RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 704
Extent214 Leaves.
TitleShrewsbury Papers
DescriptionFolio 1-11
Muster book for the wapentake and borough of Newark, co. Nott., 19 October 1565, and the certificate of the commissioners signed and sealed by Robert Markham, John Molyneux and William Blanke, alderman, of Newark. 13pp. Three seals.
Folio 13
The Earl of Shrewsbury to the Lord President of the Council of the North, [Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon.] from Sheffield Lodge, 22 September 1593, about the imprisonment of Raufe Bromhedd in York on the suit of [ ] Wortley, both being parties to a suit concerning bastardy in the Star Chamber. 1½pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 15
Sir Thomas Gargrave to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from York, 2 March 1563/4, about the award in a suit between the Earl and the Fairfaxes, and giving news from Scotland and France. [Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 157 (453).] 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 17
Walter Jobson to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Hull, 1 July 1562, about purchases of wine. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 19
Robert Eyton, Vincent Corbett and Richard Lathom to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Shifnal, [co. Salop.], 11 August 1588, about musters of the Earl's tenants at Cheswardine, Wrockwardine, Idsall alias Shifnal, Sutton Maddock, Tasley, Doddington, Lineal, [all in co. Salop.], and Marbury, [co. Chester]. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 21
Heylly Hardyner to [Thomas] Cooke, esquire, attending the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Goodrich, [co. Heref.], 6 July 1607, about the bailiffs' accounts of various estates which he and one Coxe had the Earl's warrant to view, with an account of difficulties met. Mention of Sir John Scudamore as 'a very great man in our Cuntrye.' 2½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 23
Andrewe Dotyn to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Bampton, [co. Oxon.], 14 August 1588, about tenants, who are named, at Bampton bound by indenture to attend the Earl in the Queen's service with arms and horses. 1p. Seal. Address: Earl Marshal.
Folio 25
William Vaughan, Godfrey Wygsall and John Prichard to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Goodrich, [co. Heref.], 16 August 1588, about military service due from the Earl's tenants in cos. Heref. and Glou. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 27
E. Shakerley to [Mary], Lady Talbot, from Spyte, 12 February [probably after 1568], sending 17 pieces of work embroidered with acorns or lozenges which had been ordered from him and his daughter, and mentioning others delivered to Chatsworth. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 29
Estimate for repairing a lead-mill at Barley [Barlow, co. Derby.] and for working the same. Also an account of an attempt to reach a new coal seam there, with details of cost etc., between July and November 1598. 3pp. Endorsed.
Folio 31
John Sutton and Thurston Wodcocke to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Over Haddon, [co. Derby], 21 May no year, sending information about the demands of [R] Robothome, and the draft of a plea against Foster with his indenture for the use of the Earl's attorney Robert Ethall. 1p. Address: my lord.
Folio 33
William Hamond to Henry Butler, from Broad Street, [London], 30 November 1607, about the dyeing of the Earl's velvet cloak, which must be soaked in alum water, and the dyeing of cloth of silver. Also bags of silver sent to him by Butler and a debt of £100 paid to [William] Jhonson. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 35
The Earl of Ormonde to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Cork, 24 October 1604, mentioning hawks he had sent to the King, the purchase of fee farm rents, the impoverished state of his finances, his attempts to provide for his daughter and son-in-law and the state of the country after the recent rebellion. 2pp. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 37
Petition of Henry Winche of co. Midd., 'a poore Collier,' for payment of coals supplied to the Earl's house at Broad Street, [London], every week for about a year, no date 1p.
Folio 40
Accounts of Mathew Ford, clerk of the kitchen, for the Lord Chamberlain's diet at Windsor, 30 June-2 July 1603. Also accounts at Worksop, 8-17 June 1603. 5pp. Endorsed.
Folio 43
Domestic accounts of Richard Peacock at Richmond, 7-13 August 1603. 2pp.
Folio 45
Memorandum of leases of property in Anglesey proposed to be granted for 31 years from Michaelmas 1581. The names of lessees are not stated. ¼p.
Folio 47
Thomas Crewe [For Crewe see Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, 37 note.] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, no date, describing the hearing of a case at Derby before the Commissioners appointed by the Court of Wards, brought by the Earl against the daughters [and co-heiresses of his brother Henry Talbot, d.20 January 1595/6]. 3pp. Endorsed.
Folio 49
Robert Whythall to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 28 January [1585/6], concerning a lawsuit between the Earl's ward [John] Beardmore [Beardmore] and [John] Wodwarde. The latter is stated to have refused to contribute to the Queen's service and to have counselled other tenants to do the same. A draft of the Earl's reply, no date 1½pp. Address: my lo[rd].
Folio 51
Richard Cotts to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Worksop, 11 February no year, concerning the prosecution of a robber at Lincoln in which he was acting with [Richard] Topcliff, who is searching for suspected persons at Grimsby, [co. Line.], 1p. Address: my Lorde.
Folio 53
Bailiffs' accounts of arrears due to the Earl of Shrewsbury on 21 January 1596/7, from the Hundreds of Wirksworth, Appletree, High Peak and Morleston and from the town of Derby. 3pp. Endorsed.
Folio 55
Examination of William Slake, servant of Nicholas Blackwall of Ridware, co. Staff., before the Earl of Shrewsbury at Sheffield Lodge, accused of hunting in the royal park at Barton [-under-Needwood] in the Honor of Tutbury, 26 January 1592/3. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 57
Accounts of Mathew Ford, clerk of the kitchen, for the week ending 12 October 1605. 3pp. Endorsed.
Folio 59
Servant of the Earl of Shrewsbury, to [Silvester] Dodsworth, sergeant of the Royal Buckhounds, from Sheffield Manor, 22 August 1604, about Dodsworth's hunting in private parks belonging to the Earl of Shrewsbury by virtue of a commission from the King. [Calendar of State Papers Domestic, 1603-1610, 34, 120.] 1p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 60
Richard Fenton to Thomas Strynger, 29 July 1595, offering to sell his estate called Dayeholme to the Earl of Shrewsbury for £54, subject to the life interest of widow Fenton. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 62
Raufe Sacheverel to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Stanton, [co. Derby], 21 August 1595, asking on behalf of his daughter Gell to know the Earl's pleasure about her son in the Earl's wardship. 1p. Address: K.G.
Folio 64
William Hamond to Thomas [ ], 27 July 1597, stating that the Earl of Shrewsbury had consented to 'Srgers' [?Stryngers] books being given to Thomas, he paying for their binding and deciding on their ultimate disposal. ½p. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 66
James Rawson to [the Earl of Shrewsbury and Mary his wife], from Sheffield, 22 July [1595], asking for instructions for the disposal of money from the sale of corn and for the unsold part of the harvest at Newbold, and Barley [Barlow], co. Derby. 1p. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 68
List of those whom the writer, who is unnamed, wishes the Earl of Shrewsbury to call before him to prove charges against John Crofte alias Burton and Anthony Crofte, no date 1p.
Folio 69
Servant of the Earl of Shrewsbury to the Earl of Huntingdon, from Handsworth, [co. York], 29 December 1593, interceding for his servant Charles Hedworth who had been committed to York Castle by Huntingdon. ½p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 70
Thomas Woodwarde, [probably steward at Newark], to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 24 April 1605, about a dispute between Harrison, the king's 'bowberer,' and the Earl's officers about the Forest [of Sherwood] near Blidworth, [co. Nott.]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 71
Sir Francis Wyllughby to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Wollaton, [co. Nott.], 30 October 1592, stating that he had paid back money he owed the Earl, and denying that he mortgaged the lands now redeemed to Sir Thomas Stanhope to do so. He has borrowed £500 from Stanhope on his own bond, and now asks the Earl to lend him £500 on security for a year. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 72
[The Earl of Shrewsbury to the Earl of Derby, Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire and Cheshire], on the course to be taken to levy a rate in cos. Lanc., Chester and Derby for the repair of Wealy [? Whaley] Bridge according to orders from the Privy Council, [Acts of the Privy Council, 1595-1596, 216-7, and Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 78 (823).] [1595-6]. 1p. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 73
Thomas Aston to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Sheffield, 8 June [1595], relating to the Earl's hawks, some of which appear to have been in the charge of Lord Darcy. 1p. Address: my good lorde and master.
Folio 74
John Hacker to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Bridgford, [co. Nott.], 7 February 1598/9, concerning Lady Stanhope's claim to willows on the commons at Stoke [Bardolph]; business connected with the Fairfax and Beckwith property, a lease made by Sir William Meringe and a lease of property at Sawley. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 76
G. Winton to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Haddington, [co. Linc.], 11 October 1582, relating to Hazlebadge, [co. Derby], 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 78
Thurston Wodcocke to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Cheswardine, [co. Salop.], 9 April no year, about the collection of various rents. 1p. Address: my lord.
Folio 80
Petition, probably to Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, from the 'poore Handycrafts men of Clothworkers' against the granting of licences by the Queen's prerogative contrary to the Acts protecting the cloth trade, and mentioning in particular a licence to export undressed cloth granted to the Earl of Cumberland. ½p.
Folio 82
Sir Francis Leek to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Rufford, from Sutton [Scarsdale, co. Derby], 13 March 1604/5, about differences between the Earl and the writer's 'olde Ladie' [i.e. the Dowager Countess of Shrewsbury], and mentioning that Lady Arabella [Stuart] had come to visit her grandmother. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 84
[The Earl of Shrewsbury] to Sir Edward [?Edward Hatfield, priest], no date [probably 1539], about negotiations with the Earl of Rutland in connection with the marriage of his son and the jointure of his daughter [-in-law]. [George Talbot, later sixth Earl of Shrewsbury, married Gertrude, daughter of Thomas, 1st Earl of Rutland, on 28 April 1539.] Also matters relating to his liberties at Archenfield, [co. Heref.]. 2pp. Draft.
Folio 86
Steward's accounts of money received and disbursed, October 1611. 1p.
Folio 88
Accounts of Thomas Grene, bailiff of Shifnal, [co. Salop.], 1597, 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 90
Harry Dygby to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Ravenstone, [co. Derby], 21 January 1568/9, reporting the death of [ ] Savile, keeper of the Forest of Galtres, and suggesting that one Gargrave should succeed him. Gives advice about the treatment of tenants at Monyash, Eyam and Middleton, [all in co. Derby]. 2pp. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 92
[Henry Butler to Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury], no date, giving details of payments made in the country. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 94
Memorandum about a debt due to Edward Catesbie from 'the Barron of Walton' on his bond and that of Sir John Savage, [after 11 May 1603]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 96
Musters of the tenants [of the Earl of Shrewsbury], in the franchises of Corpham [in Petton, co. Salop.], certified by Gregory More and Thomas Norton, 11 August 1588. 1p.
Folio 98
Richard Alporte to [George, 6th] Earl of Shrewsbury, no date, stating that he was unable to attend the Earl owing to ill health, in accordance with his summons of 7 August 1588. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 100
John Rithell to [George, 6th] Earl of Shrewsbury, from Goodrich, [co. Heref.], 15 August 1588, stating that he held a lease from the Earl of a piece of wood near Credenhill Park [co. Heref.] for 40 years, but had been summoned to London to answer the claim of William Agwyllam of Burghill, [co. Heref.]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 102
Sir Thomas Gargrave to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Kinsley, [co. York], 8 January 1555/6, stating that he had received the commission for the subsidy and the Earl's letters, and that he regretted that his not voting on a certain bill in Parliament had been reported as disaffection to the King and Queen, whom he was ready to serve. Gives a long report on evidence collected in a case apparently of rape at Wakefield mill, of which Richard Tempest and John Kay were suspected. Mentions that Edward Savile had gone to London for his marriage with Sir Richard Lee's daughter. 2pp. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folios 104-10v
The lordship of Alveton, co. Staff., by Roger Sheldon, 1613. The places named are Alveton, Denstone, Bradley, Farley, Over and Nether Colton, Stanton, Whiston, Eaves, Lees, Rocester, and [ ] hill. 6pp. (f.104).
Lands in Ashbourne, co. Derby, lately in the possession of the coheirs of Henry Talbot, 1613. [Died January 1595/6.] 1p. (f.108).
The manor and lordship of Cheadle Grange, co. Staff., 1613. 1¼pp. (f.109).
Lands in Whiston, Eaves and Lees, co. Staff., lately bought by Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, from one Beardmore in the name of Henry Butler, 1613. 1p. (f.110v).
Folio 111
Francis More to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Cold Harbour, [London], 4 March [1553/4], about his efforts to obtain an answer from the Queen to the Earl's letter to her. The arrival of Counts Egmont and Horne, the Imperial Ambassadors, in London; executions in Kent; [After Wyatt's rebellion.] the imprisonment in the Tower of Lord Thomas Grey, Sir Gawen Carew, [Sir John] Getes and [Sir William] Sentlowe, servant of the Princess Elizabeth who was then at Court; his ignorance of the whereabouts of Sir Arthur Hopton, formerly Knight Marshal; business with the Auditor of the Exchequer. 2pp. Address: my lord.
Folios 113-30
Brief for [Lawrence] Tanfield in a suit brought by the Earl of Shrewsbury in 1596 against the co-heirs of his brother Henry, reciting the clause concerning revocation in a deed dated 10 February 1567/8 whereby George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, conveyed certain estates to his sons Edward, Henry and Gilbert. 1p.
List of the lands granted in the said deed and in a further deed in 27 Eliz.I. 1p. (f.114v).
Notes of the case when heard at Derby about the evidence of Charles Townley. 4¼pp. (f.115).
'An Anatomye of Charles Townley,' in which his evidence and character are impugned, with other statements of evidence. 19pp. (f.119).
Folio 131
John Hacker to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Nottingham, 28 April 1599, about willows growing on lands at Stoke [Bardolph], which were claimed by Lady Stanhope, and other business. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 133
Notes about lands in the grieveship of Dowthorpe in Hatfield Chase, co. York, in dispute between Sir George Savile, son of Henry Savile, and [ ] Cragges, showing the descent of the estate from Thomas Farbarne, vicar of Fishlake, temp.Henry VII. It is stated that the lands were bought by Henry Savile in 1565 from Joan, widow of Robert Farbarne; Cragges was the son of Farbarne's sister Sibell, one of his co-heirs. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 135v
Accounts by George Tripet of coal pits at Sheffield, 1599-1600. 2pp.
Folio 137
Steward's accounts of disbursements, 1 March 1603/4. 1½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 139
Eustace Wenlande to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from St. Weonard's, [co. Heref.], 2 September 1606, stating that he has received notice to quit his house at Michaelmas, and asking for a lease of the castle and demesne of Goodrich. Irons works there mentioned. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 141
Grant of free warren to Gilbert Talbot, 2 April 1328. [Calendar Charter Rolls, 1327-41, 81 no.74]. 2pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 143
[Peter?] Clarke to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 4 March 1587/8, about certain guild lands of which the aldermen and burgesses [?of Newark or Chesterfield] desired a new lease. 1p. Address: Earl Marshal.
Folio 145
The Earl of Shrewsbury to Thomas Baldwin, at Shrewsbury House, London, 5 June 1581, about the failure of Lake, bailiff of West Pontefract, to appear in the court of the Duchy of Lancaster. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 147
Thomas Ellys to [Francis, 5th] Earl of Shrewsbury, from Doncaster, 28 March [c.1560], asking for payment for wine supplied to Sheffield and for the carriage of lead. ½p. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North.
Folio 149
William Barnby to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Shipton, [co. York], 5 October no year, referring to the appointment of [William] Hilyard as steward of the swainmoot court, and recommending Thomas Burton for the office of clerk of the attachment court in the Forest of Galtres, [co. York]. 1p. Address: my very good lord.
Folio 151
The Earl of Shrewsbury to Thomas Baldwin, from Sheffield, 8 February 1581/2, about estate matters and deeds connected therewith. Suggests Anthony Gell, [ ] Secheverall and others as commissioners if a commission is appointed for Woolland. The affairs of Lady Monteagle, and Baldwin's journey to France with the Earl's sons [Edward and Henry]. [Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 46 (116).]
Postscript by the Countess of Shrewsbury. 2pp. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 153
Averay Copley to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Sheffield, 27 May 1585, about the rents he had received on behalf of the Earl and Edward Saville, the latter of whom had signed a receipt at Sheffield in the presence of the bailiff Richard Robdetts. Various payments made. 1p. Address: my lorde.
Folio 155
Indenture dated 30 September 1591 between the Earl of Shrewsbury, and John Morton of Lees Hall, Glossop, co. Derby, whereby the Earl leased to him Lees Hall and Heyrodds with appurtenances for 21 years at a rent of £10 and fine of £66. 2¼pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 157
[The Earl of Shrewsbury to the Bishop of Carlisle], from Court, 22 June 1587, answering the Bishop's complaints about the Earl's use of his house at Darfield, [co. York], which had been occupied by a tenant named Carte, now parson of Tankersley, [co. York], and about the tithes there. 1¼pp. Endorsed.
Folio 159
William Barnby to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Shipton, [co. York], 11 October no year, about the appointment of officers to the courts of the Forest of Galtres. 1p. Seal. Address: my singular good lord.
Folio 161
Receipt of John Gladin, witnessed by Henry Butler, for 3 tons of iron in payment of all debts, 19 September 1607. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 163
List of rents paid [to the Crown] by the Earl of Shrewsbury, for lands at Rufford, [co. Nott.], Hartington, Glossop, [co. Derby], Worksop, [co. Nott.], and Hardwick Hall, [co. Derby], c. Michaelmas 1562. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 165
John Revill to the Earl of Shrewsbury, delivered to [ ] Bilton his secretary, from Belvoir, [co. Leic.], 28 August no year, stating that he was mortally ill and asking the Earl to assist his kinsman Valentine Revill of Styrrup, [co. Nott.], tenant to the Earl, whose lease had nearly expired. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 167
Robert Brooke, [goldsmith], to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, no date, relating to a matter of account between himself and the Earl about which he could get no satisfaction from William Hamond [the Earl's steward], and to his own consequent financial difficulties. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 169
Accounts [of Henry Butler] for various disbursements, April-September 1613. 2½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 173
The Archbishop of York to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Bishopthorpe, [co. York], 4 October 1582, thanking him for a stag, and mentioning an unnamed widow about whom he had written to the Earl. General news, 'As for Scotland there is no holde to be taken of it, a wavering and an inconstant people.' 1p. Address: Privy Councillor.
Folio 175
Petition of Thomas Woosnam, cooper, to Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, asking for authority for his wages to be paid, no date 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 177
Petition of John Shemeld of Fulwood, [co. York.], to the same, complaining that he had been assessed for some years for the Queen's service, although, as the Earl's tenant in Hallamshire, he was bound to find a horse, man and armour, no date 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 179
Elizabeth I to the Archbishop of York, and the Council of the North, from Westminster, 25 November 1598, urging them to special care in the trial of Michael Gubbedge and John Johnson, indicted for the murder of Christopher, son of her old servant Sir William Mallorie, as she had heard that Johnson had been allowed bail. 1p. Copy.
Folio 181
John Manners, afterwards 4th Earl of Rutland, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from York, 31 July 1583, about dealings with one Thwaytes about Marston manor and other lands, and requesting that [Gilbert], Lord Talbot, might visit the writer's brother [Edward, 3rd Earl of Rutland], in connection with negotiations between the two Earls. 1p. Address: Earl Marshal.
Folio 184v
Accounts [of Henry Butler] for various sums received, October-November 1612. 1p.
Folio 185
The Earl of Shrewsbury to Harry [Henry] Butler, from London, 14 October 1612, acknowledging the receipt of £2,081 19 sent up from the country, and various matters of business. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 187
Accounts [of Henry Butler] for annuities and wages paid, April-September 1613. 1½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 189
Richard Lakston to Thomas Cooke, [secretary to the Earl of Shrewsbury], at Shrewsbury House, London, from Lylington, [?Lullington, co. Derby], 5 April 1600, about audits at Welbeck. ½p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 191
Petition of Nicholas Hatfelde, tenant at Glossop Dale, [co. Derby], to Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, stating that he had taken no part in the campaign against paying rents and was not in arrears, but that the late bailiff had not given him his receipt before the new one distrained on his goods for rent, no date 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 193
Robert Bouth to Thomas Coke, at Sheffield Lodge, 21 March 1607/8, enclosing a letter sent by the Master and Seniors of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the Earl of Shrewsbury about one Dolben. [The enclosure may be Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 125(502).] 1p. Two seals. Endorsed.
Folio 195
Richard Cole to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from York, 5 April 1599, apparently enclosing f. 179. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 197
Accounts [of Henry Butler] for the receipt of £2,081 19, 1612. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 199
William Hamond to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Broad Street, [London], 20 July 1605, about various financial matters, and mentioning pies sent to London, which he had delivered to Lord Lumley and [Elizabeth] his wife, as no directions had been sent with them. 1p. Address: my Lord.
Folio 201
Nicholas Hatfeilde to the Earl of Shrewsbury, no date, about a warrant issued for the payment of his rent for Preiste Pasture by Edward Morehouse, the new bailiff of Glossop, [co. Derby]. 1p. Address: Privy Councillor and K.G.
Folio 203v
Petition of Clement Lawton of Worksop, widow, to the same, complaining of the behaviour of Richard Torre, bailiff there, towards her late husband and her daughter, and asking that the toll of Worksop market, of which Torre had deprived her husband, should be granted to her. The toll was a benevolence of corn taken from each sack on market day towards the cleaning of the Market Hill and usually granted to the poorest man or widow in the town, no date 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 206v
Gregory More and Thomas Norton to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Petton, [co. Salop.], 11 August 1588, stating that they have viewed the armour of the Earl's tenants at Corpham [in Petton]. 1p.
Folio 207
John Bullocke to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Derby, 15 March 1603/4, stating that he is unable to consent to delay in the payment of £220 due next May Day from Garvase Strelley for a mortgage, as he has payments to meet himself. 1p. Address: Privy Councillor.
Folio 210v
William Hamond to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Broad Street, [London], 21 March 1604/5, about business matters. 1p. Seal. Torn.
Folio 211v
Water Wyks to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 3 February no year, complaining of the action of the Countess and her officials in the granting of leases of the demesnes of the manors of Tormarton, [co. Glou.], and Sotten. Also mentions concealed lands at Tormarton, Acton Turville and West Littleton, [co. Glou.]. 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 213
[The Earl of Leicester] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 31 March [1574], about accusations made by the Earl's priest [Corker] against Gilbert Talbot. 1p. Endorsed. Signature torn off.
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GB/109/17356Butler; Thomas (1531-1614); 10th Earl of Ormond and 3rd Earl of Ossory1531-1614
NA1682University of Cambridge
NA2943Charles II (1630-1685); King of Great Britain and Ireland1630-1685
GB/109/15223Clifford; George (1558-1605); 3rd Earl of Cumberland; explorer1558-1605
GB/109/17229England; Council of the North; 1484-16411484-1641
GB/109/11598England and Wales; Star Chamber; 1487-16411487-1641
GB/109/17236Darcy; John (1530-1602); 2nd Baron Darcy1530-1602
DS/UK/6039Dudley; Robert (c.1532-1588); Earl of Leicester; courtier and magnatec.1532-1588
NA2488Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Queen of England and Ireland1533-1603
GB/109/17253Gargrave; Sir; Thomas (c 1494-1579); Speaker of the House of Commons; Vice-President of the Council of the Northc 1494-1579
DS/UK/6040Hastings; Henry (1536?-1595); 3rd Earl of Huntingdon1536?-1595
DS/UK/6038Hutton; Matthew (1529?-1606); Archbishop of York1529?-1606
DS/UK/4881Duchy of Lancaster
GB/109/15447Lumley; John (c 1534-1609); 1st Baron Lumley; collector and conspiratorc 1534-1609
GB/109/17279Manners; John (c 1559-1588); 4th Earl of Rutlandc 1559-1588
GB/109/17281Manners; Thomas (c 1497-1543); 1st Earl of Rutlandc 1497-1543
GB/109/17282May; John (-1598); Bishop of Carlisle (1577-1598)-1598
DS/UK/6296England and Wales; Parliament; 1536-17071536-1707
NA2718Sandys; Edwin (1516-1588); Archbishop of York1516-1588
GB/109/17303Savile; Sir; Henry (c1517-1569); of Lupsetc1517-1569
GB/109/17307Seymour; Sir; Edward (1539-1621); 1st Earl of Hertford; Duke of Somerset (1547)1539-1621
GB/109/17309Talbot; Francis (1500-1560); 5th Earl of Shrewsbury1500-1560
DS/UK/5958Talbot; George (c.1522-1590); 6th earl of Shrewsburyc.1522-1590
GB/109/16184Talbot; Gilbert (1553-1616); 7th Earl of Shrewsbury1553-1616
GB/109/17313Stanley; Elizabeth (-1585); 4th Baroness Monteagle-1585
GB/109/17317Seymour; Lady; Arabella (1575-1615); née Stuart; noblewoman and royal kinswoman1575-1615
DS/UK/3138Talbot; Elizabeth (1518-1608); née Hardwick; wife of 6th Earl of Shrewsbury1518-1608
GB/109/17324Talbot; Hon; Henry (fl. 1560-1595)fl. 1560-1595
GB/109/17326Talbot; Mary (1556 - 1632); Countess of Shrewsbury; wife of Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury1556 - 1632
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