RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 490
Extenti, 273 ff.
Date16th century-17th century
DescriptionA miscellany of texts bound together for William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury 1678-91.

ff. i, 1-68. Originally a single volume, with original foliation i, 1-68. Written in a single Italian hand of c. 1600.
f. i verso. Table of contents.
ff. 1-13v. 'Relatione di M. Vicenzo de Aless.ri ritornato di Persia l'anno 1574'. The relazione of Vincenzo degli Alessandri (1530-after 1595), Venetian Ambassador to Persia, given on his return in 1574. For an edition, see Eugenio Alberi ed, 'Le relazioni degli ambasciatori veneti...', series 3, vol. 2 (Florence, 1844), pp.103-127.
ff. 13v-31r. 'Relatione dello stato, forze, et governo della Republica di Vinetia fatta al Cat[olico] Re Filippo di Spagna'. Written between the accession of Philip II in 1556 and the Venetian loss of Cyprus in 1573.
Begins: 'Se ad alcuno Ambasciatore, Catolico Re, che torni da qualche Principe o Republica manca alle volte degna materia da referire...'.
Another copy is in MS. 663, ff. 1-8.
ff. 31v-32v. blank.
ff. 33r-39v. 'Discorso sopra la Republica di Genova'. An account of Genoa written between 1531 and 1560 (datable from a reference to Andrea Doria 'ch' hora e Principe di Melfi' at f. 35r).
Begins: 'La civilta di Genove resta amichevolmente divisa in due fattioni...'
ff. 40r-68r. 'Precedenza tra Francia et Spagna'. Begins: 'Perche il volgo fa molti discorsi sopra il negotio della precedenza tra Spagna e Francia, ho voluto vedere...'. The writer is named as follows: 'Augusto Craveliz in Roma la scrisse nel mese di Maggio 1564' (f. 54r); 'Augusto di Crovielez le scrisse nel mese di Giugno 1564' (f. 63v); 'Augustin di Cravalez in Roma' (f. 67r). A work on the conquest of Peru, translated from Spanish into Italian by Agostino di Cravalez, was published in Venice in 1576.
f. 68v. blank.

ff. 69-125. Originally a single volume, with original foliation i, 1-53. In the same hand as ff. i, 1-68.
ff. 69r-70r. blank.
f. 70v. Table of contents.
ff. 71r-84v. 'Discorso del regno di Napoli'. Written between 1575 and 1583 (datable from a reference at f. 82r to a dispute between two sisters, the Queens of Poland and Sweden, ie Anna Jagiellon, Queen of Poland 1575-86 and Catherine Jagiellon, Queen Consort of Sweden 1569-83).
Begins: 'Tra tutti gli esempi delle varie et maravigliose mutationi de stati...'.
ff. 85r-90r. 'Discorso di Ragusa'. At f. 15v is a reference to the number of nobles in the Maggior Consiglio of Ragusa at the present day (Hoggi di)1555.
Begins: 'Gli Ragusei vivono a modo di Republica...'.
ff. 90v-94v. 'Della fortification di Malta'. Recommendations on the fortification of Malta, written by one of the Knights Hospitaller. Numerous references to the past siege probably refer to the siege of 1565.
Begins: 'Conosco Il[ustrissi]mo et Rev[erendissi]mo Signore mio et Sacro Consiglio che l'obligo et debito ch' io tengo a cotesta santa Religione della quale gia molti anni porto l'habito...'
ff. 95r-123r. 'Relatione del Cl[arissim]o m. Ant[oni]o Thiepolo tornato Amb[asciator]e dal Cat[oli]co re Felippo al di sei d'Ottbre 1567'.
The relazione of Antonio Tiepolo, Venetian Ambassador to Philip II of Spain, 1567. For an edition, see Luigi Firpo ed., 'Relazioni di ambasciatori veneti al Senato', vol 8, Spagna (Turin, 1981).
Another copy is found in British Library Add. MS. 29444.
ff. 123v-125v. blank.

ff. 126r-157r. Pedigree of the Carew family, with historical notes and copies of documents, from the time of Edward the Confessor to George Carew, Baron Carew of Clopton, and afterwards 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629) who owned this booklet.
Written in several hands, including that of Carew himself (eg. ff. 128v-129r). The pedigree was written after he became Baron Carew in 1604, but before he was made Earl of Totnes in 1626.The documents are copies from the Domesday Book, fine rolls and other government records, from a ledger book of Evesham Abbey, a red book in the keeping of Sir Henry Fanshawe etc. Other documents were supplied by William Camden (1551-1623).
ff. 143v-157v are blank, except for a note by Carew at f. 155v concerning families with arms which may be quartered with those of Carew.

ff. 158r-167v. 'A discourse in the form of a dialogue between Louise de Lorraigne, wife to Henry 3 the French King, and Rene de Birague Cardinall and Chancellor of France'.
A dialogue between Louise de Lorraine (1553-1601), wife of Henry III and Queen Consort of France 1575-89, and Rene de Birague (1506-1583), Cardinal and Chancellor of France. The dialogue concerns the rivalry between the Queen and the King's favourite Jean-Louis de Nogaret de La Vallette (1554-1642), created Duke of Epernon in 1581. Written between 1575 and the death of Birague in 1583.
ff. 159 and 167 are blank.

ff. 168-169. blank.
ff. 170r-177v. 'A breefe discourse what order were best for repulsinge of forren force, if at any tyme they should invade vs by sea in Kent or els where'.
Written by Thomas Digges (c.1546-1595), mathematician and M.P., it remained unpublished until it appeared as 'Englands defence. A treatise concerning invasion, or, A brief discourse of what orders were best for repulsing of foreign forces if at any time they should invade us by sea in Kent or elsewhere, exhibited in writing to the Right Honourable Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, a little before the Spanish invasion in the year 1588...' (London, 1680).
ff. 178-179. blank.

ff. 180r-209v. A Spanish almanac, with astronomical notes for navigation.
Included is a table of movable feast days in years from 1583 to 1602. Also included (ff. 204r-206r) are three drawings in red and black inks, of a compass, the sun with a fanciful face, and a sailing boat with large sail and banner.
ff. 18, 207, 208 are blank.

ff. 210r-269r. 'Ricordo utilissimo à tutti li Prencipi della Christianita contra l'Ambitiosa Monarchia di Spagna'.
begins: 'Che tutte le nostre intraprese cooperationi con la medesima bilancia..'
Much of the documentation refers to events in the second half of the sixteenth century, including references to Philip II of Spain, Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots; however a reference at f. 261v to 'lo Ser[enissi]mo Re D'Inghilterra ... un' heretico et scomunicato dal Papa' suggests a date in the reign of James I.

ff. 270-273. blank.
LanguageItalian, English, Spanish.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2011.
PhysicalDescriptionBinding of light calf typical of bindings for Archbishop William Sancroft. Price of binding (1s 6d) on inside of front cover.
250 x 188 mm.
Paper leaves.
CustodialHistoryProbably all from the 'Carew-Sheldon' manuscripts, as recorded in the 'Carew-Sheldon' catalogue dated 1664 (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a, f. 9v). These manuscripts were acquired by Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677), Archbishop of Canterbury. All, or nearly all, were previously owned by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629). See M. R. James, 'The Carew manuscripts', English Historical Review, vol 42, 1927, pp. 261-267, and M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932), p. 401.

ff. 1-125 are recorded [as items 58-60] in the 'Carew-Sheldon catalogue: 'Three Italian MS conteyning the relation of journeys by severall persons of quality into Persia, Savoy, Ferrara, Polonia, with severall politique discourses of severall states of Europe viz. Naples, Spaine, France, Venice, Ragusa and Maltha, quarto', with an added note in the hand of Archbishop Sancroft: 'wanting 1' (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a, f. 5v).

ff. 168-209 formed part of a miscellany which is listed [as item102] in the Carew-Sheldon catalogue. Other parts of the miscellany were rebound by Sancroft in MS. 494. The two items now in MS. 490 were items 4-5 in the miscellany: '5. A discourse what order were best to repulse an enemy invading us by sea in Kent or elsewhere. 6. A Spanish Almanack'. (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a, f. 8r).

Other items may have come from the three bundles of miscellaneous manuscripts [items 159-161in the Carew-Sheldon list] of which the contents are not described.

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