RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 4545, ff. 88-159
TitleCorrespondence of Charles Thomas Longley mainly relating to his headmastership of Harrow School.
DescriptionSome undated. The correspondents are:

John Evelyn Denison (1800-1873), afterwards 1st Viscount Ossington, and Joan Canning (d. 1837), Viscountess Canning, concerning Longley's reception of Charles John Canning, afterwards 1st Earl Canning, as a pupil, 1829 (ff. 88-94)
Charles Thomas Longley. Draft letter concerning the vacant headmastership of Harrow, 1829 (f. 95)
Thomas Vowler Short (1790-1872), afterwards Bishop of St. Asaph, 1829 (ff. 96-99)
John William Cunningham (1780-1861), Chairman of the Governors of Harrow School, 1829 (ff. 100-104)
Edward Burton (1794-1836), Professor of Divinity, Oxford, 1829 (f. 105)
David Veysie (d. 1866), Censor of Christ Church, Oxford, [1829] (ff. 106-107)
George Butler (1774-1853), Headmaster of Harrow, 1829 (ff. 108-109)
Elizabeth Longley, mother of Charles Thomas Longley, 1829 (ff. 110-111)
John Bull, DD, of Christ Church, Oxford, 1829 (ff. 112-113)
Thomas Henderson, of Christ Church, Oxford, 1829 (ff. 114-115)
Henry Joseph Thomas Drury (1778-1841), master at Harrow, [1829] (f. 116)
Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850), statesman, 1829-34 and n.d. (ff. 117-118, 147-149, 157-158)
George Hamilton-Gordon (1784-1860), 4th Earl of Aberdeen, 1829-31 (ff. 119-120, 128-129, 135-136)
William Howley (1766-1848), Archbishop of Canterbury, 1829 (ff. 121-123)
James Walter Grimston (1775-1845), 1st Earl of Verulam, 1829 (ff. 124-127)
Sir James Robert George Graham (1792-1861), statesman, 1830 (ff. 130-132)
Harriet Gifford (d. 1857), widow of Robert Gifford, 1st Baron Gifford, 1830 (ff. 133-134)
John Longley (1786-1838), brother of Charles Thomas Longley (ff. 137-140)
Frederick William Faber (1814-1863), afterwards Superior of the London Oratory, 1833-34 (ff. 141-142, 145-146)
Robert Grosvenor (1767-1845), 1st Marquess of Westminster, 1833 (ff. 143-144)
John Duncan Bligh (1798-1872), diplomat, on the death of his brother Lord Darnley, 1835 (ff. 150-151)
Isabella Wingfield (d. 1848), widow of Richard Wingfield, 6th Viscount Powerscourt, [1835] (ff. 152-154)
Thomas Arnold (1795-1842), Headmaster of Rugby, 1836 (ff. 155-156)
Henry Richard Vassall Fox (1773-1840), 3rd Baron Holland (f. 159).

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DS/UK/4189Denison; John Evelyn (1800-1873); 1st Viscount Ossington1800-1873
DS/UK/4190Canning; Charles John (1812-1862); 1st Earl Canning; governor-general and first viceroy of India1812-1862
DS/UK/4191Short; Thomas Vowler (1790-1872); Bishop of St. Asaph1790-1872
DS/UK/4192Cunningham; John William (1780-1861); clergyman1780-1861
DS/UK/4193Burton; Edward (1794-1836); Professor of Divinity, Oxford1794-1836
DS/UK/4194Butler; George (1774-1853); Headmaster of Harrow; Dean of Peterborough1774-1853
DS/UK/4180Longley; Elizabeth (-1845); née Bond; mother of Archbishop Longley-1845
DS/UK/4197Drury; Henry Joseph Thomas (1778-1841); master at Harrow1778-1841
NA2898Peel; Sir; Robert (1788-1850); 2nd Bart.; statesman1788-1850
DS/UK/4198Hamilton-Gordon; George (1784-1860); 4th Earl of Aberdeen; statesman1784-1860
21Howley; William (1766-1848); Archbishop of Canterbury1766-1848
DS/UK/4199Grimston; James Walter (1775-1845); 1st Earl of Verulam1775-1845
DS/UK/4200Faber; Frederick William (1814-1863); Superior of the London Oratory; theologian and hymn writer1814-1863
DS/UK/4201Grosvenor; Robert (1767-1845); 1st Marquess of Westminster1767-1845
DS/UK/4202Bligh; John Duncan (1798-1872); diplomat1798-1872
DS/UK/3425Arnold; Thomas (1795-1842); headmaster of Rugby; historian1795-1842
DS/UK/4203Fox; Henry Richard Vassall (1773-1840); 3rd Baron Holland1773-1840
NA2203Harrow School; 1572-1572-
DS/UK/4315Canning; Joan (-1837); Viscountess Canning; née Scott-1837
NA2897Graham; Sir; James Robert George (1792-1861); 2nd Baronet; statesman1792-1861
DS/UK/4316Gifford; Harriet Maria (-1857); née Drewe; wife of Robert Gifford, 1st Baron Gifford-1857
DS/UK/4317Wingfield; Isabella (-1848); wife of Richard Wingfield, 6th Viscount Powerscourt-1848
DS/UK/4184Bligh; Edward (1795-1835); 5th Earl of Darnley1795-1835
DS/UK/4233Longley; John (1786-1838); Major; Lieutenant-Governor of Dominica1786-1838
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