RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 642
Extentxii, 810 pp.
DescriptionA miscellany of papers bound together [for Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury], mainly concerning proceedings in Parliament. Also included is a narrative of the circumnavigation of the globe by Ambrose Cowley 1683-6 (pp. 441-485) and an account of a conference between Viscount Cornbury, Governor of New York, and native Americans at Albany in 1702 (pp. 757-797). 1620-1702.

pp. i-vi. Blank flyleaves.
vii. Table of contents, in the hand of David Wilkins, Lambeth Librarian in the time of Archbishop Tenison.
pp. viii-xii. Blank.
pp. 1-43. 'A collection of the proceedings against the Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, Lord Chancellor of England [Francis Bacon], for corruption and bribery, with the several debates and speeches in the House thereupon by Sir Edward Cook, Mr. Recorder Finch, Sir Robert Phillips &c. Together with the Judgement given by the Lords against the said Lord Chancellor. Anno 1620'.
pp. 44-48. blank.
pp. 49-141. 'A collection of the proceedings in the House of Commons upon the impeachment of one Lloyd for scandalizing the King's children, with the several ... speeches ... by Sir Edward Cook, Mr. [William] Noy, Sir Edwin Sands, Dr. Gooch, &c. As also the King's messages and the several conferences ... with the Lords touching the same. Anno 1621'. Proceedings against Edward Floyd, or Edward Lloyd (d. 1648), a Roman Catholic barrister, late of 'Clannemain', Salop, for speaking scornful words against Frederick V, King of Bohemia and Elector Palatine and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of James I. 30 April-14 May 1621.
pp. 142-146. blank.
pp. 147-168. 'Certain select observations on the several offices and officers in the militia of England, with the power of the Parliament to raise the same as they shall judge most expedient. Collected and found among the papers of the late Mr. John Pymm [John Pym], a Member of the House of Commons. Writ in the year 1643'.
pp. 169-172. blank.
pp. 173-377. 'A Collection of proceedings in the two houses of Parliament (in two several sessions) concerning matters of privilege in the case of Fagg and Shirley, the Lords asserting a right to hear and determine appeals against members of the House of Commons during the sitting of that House. With the many weighty arguments and reasons offered at divers conferences, in maintenance of the privileges of either House. Anno 1675. Collected out of the Journals of both Houses by Sir Harbottle Grimston, Baronet, when Master of the Rolls'. Concerns the dispute over parliamentary privilege which arose in 1675 when Dr. Thomas Shirley sought to bring an action in the House of Lords against Sir John Fagg, M.P. (1627-1701).
pp. 378-382. blank.
pp. 383-412. 'A collection of the proceedings and debates in the House of Commons upon the King's [Charles II] refusing to approve of Mr. Edward Seymour [as] Speaker in the year 1679'. Proceedings concerning the election of Sir Edward Seymour (1633-1705) as Speaker. 6-15 March 1679/80.
pp. 413-418. 'Sir Francis Winnington's speech to the House of Commons against the validity of the Earl of Danby's pardon'. Proceedings 22 March 1679/80.
pp. 419-421. 'Ordered that Sir Stephen Fox do ... name ... such members of the last Parliament that he paid mony unto for secret service, whose names are as followeth ...' 23 March 1679/80.
p. 422. blank.
pp. 423-436. 'The Earl of Shaftesbury's [Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury] speech in the House of Lords, March 24, 1679, upon mismanagement of affairs in Scotland and Ireland', followed by 'The Earl of Ossory's speech in answer to the Earl of Shaftesbury's'. 24 March 1679/80.
pp. 437-440. blank.
pp. 441-485. 'The voyage of Capt. Cowley, a Papist' (a title added in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury). A narrative by Ambrose Cowley, or William Ambrosia Cowley, of his circumnavigation of the globe, during which he surveyed the Galapagos Islands, August 1683 - October 1686. The first two pages (441, 443) form a separate narrative by an unknown crew member of the ship Nicholas, also bound for the South Seas, which encountered Cowley's ship en route, June 1683-c. March 1684. Cowley's journal was printed as “Cowley's Voyage Round the Globe” in William Hacke, ed., 'A Collection of Original Voyages ' ( London, 1699).
pp. 486-488. blank.
pp. 489-500. 'Mr. Finch's speech in the Convention. 1688'. A speech by Heneage Finch (1649-1719), afterwards 1st Earl of Aylesford, in the House of Commons in the Convention of Jan-Feb 1688/89, preparatory to the address of thanks to William, Prince of Orange, of 22 Jan. 1689, concerning the throne and the legality of offering it to the Prince of Orange.
pp. 501-538. 'Dr Oldys's opinion concerning the pris[oners]: Commiss[ion ] by K. James etc. A[nno] 1592' [title added in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury]. Proceedings before the Lords of the Council in September 1693 when William Oldys (1636-1708) gave his opinion that certain privateers arrested as pirates were not such, having letters of marque from King James from his exiled court in France. With copies of petitions from the prisoners.
pp. 539-540. blank.
pp. 541-552. 'The Judges' opinions concerning certain clauses in the Act for stamped parchment and paper. Anno 1694'. The first page is in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury.
pp. 553-752. 'Private papers concerning Sir John Fenwick' [title added in the hand of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury]. Comprising 'The whole proceedings in the House of Lords upon the Bill of Attainder against Sir John Fenwick, together with the several letters, papers, and depositions relating to the correspondency held between the Earl of Monmouth, Duchess of Norfolk, and the Lady Mary Fenwick. As also Sir John Fenwick's confession (written in the Tower) sent to the King, with his private examination taken by Mr. Vernon ... 23th of September 1696'. Sir John Fenwick (c.1644-1697), Jacobite conspirator, was executed in January 1697.
pp. 753-756. blank.
pp. 757-797. 'Conferences between ... Edward Lord Cornbury, Captain Generall and Governour in Chief of New York, and the Indians at Albany, begun the 9th and ending the 28th of July ... 1702'. An account of a conference between Edward Hyde, Viscount Cornbury, afterwards 3rd Earl of Clarendon (1661-1723) and native Americans of Canada (the Iroquois 'five nations') at Albany, July-August 1702.
At the end is a note: 'This was transcribed from a coppy attested as underwritten: New Yorke, October the 2nd. 1702. This is a true coppy compared with the original remaining in the Governors hand. Dan. Honan, Secretary'.
The text is printed in New York Colonial Documents, IV (London Documents: XV), pp. 978-999.
pp. 798-810. blank.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2012
PhysicalDescriptionLeather binding, 355 x 230 mm., rebacked.
Paper leaves
CustodialHistoryRecorded amongst the manuscripts of Archbishop Thomas Tenison in David Wilkins' catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts dated 1720 (LR/F/40).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 592

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