RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 700
Extent138 Leaves.
TitleShrewsbury Papers
DescriptionFolio 3
Accounts of repairs to the house of the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Chelsea, London, by three of his servants including John Belberow and Robert Collston, no date but after 1560. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 5
Humfrey Bentley to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 25 June [1550], relating to 'the matter' between the Earl and the Earl of Warwick, [Presumably about Northumberland's appointment as Warden General of the Scottish Marches.] and stating that Warwick was not going north but returning to Court after the celebrations at Hatfield for the wedding of his son Lord Leysley [Viscount Lisle married Anne, daughter of Protector Somerset, on 3 June 1550.] following those at the Duke's house. The writer is trying to obtain payment of the rest of the Earl's fee before the Treasurer leaves London. Refers to the Earl staying in the north, and to a lease [place not stated] to Robert Bradshaw under the Duchy seal. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 7
Memorandum by Francis Neale, auditor [of the Exchequer], of the value of the manor and park of Clipston, [co. Nott.], formerly belonging to Jasper [Tudor], Duke of Bedford, and granted to Thomas Markham for life in 10 Elizabeth 1. The note was made in order to pass the fee farm of Clipston to the Earl of Devonshire, as parcel of the lands granted to him by James 1. [Calendar of State Papers Domestic, 1603-1610, 83.] 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 9
Thomas Greene to [George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury], from Coulston Park, 9 April no year, reporting the sale of cattle for which Mr. Bassett and Steven Verney have entered into bonds for payment at All Saints in a year's time. 1p. Address: my Lord.
Folio 11
Survey of lands perhaps belonging to George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, at Buxton, [co. Derby]. The tenants named are Edward Clayton, Edward Sheldon, Renold Torr, Raph Browne, Nicholas Dakin, Thomas Titterington, William Clayton, Roger Jackson, Stephen Garland, Margret Frost, Charles Hay, William Knowles. Mention of the old hall called Garland's Farm. 2pp.
Folio 13
Thomas Strynger to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Whiston, [co. York], 23 January [1586/7?], relating to business at Ashford [co. Derby] in which [the Earl's brother-in-law, John] Manners has been engaged. The writer asks for the Earl's help in obtaining from the Lord Treasurer the wardship of the heir of Edward Cowpar of Hartey, a tenant of Strynger's wife, but whose small holding in the stewardship of Wakefield would give prior right to the Queen. 1p. Address: Earl Marshal.
Folio 15
Laurence Humfrey, [President of Magdalen College, Oxford], to Thomas Baldwinne, at Cold Harbour, [London], from Oxford, 20 May no year, concerning a proposed visit of [George, 6th] Earl of Shrewsbury, or some of his family and household to Oxford, which he had asked them to postpone owing to the plague in Oxford. He and his family had gone to Bampton, [co. Oxon.]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 17
M[argaret] Sydnam, his 'poor aunt,' to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Worksop, [co. Nott.], 10 February 1592/3, asking his help in obtaining leave for her son Henry to accompany the Earl of Cumberland on his next expedition. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 19
Sir Edward Hastynges to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from his house near Leicester, 15 February 1590/1, stating that the lease of certain arable and pasture had fallen into hand, and asking for credit for 100 ewes and 100 wethers for a year, as he was unable at the time to stock the lands properly. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 21
Robert Markham to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Cotham, [co. Nott.], 9 February 1590/1, asking him to assist the bearer, a poor woman, by giving order for her husband, a man of evil fame, to keep the peace and provide for her maintenance. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 23
Peres Stanley to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Womersley, [co. York], 17 February 1590/1, stating that he and others had surveyed the arms etc. at Pontefract Castle in order to discover what belonged to the Crown and what to the Earl. The latter are of very little value. Refers him to a survey made by [Leonard] Bameforth, bailiff [William] Dichinson [of Sheffield], and two others when Allen Walton succeeded Thomas Cooper as Porter of the Castle. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 25
Robert Whithall to the Countess of Shrewsbury, 23 February 1590/1, stating that at the funeral of the late Earl, he had informed [ ] Harpur that Henry Cavendishe, brother of the Countess, claimed the stewardship of Hartington, [co. Derby], in the Honor of Tutbury, which the writer thinks was granted to her husband. Asks for orders since it is important that the court be kept. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 29
John Manners to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Haddon, [co. Derby], 28 February 1590/1, stating that he had received the letters of the Earl and Sir George Savile, and would do all he could for John Savile, but suggests a preliminary conference with Sir George Savile. Has received letters from the Privy Council appointing him collector of the [forced] loan from co. Derby, but has heard nothing about the Privy Seals. [Historical Manuscripts Commission Twelfth Report, App.iv, Rutland i, 286.] 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 31
John Merry to George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, no date, enclosing a copy of the examination made by [George] Abell and [Robert] Whithall about the duties payable from the Earl's farm at Sutton [Scarsdale, co. Derby], of which Mrs. Collier was tenant and occupier, 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 33
Robert Waterhouse to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from York, 2 March 1590/1, concerning the suit brought by the Earl before the Council [of the North] against [Mrs. Elinor] Bretton, whom he accused of taking gold, silver and other goods after the death of the late Earl. Bretton's brother was said to be bringing the matter before the Privy Council, and the writer urges the Earl to inform the Lord Treasurer about the suit. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 35
Humfrey Dethick, sheriff, Thomas Gresley, John Harpur, Patrick Lowe, Henry Kendall, William Blackwall, John Frauncis, Raufe Sacheverell, James Abney and Richard Harpur to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Derby, 20 March 1590/1, protesting against the amounts of the Privy Seals they have received from [John] Manners, collector for co. Derby, as they are assessed too high, most lent last time, and some are too poor to pay. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 37
John Parker to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Lees Hall, [co. Derby], 23 March 1590/1, enclosing the previous letter [f.35], and mentioning that the discontent is general and that he himself has been assessed for £30. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 39
William Cardynall to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield Lodge, from Egmanton, [co. Nott.], 18 September 1593, about the Earl's assistance to [Ralph Bromhedd] in a suit before the Council of the North. ½p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 41
William Hamond to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 25 September 1597, informing him of the receipt of £500 from F[ulke] Greivill and various payments made. He had delivered to Mr. Secretary [Cecil] the Earl's letter about 'the fantasticall boy Bouth.' [The boy, Edward Bouth, was nephew of the Earl's steward John Bouth. For the Earl's letter to Cecil see Historical Manuscripts Commission Salisbury, vii, 365.] 2pp. Seal. Address: my Lo[r]de.
Folio 43
Petition of William Kinge, attorney for Serjeant Hole, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, about accusations made against him in the extents against the late Lord Cobham's lands of irregular procedure in the issue of writs, which he said was due to the usual delay in the issue of writs, whether under the Great Seal or the seals of the courts, [1603-4]. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 45
John Parker, the elder, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Hyniswithe, 3 August 1594, asking him to settle a dispute between [ ] Strelley and [ ] Blythe, in which a temporary settlement had been made by arbitration. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 47
Account of provisions delivered for the Earl's household and stables at [Sheffield] Castle and Worksop, with receipts from stock, wool, etc., 5 September-6 December 1607. 2½pp.
Folio 49
Account of various examinations made before the Mayors of Nottingham, Humphrey Bonnor and Robert Alve, of George Carrow or Carriot on suspicion of coining. Carrow was imprisoned in Nottingham gaol from 8 March 1593/4 for breaking into the house of Mrs. Edmonson. Daniel Hopkins arrested later and sent to London was also implicated in coining. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 51
Rental and other evidences concerning the manor of Litchurch in the Honor of Byron, co. Derby, belonging to Thomas Babington of Dethick in 21 Henry VII, with memoranda about the Earl of Shrewsbury's claim to a manor in Litchurch. Also evidences concerning Chesterfield and Kingston lands held by Anthony Babington in an old book of Mr. Babington. Late 16th century. 3pp.
Folio 53
P[eter] Evre to [Thomas] Cook, secretary to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, from Buckden, [co. Hunt.], no date, about his disputed title to the advowson of Washingborough in the diocese of Lincoln, to which he wished to present the President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 1p. Broken seal. Endorsed.
Folio 55
Raphe Owayn to [William] Diconson, [bailiff of Sheffield], no date, asking for his recommendation to the Earl and enclosing three examples of his handwriting, one of them in verse. Suggests that the Earl might wish him to live at Sheffield. 4pp.
Folio 57
Bill for repairs to a lead mill at Padley, co. Derby, belonging to the Earl of Shrewsbury, carried out by John Everingham, 9-22 February 1604/5. Endorsed as paid by Henry Butler. 1p.
Folio 59
Undertaking by Phillippe Trafforde to allow the passage of the Queen's game in Macclesfield Forest, [co. Chester], over his own lands, no date [Probably after 1 March 1589/90]. 1p.
Folio 61
Receipted account of Humfre Saier for £153 14 101/2 for supplying a valence and canopy, 11 July 1607. The payments were made largely by abatements for Venice stuff, pearls and plate. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 63
Randall Caterall to the Countess of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from the Strand, [London], 22 November 1598, giving an account of negotiations for the sale of 'H'. [Only initial given, but apparently Savile or Babington property.] 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 65
Anthony Brakenburye to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from Holme near Newark, [co. Nott.], 7 June no year, about the construction of a new conynger and house for silver conies at Worksop, about which he has given instructions to [Richard] Torre, bailiff. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 67
Petition of Thomas Mears, his servant, to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, asking him to approach the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal for leave to bring an action in forma pauperis in Chancery against Anthony Hudleston, lord of the manor of Millom, co. Cumb., for possession of a farm there which had fallen to him from his brother, no date [Probably between 1592-96, when Sir John Puckering Lord Keeper.] 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 69
Thomas Greves to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, from Shifnal manor, [co. Salop.], 8 June no year, describing the progress of new buildings there. A postscript asks the Earl to bestow 'a cote clothe' on him as it would be 'a greate credete to me in this contrey.' 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 71
Rents due from the manors of Uttoxeter and Marchington, [co. Staff.], 40 Eliz.1. 2pp.
Folio 73
Edwarde Cokayne to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Ashbourne, [co. Derby], 26 February 1594/5, promising his faithful services in the offices which his father had held, and which his cousin Harper had told him the Earl would bestow on him. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 75
Petition of Margaret Bramall, wife of Edward Bramall of Bradfield, to Gilbert, [7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, asking him to inquire into an assault on her husband, who had served the Earl and his father many years, by Christopher Greaves, servant to Sir Charles Cavendishe [Cavendish], in Sheffield market on 14 May [ ], no date 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 77
John Knyveton to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Cold Harbour, [London], 22 November 1570, reporting that the papist whom the Earl had sent up had been taken before Mr. Secretary, who, 'after a fewe sharpe words,' had sent him to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Mentions lands which Mr. Comptroller [Sir James Croft] wished to buy. Mr. Secretary has only been able to obtain a warrant for £500. Mentions rents to the Crown for the office of Butler; payment of £60 for the exemplification of a fine and recovery; rumours that a Parliament will certainly be held in the next term, and doubts that the peace in France will continue. 1p. Address: my Lord.
Folio 79
Heads of inquiry to be considered by the Commissioners and jury, under the Commission for Woods, addressed to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, [as Lord Lieutenant] for the counties of Derby, Nottingham and Rutland, temp. Jas.1. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 81
Laurence [ ] to Gilbert, Lord Talbot, 1 May [ ]. 1p. Endorsed. Badly torn.
Folio 83
Sir George Hastings to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Dunnington Park, [co. York], 1 July [1594], about a lawsuit between himself and the inhabitants of Dunnington, and the position of his tenant Croftes. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 85
Petition of John Moorewood, Robert Dakin of Staden and Raphe Smyth of Buxton, [co. Derby], to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, stating that Richard Cooke, attorney-at-law, who had acted for them in a suit about land called 'Geldfeeld,' was now suing them for money which the Earl's former servant Thomas Tomson, ought to have paid, no date 1p.
Folio 87
Thomas Harley to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 10 March 1592/3, on behalf of a brother of his cousin [John] Cottsforde, who wishes to have the parsonage of Treeton, [co. York], when next vacant. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 88a
Marcus Tainbergerus, Richard Ledes and Emanuel Heckstetter to the same, from the royal mines in co. Cumb., 15 July 1594, arranging that their carpenter be spared for six weeks to build a new mill for the Earl. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 89
Extracts from court rolls of the manors of Badgeworth, Lidney and Longhope, co. Glos., 1489-1532, belonging to the Earl of Shrewsbury. Also a copy of a deed appointing Christopher Baynam or Beynam steward of the same manors, and of Huntley, Leigh and Croppets in the same county, 10 July [c.1489-91]. 2¼pp. Endorsed.
Folio 91
Roger Manners to [George, 6th] Earl of Shrewsbury, from Nottingham, July no year, stating his willingness to wait on the Earl now that he has returned, and that he is going to his brother's house at Haddon, [co. Derby]. ½p. Seal. Address: Earl Marshal.
Folio 93
Robert Constable to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from Newark, [co. Nott.], 4 September no year, asking for the return of his plate and for the gift of a buck to entertain his wife's relations and friends from co. Warw. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 95
Examination of Thomas Elkyn of Hamstall Ridware, co. Staff., 23 January 1592/3, before Rafe Aderley, at Cotton, [co. Staff.], in which he confessed that he with Edward Goore and John Walton, servants of Thomas Fitzherbert, esquire, killed a doe with greyhounds in the royal park of Barton-under-Needwood, co. Staff., and took it, in his absence, to Fitzherbert's house at Ridware. Sir Hugh, the curate of Armitage, [co. Staff.], was also there, but had no dogs with him. Also a statement that Roger Elkyn, joiner, brother of Thomas, is stated to have killed a deer. A note that William Slacke, servant of [ ] Massy, had confessed, and that he had sold the skin of the deer to a glover. The writer asks that Sir Hugh be arrested as he has been a great stealer of the Queen's deer. 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 97
Robert Eyre to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield Castle, from Edale, [co. Derby], 26 July 1594, informing him that [ ] Harper, a commissioner for the next assizes at Derby, will assist in a dispute concerning the Earl's title to lands, apparently belonging to John Dethicke, deceased, to which the heir was a daughter, aged four, in the wardship of [ ] Busche, a page of the Lord Treasurer, and advising the Earl to purchase the wardship for £500. Asks for a buck. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 99
[Alexander] Ratclyff to [Mary, Countess of Shrewsbury], 19 December no year, giving an account of £30 disbursed for her, which had been borrowed of the Earl's money. The largest part was paid to [Henry] Tamworth and [ ] Hiches for land. New Year's presents purchased. 1p. Seal. Address: my la[dy].
Folio 101
Robert Cecil to [Gilbert], Lord Talbot, from Burghley, 27 September [1590], regretting that Talbot was so far away at Worksop and the difficulties of travelling there compared with going by river to Chelsea, [London], 'in seeking for the fayrest Gallery in England, a man shall mee[t] neuer a cupp of good drink by the way but at Car[l]ton, and there indeed I saw a miracle for I fownd a notable vayne of bottle ale.' Items of news - the Comptroller's office will be filled by Christmas. Asks him to send Thomas Markham 'who, we say at London, wold become a whyte staff well, alwaies with this prouision that he think not to jest us owt with his fine black Cloaks almost thredd bare, nor yet to make us sitt after an ill dynner to heare a tedious story of Bullen and Hadyngton.' 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 103v
Brief of [Alexander?] Ratclyffe relating to lands belonging to the family of Lee or Leghe in the manor of Wombwell in the barony of Wath[-upon-Dearne, co. York], and [Thomas] Wombwell's lands in Darfield, [co. York], consisting of extracts from court rolls, 1528-45, a deed granting the manor of Wath, 1511, and evidences of the Wombwell family from the 14th century. 4pp. Endorsed.
Folio 107
Bond of Laurence Hall, glover, Richard Hall, husbandman, and Edmund Gastree, shoemaker, all of Worksop, co. Nott., in £20 for good behaviour for seven years in all forests north of the Trent, 8 February 1582/3. In the presence of William Markham, Randulph Massye, Stephen Neve, 'and others.' 1p. Three seals. Endorsed.
Folio 109
Detailed descriptions of clothes made by [William] Johnson for the Earls of Cumberland, Nottingham, Northumberland, Worcester, Hertford, and Lords Hunsdon, Henry Howard, Thomas Howard, Mountagu, Cecil and Sidney, 19 February 1603/4. 1½pp. Endorsed.
Folio 111
Richard Latham to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Shifnal, [co. Salop.], 28 May 1594, reporting on the enlarging of the dining room there and other works, and especially commending Thomas Cleys, carpenter, who has done much work for Sir Edward Herbert at Red Castle, [Powys Castle, co. Mont.], and in rebuilding Stafford parish church, recently blown down. Money needed to finish the work. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 113
Notes, probably made for Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, about lands called Geldfeeld in Buxton, [co. Derby], which had been concealed lands and bought by the late Earl; tithes in Hartington, [co. Derby], and lands at Brothelowe, held of the manor of St. John of Jerusalem, which had been taken into the Earl's hands as escheator. Robert Eyre had custody of the copy of the court roll of Geldfeeld. 1p.
Folio 115
Gyffyth Hynton to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Whitchurch, [co. Salop.], 5 September [c.1550], [Date uncertain, but Lord Ferrers became Viscount Hereford 2 February 1549/50.] mentioning some dispute between the Earl and the Earl of Derby, and giving a long description of a hunt in Blakemere Park, [co. Heref.], led by Lord Ferrers. 1¼pp. Address: my lord. Torn.
Folio 117
Legal opinion about the method of mortgaging certain lands unnamed. Endorsed, 'Sir Horatio [Palavicino?] Sir Fletcher reasons.' 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 119
[Sir Nathaniel] Arundell to the Earl of Shrewsbury, [1594], thanks after staying with the Earl and Countess at Sheffield, and referring to some Court gossip heard on his way to London from Sir George Hastings. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 121
Richard T[orre] to [the Countess of Shrewsbury], from Worksop, [co. Nott.], 16 November 1597, about domestic matters at Worksop, thatching the roof of the new lodge with broom, supplies of wine, increasing rents, sales of wool. 3pp. Three seals. Add my la[dy]. Signature torn.
Folio 123
William Dickenson, bailiff of Sheffield, to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Sheffield, 10 February 1594/5, on various matters of estate management. 1p. Seal. Address: my Lo[rd].
Folio 125
Sir Horatio Palauic[ino] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 20 January 1593/4, about the payment of the Earl's debt to the Earl of Huntingdon. 2pp. Seal. Endorsed. Right edge torn. Italian.
Folio 127
John Hacker to the Countess of Shrewsbury, from Southwell, [co. Nott.], 17 October 1598, about the affairs of [William] Beckwith and the sale of his property, including Clint, [co. York], which [ ] Fayrfax wished to have. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 129
Sir Horatio Palauicino to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Babraham, [co. Camb.], 31 May 1593, referring to the illness of his wife and other family news, the purchase of all the pepper from the carrack, [A Spanish prize captured the previous year. See Calendar of State Papers Domestic, 1591-1594, 271, 328.] the payment of his pension out of the Exchequer. 2pp. Endorsed. Right edge torn. Italian.
Folio 131
William Dickenson, bailiff of Sheffield, to the Earl of Shrewsbury at Broad Street, London, from Sheffield, 2 February 1595/6, about the possible letting of a farm called the bell hagge or a farm at Kimberworth, [co. York], to his son William. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 133
William Deckenson, bailiff of Sheffield, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Chelsea, [London], from Sheffield, 19 June 1585, about tithes of Ecclesall, [in Sheffield], which Thomas Lee and John North refused to pay, saying that they belonged to [Nicholas] Strelley. Cattle purchases and other estate matters. 2pp. Seal. Address: my Lord.
Folio 135
Anthony Roberts to the Countess of Shrewsbury, from Sheffield, 19 December 1597, about cattle, and asking for further allowance from the Earl. 1p. Seal. Address: my La[dy].
Folio 137
John Boun to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Cotham, [co. Nott.], 2 February 1592/3, about a fine of lands at Cotham. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 139
John Hobson to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Sheffield, 2 April 1598, describing his efforts to find out when one of the Earl's law suits would be heard at York Assizes, and stating that the jury had given a special verdict in the action between the Earl of Rutland and the Dowager Countess of Shrewsbury, and that the Justices of the Common Pleas were to pronounce judgement. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 141
John Storor, baker, of London, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 12 August no year, asking to be paid £100 for which the Earl had given his warrant to [William] Dyckenson, one of the bailiffs of Sheffield, for payment within a month of Midsummer last. ½p. Endorsed.
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CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 803

Access to the Shrewsbury papers is also available by subscription from Adam Matthew Digital:
PublnNoteMS 700, f. 65: Marion Gibson, 'Possession, Puritanism and Print: Darrell, Harsnett, Shakespeare and the Elizabethan exorcism controversy', 2006 [IF1581.G5]
David Cannadine, Westminster Abbey: A Church History (London:Yale University Press, 2019) [H1595.L8W3 2019]

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GB/109/17312Stanley; Edward (1509-1572); 3rd Earl of Derby1509-1572
GB/109/17320Sydney; Sir; Robert (1563-1626); Baron Sydney of Penshurst and (1618) 1st Earl of Leicester1563-1626
DS/UK/3138Talbot; Elizabeth (1518-1608); née Hardwick; wife of 6th Earl of Shrewsbury1518-1608
GB/109/17326Talbot; Mary (1556 - 1632); Countess of Shrewsbury; wife of Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury1556 - 1632
GB/109/17328Tudor; Jasper (c 1431-1495); Duke of Bedfordc 1431-1495
GB/109/17213Cavendish; Sir; Charles (c1595-1654); Knight; mathematicianc1595-1654
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NA3315Powis Castle/Welshpool/Montgomeryshire/Wales
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