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Alt Ref NoMS 4267
Extent210 ff.
TitleFurther papers collected by James Fairhurst
Date1589-20th cent
Descriptionff. 1-18. Papers originally at Lambeth Palace.
f.1. Privy Council letter to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning a complaint by George Burghley, parson of Chelmsford, against Robert Pallnutt, chaplain of the Bishop of London. 5 November 1589.
f.2. Privy Council letter to Archbishop Whitgift requiring him to help in forming a committee to establish censorship of stage plays in and about the city of London. 12 November 1589.
See Acts of the Privy Council, new series vol. 18, pp. 214-215.
ff. 3-4. Letter from Robert Beale to Archbishop Whitgift, defending his views on religious toleration and explaining his affection for the city of Coventry. 22 August 1590. [Draft copy in British Library Add. Ms. 48039 ff. 74r-v]
ff. 5-8. Typed transcript of ff. 3-4 [20th cent.].
ff. 9-12. Privy Council letter to Archbishop Whitgift concerning the chaplain of the Tower of London, 23 July 1596. Enclosed is a copy of a response by 77 named inhabitants of the Tower Liberty to a Privy Council letter of 30 April 1596, and an original letter to the Privy Council from Sir Dru Drury, William Partheriche and John Lee, 21 July 1596.
See Acts of the Privy Council 1595-96, pp. 372-373, and 1596-97, pp. 48-49.
ff. 13-14. Contemporary copy of a letter from Robert Persons to Henry Garnet concerning Edward Squire and the poisoned pommel conspiracy, 30 January 1599. Printed on pp. 413-414 of Francis Edwards, 'Sir Robert Cecil, Edward Squier and the poisoned pommel', Recusant History vol 25, 2001, pp. 377-414.
ff. 15-18. 'Some considerations touching the guilt of sinne, pardon of that guilt and prayer for that pardon'. Signed 'T.G.' [?Thomas Gataker]. N.d. [c.1600].
ff. 19-68. Papers of, and acquired by, John Selden (1584-1654). Included are papers of Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent, a commissioner for the trial and execution of Mary Queen of Scots, acquired by Selden through his association with Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent.
ff. 19-20. Privy Council letter to Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent, ordering the enactment of the warrant for the execution of Mary Queen of Scots. 3 February 1587.
ff. 21-32. Account of the proceedings again Mary Queen of Scots and of her execution. Included is a transcript of letters between Mary and Anthony Babington; a list of Queen Elizabeth's commissioners sent for the trial; narratives of the trial and execution; a list of reasons justifying Mary "taken out of the ffrenche memoryes" and a corresponding refutation. [c. 1587]. Later endorsement '120'.
ff. 33-34. Copy (retained by Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent) of his letter to Queen Elizabeth I vindicating the conduct of the commissioners for the execution of Mary Queen of Scots. February 1587.
ff. 35-46. Transcripts of ff. 19-34 [20th cent.].
ff. 47-48. Photographs of a copy of the warrant for the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, from the papers of Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent. With annotations in the hand of Robert Beale. 1 February 1587. This copy was sold at Sotheby's 16 December 1996, lot 42.
ff. 49-50. 'The demurrer and plea of J. Selden, one of the defendants to the information of Sir Robert Heath his majesties attorney generall'. A draft by Selden concerning the charges for which he was imprisoned 1629-31.
ff. 51-66. Copy of the Introductio harmonica by Gaudentius, in Greek. With a Latin preface addressed to Selden by G.L. [Gerard Langbaine] explaining his collation of Selden's manuscript with others in the Bodleian Library.
ff. 67-68. Copy of a declaration by Selden to the Commissioners Touching Claims and Discoveries concerning books loaned to him by Patrick Young from the Royal Library. 21 Dec 1653.
ff. 69-185. Papers of Sir Matthew Hale.
ff. 69-76. Legal cases and opinions, concerning:
ff. 69-70. The estates of Sir Anthony Wingfield and Sir Robert Wingfield [1656 or later].
ff. 71-72. A fine levied by Henry Winter of lands in Clayton, Wraxall and Portbury, Somerset, 1659. A first draft of the opinion in MS. 3476, ff. 94-95.
ff. 73-76. John Arthur, a tradesman in Beaumaris, Anglesey, 1659.
ff. 77-80. 'Concerninge the late distemper in matters ecclesiasticall'.
ff. 81-96. 'A discourse touchinge provision for the poore'. Published in The works moral and religious, vol. 1, 1805, pp. 516-536.
ff. 97-98. 'Touchinge the sheriffs accompts'. Draft by Hale of the opening section. This is the missing leaf which belongs before MS. 3512, f. 65.
ff. 99-106. 'Touchinge the sheriffs accompts'. Contemporary copy, incomplete. Cf. MS. 3512, ff. 65-74.
ff. 107-108. Draft by Hale of his resignation as Chief Justice of the King's Bench, February 1676.
ff. 109-110. Letter to Hale from Richard Baxter, 2 May 1676. Published in Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, vol. 24, 1940, pp. 173-175.
ff. 111-126. Notes by Hale on St. Paul's letter to the Hebrews.
ff. 127-177. Writings on the weight of the air, related to his Difficiles nugae or observations touching the toricellian experiment (London, 1674).
ff. 127-140. 'An examination of the controversy touchinge the weight and elaterium of the eyer'.
ff. 141-152. 'Weit of the eyre'. Draft by Hale, with an incomplete fair copy in another hand.
ff. 153-163. 'Observation', experiments on the same subject, July - August 1662.
ff. 164-175. 'But by cause I was resolved to try the experiment ...' Part of a draft of the Difficiles nugae, corresponding loosely to p. 271 et seq. of the published text. This is probably a missing section from MS. 3511.
ff. 176-177. Fragment on the weight of the air.
ff. 178-179. Fragment of a work on rarefaction and condensation, probably related to MS. 3510.
ff. 180-185. Fragment of a work on magnetism. Probably part of Hale's Magneticall observations (MS. 3502, which is incomplete).
ff. 186-214. Other papers from and relating to the Selden-Hale collection.
ff. 186-192. Objections to a project harmful to the interests of the Merchant Adventurers concerning the export of undressed cloth, temp. James I [after 1611]. Incomplete. Cf. 'Calendar of State Papers Domestic' 1611-18, pp. 174-175, and MS. 3472, ff. 163-171.
ff. 193-200. 'Modus tenendi parliamentum. Cy commence le manere de tenir parlement ...' In French, corresponding to the Latin text in MS. 3512, ff. 85-96. The text is preceded by a note, 'Copia manuscripti accomodata mihi per m. st. [?] Maynard de medio templo ...' This is probably Sergeant, afterwards Sir John, Maynard, dating the manuscript to 1654-60.
f. 201. Marcus Meibom, Tenos enarmonion. Printed table relating to ancient Greek music. Endorsed 'Mebomii musica'. Meibom's correspondence with Selden, from the Fairhurst collection, is now in Bodleian Library S.C. 52547.
f. 202. Part of the cover [of a medieval bible?], inscribed by Hale 'hunc librum emi a quodam Washington 11 Maii anno domini 1650 ut sacram paginam hisce pergamenis contentam a vilissimis usibus eriperem. Constitit 458. M.H.'
ff. 203-208. Richard Baxter [Additional notes on the life and death of Sir Matthew Hale]. Part only (pp. 13-20, 29-32) of a copy of the text subsequently published in Sir Matthew Hale, The works moral and religious, vol. 1, pp. 94-114.
f. 209. List of papers, relating to Merton College, written on the verso of a document dated 1674. Endorsed by Fairhurst 'about 28 items'. Probably relates to papers of the Archbishops of Canterbury as Visitors of Merton, offered for sale by Fairhurst to Merton College in 1941.
ff. 210-211. List of papers in the Selden/Hale collection, in the same hand as f. 207.
ff. 212-214. Two letters to Matthew Hale (d. 1784), 1754 and n.d
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Colour images of selected folios available from Bridgeman Art Library: MS 4267 ff. 19-20 (Image ID: 234078)
PublnNoteFrancis, Edward 'Sir Robert Cecil, Edward Squier and the poisoned pommel' in "Recusant History" Vol. 25.3 (2001) [H1492.E3]
Folio 19 appears in "Lambeth Palace Library: Treasures from the Collections of the Archbishops of Canterbury", ed. Richard Palmer and Michelle P. Brown (2010), entry 37
G. Toomer, 'John Selden: A Life in Scholarship' (OUP, 2010) [Lambeth Palace Library H512.O7]

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