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Alt Ref NoMS 580
Extentxx, 544 pp.
DescriptionCatalogue of the manuscripts and some records of Lambeth Palace Library, with numerous extracts and copies of documents, by Henry Wharton (1664-1695). Entitled by Wharton (p.1) 'Codices Manuscripti Bibliothecae Archiepiscopalis Lamethanae 1688'.

Wharton described this catalogue in a letter to Ralph Barker, chaplain at Lambeth, which is datable to 1 January 1692/3. Wharton asked for the return of the catalogue which he had lent to Barker:
'I suppose that by this time you have framed a compleat catalogue of the MSS. of the Lambeth Library from that which I sent you by Mr. Langhorn a month since. This being done, I desire you to take the first opportunity to return it safely to me, who, in that design wherein I am now engaged, do very much and continually want it; for, if it should miscarry, the loss to me would be irreperable, since neither myself could again, nor any other perhaps ever would, undertake such a tedious labour, as to read over all the unprinted (and compare the printed) MSS. of that Library, transcribing thence whatever was worthy of notice. Indeed the labour was so vast, that I fear you will condemn me of mis-spending my time; but considering that myself was both able and willing to undergo the greatest drudgery of that kind, and that, if I did not do it, perhaps ability, occasion and inclination to do it , would never be joined in one person; that a fire might destroy those books, or a civil war scatter them; or (which is all one) they might hereafter [be] condemned to remain in the dust; I at last undertook the work and finished it in that collection now in your hands; in which I dare confidently pronounce to be contained all passages of the unprinted MSS. which may be of use either in controversy, philology, or history; and all those unprinted treatises entire which are worth the preserving...'. ('Gentleman's Magazine', vol 60, 1790, p. 979. On the date of the letter, see vol 61, part 2, 1791, pp. 1190-1). A copy of the letter is also found in MS 1169* pp. 49, 51-2.

pp. i-vi. Blank except for a 'D [ie. Wharton MS. D] 580' written at p. iii.
pp. vii-xii. 'Bullae papales originales in Bibliothecae Lambethana'. A list of 133 bulls.
pp. xii-xx, 1. 'Literae aliae originales'. A list and extracts from early royal letters and from charters. The charters at pp. xx, 1 include copies of text in Old English.
pp. 2-6. 'Extra ordinem'. A list of 25 manuscripts and groups of manuscripts and documents, with extracts. The manuscripts are numbered sequentially by Wharton 1-25, but are without references to any shelf marks. Includes some Carew/Sheldon manuscripts which were not included in Sancroft's catalogue of the manuscripts.
pp. 7-473. 'In ordinem digesti et literis numeralibus dorso appositis notati'. A catalogue of manuscripts, numbered sequentially by Wharton 1-552, with large extracts from their texts. In the margins Wharton has written the shelf marks given to the manuscripts by Archbishop Sancroft as recorded in the catalogue which Sancroft compiled (Bodleian Library MS. Tanner 270, copy in Lambeth Palace Library MS Facsimile 6). Wharton's descriptions appear to describe the manuscripts after their re-organisation and rebinding by Sancroft (eg. at p. 462 Wharton records, as number 435, a manuscript of Cicero as rebound by Sancroft and now MS 425; on Sancroft's reorganisation of this see Ker p. 47).
pp. 474-500. Additional extracts from Wharton number 185 (Sancroft shelf mark folio 171, now MS 171), continued from pp. 247-9.
pp. 501-526. Blank.
pp. 527-540. Index, in Wharton's hand. The index entries refer to Wharton's original pagination (see Physical Description field).
pp. 541-544. Blank.

A more detailed description of the texts transcribed by Wharton may be found in the lower level description of MS 580. This is derived from the description of MS 580 in H.J Todd, 'A catalogue of the archiepiscopal manuscripts in the library at Lambeth Palace' (1812).
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2015.
Also referred to in 'Lambeth Palace Library and its Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts; Exhibition mounted for the biennial conference of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists 3 August 2007', ed. David Ganz and Jane Roberts with Richard Palmer (printed for the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists by Taderon Press, London, 2007).
Also referred to in O.S. Pickering & V.M. O'Mara, 'The Index of Middle English Prose: handlist 13. Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library including those formerly in Sion College Library' (1999).
PhysicalDescriptionHalf-leather binding 227 x 215 mm. Paper leaves.
The catalogue has original pagination by Wharton 437-770 (now pp. v-292) and 117-334 (now pp. 293-500). Wharton's index (pp. 527-540) suggests that he arranged the pages in this order and that nothing is missing.
CustodialHistoryThe Wharton manuscripts (MSS 577-595, 943, 959, 1052) were purchased by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury, following the death of Henry Wharton in 1695. Henry Wharton had left his manuscripts in the care of his father Edmund Wharton (see a letter from Edmund Wharton to Tenison 29 Nov 1697, MS 930 item 17), who had sold them to a stationer, Mr. Keeble, from whom Tenison purchased them (see MS 943 p. 939). Tenison placed the Wharton manuscripts in the Library in 1696. Edmund Gibson wrote to Thomas Tanner on 26 June 1697 that he had had custody of the Wharton MSS almost ever since he became Lambeth Librarian [in May 1696]; see Bodleian Library MS Tanner 23, f. 34. Loans of Wharton manuscripts in July and August 1696 are recorded in a fragmentary Library loan register (in LR/D/5).

Wharton lettered his manuscripts A-Z and AA onwards. It is not clear how far the second alphabetical sequence extended. A.C. Ducarel noted that 'The original catalogue of the MSS of Henry Wharton in his own handwriting is now (1768) in the library of John Loveday esq, and is entitled 'Catalogus historiarum, tractarum, librorum, epistolarum...' (MS. 2214, f. 40). An extract, recording Wharton's intentions with regard to his manuscripts and collating Wharton's lettered manuscripts with the numbered volumes in Lambeth Palace Library, is in MS 2214 ff. 40-41. A collation dated 1784 was also published in John Lewis, 'Some account of suffragan bishops', 1785, p. 38, as follows:

A now MS 577
B now MS 578
C now MS 579
D now MS 580
E now MS 581
F now MS 582
G now MS 1052
H now MS 956
I now MS 583
K now MS 584
L now MS 585
M now MS 943
N now MS 959
O now MS 586
P now MS 587
Q now MS 588
R now MS 589
S now MS 590
T WANTING [Present in 1720 and recorded by Wilkins as MS 591. Missing according to a note in the hand of Thomas Secker, Archbishop 1758-68. For this and for contents see LR/F/40 f. 62r]
U WANTING [Wanting in 1720. For contents see LR/F/40 f. 62r]
W now MS 592
X now MS 593
Y now MS 594
Z now MS 595

AA and BB [Laud's diary and the autograph manuscript of Laud's 'History of the troubles and tryal of ... William Laud'. Given by Henry Wharton to the Library of St. John's College, Oxford, in 1694. A copy of a note by Wharton concerning their publication and their presentation by him to St. John's College, Oxford, on 27 Dec. 1694 is pasted to the flyleaves of a copy of the 'History of the troubles and tryal' (London, 1695) in Lambeth Palace Library (*H5198.L28L2).]
[CC WANTING in 1720; for contents see LR/F/40 f. 46v]
DD WANTING [Wanting in 1720; for contents see LR/F/40 f. 50v]
II WANTING [Wanting in 1720; for contents see LR/F/40 f. 52v]
KK WANTING [Wanting in 1720; for contents see LR/F/40 f. 52v]

A copy of Wharton's catalogue of his manuscripts was evidently in the hands of David Wilkins and was used by him in 1720 in recording the Wharton manuscripts in his catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts (LR/F/40). Here Wilkins included descriptions of Wharton manuscripts which were not present at Lambeth in 1720. Some may have been dispersed before Tenison purchased the bulk of the collection. Wharton MSS AA and BB for instance (Laud manuscripts) had been given by Wharton to St. John's College, Oxford, in 1694. Others appear to have gone missing before Tenison's death in 1715. David Wilkins wrote in Feb. 1720 that Wharton's catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts [now MS 580] 'with abundance of others of the same learned man, are stolen out of the Library in the late Archbishop's time. I can easily guess, by the contents of them, who has them: but, as I can charge nobody with them, so hope to see the memory of those men stink after their decease, when such manuscripts will be found in their libraries, either in original or in a transcript'. See H.J. Todd, 'A catalogue of the archiepiscopal manuscripts in the Library at Lambeth Palace' (London, 1812), p. Four missing manuscripts came to light in 1757 and were numbered as MSS 943, 956, 959 and 1052 (see online catalogue descriptions for what happened to each of them).

Wharton D [MS 580], his catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts, was reported missing by Wilkins in his letters to Bishop Nicolson of 21 Oct 1718 and 16 Feb 1720. See H.J. Todd 'A catalogue of the archiepiscopal manuscripts in the Library at Lambeth Palace' (London, 1812) p. ii. However it appears to have been in Wilkinsd' hands later in 1720 (see his description of it in LR/F/40). It subsequently went missing again and was sought for by AC Ducarel. Ducarel announced triumphantly in December 1760 in that it had been found under a pile of old briefs (see MS 1163, Hall to Ducarel 18 Dec 1760). However on closer examination the manuscript so found turned out to be the catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts by Edmund Gibson (British Library Add MS 37219, Ducarel to Morant 18 Dec 1760).

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