RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 447
Extent xi, 415 pp.
Date16th century-17th century
DescriptionA number of separate manuscripts were bound together in this volume by Archbishop William Sancroft. All were in Lambeth Palace Library by 1647 when the collection was transferred to Cambridge.
At p. viii is a table of contents in the hand of Archbishop Sancroft.

1. (pp. ix - xii, 1-72). A sermon at Paules Crosse the 24 of Marche 1619, being the day of his Maiesties inauguration to this Kingdome. Honour the King. 1 Peter 2. 17'
p. xi. Dedicatory letter (in Latin) to Archbishop George Abbot, by 'Ioannes Harris'. This is probably John Harris (c.1587-1658), Professor of Greek at Cambridge 1619-22 and later Warden of Winchester College.
pp. 1-64. Text of the sermon (in English), on Eccles. 10.17 'Blessed art thou, o land, whose King is the sonne of Nobles'.
pp. 65-72. Blank.

2. (pp. 73-100). 'Certaine places of the booke of psalmes in our com[m]one englishe translac[i]on noted and co[n]ferred w[i]th the hebru and thereby corrected and amended by me John Rudd'. n.d., in a hand of c.1550-c.1575.
The author is probably John Rudd (c.1498-1578), chaplain to Edward VI and afterwards Prebendary of Durham.
From the collection of Archbishop Richard Bancroft. Recorded in his catalogue as 'Rud on the psalmes' (LR/F/1, f. 72r).

3. (pp. 101-181). 'Pro Liturgià Anglicanâ contra Novatores' . Incipit 'Prudentèr olim animadvertit Nicephorus'.
An anonymous defence of the liturgy of the Church of England. An author's draft, with corrections, incomplete.
In Latin.
Probably dates from around 1580. Literature cited includes (p.113) Heinrich Bullinger, 'Ministrorum Tigurinae Ecclesiae ad confutationem D. Iacob. Andreae' (1575), and (p. 149) Martin Chemnitz, 'Examen Concilii Tridentini ' (1565-73). Lambert Daneau is described (p. 151) as 'Genevensis ecclesiae minister'; he held a chair at Geneva during the 1570s.
p. 110. ' De Liturgia Anglicana in genere'
p. 127. 'Caput de materia liturg.'
p. 139. 'hactenus de lectione librorum ecclesiasticorum. De Homilium Lectionum'.
p. 144. De festis diebus'.
p. 153. 'De Jeiunio'.
p. 155. 'De Relligionis Articulis'.
p. 158. 'De Christi ad inferos descensu'.
p. 166. Secunda Pars. 'Superest ea quae Novatores in Sacramentorum doctrina et administratione temere reprehendenda accipiunt. ...'
Ends incomplete on p. 166.
An addition at p. 180 appears to be in the same hand as item 5 (pp. 204-293).
pp. 167-179, 181. blank.

4. (pp. 182-203). A sermon on 1. Cor. 14. 33. 'For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints'.
In English. Early 17th century.
The author is named at the end (p.201) as 'John Bowle of Trini. Colledge in Cambridge'. This is John Bowle, also known as John Bowles (d.1637), Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge from 1599 and later Bishop of Rochester.
The sermon is incomplete, lacking text at the beginning.
Bowle appeals for a peaceful approach to controversy in the Church, and defends kneeling at the Communion.
pp. 202-203. blank.

5. (pp. 204-293). An anonymous oration against two enemies of the Church of England, 'Romanenses' and 'Novatores'.
Addressed to James I. Early 17th century.
In Latin.
An author's draft, written at speed, with numerous corrections.
p. 204. Incipit, 'Duo sunt hominum genera, Jacobe, Rex Christianissime qui 50 iam et amplius annis Reformation. Anglican. ... hostiliter oppugnaverunt...' James I is addressed directly throughout the text (eg. pp. 204, 208, 234, 238).
The author is perhaps a bishop or archbishop. He describes his speech as 'furiosus', but says it belongs to his office ('pro officii mei ratione') to warn against enemies of the Church. (p.238).
pp. 273-276. In another hand .
pp. 242-244, 277-293. blank.
Possibly related to item 3 (pp. 101-181); see above.

6. (pp. 294-319.) 'The substance of the funerall Sermon at the solemne buryall of Dr Whittaker; by Dr Goade then Vicechan[cel]ler. the 9. of Decemb. 1595. in St. Maries Church in Cambr. he dying the 4. of December'. (f. 296r).
In English.
The sermon preached by Roger Goade (1538-1610), Provost of King's College Cambridge, at the funeral of William Whitaker (c.1547-1595), Master of St. John's College Cambridge, in Great St. Mary's church.
At pp.294-295 is a preface signed by Roger Goade, the recipient addresssed as "most reverend in Christ". This is probably Archbishop John Whitgift.
The preface is dated 11 April 1597.
pp. 318-319 blank.

7. (pp. 320-399). Sermon on Psalm 2. 10. 'Bee learned yee that are Judges of the earthe'. By John Tuer (d. 1621), Vicar of Elsenham, Essex.
In English.
p. 321. Cambridge shelfmark "Bundle ye first. C"
pp. 323-331. Dedicatory letter to Richard Bancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, signed by John Tuer. Tuer was Vicar of Elsenham from 1592. He mentions here that he has held a country living for 15 years, dating the sermon to c.1607.
The letter relates the strong opposition evoked by the sermon, and the related controversy concerning the authority of ecclesiastical and civil courts and the use of writs of prohibition.
pp. 332-395. Sermon.
pp. 320, 322,396-399 blank.

8. (pp. 400-415). 'A copie of a letter written by a Catholique Lady to Syr Edward Hoby'. n.d. [c.1609].
In English.
This is a response by an unnamed Roman Catholic lady to a letter addressed by Sir Edward Hoby (1560-1617) 'to all Romish collapsed ladies of Great Britaine'. Hoby's letter, dated 20 May 1609, was published as a preface to his 'A letter to Mr. T. H. late minister now fugitive... in answere of his first motive...' (London, 1609). [Archbishop Bancroft's copy is in the Library, shelfmark 1609.21].
In her response the authoress defends women (and especially Roman Catholic converts of noble or gentle birth) against various accusations, such as favouring Jesuit priests and dishonouring their husbands by their recusancy.
p. 415 is blank.
The authoress is probably Mary, Lady Lovell (1573-1628). See Arnold Hunt, 'The Lady is a Catholic: Lady Lovell's reply to Sir Edward Hoby', in 'Recusant History', vol 31, 2013, pp. 411-437, which includes an edition of the text.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2010
PhysicalDescriptionBinding of light calf for Archbishop William Sancroft.
220 x 170 mm.
CustodialHistory Former Cambridge shelfmarks (see published catalogue by M. R. James and Concordance IV in N. R. Ker, 'Archbishop Sancroft's Rearrangement of the Manuscripts of Lambeth Palace', in E. G. W. Bill, 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS. 1222-1860', Oxford, 1972):
pp. ix-xii, 1-72: bundle 4, no. 22
pp. 73-100: bundle 1, no. 33
pp. 101-181: C. [theta]. 32
pp. 182-203: bundle 4, no. 21
pp. 204-293: bundle 1, no. 23
pp. 294-319: bundle 1, no. 5
pp. 320-399: bundle 1, no. 28
pp. 400-415: bundle 1, no. 36
Later shelfmarks: pp. 101-181: quarto vol 198.
CopiesSee the online image management system,
PublnNoteHunt, Arnold, "The lady is a Catholic: Lady Lovell's reply to Sir Edward Hoby". In Recusant History, vol.31, no. 3, May 2013, pp. 411 - 437 [Lambeth Palace Library H1492.B5] (Uses MS 447 pp. 400-415 and gives text of letter as well as discussion.)

Mary Morrissey, 'Politics and the Paul's Cross sermons, 1558-1642', OUP 2011 [Lambeth Palace Library G4208.E6M6]

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