RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 477
Extentff. 290
Date13th century
DescriptionList of contents by Sancroft.

On f. 1a are notes (xiii) on qui uiderit mulierem, and scribbles.
On 2b verses:
(a) Fallitur eua dolo. cibus ade gaudia finis
Et causa behmoht atri genus exime diuum
Cui belue gladius furit et discordia bella
ast ge[n]e[r] (above: r) fert dominam. clipeu[ms] bellantibus astans
(b) Cum fuerint anni completi mille ducenti
Et seni decies a partu uirginis alme
Tunc antichristus nacetur demone plenus
(c) An 'antethema.' Homo cecitate (above: i) lippus ruditate (above: ii)
stolidus breuitate (above: iii) uite inexpertus etc. (repeated on the last
page of the book) and some scribbles.

1. A close small hand: 32 lines to a full page.
Pictor in carmine (a collection of Biblical subjects for repre-
sentation in churches, arranged by type and antitype. It
consists of (a) Prologues, (b) list of subjects, and (c) verses to
accompany them. The best copy is perhaps that in Corpus
Christi College, Cambridge, no. 300. Another very good
complete one is in the Fitzwilliam Museum. The Prologue
was printed by Sir T. Phillipps from one of his own MSS.
and reprinted thence by Delisle, Mélanges de paléographie
etc., p. 206). The present copy contains only the prologue
and list of subjects, copied here for use in sermons, perhaps.
Prol. Dolens in sanctuario dei - prestantiori copia reparare . . . . . f. 1
List: Colloquium gabrielis et uirginis de incarnatione uerbi
Dicit deus serpenti de muliere. Ipsa conteret caput tuum.
added: Gen. 3. e.
Ends imperfect f. 10b: Confederantur petrus et paulus ut unus
in circumcisione alter in gentibus predicet (antitype)
(last type): Duo carbines (card-) australis et septentrionalis
mundum continent uniuersum.
This is § 129 out of 138.

2. A similar hand: 35 lines to page.
Themata for sermons. Some rubrics added . . . . . 11
Tematha in assumptione.
Vidi dilectam tanquam columbam etc.
Those that follow are for Nativ. B. V. M., All SS., Advent,
Christmas, Purification, Annunciation, Palm Sunday, Easter,
S. Benedict, Ascension, Pentecost, Nativ. S. John Bapt.,
Peter and Paul, ad clerichos, Dedication.
Later note on the names of Job's friends . . . . . 12
12b blank.

3. In four columns of 40 lines each. xiii early?
Inc. concordancie de biblia secundum alphabetum composite . . . . . 15
Abire. in solitudinem. Deut. 6.
Abire. in via chynn (cayn). Jude. c. etc.
ending Zelatus. num. xxxv. ... za. vii. a. Expl.

4. Single lines: 38 to a page.
Themata (texts and extracts) on the seven deadly sins . . . . . 32
De Superbia. Daniel v. Quoniam eleuatum est cor nabugo-
donosor etc. followed by Sermons.
De duplici aduentu. Ero quasi ros domui iude . . . . . 46
47b blank.
In die app. petri et pauli. Quicunque honorificauerit me . . . . . 48
Leo fortissimus bestia ad nullius pauebit occursum . . . . . 49b

5. Inc. ars predicandi . . . . . 50b
Quoniam emulatores estis spirituum. ... Benedicit emulatores
- sumuntur alique moralitates. Expl.
Emit Joseph terram: ... Expergicimini filii hominum . . . . . 53
Sapiencia edificauit sibi domum ... : Hic agit Salomon de
humanitate . . . . . 55

6. Inc. concordancie de biblia sec. alphabetum composite et
primo de hac litera a. Amor . . . . . 58
Melior est amor absconditus
It is a kind of moral cyclopaedia of extracts from the Bible and
from the more ordinary Fathers. Many pages are wholly or
partially blank. Additions have been made, chiefly by a
xiiith-century hand, and a few irrelevant but instructive
scribbles of the xvth century occur, viz.
94b. Vestris nostra damus pro nostris vestra rogamus (the line
usually written on a mortuary roll).
115a. Grenewey. 119b Sermo de S. laurencio xiii. 120b Nouerint
uniuersi ... quod ego Walterus dedi etc. Two inscriptions in
cypher (see published catalogue for a reproduction)
125b. Greneway uptu[n].
129b. Titulus monasterii b. Marie de Buldewas ord. Cisterc. anima
dompni abbatis de B. et anime omnium fidelium defuntorum
in pace requiescant. amen. Vestris nostra etc. as above.
The same begun again on 132b.
ff. 136-139 are an insertion in a later hand on Infernus.
Eruisti animam meam ex inferno inferiori. Aug. super locum
illum ps. 86. Quid dicamus fratres. hoc si non vobis Quis
mihi tribuat ut in inferno protegas me. Greg. II(a) parte
moralium XII° li° etc. 136b. Pantheologus IIII(ta) parte lib° v(to)
cap(to) alt. 136b, followed by three other extracts from the
Pantheologus (of Peter of London).
140b. Grenewey and vptunn ff. o. b. l. b. o. a.
142b. Another inscription in cypher (see published catalogue).
178b. Grenewey vptu[n] k (?) ffrater monasterre Bend[er]ell'.
210a. A passage erased, in English: five lines, of which I can read
nothing material.
The alphabetical 'concordance' ends 216b with Zelus. This is
followed by a sermon.
All SS. Ecce ergo sternam per ordinem lapides tuos . . . . . 216b

7. Another hand, very similar.
Inc. capitula operis sequentis. I Contra acceptores personarum . . . . . 217b
lxv de susuratione.
Text. Exo. xxiii. Deus magnus potens et terribilis.
It seems to consist entirely of Biblical texts.
Sermon on S. John Baptist. Posuit me sicut sagittam electam . . . . . 226

8. Compilationes quedam de virtutibus. De paciencia . . . . . 227
De bono Infirmitatis. Paciencia ad egritudines corporales
Ends de misericordia - ad monasteria colocanda. sic est miseri-
Sermon on Nativity of S. John the Baptist. Inter natos
mulierum . . . . . 236
238a A half-leaf: verso blank. Scribbles of Grenewey
Vptun erased.

9. Species specierum (in another hand). A tabular description of
the Seven Sins . . . . . 239
ending 248a. Expl. libellus qui dicitur species specierum.

10. Extracts from Epistles of Jerome . . . . . 248b
Sermo b. Bernardi abb. de proprietate dencium . . . . . 250
Dentes tui sicut grex tonsarum

11. Double columns of 38 etc. lines.
Inc. interpretationes hebreorum nominum sec. remisium
(Remigium) per hanc literam a' etc. . . . . . 251
Aaz apprehendens uel apprehensio testificans uel testimonium
- Zusum. Consiliantes eos uel consiliatores eorum
On 290a are notes:
De figuris algorismi. Nouem sunt figure
De irregularitatibus. Bigami prohibentur ordinari etc.
On 290b the antethema already given on f. 1 and some short
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932)
PhysicalDescriptionVellum, 6 1/2 x 5, 2 volumes.
Calf binding, pr. 1s. 2d.
I: 1(2) 2(12) 3(12) (wants 1) 4(12) 5(10) 6(10) 7(14) 8(12) (5 and 12 fragments) 9(12) (wants 1?) 10(12) (wants 5) 11(14) 12(12) (wants 3, 9) 13(14) (+ 4 after 7: wants 3) 14(12) 15(16) 16(14) (13, 14 canc.) 17(12) (wants 1) 18(14) (wants 14) 19(16) 20(14) (wants 13, 14) 21(12).
II: 22(8)-26(8).
CustodialHistoryVol. II perhaps from Buildwas.
On f. 1b a receipt: Ista valent ad cancerosa capita. The name Grenewey (xv), which is scribbled in other parts of the book.
On f. 2a: 'Tomas' 'Grenewey.' Vptun. Re[cipe] ff. gr. 1.

Sheldon catalogue (Lambeth Palace Library LR/F/5, LR/F/6, MS 1047) shelfmark: P. 5
Former Cambridge shelfmark: L. [theta]. 5 (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordance IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972).
Later shelfmark: octavo 17
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1360

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
"Lambeth Palace Library: The Mediaeval Manuscripts" Section VI. Biblical Studies. Reel 29
RelatedMaterial[Annotation to the Reading Room copy of M.R. James by J.C. Russell: 'MS 477, to 50v, inc. 'Quoniam': Richard of Thetford.
cf. Camb. C.C.C. MS 441, to f. 13
Lincoln Cath. MS H IV
B.M. MS Harley 3244, MS Reg. 4 13 viii
Oxford MS Bodl. 848
Oxford Merton Coll. MS 249
Worcester Cath.']
PublnNoteSheppard, Jennifer M. 'The Buildwas books: book production, acquisition and use at an English Cistercian monastery, 1165-c. 1400' (Oxford Bibliographical Society. Third Series. Vol. II).

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