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TitleShrewsbury Papers
DescriptionFolio 1
Receipt of Philip Scudamore for £65 paid by the Earl of Shrewsbury to Tucker Castell to the use of Scudamore, 4 April 1602. 1p.
Folio 2
Receipt for provisions supplied to Henry Butler 'at Worsopp against the King's Cominge,' 22 April 1603. 1p.
Folio 3
Cover of a letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from Whitehall, 27 February [temp. James 1], on the King's special service. Countersigned, L. Stanhope. With notes of the stages reached each night. 1p. Two seals and others broken.
Folio 4
Travelling expenses of 'retaynors' for journey from Sheffield to London and back, October 1602. 1p.
Folio 5
Acquittance given by Thomas Powle of London, esq., collector of a subsidy levied on peers, for £133 6 8 paid by Thomas Bawdewine for the Earl of Shrewsbury, 17 February 1576/7. 1p. Copy. Endorsed.
Folio 6
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock, King Street, Westminster, 20-30 November 1606. 1p.
Folio 7
Summary of the accounts of [Mathew Ford], clerk [of the kitchen], for the week ended 22 January 1602/3. 1p.
Folio 8
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at the Three Swanns, Bishopsgate, 17-20 November 1606. 1p.
Folio 9
Charges for 'horsses meatt' at Leicester, no date 1p.
Folio 10
Memorandum of expenses of a journey from Sheffield to London, October 1602. 1p.
Folio 12
Notes of the value of a third part of several estates, perhaps relating to the dower of Elizabeth, widow of George, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, no date 1p.
Folio 13
John Haywarde to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Fetter Lane, [London], 6 March 1607/8, asking for the lease of a small piece of land in the lordship of Tasley [co. Salop.], formerly part of the jointure of Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury, which the Earl promised him in France. 1p.
Folio 14v
Smith's and veterinary expenses, 5 November - 17 May no year 1p.
Folio 15
Accounts of William Emerrey for a journey to Greenwich, including conveying a bed, 6 July 1606. 1p.
Folio 16
Accounts of William Warren, cook, 20 July 1602. 1p.
Folio 17v
Bill for New Year's gifts, 'toebacka pips,' etc., no date 2p.
Folio 19
Memorandum of expenses of [the Countess of Shrewsbury's] journey from London to Sheffield, April 1607. 1p.
Folio 20
Waterman's bill for journeys to and from Greenwich, no date 1p.
Folio 21
Account for New Year's gifts to servants of the King and Queen, 1606. 1p.
Folio 22
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock, and for the Earl's horse Powlett, 7-14 December 1606, followed by a bill for horsehire and farriery, 30 November - 7 December 1606. 2pp.
Folio 24
Edward Ferrers of London covenants to pay £100 to Sir Andrew Melville of London, kt., unless the Earl of Shrewsbury discharges the sum, 2 January 1606/7. Note of the discharge by Henry Butler. 1p. Signed and sealed. Endorsed.
Folio 25
Receipt by Richard Robertes for £600 paid by the Earl of Shrewsbury to the Duke of Lennox, in part payment for unspecified rectories, parsonages and tithes bought from the Duke, 30 April 1607. 1p.
Folios 26-9
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock 4-25 July 1607 (f.26); 27 June - 4 July 1607 (f.27); 6-27 June 1607 (f.28); 30 May - 6 June 1607, with farrier's bill. (f.29).4pp.
Folio 30
Accounts for some disbursements apparently made for the Countess of Shrewsbury, September 1607. 1p.
Folio 31
Domestic accounts [by Henry Butler], October-November 1609. 1p.
Folio 32
Travelling expenses of the Earl of Shrewsbury's servants [by Henry Butler], January-February 1607/8.1p.
Folio 33
Lodging and kitchen expenses of Sir Henry Grey [Henry Grey, later Earl of Kent [1623] married Elizabeth daughter of Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury, 16 November 1601.] and Lady Elizabeth his wife at Westminster, 20 November 1606-30 May 1607. 1p.
Folio 34
Receipt by the Duke of Lennox to the Earl of Shrewsbury for £300 in part payment of £1100 agreed to be paid for various rectories and tithes, 6 May 1607. 1p.
Folio 35
Accounts [of Ellis Harley] for horses at The Swann, Northampton, no date 1p.
Folio 36
Note of the names of the Constable and Assistants at South Normanton and Pinxton, [co. Derby], and a list of those eligible for these offices, no date 1p.
Folio 37
Receipt for 20 yards of black Naples 'stiched taffatie' for Lady Alethea Talbot, [3rd daughter of Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury. She married the Earl of Arundel in September 1606.] November 1605. 1p.
Folio 38
Edward Tenison to Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, no date, concerning the Stewardship of Newark. Also a note by Thomas Woodward, steward of Newark, on the same subject. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 39
Edmund Molyneux to Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury, no date, asking him to mediate on behalf of Richard Clakwall who is prevented by an injunction from the Lord Chancellor from seeking the replevin of beasts impounded by James Sylvester. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 40v
Cover of a letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield, from Hampton Court, September [temp. James I], countersigned, Salisbury. With notes of the stages reached each night.1p. Two seals.
Folio 41
Accounts [of Ellis Harley] for livery expenses at The Bell, Northampton, no date 1p.
Folio 42
The Earl of Shrewsbury to Henry Butler, from Broad Street, [London], 19 September 1610, giving instructions about the Michaelmas rents. 1p. Seal. Endorsed.
Folio 43
[Edward Talbot to the Earl of Shrewsbury], no date [after January 1607/8], relating to the wardship of [ ] Lowe, heir to estates at Alderwasley, co. Derby, in dispute between Patrick Lowe of Derby, who has compounded for the wardship with Mr. Parlovicino [Palavicino], and the boy's uncle Ferne who wishes to keep the suit open until the boy is 21 years old. As it has been claimed that the boy is a ward by tenure in capite, asks the Earl to transfer the case to the Privy Council. A postscript in another hand mentions that the opposing soliciter is Lawrence Wryght, 'the Metropolitan crafty companion of all darbyshyre.' 1p.
Folio 44
Adam Gaskyn 'messynger and post at the Courte,' to [George, 6th] Earl of Shrewsbury, from London, 23 June no year, relating to his claim to the chantry lands of Brampton, [co. Derby], given to him by the late King as a recompense for his 28 years service. 1p. Address: My very good Lord.
Folio 46
Richard Nedham to the same, from Snitterton, [co. Derby], 30 March 1580, concerning the dispossession of Thomas Smythe by the Earl's bailiff from a close at Hoggeston [? Hognaston or Ogston]. Smythe 'is the onlye man that serveth my terme in leadinge wood to my bole and the carryage forthe of my leade,' and would be unable to do this without the close for his horses. 1p.
Folio 47
Cover of a letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 18 February [temp. James I]. Countersigned, Salisbury. With notes of the stages reached each night. 1p. Three seals.
Folio 48v
Cover of a letter addressed to 'my very good uncle the Earle of Shrowsbury.' 1p. Seal.
Folio 49
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock, 17-24 January 1606/7. 1p.
Folio 50
Accounts of Ellis Harley for expenses of a journey to York, April 1603. 1p.
Folios 53, 55
Petition of William Hamon of the Chase, Walford, co. Heref., to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, stating that he has served the Earl and his father for 22 years and is now threatened with the loss of his employment and of his tenement on which he has built a cottage, no date 2pp.
Folio 54
Notes of the value of a farm at Whitgift, [co. York], and the possibility of purchase perhaps by the Earl of Shrewsbury. Letters to the writer should be addressed to Mr. Browne, Schoolmaster of St. Anthony's, London, no date 1p.
Folio 56
Summary of the accounts of [Mathew Ford], clerk [of the kitchen], for the week ended 4 December 1602. 1p.
Folio 57
Memorandum [by Henry Butler] of sundry payments, February 1607/8. 1p.
Folio 58
Account of provisions purchased, 11-18 September 1602. 1p.
Folio 59
Receipted bill of Andrew Clayton for Gascony wine and for sack purchased at Hull for the Earl of Shrewsbury, 22 February 1607/8. Payment authorised by the Earl. 1p.
Folio 60
Cover apparently of the accounts of the residence in London of the Earl of Shrewsbury, October 1602. ½p.
Folio 61
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock, 24-31 January 1606/7. 1p.
Folio 63
Accounts for cooks and others, including two Frenchmen to fold the napery, employed at Worksop Manor, [co. Nott.], for the entertainment of Anne of Denmark on her first coming to England, June 1603. 1p.
Folio 64
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock, 3-17 January 1606/7. 1p.
Folio 65
Receipt of Robert Wilkinson on behalf of Sir Baptist Hicks for 'silver and gould stript stuffe' and for brocade 'in flowers' for the Countess of Shrewsbury, 25 June 1604. 1p.
Folio 66
[ ] Chamberlain to [Sir Robert Dudley], 12 November 1599, about raising £3000 for the Earl of Shrewsbury. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 67
Cover of a letter addressed to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, at Sheffield. 1p. Seal.
Folio 68
Statement of payments for interest and for household expenses, September 1599. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 69
Sir Robert Duddeley [Sir Robert Dudley, 1573-1649, illegitimate son of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and styled Duke of Northumberland and Earl of Warwick.] to the Earl of Shrewsbury, from Kenilworth, [co. Warw.], 6 October 1599, about the sale of land. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 70
Draft of a letter to [ ] Roos about the conveyance of land. 1p. Endorsed. '13 Nov. 1599. Letters and notes concerninge Sir Robert Dudley.'
Folio 71
Receipt of Nicholas Hooker for £200, part of a larger sum due to him from the Countess of Shrewsbury, 21 November 1606. ½p.
Folio 72
William Hamond to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], 17 March 1599/1600, stating that the Earl of Lincoln has arranged for his son-in-law [Sir] Arthur Gorges to receive the sum of £200 due from the Earl of Shrewsbury on 8 April 1600. ½p. Address: My Lord.
Folio 73
Thomas Cecil, later 1st Earl of Exeter, to [ ], 10 April 1581, authorising the receipt of money by his servant the bearer. A postscript in Cecil's hand states that he has already received £100 from Mr. G. Talbot. ½p.
Folio 74
Bill for velvet, 'Venice stuff,' etc., no date ½p.
Folio 75
Thomas Hughes to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Birtons Poole, 5 November 1604, about a lease of Erleswall farm. 1p.
Folio 80
Summary of the accounts of [Mathew Ford], clerk [of the kitchen], for the week ended 20 November 1602. 1p.
Folio 81
Receipt of Christopher Clifton for £16 10, 22 March 1601/2. ½p.
Folio 82
Accounts of Mathew Ford, clerk of the kitchen, for expenditure at Worksop and Sheffield, August 1602. ½p.
Folio 83
Receipt of Andrew Clayton for wine supplied by him, 24 August 1602. 1p.
Folio 84
Expenses of Edward Morehouse, bailiff of Glossop, [co. Derby], and others, travelling to London, November 1607. 1p.
Folio 85
Thomas Crofte to [Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury], from Wigmore, [co. Heref.], October no year, about lands at Wigmore. 1p.
Folio 86
Memorandum of a week's expenditure 'of my Lord's owne store and of presents,' no date 1p.
Folio 87
Expenses incurred at The Peacock and the Castle at Nottingham, July 1602. 1p.
Folio 89
Receipt of George Agard of Newborough, co. Staff., gent., for £10 paid by Henry Butler on behalf of the Earl of Shrewsbury, in part payment for the Keepership of Barton Park, 12 August 1602. ½p.
Folio 90
Sir Charles Cavendish to Henry Butler, 16 February 1610/11, asking for £40 wages due to the servants of the Earl of Shrewsbury, as they 'have noe clothes nor any mony,' and threatening to go to London to demand it of the Earl. 1p.
Folio 91
Receipt of Thomas Jacob for material for William Cavendish's suit and for a beaver hat for the Earl of Shrewsbury, 29 February 1607/8. 1p.
Folio 92
Receipt of Thomas Edmondes for £50 from Henry Butler on behalf of the Earl of Shrewsbury, being half of his yearly annuity, 22 October 16. ½p.
Folio 93
Account of miscellaneous legal expenses paid by John Hercy, 24 June 1604. 1p.
Folio 95
Receipt of Francis Conyers for 30 shillings paid by Henry Butler to buy clothes for Thomas Aire, coachboy, 29 November 1606. ½p.
Folio 96
Account of Robert Mefflin, coachmaker, to the Earl of Shrewsbury, July 1601. 1p.
Folio 97
Accounts of Ellis Harley for fodder, grooms etc., 1602. 1p.
Folio 98
Draft lease of a colliery in or near Sheffield to Godfrey Bright for three years, no date 1p. Incomplete.
Folio 99
Francis Bacon to the Countess of Shrewsbury, 27 October 1607, stating that he has paid £700 to [Thomas] Tomlinson to the use of the Duke of Lennox, and enclosing Tomlinson's receipt. 1p.
Folio 103
Cover of a letter addressed to [Mary], Countess of Shrewsbury, no date 1p. Seal.
Folio 104
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock. 9-23 May 1607. 1p.
Folio 105
Memorandum of miscellaneous expenses, August 1607. ½p.
Folio 106
Receipt of Thomas Chidley of London, citizen and skinner, for £50 paid by the Countess of Shrewsbury, 17 September 1607. 1p. Signed and sealed.
Folio 107
Thomas Greues to [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, from Shifnal, [co. Salop.], 6 July no year, concerning repairs and alterations to the Earl's house at Shifnal, and forwarding the request of some of the parishioners that the Earl would send some glass for the church windows, 1p.
Folio 108
Travelling expenses of William Call to London and back, August 1602. 1p.
Folio 109
Expenditure for provisions at Wellingborough, [co. Northt.] August no year 1p.
Folio 110
Receipt of Richard Gosson for gold and silver work, 1607. 1p.
Folio 111
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock, 23-30 May 1607. ½p.
Folio 112
Thomas Saunds to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], from Hoke [? Hooke, co. York], 15 January 1581/2, relating to a lawsuit, and stating that the men of Rotherham [co. York] had 'found good curtissy at the Lord Archebusshopps hands.' 1p.
Folio 113
William West to Edward Bamforth, 31 March 1590, asking him to bring the release from Sutton to Lord Monteagle. [Probably William Parker, Lord Monteagle, son and heir of Elizabeth, daughter and heir of William Stanley, Lord Monteagle, but on the title see G.E.C., ix, 117.] 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 114
[Illegible] to Sir William Russell, bt., Governor of Worcester, from Worcester, 28 February [? 1644/5], complaining of some lack of courtesy. 1p. Seal.
Folio 115
Accounts of Henry Cossen, waterman, April-May 1602. 1p.
Folio 116
Annuities and wages paid to servants of [the Earl of Shrewsbury] in the country, 1613. 1p. Endorsed.
Folio 117
Account of legal expenses, 1595, with a note by the Earl of Shrewsbury about payment. 1p.
Folio 118
Accounts of Francis Conyers for sums laid out for gifts, alms and travelling, 10 January - 12 February 1607/8. 1p.
Folio 120
Statement by William Hamon of offences committed in the Chase of Walford, co. Heref. no date 1p.
Folio 121
Receipt of Henry Grey, later Earl of Kent, to the Earl of Shrewsbury for £50, being part of £150 due at the previous Michaelmas for rent from Kingston, co. Nott. with a note by him that the balance should be paid to his wife Elizabeth, 18 October 1602. Also on the same page the receipt of Elizabeth Grey for £100, 18 August 1602. 1p.
Folios 123-6
Accounts of Francis Conyers for livery expenses at The Peacock, 31 January - 7 February, 14-28 February, 7-21 March 1606/7. 4pp.
Folio 128
Receipt of William Brawdricke of London, embroiderer, for £25 paid by the Countess of Shrewsbury, 17 July 1602. ½p.
Folio 130
Statement of accounts of Averaye Coplay, receiver of rents, for Edward Savile, [Edward Savile was of unsound mind, and was the ward of the Earl of Shrewsbury. See Lodge: Illustrations of British History, ed 1838, iii, unpublished papers 39 (173).] esq., made before the Earl of Shrewsbury, for the period 1 July - 15 December 1581. 1p.
Folio 132
Account of Samuel Paske to the Countess of Shrewsbury for over 190 yards of silver lace and other items, 2 July 1607. 1p.
Folio 135
Receipt of James Hamilton for £333 6 8 paid by the Earl of Shrewsbury under an agreement between him and the Duke of Lennox 'for a Statute of Sir William Leighton's,' 28 November 1606. ½p.
Folio 136
Travelling expenses of Francis Hibbert, April 1603. 1p.
Folio 137
Part of the accounts of Mathew Ford, [clerk of the kitchen], August 1602. 1p.
Folio 139
Memorandum of the delivery of money to Worksop [co. Nott.] 1609. 1p.
Folios 140. 143
Notes of various disbursements [by Henry Butler], April and May 1609, and (f. 143) notes of debts and payments by the same, 1602. 2pp.
Folio 144
Accounts of Thomas Howson for the purchase of ore for the Earl of Shrewsbury, 1578. 2pp. Endorsed.
Folio 146
Summary [by Henry Butler] of household expenses, June-September 1606. 1p.
Folio 147
Summary [by Henry Butler] of daily disbursements by William Warren, cook, 13-23 January 1601/2. 1p.
Folio 148
Receipt of Francis Babington for annuity paid by the Earl of Shrewsbury, 20 October 1613. ½p. Endorsed.
Folio 149
Travelling expenses of a journey from Sheffield to London, August 1606. 1p.
Folio 150
Accounts of Ellis Harley for travelling expenses, 1602. 2pp.
Folio 152
Accounts of Bridget Hord, apparently a housekeeper, 1606. 1p.
Folio 154
Accounts of Ellis Harley for travelling expenses to Nottingham, no date 1p.
Folio 155
Travelling expenses of [Gilbert, 7th] Earl of Shrewsbury, including diet, no date 1p.
Folio 156
Expenses of a journey to Wellingborough, [co. Northt.] no date ½p.
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CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 801
Access to the Shrewsbury papers is also available by subscription from Adam Matthew Digital:
PublnNoteRyan Whibbs. "God Sends Meate but the Devil Sends Cookes": Cooks Working in French and English Great Households, c.1350-c.1650" (unpublished PhD thesis, 2015)

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