RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 555
Extent81 ff.
Datelate 16th century-early 19th century
DescriptionArmorial of the Archbishops of Canterbury, with their arms described in Latin and English and in coloured depictions.. Also contains notes on the etymologies of the surnames of the Archbishops.
Written for Archbishop John Whitgift (Archbishop 1583-1604), with dedication to him at f.2r. Continued by other hands to the time of Archbishop John Moore (Archbishop 1783-1805)
Title (f.3r): 'Nomina, Insignia, Etymologiae, Insignumque Descriptiones uniuscujusque Scuti pertinentis ad singulum Cantuariensem Archiepiscopum, tàm Anglicè quàm Latinè, a Conquestu'.

f. 1r. Arms of the see of Canterbury.
f. 1v. Arms of St. Augustine of Canterbury.
ff. 3v-4r. Lanfranc.
ff. 4v-5r. Anselm.
ff. 5v-6r. Ralph d' Escures.
ff. 6v-7r. William de Corbeil.
ff. 7v-8r. Theobald.
ff. 8v-9r. Thomas Becket
ff. 9v-10r. Richard of Dover
ff. 10v-11r. Baldwin.
ff. 11v-12r. Reginald Fitzjocelin, Archbishop Elect of Canterbury
ff. 12v-13r. Hubert Walter.
ff. 13v-14r. Stephen Langton.
ff. 14v-15r. Richard Grant
ff. 15v-16r. Edmund of Abingdon.
ff. 16v-17r. Boniface of Savoy.
ff. 17v-18r. Robert Kilwardby.
ff. 18v-19r. John Pecham or John Peckham
ff. 19v-20r. Robert Winchelsey.
ff. 20v-21r. Walter Reynolds.
ff. 21v-22r. Simon Meopham.
ff. 22v-23r. John Stratford.
ff. 23v-24r. John Ufford, or John Offord, Archbishop Elect of Canterbury.
ff. 24v-25r. Thomas Bradwardine.
ff. 25v-26r. Simon Islip.
ff. 26v-27r. Simon Langham.
ff. 27v-28r. William Whittlesey.
ff. 28v-29r. Simon Sudbury.
ff. 29v-30r. William Courtenay.
ff. 30v-31r. Roger Walden.
ff. 31v-32r. Thomas Arundel.
ff. 32v-33r. Henry Chichele.
ff. 33v-34r. John Stafford.
ff. 34v-35r. John Kempe.
ff. 35v-36r. Thomas Bourchier.
ff. 36v-37r. John Morton.
ff. 37v-38r. Henry Deane.
ff. 38v-39r. William Warham.
ff. 39v-40r. Thomas Cranmer.
ff. 40v-41r. Reginald Pole.
ff. 41v-42r. Matthew Parker.
ff. 42v-43r. Edmund Grindal.
ff. 43v-44v. John Whitgift.
ff. 45r-45v. Richard Bancroft.
f. 46r. blank.
ff. 46v-47r. George Abbot.
ff. 47v-48r. William Laud.
ff. 48v-49r. William Juxon.
ff. 49v-50r. Gilbert Sheldon.
ff. 50v-51r. William Sancroft.
ff. 51v-52r. John Tillotson.
ff. 52v-53r. Thomas Tenison.
ff. 53v-54r. William Wake.
ff. 54v-55r. John Potter.
ff. 55v-56r. Thomas Herring.
ff. 56v-57r. Matthew Hutton.
ff. 57v-58r. Thomas Secker.
ff. 58v-59r. Frederick Cornwallis.
ff. 59v-60r. John Moore.
ff. 60v-80r. are ruled, but otherwise blank.
ff. 80v-81r. Copy of a letter from Henry Murray Lane (1833-1913), Chester Herald of Arms, to Samuel Wayland Kershaw, Lambeth Librarian, 28 October 1878 (in Kershaw's hand): 'I have looked over a list of Archbishops since Archbishop Potter and find that very few of them had arms recorded to their families. Manner-Sutton and Howley are the only ones I could actually find, tho I believe Herring, Secker and Cornwallis were more or less entitled . Neither Sumner nor Longley could prove or attempted to prove any right to the arms they bore. Those of Archbishop Tait I conclude are registered in Scotland, and we have no certificate of them here. Under these circumstances there may be some difficulty in my furnishing you with the list you require...'.
f. 81v. blank.
LanguageLatin and English
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2010
PhysicalDescriptionLeather binding (?18th century), with a floral border, gilt, and a central panel of red leather with the words 'Bibliotheca Lambethana'.
140 x 116 mm.
Text written on vellum, within a framework ruled throughout in red (except f. 181, a paper flyleaf added in rebinding).
CustodialHistoryOwned by Archbishop John Whitgift.
Subsequently in the collection of Archbishop Richard Bancroft. Recorded in his catalogue as 'Cantuariensium Archiepiscoporum insignia, octavo' (LR/F/1, f. 72v).
Former Cambridge shelfmarks: 'C. [theta]. 35' (Tanner MS. 268, f.167v) and subsequently 'octavo vol 53' (Tanner MS. 274, f. 33r), each with the description 'Insignia Archiep. Cantuar. sive arma gentilitia vivis coloribus depicta'.
RelatedMaterialMS. 1064, Arms of the Hastings family, is a similar volume and written in the same hand.

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38Whitgift; John (?1530-1604); Archbishop of Canterbury?1530-1604
GB/109/18526Diocese of Canterbury; Archbishop
GB/109/10807Augustine (-604); Saint; Archbishop of Canterbury; missionary-604
GB/109/18527Lanfranc (c.1010-1089); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1010-1089
GB/109/8493Anselm (c.1033-1109); Saint; Archbishop of Canterbury and theologianc.1033-1109
GB/109/9113d'Escures; Ralph (c.1068-1122); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1068-1122
GB/109/8494Corbeil; William of (-1136); Archbishop of Canterbury-1136
GB/109/8499Theobald (c.1090-1161); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1090-1161
DS/UK/3491Becket; Thomas (1118-1170); Saint; Archbishop of Canterbury1118-1170
GB/109/19145Richard of Dover (-1184); Archbishop of Canterbury-1184
NA2693Baldwin of Exeter (-1190); Archbishop of Canterbury-1190
GB/109/8500Walter; Hubert (-1205); Archbishop of Canterbury-1205
GB/109/8498Langton; Stephen (c.1150-1228); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1150-1228
GB/109/10665Grant; Richard (-1231); Archbishop of Canterbury-1231
GB/109/18599Edmund of Abingdon (c.1174-1240); Saint; Archbishop of Canterburyc.1174-1240
NA2692Boniface of Savoy (c.1217-1270); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1217-1270
GB/109/8497Kilwardby; Robert (c.1215-1279); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1215-1279
63Pecham; John (-1292); Archbishop of Canterbury-1292
62Winchelsey; Robert (-1313); Archbishop of Canterbury-1313
61Reynolds; Walter (-1327); Archbishop of Canterbury-1327
60Mepeham; Simon (-1333); Archbishop of Canterbury-1333
59Stratford; John (-1348); Archbishop of Canterbury-1348
GB/109/21530Offord; John (c.1290-1349); diplomat and administrator; Archbishop Elect of Canterburyc.1290-1349
58Bradwardine; Thomas (?1290-1349); Archbishop of Canterbury; theologian?1290-1349
GB/109/8495Islep; Simon (c.1300-1366); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1300-1366
56Langham; Simon (-1376); Cardinal; Archbishop of Canterbury-1376
55Whittlesey; William (-1374); Archbishop of Canterbury-1374
54Sudbury; Simon (c.1316-1381); Archbishop of Canterburyc.1316-1381
53Courtenay; William (?1342-1396); Archbishop of Canterbury?1342-1396
51Walden; Roger (-1406); Archbishop of Canterbury-1406
52Arundel; Thomas (1353-1414); Archbishop of Canterbury1353-1414
50Chichele; Henry (?1362-1443); Archbishop of Canterbury?1362-1443
49Stafford; John (-1452); Archbishop of Canterbury-1452
48Kemp; John (?1380-1454); Cardinal; Archbishop of Canterbury?1380-1454
47Bourchier; Thomas (1404-1486); Cardinal; Archbishop of Canterbury1404-1486
45Morton; John (?1420-1500); Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury?1420-1500
44Dean; Henry (-1503); Archbishop of Canterbury-1503
43Warham; William (?1450-1532); Archbishop of Canterbury?1450-1532
41Pole; Reginald (1500-1558); Cardinal; Archbishop of Canterbury1500-1558
40Parker; Matthew (1504-1575); Archbishop of Canterbury1504-1575
39Grindal; Edmund (1519-1583); Archbishop of Canterbury1519-1583
37Bancroft; Richard (1544-1610); Archbishop of Canterbury1544-1610
36Abbot; George (1562-1633); Archbishop of Canterbury1562-1633
35Laud; William (1573-1645); Archbishop of Canterbury1573-1645
34Juxon; William (1582-1663); Archbishop of Canterbury1582-1663
32Sancroft; William (1617-1693); Archbishop of Canterbury1617-1693
31Tillotson; John (1630-1694); Archbishop of Canterbury1630-1694
30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
29Wake; William (1657-1737); Archbishop of Canterbury1657-1737
28Potter; John (?1674-1747); Archbishop of Canterbury?1674-1747
27Herring; Thomas (1693-1757); Archbishop of Canterbury1693-1757
26Hutton; Matthew (1693-1758); Archbishop of Canterbury1693-1758
25Secker; Thomas (1693-1768); Archbishop of Canterbury1693-1768
24Cornwallis; Frederick (1713-1783); Archbishop of Canterbury1713-1783
23Moore; John (1730-1805); Archbishop of Canterbury1730-1805
GB/109/22205Fitzjocelin; Reginald (1140?-1191); Archbishop Elect of Canterbury1140?-1191
42Cranmer; Thomas (1489-1556); Archbishop of Canterbury1489-1556
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