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Extent128 Leaves.
TitleShrewsbury Papers
DescriptionFolio 1-22v
Description of the political and religious state of the Empire, written in English between 21 June and 3 October 1569. The author accompanied Henry Killigrew but could not be Christopher Mundt. The treatise is in the following sections,
An account of the spiritual and temporal Electorates and of the Free Cities in the Empire. (ff.1-3r).
A detailed account of the Palatinate. (ff.3r-5r).
A similar account of Saxony. (ff.5r-8r).
Note on the custom relating to the inheritance of land. (f.8r).
Description of the Free Cities. (ff.8v-11r).
The state of religion. (ff.11v-13v).
The assessment of the ten Circles to provide horsemen and footmen for the defence of the Empire. (ff.14r-22v).
Belonged to Nathaniel Johnston. [see Bernard, Catalogi Librorum Manuscriptorum, 1697, tom. ii, part i, 100].
Folio 23-40
'The dyscourse of William, Lord Roose, upon his travells mad[e] in France, Spain and Italy, and written to the Lo[rd] of Exeter, his grandfather,' from Bayonne, 27 July 1610. The author was William Cecil, grandson of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter. An imperfect copy of this ms is noted in Historical Manuscripts Commission 12th Report, app.iv, Rutland Mss, i, 422. Belonged to Nathaniel Johnston. [See Bernard, op.cit., tom. ii, part i, 100].
Folio 45v-63
Transcription of A copy of the letters, wherin kyng Henry the eyght made answere vnto a certayn letter of Martyn Luther, R. Pynson, 1526. [S.T.C. 13086]. At f.67 is a sheet which may have been the cover for this item. On it are the names of Sir Robert Dolman and the inscription 'N[athaniel] Johnston for Dr. Burnett [Burnet] April 2 1690.'
Belonged to Nathaniel Johnston. [See Bernard, op.cit., tom. ii, part i, 100].
Folio 68
Fragment of accounts possibly for an iron works unnamed. Undated but apparently first half of the 16th century. 3pp.
Folio 70
List by Thomas Gowerye for the Earl of Shrewsbury of lords and ladies in attendance on the Queen [Anne of Denmark], who were to be lodged at Worksop, [co. Nott., during the journey from Scotland, June 1603]. It is noted that the Scots 'love to be together.' 1¼pp. Endorsed.
Folio 72
Memorandum of an unnamed merchant or steward about accounts presented by his agent of his dealings in wine. 4pp. French.
Folio 74
[Henry Constable] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from the camp before Gurney [Gournay], 7 September 1591, describing the surrender of Gournay on the previous day, when his cousin William Constable was wounded, and giving news of the campaign, lack of pay and intended march to Cawdebeck [Caudebec]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 75
Newsletter, referring mainly to Parliamentary proceedings on 26-27 April 1675. 1p.
Folio 76
Newsletter from Brussels, 29 December 1589. Reference made to Cardinal Allen and [Robert] Parsons. 1p.
Folio 77
Report of the King's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, 21 September 1666 [Journals of the House of Lords, xii, 4-5], with the Resolutions of the House of Commons, which differ from the printed version. 1p.
Folio 78v
Henry IV of France to Queen Elizabeth I, from Rouen, 19 October 1596, brought by the Earl of Shrewsbury, on his return from investing the King with the Order of the Garter, re-affirming the treaty against Spain. 2pp. Copy. Endorsed. Very damaged. French.
Folio 80
Brief extracts from letters from France, probably late 16th century. 11/8pp. Damaged.
Folio 81
Account of a sortie sent out by Sir Thomas Morgan, Governor of Bergen-op-Zoom, to intercept a convoy of provisions and money from Antwerp to Rossendale, [perhaps 1589]. ½p. Damaged.
Folio 82
Charles I to the gentry and others of co. York, from the Court at York, 2 May 1642, about Sir John Hotham's refusal to admit him to Hull. 1p. Copy. Endorsed. A copie of his Majesties letter dated the 4th [sic] of May 1642, it beinge sent to mee the first of all. Damaged.
Folio 83
Sir William Widdrington to [torn], from Gainsborough, [co. Linc.], 2 August 1643, about particulars of delinquents in the limits of Sir William Savile's command at Sheffield. The Commissioners wish that one Sanderson should be sent to James Sill, one of Sir William Carnaby's deputies, at Sheffield Castle, to pay the sum assessed on him when the army was at Sheffield. 1p. Torn.
Folio 85
Certificate of prisoners and stores taken by the English garrison of Bergen-op-Soom in an attack on a convoy for Rossendale, dated 5 December 1589. 1p. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 86
News collected for the Earl of Shrewsbury, by Peter Proby from Dieppe 8 October, the Hague 4 October and Constantinople 16 July 1592. 1¼pp. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 87
Petition of the clothiers and inhabitants of Leeds to the Protector for a charter of incorporation, [1657]. 1p. Torn.
Folio 88
Draft of the previous item. 1¼pp. Torn.
Folio 89
List of the members of the Corporation of Leeds, mayor John Lord Lambert, [1657]. 2pp. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 91v
Fragmentary copy of letters patent granting fishing rights, no date 2pp. Torn.
Folio 93v
A further and probably earlier draft of the petition of the clothiers and inhabitants of Leeds to the Protector for incorporation, with some corrections in the same hand as f.88, no date 3pp. Torn.
Folio 95
Declaration by Luke Clayton, minister of Rotherham, John Clark, minister of Handsworth, Thomas Clarke, preacher at Rotherham, Christopher Angill, minister of Treeton, Samuel Rondall, minister of Edlington, Thomas Bosville, minister of Branwell [?], William Gifford, minister of Laughton [en le Morthen], William Hawdon, minister of Brodforth, [?Bradford], all in co. York, concerning their subscription to the Engagement [of fidelity to the Council of State], 17 December 1649. 3pp. Copy. Torn.
Folio 97v
A 'humble Certificate and Petition' of the inhabitants of Newport, co. Salop., for relief for the sufferers from the fire on 19 May 1665, with 27 signatories. A note superscribed that the certificate was published in Manchester parish church and that £24 was collected in Manchester and Salford. 2pp. Copy. Seal.
Folio 99
John Dawnay [Knighted 2 June 1660.] to [Nathaniel] Johns[t]on, at Pontefract, or in his absence John Johnson, apothecary there, from Cowick, [co. York], 4 March 1659/60, denying reports that he did not intend to stand for Pontefract at the next Parliament, but wishing to be second choice after Sir George Savile. Mentions Lambert's case. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 103
Report of debates in the House of Commons on the war in Flanders and the loss of Ghent, 26 February 1677/8. 1½pp.
Folio 104
Newsletter from London sent to Benjamin Lovett at Sir John Dawnay's house at Cowick, [co. York], 28 January 1679/80. 1½pp. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 106v
Lists of ships of the Red, White and Blue Squadrons, with the names of admirals, commanders, numbers of crews and guns and the rating of each ship, under the command of Prince Rupert and the Duke of Albemarle, [1666]. 2pp.
Folio 108
Address to the King about the activities of papists in Ireland, with a summary of remedies proposed. Mention of Robert [sic] Talbot's consecration at Antwerp as Titular Archbishop of Dublin and his residence near Dublin, and Colonel [Richard] Talbot acting in England as agent for Irish papists, c.1673. 1½pp. Incomplete copy. Torn.
Folio 109
John Jackson to John Johnson, or in his absence to [Nathaniel] Johns[t]on at Pontefract, from London, 3 June 1678, giving foreign and domestic political news, and an account of a contested election at Grantham, [co. Linc.], between Sir William Ellis and [ ] Markham. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 110
Copy of the King's speech to Parliament, 23 May 1678. [Journals of the House of Lords, xiii, 221]. 1p.
Folio 111
Notes of a session of the House of Commons, 22 March 1677/8. 1p. Torn.
Folio 112
Motion in Parliament thanking the King for having care for the Protestant religion in the marriage of his niece to the Prince of Orange, [1677]. 1p.
Folio 113
General George Monck and other officers to regiments in England, Scotland and Ireland, from Whitehall, 21 February 1659/60. 1p. Copy. Torn.
Folio 115
Declaration of war against France, Whitehall, 9 February 1665/6. 1p. Copy.
Folio 116
Note by [Nathaniel Johnston] of the impeachment of the Earl of Danby and the charges against him, 1678, and of the examination and confession of [Miles] Prance to the murder of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey. 1p.
Folio 117
Petition of the town of Leeds to the Committee for Northern Affairs for a new charter of incorporation to be obtained from Parliament, December 1647. 1p. Copy.
Folio 118
The Civil and Military list of the establishment of Ireland, 1672. 17pp.
Folio 128v
Rough copy of an order of John James that certain unnamed Justices of the Peace appear before him to give surety in £40, no date ¼p.
CustodialHistoryT.1-37 ff. 1-22v
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ff. 45v-63
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Y.5 f. 72
Y.7 f. 74
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Y.17 f. 80
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Y.21 f. 82
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Y.31 f. 88
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Y.41 f. 95
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Y.59 f. 106v
f. 108
Y.65 f. 109
Y.67 f. 110
Y.69 f. 111
Y.71 f. 112
Y.77 f. 113
Y.79 f. 115
Y.81 f. 116
Y.87 f. 117
f. 118
f. 128v
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 805

Access to the Shrewsbury papers is also available by subscription from Adam Matthew Digital:
PublnNoteReferred to in David Scott Gehring, 'Anglo-German relations and the Protestant cause' (London, 2013) [Lambeth Palace Library H5071.G3]

MS 703, fols 1r-22v, published (collated with British Library version and a printed version, 1665) in David Scott Gehring (ed.), 'Diplomatic Intelligence on the Holy Roman Empire and Denmark during the Reigns of Elizabeth I and James VI: Three Treatises', Camden Fifth Series (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016). Available online via:

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