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Extent183 Leaves.
TitleShrewsbury Papers
DescriptionFolio 1
George Jones to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 26 December 1607, about letting [Thomas] Lytleton's farm at Siefton, [co. Salop.], and other tenancies. Has sent kid or goat skin gloves to Hacker, Boothe and Richard Hacker, but has not been able to send so many as requested. 1p.
Folio 1a
Roger Manners to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Haddon, [co. Derby], 26 July [1594], mentioning 'old Wyllyam' and the rumoured marriage of [his grand daughter Elizabeth Vere]; the visit of the Earl of Rutland to Haddon and elsewhere for hunting; the marriage of Rutland's sister the following week at Belvoir. [Bridget, married Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby, Lincolnshire.] 1p.
Folio 3
Schedule of deeds relating to Shrewsbury property and other business, found in the possession of Leonard Bamforth [servant to the Earl of Shrewsbury], at the time of his death. [Will dated C August and proved 23 November 1594. Surtees Soc, cxxi, 161-3.] 3pp. Endorsed.
Folio 5
Nicholas Denham to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Wallingwells, [co. Nott.], 5 March 1592/3, [Date written in a different hand.] about a law suit in the Star Chamber between [ ] Stephenson and [ ] Pipe, apparently concerning the living of Barlborough, [co. Derby], and the interference of [Francis] Roodes or Rhodes in the case. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 7
Acquittance by Thomas Neale, auditor [of the Exchequer], to the Earl of Shrewsbury, for Crown rents due for Rufford Abbey, [co. Nott.], the rectory of Hartington, [co. Derby], the tithes of Glossop, [co. Derby], and the chantries of Laxton, Upton and Newark, [co. Nott.] for the year ending Michaelmas 1562. On the dorse a list of fees paid by the Earl. 1¼pp. Endorsed.
Folio 9
Thomas Kery to Sir John Scudamore, kt., at Court, from London, 15 May 1594, asking for payment of £323 15 lent to the Earl of Shrewsbury for the purchase of Welbeck, [co. Nott.], and mentioning his journey to Woodstock, [co. Oxon.], in two law suits, one apparently acting for the Earl, and the other for [ ] Thekeston. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 11
Sir Hor[atio] P[alavicino] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Bab[raham, co. Camb.], 13 November 1599, concerning the disgrace of the Earl of Essex, and his own affairs. 1p. Seal. Endorsed. Torn. Italian.
Folio 13
William Phellip to Robert Kydman, in attendance on the Earl of Shrewsbury, 5 July 1597, about the Earl's warrant to levy 20 men in co. Derby 'for the furtherance of Mr. Bulmer's work.'
A note by Kidman to the Earl, 7 July 1597, that he had directed Dawson, the bearer of the letter, to show it to the Earl. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 15
Thomas Jopson, vicar [of Rotherham, co. York], to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from [York] prison, [August 1599], suggesting an assignment of his pensions, whereby he might be released from prison where he had been committed as surety for an agreement for the purchase of iron. 1p. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 17
List of names on the panel for a jury in co. York in a plea of trespass in the Court of Common Pleas between Edward Talbot and Robert Saunderson, 22 June 1598. Also the names of the jurors chosen; names of eight jurors in the same case, Easter Term 1598; a list of jurors on the panel in a case of ejectment in the King's Bench between [ ] Ward and [ ] Shercliffe. 2½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 19
Two bonds of William Beckwyth of Clint, [co. York], one for £600 to Augustine Stewarde of London, arm., and the other for £200 to John Brogrove of Grays Inn, arm., both dated 9 July 1590. 2pp. Copies. Endorsed.
Folio 20a
Panel for the jury in the suit between Edward Talbot and Robert Saunderson, together with a list of the witnesses and the points on which they were to testify, 14 June 1597. Also 'the names of the talis' of the jury in the same case. 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 21
Robert Issot, mayor of Doncaster, [co. York], to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Handsworth, [co. York], from Doncaster, 10 April 1590, asserting the right of the town to appoint its own Recorder, as their predecessors had done, and informing him that they had appointed [William] Ferne before receiving the Earl's patent in favour of his own candidate.
The endorsement states that the Earl had not received the letter because it was not under the hands of the Aldermen and Common Council. 1p. Address: Earl Marshal, Justice in Eyre beyond Trent, K.G.
Folio 23
The Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council of Doncaster, [co. York], to the Earl of Shrewsbury at Handsworth, [co. York], 13 April 1590, repeating the contents of the previous letter. The endorsement states that the Earl intended to come to Doncaster as soon as possible to examine the matter of the Recordership. 1p. Address: Earl Marshal, Justice in Eyre beyond Trent, K.G. Seal.
Folio 25
The Mayor and his brethren of Doncaster, [co. York], to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Doncaster, 2 December no year, stating that merchants of Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, [co. York], Chesterfield, [co. Derby], Worksop, [co. Nott.] and Barnsley, [co. York], were treated as foreigners at Kingston-upon-Hull, [co. York]. They enclose articles sent to the Knights of the Shire and to the Burgesses of York, to whom they were applying for a remedy in Parliament, and request the Earl to further their cause. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 27
The articles of grievances referred to.1¼pp.
Folio 29
Richard Topclyffe to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Somerby, [co. Linc.], 30 June 1590, explaining the delay in the delivery of a letter from the Privy Council to the Earl dated 3 May ordering the arrest of certain 'malefactors and disobedient subiects,' meeting in a house at Derby. He cannot wait on the Earl himself since 'I am amonge suche mallyfactors reputed a Bugg or like a Skarrcrowe when I cume into an unwoonted place, Cuntree, or unto a man of your honorrs estayt. So woulde my waytinge upon your Lordship now for the delivery of this letter and to know your pleasour procure every tratorous preest and ther patrones to examyn ther owne estaits and daindger, and to flye their dennes and haunts. And my Experience teacheth mee that sutche men hathe straindge espyalls and intelligence in Coort, in Cuntree and about the greatest persons whosoever.' Sends instead [Edward] Thorne who has made inquiries for the Council. 3pp. Address: Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire and Derbyshire, Privy Councillor.
Folio 31
Lawrence Meres and Ralph Rokebye to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from York, 17 October 1590, stating that they have received the Privy Council's letter, and the Earl's covering letter for ending the disputes in Doncaster, [co. York]. [Acts of Privy Council, 1590-91, 18-19; Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838. iii, unpublished papers, 83 (90).] 1p. Seal. Address: Privy Councillor.
Folio 33
To the same, from Charing Cross, [London], 23 October 1590, describing his assertion of the Earl's right, as Earl Marshal, to appoint the Marshal of the King's Bench, against Sir William Knowles. Mentions Babington property and [William] Ferne's matter. [The appointment of a Recorder for Doncaster. See ff.21, 31.] 1½pp. Address: Earl Marshal, Privy Councillor. Signature torn off.
Folio 35
Thomas Bland to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 24 November 1590, offering his services and the use of books of tenures in his possession, as a commission has been issued to discover the Earl's offices in co. Derby. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 37
Thomas Mounteney to [Gilbert], Lord Talbot, from Grays Inn, 13 November 1590, about a grant of lands at Cawthorne, [co. York], formerly belonging to Mrs Waterton, a recusant, to the prejudice of the writer, who had previously purchased a lease of the same. He asks the Earl to intercede with the Lord Treasurer. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 39
Memorandum by Launcelett Lake, bailiff of Staincross, [co. York], about dubious practices in a suit brought by the town of Monk Bretton, [Mountburton, co. York], suing in the name of William Foster, against Richard Worteley and the town of Carleton, [co. York], relating to encroachments by the latter on Carleton Common and a concealed wood called Northroyde.
Endorsed with a memorandum by Francis Hinchclif, deputy bailiff of Staincross, that Worteley had sued to a nisi prius for the whole common and had chosen a jury to his liking, no date 2¼pp. Endorsed.
Folio 41
Robert Waterhous to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from York, 18 February 1590/1, about the Earl's suit against Elinor Bryttayne. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 43
Letter 'ad sectam Willelmi Oglethorpe et aliorum tenentium manerii de Roundhaye,' February 1591/2, describing the harmful results of amalgamating into one the courts of the manors of Barwick [in Elmet], Scoles and Roundhay, all parcel of the Honor of Pontefract, co. York, and requiring separate courts to be kept for each. 1p. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 45
The Earl of Shrewsbury to the Lord Chamberlain, [Henry Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon.] from Sheffield, 1 April 1591, about requests by both opposing parties in Doncaster, [co. York], that he should succeed the three preceding Earls of Shrewsbury as Steward of Doncaster. 1½pp. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 47
The Earl of Derby to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from Battersea, [London], 28 April 1591, thanking him for the loan of a litter for his journey south - 'I founde my coche so uneasie that I coulde not endure yt' - and informing him of the deliberations of the Privy Council on a petition from Elenor Breton and her nephew Thomas Breton complaining of the Earl's ill-usage. Mentions his appointment as Lieutenant of the Garter for St. George's Feast. 2pp. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 49
[The Earl of Shrewsbury to William Harryson, pretended mayor of Doncaster, co. York], from Sheffield Lodge, 15 April 1591, ordering him to hand over rents and profits of the corporation to 'some indifferent men' until the pretended election to the mayoralty is settled. [For the settlement of the dispute see Acts of the Privy Council, 1591, 261-4. See also Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 65 (123).] ½pp. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 51
Answer of the Earl of Shrewsbury to articles exhibited by Elinor Breton to the Lord Treasurer, complaining that plate, jewels and other goods had been taken from her. The Earl states that the property belonged to his father, [1591]. 1½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 53
William West to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Awston's house without Temple Bar, London, 20 May 1591, about his appearance before the Privy Council to answer for his part in the disturbances at Doncaster, [co. York]; the progress of Elinor Brytten's case; Barsforthe's imprisonment apparently at the suit of the old Countess [Elizabeth]; [the Earl's daughter] Elizabeth whom he 'could never find her idle but ether studying the frenche tonge or sewinge or otherwyse at worke.' 3pp. Two seals. Endorsed.
Folio 55
Rejoinder of the Earl of Shrewsbury to the replication of Elinor Breton, [15 June 1591]. 5pp. Endorsed.
Folio 61
Thomas Jopson to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 27 September 1592, about the payment of a debt to [Elizabeth] Heathe. Endorsed 'Jobson's letter to be sent to Mr. Bagott.' 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 63
Memorandum for [the Earl of Shrewsbury] by H. Talbott of Sir Thomas Stanhope's report made at Southwell, [co. Nott.], of his conversation with [?Robert] Kidman and others, of which the Earl had complained to the Privy Council, [October 1592]. [Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 70 (435), and passim.] 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 65
Robert Waterhouse to the Earl of Shrewsbury, Recorder of Pontefract, 22 November 1592, about the suit of John Savile to be appointed Steward to the weekly court of the mayor. There is no Steward, but only a clerk, John Huntingdon, who is also High Constable of the wapentake and was appointed by the Earl's father, and he would be displaced by the suit. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 67
Libellous verses addressed to John Markham, a younger son of Thomas Markham of Cotham, [co. Nott.], and distributed in Newark the day after Sir Thomas Stanhope's coach leathers were cut there. Also John Markham's answer in verse, and a copy of a letter from him to Sir Thomas Stanhope, his god-father, [1592]. 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 69
John Boun to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Nottingham, 13 March 1592/3, about the leases of Sawley, [co. Derby], in which Sir Thomas Stanhope had a reversion, and his opinion on various legal points arising from them. The prebend of Sawley also mentioned. [Edmund Lodge, Illustrations of British History, 1791, 2nd; edition, 1838, iii, unpublished papers, 74 (589).] 1p. Seal. Address: my Lord.
Notes on a lease of Sawley for 51 years dated Michaelmas 1544 (f.71), and notes on a second lease undated (f.72).
Folio 73
List of fourteen Statutes Staple entered into by Brian Stapleton and his son Richard, since 21 Eliz. 1. The latest date is 19 June 1593. 1¼pp.
Folio 75
Grant by Sir George Savile of co. York., kt., to Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, of the Stewardship of the Isle of Axholme, reciting the grant of the same by Edward Fiennes, Lord Clinton and Say, to Sir Henry Savile, deceased, and George Savile, on 1 April 1566. Endorsed, July 1593. 4pp. Draft. Endorsed. Latin.
Folio 81
Pleadings in an action for scandal (scandolum) brought by the Earl of Shrewsbury against Sir Thomas Stanhope, kt., with a recital of the record and causes of the demurrer, [1592]. 7½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 85
William Hamond to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 27 May 1594, relating to urgent loans and repayments of large sums of money. Mentions the ill success of the action for scandal [against Sir Thomas Stanhope], and a saying of the Lord Keeper [Sir John Puckering.] in the Star Chamber. The Queen will visit the Lord Chief Justice [Sir John Popham.] on her progress, which begins the next day, at his house at Highgate called Friar. A discussion of the case and the judges. 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 87
[The Earl of Shrewsbury to the Lord Keeper, [Sir John Puckering.] June 1594], asking him to enjoin Elinor Brytten, who has suits against him in the same matter in two courts besides Chancery, and who has also impudently petitioned the Queen, to follow the ordinary course of law. 1p. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 89
Lord Eure to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Ingleby [Greenhow, co. York], 2 August 1594, informing him that his chaplain [ ] Bridges, 'a good and learned preacher,' had a promise of the living of Treeton, [co. York], on the resignation of John Jones, a prisoner at York, if the Earl consented. Endorsed with a draft reply by the Earl of Shrewsbury regretting that he could not agree to the exchange as he had promised the next presentation to his chaplain [Osmund] Boorne, B.D. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 91
Robert Waterhous to the Countess of Shrewsbury, from York, 3 October 1594, about legal matters and the possible appointment of a commission [parties to the suit not mentioned]. A case of the writer's is described. 2pp. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 93
John Dighton to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Worksop, from Horkstow, [co. Linc.], 22 June 1594, complaining that he had been dispossessed of the Clerkship of the Court of the Isle of Axholme by Sir George Savile, who had sold the Stewardship of the island to Lord Sheffield. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 95
William Dickenson, the younger, keeper of Sheffield Park, to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Sheffield Park, 28 January 1594/5, about poaching in the Park. 1½pp. Address: my Lo[rd].
Folio 97
Lord Darcy to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Aston, [co. York], 23 May 1595, about the proposed sale of property at Wales, [co. York], to Darcy by [ ] Osburne. 1p. Broken seal. Endorsed.
Folio 99
Answer of Robert Eyre of Edale, [co. Derby], esquire, 1596, to the bill and information of John Tunsteede, bailiff of the High Peak, relating to the collection of estreats for the years 1592-3, with an account of the knavery of Ottiwell Mellour, appointed to help with the same, and of further difficulties in 1596. A copy of a letter from Tho[mas] Cooke is enclosed. 3pp. Endorsed.
Folio 103
Offers by the tenants of Kimberworth, [co. York], for the rents of their farms for one year from next Lady Day, 26 January 1596/7. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 105
William Hamond to Thomas Coke, 1 September 1597, containing a diatribe against usurers, and acknowledging the safe arrival of eight bags of money containing £700. ½p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 107
Edmond Eltoftes to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Farnhill, [co. York], 30 October [1597], thanking him for a 'token', and referring to the Earl's lawsuit with [his brother Edward] Talbot and the effect of the feud between the Stanhopes and the Saviles, 'there is not a gentellman ill affected or whose wyfe is a recusant but he was that dae a Stanhope agenste a Savill.' 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 109
[The Earl of Shrewsbury to Averay Copley], 20 October [1597], directing him to safeguard the interests of his nephew, having heard that since the late Earl's death Sir George Savile had been wasting the woods in Elland, Emley and Handsworth, [co. York], and asking Copley as receiver of Edward Savile's lands to report and warn Sir George to commit no further waste. He has also heard that Sir George has conveyed to the issue of his second marriage, Hullinghedge which had been bought by the writer's father for the use of his nephew. 2pp. Draft. Endorsed. drawne by the advise of C[ounsel].
Folio 111v
Evidence of various witnesses of the assaults by one Gunthorpe on William Hall at Nottingham and his murder at Newark on 28 November 1597. 3pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 115
Memorandum that William Earle, on behalf of the Earl of Shrewsbury, made entry on 24 February 1594/5 at Brierley Park, [co. York], which the previous Earl had bought from Lord Monteagle, and at Pontefract; and on 25 February at Selby Abbey, Stayners, Brayton and Thorpe Park, [co. York], all purchased by the late Earl from Roger Beckwith. Written in the presence of Henry Butler, Richard Geaves and John Hagge. 1¼pp. Endorsed.
Folio 117
Petition of Robert Brooke, goldsmith, to James 1, seeking an order for the payment of his debts by Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, no date 1p.
Folio 119
The Earl of Shrewsbury to William Cartewryghte of Ossington, [co. Nott.], from London, 6 June 1599, ordering him at the request of Mrs Anne Stewarde, mother-in-law of Ambrose Meeringe, to send to London bonds for £300 of Captain [William] Beckwith to her late husband [Augustine Stewarde], in which Cartewryghte had been concerned. On the same page signed consents from Mrs Stewarde and Jo[hn] Broograve. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 121
Sir Rychard Sakevyle, Chancellor of the Court of Augmentations, Sir Thomas Moyle, Sir Walter Mildmay, Richard Goodrick and John Gosnold, counsel of the same Court, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 21 April [1550], disclaiming jurisdiction in a suit between Robert Savell, gent., on the one part, and John and William Burnell, gents., on the other, concerning the cell of Woodkirk, co. York. 1p. Address: Lord President of the Council of the North. Date torn.
Folio 123
William Cartwright to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Broad Street, London, from Ossington, [co. Nott.], 22 June 1599, about the bonds between Mrs [Anne] Stewarde and Captain [William] Beckwith, and sending his own old lease of Sutton, which he asks the Earl to renew to his son Rookebye in lieu of a bond for £200, part of the Beckwith transactions. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 125
Sir Robert Duddeley to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Kenilworth, [co. Warw.], 20 January 1599/1600, about some unsuccessful business [apparently a sale of land to enable him to re-pay a debt to the Earl]. 1p. Seal. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 127
Account of the taking of 'sallet' oil medicinally by Sir Henry Powles, [January 1599/1600], with a prescription in another hand for making a compress of herbs. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 129
Robert Markham to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Broad Street, London, from Cotham, [co. Nott.], 11 February 1599/1600, enclosing a further letter from Thomas Markham [of Ollerton, his half-uncle], with whom he was engaged in a quarrel about the legitimacy of their respective branches of the family, and their right to use the arms of the family without a difference. 1p. Endorsed.
Robert Markham to Thomas Markham, from Cotham, 11 February c1599/1600, about the quarrel. (f.131). 2pp. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 133
To [Humphrey] Davenport, Sir Pierre Lee, [Thomas?] Lee of Adlington, [co. Chester], Sir John Berie and Sir John Ratcliffe, c.1602, appointing a meeting to consider certain heraldic evidences in the absence of the Garter King-of-Arms and others on the Queen's service in Denmark. 1p. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 135
William Dickenson, bailiff of Sheffield, to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 18 December 1597, informing him of the death of two of the official receivers [?] of the money left by the previous Earl to the Town stock, and suggesting possible successors. Mentions the illness of West, Steward of the Court, and recommends Thomas Cruiwe as a successor on West's death. 1p. Seal. Address: my Lorde.
Folio 137
John Dighton to the Earl of Shrewsbury at Worksop, from Lincoln, 11 July 1594, stating that he had been ordered to give up all court rolls and books concerning the Stewardship of the Isle of Axholme to Lord Sheffield, who had bought the office from Sir George Savell for the reported sum of £150. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 139
Memorandum signed by Robert Somerscales of a case in the Court of the Duchy of Lancaster at Pontefract between the Crown and John Warde and Nicholas Boothe, servants of Edward Talbot, about waste in Pontefract Park, in which it was decreed that Talbot should pay £129 12, the value of the timber sold, Easter Term 1602.
Also a note by the Earl of Shrewsbury that there are not more than two bucks in the park, which is seven miles in compass, and that he had seen 100 there in his father's time. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 141
John Cottesford to Thomas Harley, at Brampton, from London, 2 March 1592/3, asking him to approach the Earl of Shrewsbury on behalf of the writer's brother who wishes to be presented to Treeton, [co. York]; on the death or voidance of Dr. [John] Jones. News of the appointment of the Earl of Essex, a Privy Councillor, and the likelihood of the same for Shrewsbury and others. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 143
Robert Somerscales to the Earl of Shrewsbury, Michaelmas Day 1594, stating that he had held the Court of the Honor of Pontefract and sworn in the bailiffs. Mentions the attempts made to recover the records of the Court since 34 Eliz. 1 detained in the hands of [ ] Strynger; the claim of [Edward] Talbot to hold the Court at Wentbridge, [co. York] on 10 October, 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 145
Sir Henry Lee to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from Quarrendon, [co. Buck.], 15 July 1594, sending six sheep of his own breeding, and giving news although he was 'a mere contry man, no cowrtyar.' 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 147
Sir George Burchi[er] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from St. Mary Abbey, near Dublin, 23 July 1594, sending him a goshawk, and noting that there has been 'generally a rotte amongst hauckes this yeare.' ½p. Seal. Endorsed. Torn.
Folio 149
Lord Darcy to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Aston, [co. York], 24 November 1592, sending a certificate under the hand of [ ] Slingesbye, one of the Commissioners for taking the oaths of J.P.s of the West Riding, addressed to the Earl and other Commissioners for the same purpose in Derbyshire. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 151
Lord Darcy to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Aston, [co. York], 13 May 1594, stating that he is unable to attend the Earl owing to ill-health, but is sending his son instead, and asks for a recommendation to place him with Mr. [?John] Blois. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 153
Sir Edmund Brudenell to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from Deene, [co. Northt.], 11 May 157[6], about an outrageous robbery in co. Leic. and the pursuit of the thieves who fled into the Forest of Rockingham. [The theft was of the Queen of Scots' jewels. Acts of the Privy Council, 1575-1577, 124-5, 135-6] The bearer of the letter was Monsieur Doln, [Treasurer of Mary Queen of Scots]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folios 157, 190
Indenture between William Fayrfax of Steeton, and Raff Backhouse of Bolton Percy, both in the county and city of York, on the one part, and Robert Booth and Thomas Cook, gentlemen, servants of Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, on the second part, for the sale by Fayrfax within five years of the lordship and manor of Meering, co. Nott., and appurtenances there and at Sutton. 5½pp. Draft.
Folio 159
William Knyveton to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Mercaston, [co. Derby], 3 [ ] 15[94], about the court of the town of Belper, [co. Derby], which the Earl farmed under the Crown, and the discontent of the tenants. Recommends [ ] Bradshawe for the posts of coroner and steward of Belper, and thanks the Earl for mediating with the Chancellor [of the Duchy of Lancaster] in a suit of Knyveton's. 1p. Seal. Endorsed. Date torn.
Folio 161
John Harpur to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 6 June 1594, stating that he and other feoffees of Fitzherbert's lands have been summoned before the Lord Keeper [Sir John Puckering.] on the 13th instant with the conveyances. Mentions a letter from Sir Thomas Henneage authorising the Earl to settle the controversies between Sir George Hastings and Crofts and the inhabitants [of Dunnington, co. York]; the Earl's attendance at the funeral of the Earl of Derby; letters of Sir George Hastings to Henry Beaumont. 1p. Seal. Address: K.G.
Folio 165
Rychard Whalley to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Screveton, [co. Nott.], 26 April 1591, asking for the return of his lease of lead works, which the Earl had considered reserving to himself, and offering to sell Whitwell, [co. Derby?], to him for £2000. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 167
Terms of the appointment of Robert Fox as deputy to Thomas Beaumont as gaoler of an unnamed prison. Also Beaumont's answers to certain charges, and a note by Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, requiring Fox to keep a register of prisoners, no date 3pp. Draft. Endorsed.
Folio 169
Jervais Markham to [Gilbert], Lord Talbot, from Eckington, [co. Derby], 23 May 1590, asking for letters to the Archbishop of York for the confirmation of his lease of Dunham parsonage [co. Nott.], granted to him by [George] Slatter, one of the prebendaries of Southwell. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 171
Sir John Scudamore to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from the Court at Greenwich, 20 March 1590/1, stating that the Earl's Court at Archenfield [co. Heref.], of which he was Steward, could not be held in an orderly manner owing to the illness of the sergeant. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 173
Thomas Kery to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 21 November 1590, commending himself to the Earl. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 175
William Cecil, later 2nd Earl of Exeter, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 27 November 1590, with condolences and congratulations, 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 177
[Fulke Greville to Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, no date ½p. Seal. Endorsed. Fragment.
Folio 179
The same to the same and to the Countess, from Court, [14 April 1598], apparently relating to an interview with the Queen on their behalf. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 181
The Earl of Leicester to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], January 1580/1, in answer to a letter from the Earl, as Earl Marshal, to his deputy, Leicester, suggesting the promotion of [ ] Dethick, Bluemantle Pursuivant, to the vacant place of Windsor Herald; discusses the situation [at the College of Arms], where Garter, [Sir Gilbert Dethick], with one son a herald, usurped the power of the Earl Marshal. Suggests various possible appointments, especially of [ ] Hales, a brother of James Hales, to be pursuivant, being 'altogether geuen to matters of petygres...doth drawe and paynt excellente well.' 3½pp.
Folio 185
Robert Eyre to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Edale, [co. Derby], 23 December 1593, about the estreats of the Court of the High Peak. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 187
Memorandum of the duties of the office of bailiff of the franchises [of the Honor of Tutbury in the Duchy of Lancaster], no date 1p.
Folio 189
Memorandum of the duties of the office of porter of Tutbury, no date ½p.
CustodialHistoryE. Original foliation retained
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 804

Access to the Shrewsbury papers is also available by subscription from Adam Matthew Digital:
PublnNoteMay, S.W. & W.A. Ringler "Elizabethan poetry: a bibliography and first line index of English verse, 1559-1603" 2004. [Z2014.P7R5]

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GB/109/15040Carey; Henry (1526-1596); 1st Baron Hunsdon1526-1596
GB/109/8422Cecil; William (c.1520-1598); 1st Baron Burghley; royal ministerc.1520-1598
GB/109/17217Cecil; William (1566-1640); 2nd Earl of Exeter1566-1640
GB/109/17222de Clinton; Edward Fiennes (1512-1585); 9th Baron Clinton and (1572) 1st Earl of Lincoln1512-1585
GB/109/12794England and Wales; Court of King's Bench; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/11598England and Wales; Star Chamber; 1487-16411487-1641
GB/109/17236Darcy; John (1530-1602); 2nd Baron Darcy1530-1602
GB/109/17238Dethick; Sir; Gilbert (c 1499-1584); Garter King-of-Armsc 1499-1584
GB/109/15143Devereux; Robert (1565-1601); 2nd Earl of Essex; soldier and politician1565-1601
DS/UK/6039Dudley; Robert (c.1532-1588); Earl of Leicester; courtier and magnatec.1532-1588
GB/109/17246Dudley; Sir; Robert (1574-1649)1574-1649
NA2488Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Queen of England and Ireland1533-1603
GB/109/16092Eure; Ralph (1558-1617); 3rd Baron Eure1558-1617
GB/109/15292Greville; Sir; Fulke (1554-1628); 1st Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court; courtier, author1554-1628
NA2506James I (1566-1625); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1566-1625
DS/UK/4881Duchy of Lancaster
GB/109/17275College of Arms; 1484-1484-
GB/109/17280Manners; Roger (6 October 1576 - 26 June 1612); 5th Earl of Rutland6 October 1576 - 26 June 1612
DS/UK/6296England and Wales; Parliament; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/16150Puckering; Sir; John (1544-1596); administrator and speaker of the House of Commons1544-1596
DS/UK/5192England and Wales; Privy Council; 1536-17071536-1707
DS/UK/6022Sackville; Sir; Richard (-1566); administrator-1566
GB/109/17301Savile; familyc 1480-1644
GB/109/17303Savile; Sir; Henry (c1517-1569); of Lupsetc1517-1569
GB/109/17304Savile; Sir; Robert (-1585)-1585
GB/109/16780Selby Abbey; c. 1070-1539; Benedictine Religious Housec. 1070-1539
GB/109/17308Sheffield; Edmund (1565-1646); 1st Earl of Mulgrave; 3rd Earl of Sheffield1565-1646
GB/109/17309Talbot; Francis (1500-1560); 5th Earl of Shrewsbury1500-1560
DS/UK/5958Talbot; George (c.1522-1590); 6th earl of Shrewsburyc.1522-1590
GB/109/16184Talbot; Gilbert (1553-1616); 7th Earl of Shrewsbury1553-1616
GB/109/17314Stanley; Ferdinando (1559-1594); 5th Earl of Derby1559-1594
GB/109/17315Stanley; Henry (1531-1593); 4th Earl of Derby1531-1593
GB/109/17316Stanley; William (fl. 1560-1575); 3rd Baron Monteaglefl. 1560-1575
GB/109/17323Talbot; Edward (1561-1618); 8th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford1561-1618
GB/109/17324Talbot; Hon; Henry (fl. 1560-1595)fl. 1560-1595
GB/109/17326Talbot; Mary (1556 - 1632); Countess of Shrewsbury; wife of Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury1556 - 1632
GB/109/19075Mary (1542-1587); Queen of Scots1542-1587
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