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Alt Ref NoMS 634
TitleCarew Manuscript
Description'A breife Survey of the present state of the Plantation of the County of London Derry [Londonderry] Taken by us Sir Thomas Phillips Knight and Richard Hadsor Esquier by Vertue of his Majestie's Commission under the great Seale of Ireland, bearing date the 30th day of July last, in that behalfe to us directed, beginning the tenth day of August 1622 and ending the tenth day of October next following.

1v-2. * A gennerall platt of the 12 proporcions
4v-5. * A platt of a fortificacion in lieu of that in ye market place in the Citty of London Derry
7v-8. * A platt of the Cittie of London derrie
10v-11. * A platt of the forte of Colemoore
13v-14. A platt of the Gould Smythes [Goldsmiths] lands
16v-17. A plat of the Gould Smythes buildings
19v-20. A platt of the grocers landes
22v-23. A platt of the grocers buildings
25v-26. A platt of the Fishmongers landes
28v-29. A plat of the Fishemongers buildinges
31v-32. * A plat of Sir Thomas Phillips lands
34v-35. A platt of Sir Thomas Phillips buildinges
37v-38. A plat of the haberdashers landes
40v-41. A plat of the haberdashers buildinges
43v-44. * A plat of the Clothworkers lands
46v. A plat of the Clothworkers buildings
49v-50. * A plat of the towne of Colrane [Coleraine]
52v-53. A plat of the marchantailors [Merchant Taylors] lands
55v-56. A plat of the marchantaylers buildings
58v-59. A plat of the Iron mongers [Ironmongers] landes
61v-62. * A plat of the Iron mongers buildinges
64v-65. * A plat of the mercers landes
67v-68. A plat of the mercers buildinges
70v-71. * A plat of the Vintners landes
73v-74. * A platt of the Vintners buildinges at Balleaghe [Bellaghy]
76v-77. A plat of the Salters landes
79v-80. * A plat of the Salters buildings
82v-83. A plat of the Drapers landes
85v-86. A plat of the Drapers buildinges
88v-89. A plat of the Skinners landes
91v-92. A plat of the Skinners buildinges
94v-95. A plat of the harbor of Calebeg [harbour of Killybegs]
97v-98. A further image - no title
FindingAidsDescribed in the Lambeth Catalogue, p. 144 [i.e. H J Todd's published catalogue of 1812], under the head "Codex Chartaceus in 'Folio,'" as "A survey of the estate of the plantation of the county of Londonderry taken in 1622 by Sir Thomas Phillips, Kt., by virtue of his Majesty's commission under the Great Seal of Ireland, being particular draughts of all the buildings, lands, &c., belonging thereunto," has not been forwarded with the other volumes from the Lambeth Library to the Record Office [i.e. it was not included in detail in the calendar by J S Brewer & W Bullen published in 1867-73, although it is mentioned in volume V, p 459].
AdminHistoryThe cartographer was Thomas Raven.
CopiesDigital images are available on the Library's image system:

Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 790

Colour microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 999

Colour images of selected folios available from Bridgeman Art Library: MS 634 ff. 1v-2 (Image ID: LAM 141124), 4v-5 (Image ID: LAM 141130), 7v-8 (Image ID:: LAM 752975), 10v-11 (Image ID: LAM 141134), 13v-14 (Image ID: LAM 752962), 16v-17 (Image ID: LAM 752963), 19v-20 (Image ID: LAM 752964), 22v-23 (Image ID: LAM 752965), 25v-26 (Image ID: LAM 752966), 28v-29 (Image ID: LAM 141120), 31v-32 (Image ID: LAM 141128), 34v-35 (Image ID: LAM 752967), 37v-38 (Image ID: LAM 752968), 40v-41 (Image ID: LAM 752969), 43v-44 (Image ID: LAM 141127), 46v (Image ID: LAM 752970), 49v-50 (Image ID: LAM 141132), 52v-53 (Image ID: LAM 752971), 55v-56 (Image ID: LAM 752972), 58v-59 (Image ID: LAM 752973), 61v-62 (Image ID: LAM 141129), 64v-65 (Image ID: LAM 141126), 67v-68 (Image ID: LAM 141119), 70v-71 (Image ID: LAM 141122), 73-74 (Image ID: LAM 141133), 76v-77 (Image ID: LAM 752974), 79v-80 (Image ID: LAM 141131) , 82v-83 (Image ID: LAM 752976), 85v-86 (Image ID: LAM 752977), 88v-89 (Image ID: LAM 752978), 91v-92 (Image ID: LAM 752979), 94v-95 (Image ID: LAM 752980), 97v-98 (Image ID: LAM 752981)

* = transparency available

Items relating to Londonderry (ff. 1v-2, 7v-8) appear on:

Copies (made in 1836) in Public Record Office for Northern Ireland ref: T510
RelatedMaterialThere are some other maps in the Carew papers in MS 625.

Other early Irish maps are found at the National Archives (State Papers Ireland), with images available online:
PublnNoteReferred to in:

J.S. Curl, 'The Londonderry Plantation 1609-1914', p.75. [Lambeth Palace Library KA995.L75C8]

'Londonderry and the London Companies 1609-1629', ed. Dr. Chart (H.M.S.O., 1928)

William Kelly, 'The legacy of the plantation in Derry and Donegal' [Lambeth Palace Library KA 940.D3]

Duncan McLaren, 'Plantation architecture and lamdscape in Derry and Donegal' [Lambeth Palace Library KA 940.D3]

Eammon O Ciardha, 'A guide to the plantation of Ulster in Derry and Donegal' [Lambeth Palace Library KA 940.D3]

'Report of Sir Thomas Phillips on the Plantation in Londonderry, 1622': published version based on manuscript in the hands of the Drapers' Company; it states that the only other copy of this document, also in book form, but with some variations, is Carew MS 634. The published version includes some additional matter found in the Lambeth copy, pp. 101-3. [Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 2.21]

MS 634, f.8 used in Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, 'The World of 1607: Special Exhibition' (Williamsburg, VA: Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, 2007) [Lambeth Palace Library KY191.J2]

Folios 1v-2r, 4v, 7v-8r and 28v-29r appear in "Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collections of the Archbishops of Canterbury", ed. Richard Palmer and Michelle P. Brown (2010), entry 39

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GB/109/21643Raven; Thomas (c.1572-c.1640); cartographerc.1572-c.1640
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