Mary Queen of Scots.] and that he suspected his old accusers had been busy again, but was perfectly willing to be relieved of his charge. 1p. Draft. Torn.
Folio 17
Thomas Bayly to Thomas Stringer, from Chelsea, 9 January 1584/5, urging him to come there. ¼p. Endorsed. Tho[m]as bayles letter for the sending up of soldyares. [Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 131 passim.]
Folio 18
[Sir George Vernon] to an unnamed correspondent, from Rufford, [co. Nott.], 30 January 1584/5, concerning a lease [?] of Baslow, [co. Derby]. ½p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 19
Writ of Philip Constable, [Sheriff of co. York], to his bailiffs to arrest Thomas Jobson to appear before the royal justices at Westminster one month from Michaelmas to satisfy Francis Aston, who has recovered £17 from him on a plea of debt, 25 June 1591. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 20
Note of legal expenses incurred by Elizabeth Heath and Francis Aston in a suit against [Thomas] Jobson, c.1591. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 21
Ellinor Breton to [Francis] Leake, from Charing Cross, [London], 8 July 1591, complaining of her treatment by the Earl of Shrewsbury, who withheld goods which she claims had been given to her by his father. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 22
Robert Somerscales to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Mr. Stanley's house at Womersley, [co. York], 29 August 1594, about some matter in dispute between the Earl and [Edward] Talbot. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 23
Lord Darcy to the bailiff [for Sheffield?], from Aston, [co. York], 11 September 1586, wishing to meet him at Rotherham, [co. York], to discuss the musters for Hallamshire, Strafford and Tickhill. 1p. Torn.
Folio 24
Examination of Thomas Ellis before Sir Cotton Gargrave, kt., for illegal hunting in the parks of Kimberworth, Emley, Wortley, Tankersley, Thornhill, Brierley, Kinsley, Ewden and Rivelin, [all in co. York], 6 July 1587. 1p. Torn.
Folio 25
Thomas Savile to William Dickenson, bailiff of Sheffield, 23 October 1581, asking for a warrant from the Earl of Shrewsbury for wood from Elland Park, [co. York], promised to his uncle Thomas Savile for the repair of Elland Mill, of which he was the Earl's tenant. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 26
Interrogatories administered at Wakefield for the plaintiff in Sir George Savile's suit against Robert Waterhouse, about the grant by Edward and Henry Talbot, executors of the will of George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, of the bailiwick of Wakefield to Savile, 10 April, 1594.
Endorsed with a note that [Thomas] Strynger and John Bawduly were examined, but not John Bothe and other witnesses, because of an order to cancel depositions already taken since the cause between Savile and Waterhouse had been arbitrated. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 27
The Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord Lieutenant of co. Derby., to his uncle John Manners and to Sir Humphrey Ferrars, from Broad Street, London, 10 September 1595, authorising them to enforce letters from the Privy Council about musters, and to pay a monthly allowance to Captain John Hales, whom the Council has put in charge of the training. 1p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 28
List of 47 kinds of pear trees and of 34 plum trees to be bought for £30 0 8, and consisting of 182 pear trees at 2s. each, 95 plum trees at 2s., apricots at 3s.4d. each and pippins [pepins] at 16d. each, no date 1p.
Folio 29
Statement by Henry Butler of sums received and disbursed, 28 October 1606 to 6 June 1606 [sic]. The total received is £45,446 7 3. 1p.
Folio 30
[The Earl of Shrewsbury] to Roger Manners, his brother-in-law, 27 April 1582, about the sale by executors of patents for lead smelting granted to William Homfrey in 7 Eliz.1, to [ ] Zouche, [ ] Strelley, and [ ] Wandesley, who have attempted to stop the lead works of the Earl and his neighbours in co. Derby. He asks Manners to approach the Lord Treasurer to learn the facts. 1p. Draft. Endorsed. Damaged.
Folio 31
Lord Burghley to [ ] Fanshaw, auditor of the Duchy of Lancaster, from Court, 18 February 1597/8, ordering him not to make any particular of the mills, tithes or bailiwick of Wakefield, of which Sir George Savile is tenant under the Queen, without the approval of the Earl of Shrewsbury. 1p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 32
Note of game in Pontefract Park, and some account of the disposal of timber, 1598. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 33
Thomas Coke to [the Countess of Shrewsbury], from Welbeck, 8 December 1599, about the wound of Sir Charles [?Cavendish], and opinion of Clowes, his surgeon. [Historical Manuscripts Commission Salisbury, ix, 246.] 1p. Seal. Address: my Ladie.
Folio 34
Geruis Markham to his uncle [?Thomas Markham of Ollerton], c. 1600/1, about the quarrel between his uncle and his father. 1p.
Folio 35
Acquittance by the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield to the Earl of Shrewsbury and Thomas Crewe of Grays Inn, arm., for £57 10, being the half year's rent for tithes of wool and lamb of Bakewell rectory, [co. Derby], 15 December 1598.
Signed by E[dmund] Merri[c]k, [Canon Residentiary]. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 36
George Savile to his uncle, [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Oxford, 20 August 1598, about the expected coming of [?Randall] Caterall to Oxford and the friendly relations re-established between his father [Sir George Savile] and the Earl. 1p. Torn.
Folio 37
Order in the Star Chamber concerning the case against Robert Somerscales, [Steward of Pontefract Court], 13 February 1598/99. 2pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 38
List of necessary armour for 'lance and lighthorsmen,' with its cost, and also the cost of petronells and French large pistols, 18 August 1599. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 39
Notes relating to the case in Chancery before Lord Keeper Puckering between [Mrs. Eleanor Brytten] and the Earl of Shrewsbury, c.1592-4. Also some deleted notes of pending business. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 40
Report of assays of silver ore by Sir Bevis Bulmer and [ ] Beel by different processes [in the Tower of London], June 1608. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 41
Rental of lands at Hatfield Chase, [co. York], with notes about the same, [1 March 1603/4]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 42
The Earl of Shrewsbury to Lord Burghley, from Broad Street, [London], 7 May 1595, informing him of the arrest of Thomas North by Edward Cokayne in co. Derby on information that there was a seminary priest in his house, though one was not found. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 44
Thomas Coke to Mr. Stewarde [ ?John Booth], from Welbeck, 20 February 1599/1600, about his health, and hoping to accompany the Earl of Shrewsbury and Sir Ch[arles Cavendish] to the 'spawe' [spa]. Sends messages to the young ladies and his sister Mrs.Booth and others from the Countess and Sir Charles, and attributes his illness, if the stone, to the use of tobacco. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 45
Note by [Henry] Talbot of property in co. Derby granted to him by his father the Earl of Shrewsbury, by indenture dated 8 August 1586, and assured to him by his brother the present Earl, no date 1p.
Folio 46
List [by Henry Sanderson] of abuses alleged to have been committed by [Richard] Dighton, keeper under Sir George Freville in Brancepeth Park, [co. Durham], in spoiling the woods and game, [October 1608]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 47v
The Earl of Dorset, Robert Cecil, and the Earl of Northampton to the Attorney General [Sir Edward Coke], directing him to draw up letters patent for the grant of certain lands in co. Derby, part of the Duchy of Lancaster, to the Earl of Shrewsbury at a fee farm rent of £155 13 6½ per annum, paying a fine of 39 years purchase. The lands must pass not being parcels of manors, c. 1603-4. 1p. Copy.
Folio 48
[The Earl of Shrewsbury] to the Bishop of Durham, 3 January 1607/8, about the complaint to the Bishop of George Brabant and Richard Dighton, keepers of Brancepeth Park, [co. Durham], against a servant of Henry Saunderson, Constable of Brancepeth Castle, for killing woodcock and mallards, and stating that such matters were within the Earl's jurisdiction, belonged to the royalties of the Castle and were allowed to the Constable. 1p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 49
List of questions, with the answers, about the park lately belonging to Kirkoswald, co. Cumb., sent to the Earl of Shrewsbury by [William] Hildyard, Recorder of York, who obtained the particulars from Sir Richard Lowther, 9 February 1606/7. It is stated that Sir John Dalton is farmer under the Crown, and John Robson his assignee, and that the deer were few in Lady Arrondaile's [Arundel's] time. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 50v
Robert Somerscales to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Pontefract, 6 June 1604, about the riot led by [John] Ward during Trinity Fair resulting from the Earl taking possession of the lodges in the Park. Mentions the arrangements for paying the balance of the legacy of [George, 6th] Earl of Shrewsbury, to the town of Pontefract, and asks that if Thomas Jackson should resign the Clerkship of the town, the Earl should send letters in favour of William Richardson, who had married Somerscales' niece. 4pp. Endorsed.
Folio 54
Robert Somerscales to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Gainsborough, [co. Linc.], 22 October 1603, asking him to obtain the King's sign manual addressed to [ ] Vavasour ordering the preservation of Pontefract Castle and Cridling Park, Pontefract Park being already destroyed. There is no plague in Gainsborough. He has bought hemp for the Earl's crossbow strings, and sends two bottles of ink and the best 'pynnedust.' 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 55
[John Harpur to the Earl and Countess of Shrewsbury], 7 May 1601, giving details of the instructions in the Commission for the Sale of Crown Lands, engrossed and awaiting the Queen's signature. News of the appointment of two Earls and a knight to the Privy Council, and of the reported marriage of Mr. Secretary [Cecil] to Mrs. Bridges. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 56
Refutation of the claim of the tenants of the royal manor of Sutton in the Forest of Galtres, [co. York], that it was outside the forest jurisdiction, and that they were therefore not required to find a woodward, c. 1606-7. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 57
Robert Somerscales to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Pontefract Castle, [14 June] 1603, stating that there were no provisions there for the coming of the Queen [Anne of Denmark], who was expected the next night, but the purveyors had been buying in the town and there was a warrant for venison from Wakefield Park. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 58
List of the rioters at Pontefract Park on 6 June 1604, with a note by Robert Somerscales that if the Earl's counsel advised an information to the Attorney General in the Star Chamber, it should be remembered that the rioters were all poor men, but he has marked the names of those suitable to be called. Refers to the proposed trial of the Earl's title to the Park. 1p.
Folio 59
Robert Somerscales to [the Earl of Shrewsbury, June 1604], explaining his actions on the night of the riot in Pontefract Park, and offering to pay the cost of a trial of the Earl's title 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 60
The Countess of Shrewsbury to Henry Butler, from Whitehall, [London], 27 April [1611-12], asking him to send money before Midsummer or the Earls of Shrewsbury and Pembroke would forfeit a statute debt of thousands of pounds, and complaining that rents were badly collected. Mentions debts to Sir Thomas Holdcroft, and the sale of lead. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 61
Robert Readheadd to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 7 September 1605, urging him not to give any credit to Sir Richard Gargrave [Sheriff of co. York], as he had broken his promise to William Hilliarde and certain knights to bring his prisoners to York Castle. Hopes that Sir Francis Palmes, Sir Henry Gryffyn and Sir Henry Slyngsbey may be removed from the list for sheriffs. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 62
Valuation of plate belonging to the late Lady Wharton, [Anne, daughter of Francis, Earl of Shrewsbury, married Thomas, 1st Lord Wharton, ob.1568. She died 3 Feb.1584/5.] according to the inventory made on the death of her husband Lord Wharton, with a list of gifts made in her lifetime to Fr[ancis], late Lord Talbot and to Mary [?Talbot, wife of Sir George Savile], no date 1p.
Folio 63
Bill for drugs bought by [ ] Seggs, c.1589. 1p.
Folio 64
Accounts of personal expenditure of [Henry Butler], including the purchase of spectacles, 30-31 October 1611. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 65
Proposed itinerary of Anne of Denmark from Berwick to York, 6-11 [June 1603]. 1p.
Folio 66
Statement by [Thomas Ellwes or Helwys, Brownist] of the differences between 'our brethrene and us.' The main points mentioned are the recognition of pastors only instead of pastors and teachers, the composition of the presbytery, the superiority of the original text of the Bible to translations, [26 September 1608]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 67
Thomas Alsoppe to Henry Butler, from London, 18 July 1606, about a lawsuit pending at the next assizes, beginning 6 August, between Edward Barker and certain of the Earl's officials about the impounding of Barker's cattle at Padley, [co. Derby], and the need to produce the conveyance from [ ]Fitzherbert. ½p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 68
Travelling expenses of [ ] Griffiths and others from Brussells and Antwerp to Mechlin, 19-22 September no year 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 69
[William Hamond to the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Broad Street, [London], 18 December 1608, about the promise of a gelding to [Roger] Tuerlotte, the expected arrival of touchstone [for Hatfield House], the shipment of sack and muscadine for the Earl, the delay in letters when the bearer, [ ] Prescott, was arrested. Business matters with Sir Fulke Greville and others. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 70
Richard Huett, Alderman, to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Nottingham, 10 January 1608/9, enclosing copies of two orders in Chancery about a suit brought by Anne Claye, widow, and asking for letters to the Lord Chancellor and the Attorney General. 1p. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 71
William Hamond to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Broad Street, [London], 27 November 1608, about legal business with [ ] Cooke at Gray's Inn, probably about Sir Thomas Harewell's business, financial arrangements concerning Alexander Ratcliffe, and a case of iron-handled knives left without directions. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 72
Note about a lawsuit concerning Thomas Driffield's mill at Easingwold, [co. York], built under a licence of the Duchy of Lancaster in 32 Eliz.1., and the confusion arising from Easingwold being part of the Duchy and within the Forest of Galtres, c.1607. 1p. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 73
Interrogatories of an inquiry concerning the actions of Sir Francis Wortley and his regiment, Captain Stanhope and his men, and the numbers of men raised by the Sheriff of co. Staff. and the writer, no date This document apparently relates to the royalist forces at Stafford in March 1642/3 before the battle of Hopton Heath. 1p.
Folio 74
Sir George Savile to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Barrowby, [co. York], 23 December 1608, apologising for being unable to visit him at Christmas. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 75
Note of damage committed by [ ] Brupe, sergeant of the King's hart hounds, to the deer in Stockley Park and to the deer and palings in Rolleston Park, where he had hunted by special order of the Earl of Huntingdon, 9-11 August 1607. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 76
Details of the expenditure of £20 for a lady's clothes out of an annual allowance of £30, early 17th century. ½p.
Folio 77
William Jessoppe to the bailiff of Sheffield, from Broomhall, [Sheffield], 6 March no year, about his suit concerning Brincliffe Edge, Sheffield. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 78
Fees totalling £12 2 5½ claimed by the Master of the Game in the Forest of Galtres, c.1604. 1p.
Folio 80
Summons by Thomas Barnby, William Blithman and Nicholas Brodeley to John Browne, John Perry, Thomas Smyth and Thomas Waynwright to give evidence at Barnsley, [co. York], on the last day of February on behalf of Sir Francis Wortley, kt., by a commission from Dr. William Greene, advocate general of the King's forces commanded by the Marquess of Newcastle, upon an information exhibited by Wortley against Richard Elmhirst and others, c.1643. 1p.
Folio 81
[The Earl of Shrewsbury, Justice in Eyre of the King's forests beyond Trent], c.1604, summoning his deputies to the Justice Seat to be held at St. Mary's, York, on the following 17 August, and referring to the reforms he had carried out in one year. 1¼pp. Copy.
Folio 82
William Butler to Sir George Chaworth, no date [but c.1636], about a riot at Ipswich of which [ ] Snelling was the chief instigator, over ecclesiastical matters, and urging that Snelling should no longer be a portman or alderman of the town, and that the matter should be settled in the Archbishop's Court.[Historical Manuscripts Commission Ninth Report, i, 261, and Calendar of State Papers Domestic 1636-1637, 529.] 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 83
Directions for various items of expenditure, including £100 for equipping a carriage, no date 1p.
Folio 84
[George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester], from Sheffield, no date, asking him to obtain from the Queen the remission of the Bishop of Carlisle's first-fruits and tenths.[Probably John Mey who obtained the bishopric of Carlisle through the assistance of Shrewsbury and Leicester, June 1577. C.f. Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 39 (185,201).] ½p. Copy.
Folio 85
Survey of the deer in the Forest of Galtres, [co. York], by William Hyldyard, esq., Auered Birkeby and William Pollard, gents., 5 May 1607. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 86
Memorandum by the Earl of Shrewsbury, of a conversation between the King and [Robert], Lord Cecil, the Earl himself standing by in the same room, of the terms on which Lady Arabella Stuart might be set at liberty, the King suggesting that she might reside with the Marchioness of Northampton at Sheen, [co. Surr.], 18 May 1603. 1¼pp.
Folio 87
Bond of £4000 of the Earl of Shrewsbury, Sir Charles Cavendish and Robert Booth to William Ingleby of York and Frances Palmes of co. Hamp., 19 January 1598/9.
Bond of £7000 of William Beckwith, late of Meering, co. Nott., to the Earl and Countess of Shrewsbury, no date ¼p. Fragments.
Folio 88
Conditions of a bond for the conveyance of the manor of Meering, co. Nott., by William Beckwith, William Fayrfax and Raffe Backhouse to Robert Booth and Thomas Cook, [19 January 1598/9]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 89
To [George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury], no date, informing him that a French-woman, widow of [ ] Ashton, had left London with letters for his charge [Mary Queen of Scots.] and that the Queen wished her to be apprehended. ¼p. Fragment.
Folio 92
George Warde, of co. York, to [ ] Stirropp, at Normanton, [co. Nott.], from Tuxford, [co. Nott.], 27 April 1623, about the lease of the glebe at Normanton. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 93
Statement by John Herbert about his tenure of the office of bowbearer in the Forest of Galtres under [ ] Becke, and of a note by the Earl of Shrewsbury that it was set down before him in the presence of his High Steward [William] Hyldyard, 12 November 1607. 1p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 94
Entries of the payment of the King's rent from certain unnamed properties due to the Duke of Buckingham, but paid by Francis Hill by order of Walter Mercer [servant of the Duke], to Joseph Beal, 4 November 1640 - 9 November 1641. [Calendar of State Papers Domestic 1619-1623, 64]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 95
State of a cause between Richard Wortley, esq., and the Queen's tenant at Kirkburton, [co. York], about the payment of tithes, [c. 1599]. The case was begun in the Exchequer, but was subsequently transferred to the spiritual court of York, the Common Law courts and the Star Chamber. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 96
Safe-conduct granted by Lord Fairfax, Lord General of all the Northern Forces raised for the service of King and Parliament, Hull, 5 December 1643, for Walter Mercer, servant to the Duke of Buckingham to pass to York, Oxford and London and back to Hull on the Duke's business, 1p.
Folio 98
Certificate for the payment of Sir Francis Wortley and his regiment of dragoons for their service at Stafford and Lichfield according to the King's warrant ordering Wortley to proceed to that county, Lichfield, [ ] April 1643. 1p. Draft.
Folio 99
Accounts for livery expenses of Ellis Harley at Wellingborough, [co. Northt.], 31 August no year 1p.
Folio 101
Receipt of Mary Bouth, daughter of Sir William Bouthe, of Dunham Massey, [co. Chester], kt., deceased, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, for £30, being payment of one year of an annuity for life charged on the manor of Meering, [co. Nott.], 5 September 1613. 1p.
Folio 102
Receipt of Sir Edward Grevill, kt., and Richard Roberts for £500 from the Earl of Shrewsbury to the use of the Duke of Lennox, in part payment of a greater sum for various rectories passed in fee farm under the Great Seal to the use of the Earl of Shrewsbury as part of the value of impropriations granted by the Crown to the Duke of Lennox, 4 July 1607. 1p.
Folio 103
Gratuities given to messengers and others for the Countess of Shrewsbury, no date ½p.
Folio 104
Receipt of Foulk Reed for £13 for posthorses for journies between London and Worksop, Northampton and Stamford, March-April 1603. 1p.
Folio 105
Summary of the accounts of [Mathew Ford], clerk of the kitchen, for the week ended 27 November 1602. 1p.
Folio 106
List of sums of money received from various bailiffs through Mrs. [Bridget] Hord, October - November 1609. 1p.
Folio 107
Accounts [of the clerk of the kitchen], 19-23 October 1602. 1p.
Folio 108
Accounts for domestic expenditure by [ ] Wyngfeild at Sheffield Lodge for three weeks while the Earl of Shrewsbury was there, August - September 1602. 1p.
Folio 110
Domestic accounts, November 1606. 1p.
Folio 111
Receipt of Mr. [ ] Arundell for £92 16 8 paid by the Countess of Shrewsbury, 21 November 1606. Not signed, but entered in his book by Henry Butler. 1p.
Folio 112
List by Averay Coplay of rents due to Edward Savile at the Feasts of St. Oswald and St. Martin the Bishop, 1581. 1p.
Folio 113
Lists of rents due to the co-heirs of Henry Talbot from lands at Ashbourne, Brassington, Monyash and Chelmorton, co. Derby, Michaelmas 1609. 1p.
Folio 114
Summary of the accounts of Mathew Ford, [clerk of the kitchen], at Worksop, 13-23 April 1603. ½p.
Folio 115
Summary of the accounts of Mathew Ford, [clerk of the kitchen], at Worksop, for the week ended 5 February 1602/3. 1p.
Folio 116
Summary of the accounts of William Warren, cook, 24 January - 20 February 1601/2. 1p.
Folio 118
Livery expenses of Francis Conyers for the Earl of Shrewsbury's journey to Nonsuch, 9-10 June 1607. 1p.
Folio 119
Livery expenses of Robert Hayward and others, February - November 1601. 1p.
Folio 120
Notes [by Henry Butler] of disbursements in the kitchen, March - May 1609. 1p.
Folio 122
Fragment of a letter without addressee or date, referring to the spinning of flax by Mrs.Marcam[?] and to its dyeing by the writer, with the assurance that it will serve as well as and be cheaper than silk. ¼p.
Folio 123
Accounts of [Mathew Ford], clerk of the kitchen, for soap, starch and 'barme' for the brewer and baker, August 1602. 1p.
Folio 124
Thomas Neale to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 28 March 1587, demanding the arrears of rent due from him in co. Nott. to the Crown. 1p.
Folio 125
Receipt of Margery Eare, late of Edale, co. Derby, widow, for £33 6 8 received from the Earl of Shrewsbury, 20 October 1613. ½p.
Folio 126
Receipt of Richard Beaumont to the Earl of Shrewsbury for £50 to the use of his master Sir Richard Beaumont, kt., 17 June 1611. 1p.
Folio 127
Account of Mrs. [Bridget] Hord for apparel, journies and other expenses, 24 June 1604. 1p.
Folio 128
Summary of the accounts of [Mathew Ford], clerk of the kitchen, for the week ended 29 January 1602/3. 1p.
Folio 129
Accounts of the same for provisions sent to the Countess of Shrewsbury, May 1603. 1p.
Folio 130
Note by the Earl of Shrewsbury to Henry Butler, from Sheffield Lodge, 13 July 1609, ordering him to obtain from John Bamford all writings in his charge belonging to the Earl.
Also a note from the same to the same and Gilbert Dickenson authorising them to obtain the writings from Bamford's representatives if he should have died, no date 1p.
Folio 131
William Hamond to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 15 September 1599, informing him of various tradesmen's accounts paid. 2pp.
Folio 132
The Earl of Shrewsbury to [Randall] Crew, 29 November 1599, about a lawsuit of the Earl of Derby and his Countess, and the arrangements for paying the Earl of Shrewsbury's debt to Sir Robert Dudley. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 133
Richard Latham to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Shifnal manor, [co. Salop.], 1 October 1609, about the refusal of the bailiff of Whitchurch, [co. Salop.], to pay rents due at Michaelmas, because he asserted that the Lord Chancellor had ordered him to send them direct to London and he would pay the money to the Earl. 1p.
Folio 134
Accounts of Mrs.[Bridget] Hord for domestic expenditure, 13 November 1605. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 135
Another ditto, undated. 1p.
Folio 136
Memorandum of information given by James Carre concerning William Brodhead, who appears to have refused to perform his service due to the Earl. The visit of the King to the Earl's house at Worksop is mentioned, [December] 1603. 1p.
Folio 137
Steward's accounts, late 15th century. 1p.
Folio 138
Memorandum [by Henry Butler] of money delivered to Mrs. [Bridget] Hord, October - November 1609. 1p.
Folio 139
Memorandum of money delivered to the Earl of Shrewsbury, April - May 1602. 1p.
Folio 140
Receipt by Robert Hayward to the Earl of Shrewsbury for £60 in discharge of all debts due for horsehire and horsemeat, 17 August 1602. 1p.
Folio 141
Stables accounts, 1601. 1p.
Folio 143
Receipt of Thomas Tomlinson to the Earl of Shrewsbury for £700 to the use of the Duke of Lennox in part payment of a greater sum for various rectories passed in fee farm under the Great Seal to the use of the Earl of Shrewsbury as part of the value of impropriations granted by the Crown to the Duke of Lennox, 24 October 1607. 1p. Seal.
Folio 144
William West to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Quarmby, [co. York], 1 July 1594, about taking possession according to the Earl's statute [?debt] of lands at Quarmby. 1p.
Folio 145
Accounts of Mathew Ford, [clerk of the kitchen], September 1602. 1p.
Folio 146
William Talbot and Thurstan Wodcocke to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Shifnal, [co. Salop.], 22 April no year, about a book made for the lordship of Shifnal, recording the rent of each tenant and the promises or refusals received from them in answer to the Earl's request. 1p.
Folio 148
Receipt of Thomas Eliote [?] to Henry Butler for £10 towards the cost of building new ironworks at Kimberworth, [co. York], 2 March 1607/8. ½p.
Folio 149
Petition of the inhabitants of the City of Westminster to King [James 1] that the Statute of 27 Eliz. 1 should continue until a charter of incorporation was granted, no date ¼p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 150
Memoranda [by Henry Butler] of various disbursements, 14-25 July 1609. 1p.
Folio 151
Memoranda [by Henry Butler] of various disbursements, 27 May-22 June 1609. 1p.
Folio 152
Account of expenses of a journey to London, 1-14 February 1607/8. 1p.
Folio 153
Memoranda [by Henry Butler] of various disbursements, August-October 1609. ½p.
Folio 154
The Privy Council to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Westminster, 4 March 1549/50, ordering him to settle a dispute between Sir William Calverley, Sheriff of co. York, and William Tyndall who claimed the keepership of York Castle and Gaol by letters patent. [Acts of the Privy Council, 1547-1550, 405.] 1p. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 156
Lord Dacre [of Gilsland] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Carlisle Castle, 8 March 1549/50, asking him to excuse the attendance in a suit before the Earl of eight poor tenants of William Hutton of the Forest of Inglewood, [co. Cumb.], summoned at the suit of [ ] Crakenthorpe, as the matter only concerned Hutton and Crakenthorpe, and stating that he had admitted Hutton's son and heir as his attorney as he was unable to travel. 1p. Seal. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 158
The Archbishop of York to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Bishopthorpe, [co. York], 29 October 1549, acknowledging a letter from the Earl stating that the Privy Council had refused to excuse the Archbishop from attendance at Parliament, and begging him to make excuses as he was too ill to travel owing to 'the Collicke, Stone and Strangull[at]ion.' 1p. Address: Privy Councillor.
Folio 160
The Privy Council to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 14 February 1549/50, about a suit brought by William and Thomas Clyff against Peter Stubley who had taken goods from them valued at £145 at Loughborough, [co. Leic.], which was pending both in the King's Bench in London and before the Earl. 1p. Seal. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 162
John Revell to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 1 February [probably 1562/3], about negotiations with the Earl of Pembroke, about the payment of money and conveyance of lands; a token sent to Robert Dudley, [later Earl of Leicester]; the rumoured debasement of the coin-age; the possible sale of Cold Harbour, [London]; and the difficulties in the way of building the new house at Chelsea. [The letter perhaps refers to Henry, 2nd Earl of Pembroke's marriage to Katherine, daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury, 17 February 1562/3.] 2¼ pp. Endorsed.
Folio 164
Composition between the Priory of Dunstable, [co. Bed.], and the Abbey of Dale, [co. Derby], about tithes of the church of Bradbourne, [co. Derby], made by the Abbots of St. James', Northampton, St. Albans, and St. Andrew's, Northampton, being judges appointed by papal mandate, 13 November 1284. The copy certified by John Knyveton, Robert Bamford and Edmund Hall from the original in the Exchequer, 2 July 1586. 3pp. Latin. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 166
Commission by Arthur, Prince of Wales, to William Tatton and Richard Birkhead, appointing them justices to hold the parva swainmote for the Forests of Mara [Delamere] and Mondrum, [co. Chester], 26 June 1490. Also notes of similar commissions issued at Chester in 1390, 1407, 1419 and 1436 for Delamere only, and 1476 for both forests. 1¼pp. Latin. Copy.
Folio 167
Notes about lawsuits concerning the tithes of the parsonage of Bradbourne, [co. Derby], brought [by the Earl of Shrewsbury], against the tenants of Sir Thomas Cocken [Cokayne] at Lee, and those of [Francis] Curson for Aldwark Grange, [co. Derby], and against [ ] Ferrer and [ ] Cotton for Mouldridge Grange, [co. Derby, 1589/90]. [Calendar of State Papers For. & Domestic, Henry VIII, xix, pt.11, 690 (40).] 2pp.
Folio 168
Thomas Gower, [Treasurer of Berwick], to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Berwick, 11 February [1544/5], about £800 sent to [Michael] Stanhope, Governor of Hull, of which the Privy Council had ordered the remainder to be used for the victualling of Berwick and other border-towns, and urging the Earl to write to the Privy Council about the condition of the castles at Berwick and Wark, [co. Northl.].
Also account of £376 6 10 received by Gower from his predecessor Edward Shelley, of which £215 3 [10] remained, the rest having been applied to the fortification and victualling of Holy Island. [Ib., xx, pt.1, 175.] 3pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 170
John Tempest to the Earl of Shrewsbury, [April 1545], [Ib., xx, pt.1, 618.] sending at the King's order 100 footmen, which he had put in charge of his nephew Richard Tempest, whom he desired should be captain as his own health was bad. He still hoped to attend personally with his liveried servants when the Earl proceeded into Scotland. 1p. Address: Lord Lieutenant.
Folio 172
Extent of lands [in Hallamshire], including Walkley, Wadsley, Stannington, Wistow, Sheffield. The extent of town and borough of Sheffield is extracted from the feodary of John, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, 4 March 1451/2, and the tenant of the manor of Godeshale in Hallam was John, Lord le Scrope of Masham. 15th century. 4pp.
Folio 174
Observations on behalf of [the Earl of Shrewsbury], on articles drawn up for the marriage of [William Dacre], Lord Greystoke, and his daughter Elizabeth, no date [between 1516 and 1522]. 2pp.
Folio 176v
Marriage articles for the same, no date [Calendar of State Papers For. & Domestic, Henry VIII, ii, pt.11, 3820.] 2pp. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 178
Abstract of a perambulation of the Forests of Sherwood, Galtres, Middleham, Rathbury, Inglewood and Hatfield Chase, for Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Chief Justice in Eyre of the Forests North of Trent, 31 Henry VIII, July 1604. A note states that the original is in the keeping of [Arthur] Agard in the Exchequer. [Calendar of State Papers For. & Domestic, Henry VIII, xiv, pt.11, 119.] 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 180
Sir John Ellerker to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Ellerker, [co. York], 17 January [1549/50], about the King's letters ordering him to make a return of Scottish prisoners, and enclosing his return. 1p. Seal. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 182v
Articles drawn up by [Harry] Dygby, apparently for the use of [ ] Gargrave, for holding a court or Justice Seat by George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury [as Justice in Eyre of the Forests beyond Trent], no date 2pp. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 184
List in the hand of Sir John Ellerker of prisoners (1) in his keeping but not his own; (2) his own in Pontefract Castle, [17 January 1549/50]. [Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 11 (125).] 1p.
Folio 185
Deed of enfeoffment by Thomas Wortley, son and heir of Sir Thomas Wortley, kt., deceased, to Sir Robert Nevill, kt., Sir Thoms Wentworth, kt., Robert Gargrave and Richard Whetlay, of the manors of Mesinghill and Newhall with appurtenances [co. York], to the use of himself, his wife Margaret, daughter of Sir John Sayvell, kt., deceased, and his heirs and assigns, South Kirkby, [co. York], 27 January 1521/2. 2pp. Latin. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 187
Sir Edward North and Sir Walter Mildmaye to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 13 December 1549, about a suit to be heard by the Earl, brought by William Tomholm and other inhabitants of Patrington in Holderness, co. York, about lands there leased by the Court of Augmentations to Thomas Alrede of Hull, one of the king's servants. The lands were part of those exchanged by [Edward Lee], Archbishop of York, with Henry VIII. 2pp. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 189
The Archbishop of York to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Bishopthorpe, [co. York], 9 January 1549/50, enclosing a book of the names of all Scottish prisoners and pledges placed by him in these parts, and promising the names of 24 or 25 prisoners placed in other parts of the shire. Refers to the dismissal of William Tunstall, gaoler of York Castle, and complains that he has had no recompense for Andrew and John Coningham, sons and pledges of the Earl of Glencairn, who have been in his hands for 3 years, and also of the cost of ransoming 7 of his servants taken prisoners. 1½pp. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 191
Sir Charles Brandon to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 29 April [1549/50], concerning his presence when Sir William Pyckerynge granted Bawk Grange to George Garret, and denying that Sir Raff Bowmer was also present. 1p. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 193
Indenture between the Earl of Shrewsbury and Lord Dacre [of Gilsland], for the marriage to take place before the following Michaelmas between Dacre's son and heir [William], Lord Greystoke, and one of the younger daughters of the Earl [Elizabeth], 1 December 1517. 5¼pp. Draft.
Folio 197
List of claims to offices at the coronation of Queen Mary, with marginal notes, [1553]. 4pp.
Folio 199
The Archbishop of York to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from York, 24 May 1548, congratulating the Earl on his appointment as Lord Lieutenant, and mentioning letters about musters from the Lord Protector and Privy Council.. 1½pp. Seal. Address: Lord Lieutenant.
Folio 201v
Order for placing and lighting beacons along the coast and on neighbouring hills, Greenwich, 20 April 1546. [Calendar of State Papers For. & Domestic. Henry VIII, vol. xxi, pt.1, 630.] 2pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 203
Extract headed 'in maioribus Chronicis anglis id est,' referring to grant of the county of Chester by King William the Bastard to Hugh [Lupus]. Also an extract from records of the Court of Exchequer of the County Palatine of Chester, recording the declaration of John Throkmorton, justice of Chester, holding his office by letters patent for life, of his right to hold pleas at Common Law, pleas of assize and pleas of the forest, 20 August 1565. 1p. Latin. Endorsed. Copy of the book of the Privy Council, Trokmorton claiming to be exempt from the jurisdiction of the Justices in Eyre of the Forests beyond Trent. [Acts of the Privy Council, 1558-1570, 246.]
Folio 204v
Endorsement only, headed 'Declaratio stat valor terr Francisci Comit Salopp,' no date.
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CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 808

Access to the Shrewsbury papers is also available by subscription from Adam Matthew Digital:
PublnNoteS. Alford, 'Burghley: William Cecil at the court of Elizabeth I' (London: Yale University Press, 2008) [Lambeth Palace Library ref. KA358.B9A5]

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GB/109/17229England; Council of the North; 1484-16411484-1641
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GB/109/11598England and Wales; Star Chamber; 1487-16411487-1641
GB/109/17232Dacre; Thomas (1467-1525); 2nd Baron Dacre of Gilsland1467-1525
GB/109/17233Dacre; Thomas (c 1526-c 1566); 4th Baron Dacre of Gilslandc 1526-c 1566
GB/109/17234Dacre; William (1500-1563); 3rd Baron Dacre of Gilsland and 7th Baron Greystoke1500-1563
GB/109/17236Darcy; John (1530-1602); 2nd Baron Darcy1530-1602
DS/UK/6039Dudley; Robert (c.1532-1588); Earl of Leicester; courtier and magnatec.1532-1588
GB/109/17246Dudley; Sir; Robert (1574-1649)1574-1649
GB/109/17248Fairfax; Ferdinando (1584-1648); 2nd Lord Fairfax of Cameron1584-1648
GB/109/17252Freville; Sir; George (-1579); Judge-1579
GB/109/15292Greville; Sir; Fulke (1554-1628); 1st Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court; courtier, author1554-1628
GB/109/17260Hastings; Edward (c 1512-1572); Baron Hastings of Loughboroughc 1512-1572
GB/109/17262Hastings; Henry (1586-1643); 5th Earl of Huntingdon1586-1643
GB/109/17265Herbert; William (1506-1570); 1st Earl of Pembroke (1551)1506-1570
GB/109/17266Herbert; William (1580-1630); 3rd Earl of Pembroke1580-1630
GB/109/17268Holgate; Robert (1481-1555); Archbishop of York1481-1555
GB/109/16112Howard; Henry (1540-1614); Earl of Northampton1540-1614
NA2506James I (1566-1625); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1566-1625
GB/109/15383James; William (1542-1617); Bishop of Durham1542-1617
DS/UK/5649Johnston; Nathaniel (1627-1705); physician and antiquary1627-1705
GB/109/17274Lee; Edward (c 1481-1544); Archbishop of Yorkc 1481-1544
GB/109/12794England and Wales; Court of King's Bench; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/17280Manners; Roger (6 October 1576 - 26 June 1612); 5th Earl of Rutland6 October 1576 - 26 June 1612
GB/109/17282May; John (-1598); Bishop of Carlisle (1577-1598)-1598
DS/UK/6296England and Wales; Parliament; 1536-17071536-1707
DS/UK/5192England and Wales; Privy Council; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/11381Sackville; Thomas (c.1536-1608); 1st Earl of Dorset; Lord Buckhurst; statesmanc.1536-1608
NA2718Sandys; Edwin (1516-1588); Archbishop of York1516-1588
GB/109/17305le Scrope; Sir; John (1378-1455); 4th Baron le Scrope of Masham1378-1455
GB/109/17309Talbot; Francis (1500-1560); 5th Earl of Shrewsbury1500-1560
DS/UK/5958Talbot; George (c.1522-1590); 6th earl of Shrewsburyc.1522-1590
GB/109/16184Talbot; Gilbert (1553-1616); 7th Earl of Shrewsbury1553-1616
GB/109/17329Villiers; George (1628-1687); 2nd Duke of Buckingham; politician and wit1628-1687
GB/109/19075Mary (1542-1587); Queen of Scots1542-1587
NA2249Mary I (1516-1558); Queen of England and Ireland1516-1558
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