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TitleHarrison Postcards
DescriptionPostcards of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, London, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Yorkshire.

1. Windsor, from the bridge.
2. Windsor Castle from the river.

3. Eton, bridge.
4. Eton College, boys fishing.
5. Eton College, chapel.
6. Eton College, chapel, interior.
7. Eton College, from Fellows' Eyot.
8. Eton College, gardens.
9. Eton College, hall.
10. Eton College, library.
11. Eton College, Long walk.
12. Eton College, playing fields.
13. Eton College, playing fields avenue.
14. Eton College, quadrangle.
15. Eton College, quadrangle.

16. Ambergate, chase bridge.
17. Bakewell, cottages.
18. Bakewell, cottages.
19. Bakewell, bridge.
20. Bakewell Church.
21. Bakewell Church, interior.
22. Bakewell, river view.
23. Bakewell, River Wye.
24. Bakewell, stepping stones.
25. Bakewell, on the Wye near.
26. Bolsover Castle.
27. Chesterfield.
28. Chesterfield parish church.
29. Chesterfield Grammar School.
30. Chesterfield, lake in Queen's Park.
31. Chesterfield, Stevenson Memorial Hall.
32. Dovedale.
33. Dovedale, view in.
34. Dovedale, entrance to.
35. Dovedale, Lion's Head rock.
36. Dovedale, Reynards cave.
37. Dovedale, Tissington Spires.
38. Haddon Hall.
39. Haddon Hall.
40. Haddon Hall, terrace steps.
41. Haddon Hall, interior.
42. Haddon Hall, chapel, interior.
43. Miller's Dale.
44. Miller's Dale, River Wye.
45. Monsal Dale.
46. Monsal Dale, River Wye.
47. Monsal Dale, River Wye.
48. Monsal Dale, waterfall.
49. South Wingfield, old manor house.
50. Tissington Hall.

51. Clacton-on-Sea, east promenade.
52. Clacton-on-Sea, east promenade.
53. Clacton-on-Sea, from the pier.
54. Clacton-on-Sea, from the pier.
55. Clacton-on-Sea, pier and front.
56. Clacton-on-Sea, promenade.
57. Clacton-on-Sea, promenade.
58. Clacton-on-Sea, rough sea.
59. Clacton-on-Sea, west sands.
60. Clacton-on-Sea, west sands.
61. Clacton-on-Sea, St. Osyth priory.
62. Clacton-on-Sea, St. Osyth priory, gateway.
63. Dovercourt, bay and cliffs.
64. Dovercourt, cliffs showing Queen Victoria's statue.
65. Dovercourt, gardens.
66. Dovercourt, the spa.
67. Harwich, old lighthouse and entrance to.
68. Harwich, Three Cups Hotel, the Nelson room.
69. Walton-on-the-Naze, High Street.
70. Walton-on-the-Naze, the parade.
71. Walton-on-the-Naze, the pier.
72. Walton-on-the-Naze, view from backwater.

73. Grantham, the Angel Hotel.
74. Grantham Church, west front.
75. Grantham Grammar School.
76. Grantham, St. Peter's hill.
77. Grantham, Town Hall.

78. Leicester, London Road.
79. Leicester, Magazine.
80. Leicester, New walk and museum.
81. Leicester, old town hall, interior.
82. Leicester, St. Margaret's Church.
83. Leicester, St. Margaret's Church, interior, regimental colours.
84. Leicester, technical and art school.
85. Loughborough, All Saints' Church.
86. Loughborough, All Saints' Church.
87. Loughborough, avenue, new walk.
88. Loughborough, avenue, new walks.
89. Loughborough, Grammar School.
90. Loughborough, Grammar School.
91. Loughborough, market place.
92. Loughborough, market place.
93. Loughborough, Queen's Park and public baths.
94. Loughborough, Town Hall.
95. Loughborough, Town Hall.
96. Loughborough, Stanford Church.

97. Hyde Park, road near the ranger's lodge.
98. Hyde Park, bridge over the Serpentine.
99. Hyde Park, the Serpentine.
100. Hyde Park, the Serpentine.
101. Hyde Park, the Serpentine.
102. Regent's Park, the boating island.
103. Regent's Park, flower beds.
104. Regent's Park, the lake.
105. Regent's Park, the lake and new bridge island.
106. Regent's Park, the new bridge.
107. Regent's Park, the new bridge.
108. St. James's Park.
109. St. James's Park.
110. St. James's Park, bridge row.
111. St. James's Park, suspension bridge.

112. Staines, bridge.
113. Staines, High Street.
114. Staines, Magna Charter House.
115. Staines, river view.
116. Staines, Town Hall.
117. Staines, Sweeper's Lane and cottages.

118. Peterborough, general view.
119. Peterborough, bishop's palace and Cathedral.
120. Peterborough Cathedral, from the parish church.
121. Peterborough Cathedral, central tower.
122. Peterborough Cathedral, from north-east.
123. Peterborough Cathedral, west front.
124. Peterborough Cathedral, west front.
125. Peterborough Cathedral, choir.
126. Peterborough Cathedral, eastern chapel.
127. Peterborough Cathedral, the retro choir.
128. Peterborough Cathedral, nave.
129. Peterborough Cathedral, nave, shewing the fallen soldiers' memorial window.
130. Peterborough Cathedral, north aisle.
131. Peterborough Cathedral, reredos.
132. Peterborough, deanery.
133. Peterborough, Town Hall and parish Church.
134. Peterborough, Town Hall and parish Church.

135. Clumber House.
136. Edwinstowe Church.
137. Sherwood Forest, Budby path.
138. Sherwood Forest, major oak.

139. Blenheim Palace [?].
140. Boulter's Lock.
141. Marsh Lock, the river at.
142. Henley-on-Thames, bridge and church.
143. Henley-on-Thames, view from bridge.

144. Birmingham, Art gallery.
145. Birmingham, Aston Hall, flood-lit.
146. Birmingham, Aston Hall, flood-lit.
147. Birmingham, composite photograph.
148. Birmingham, Bull Ring.
149. Birmingham, Camp Hill, King Edward VI's Grammar School (girls).
150. Birmingham, Cannon Hill park, the bridge.
151. Birmingham, Cannon Hill park, the lake.
152. Birmingham, Cannon Hill park, an old world corner.
153. Birmingham, Cannon Hill park, a vista.
154. Birmingham, Carr's Lane Church.
155. Birmingham, Carr's Lane Church, interior.
156. Birmingham, Central Hall, Corporation street.
157. Birmingham, Central Hall, Corporation Street, interior.
158. Birmingham, Central Technical College.
159. Birmingham, Chamberlain Square.
160. Birmingham, Chamberlain Square, "floodlighting."
161. Birmingham, Church of the Messiah, Broad Street.
162. Birmingham, city centre.
163. Birmingham, city's civic centre.
164. Birmingham, City Museum and Art Gallery.
165. Birmingham, Colmore Row.
166. Birmingham, Colmore Row and New Street.
167. Birmingham, Colmore Row and New Street.
168. Birmingham, Corporation Street.
169. Birmingham, Corporation Street.
170. Birmingham, Corporation Street.
171. Birmingham, Corporation Street and Stephenson Place.
172. Birmingham, Council House.
173. Birmingham, Council House, portico.
174. Birmingham, Council House, portico.
175. Birmingham, Council House, council chamber.
176. Birmingham, Council House, reception room.
177. Birmingham, Council House, reception room.
178. Birmingham, Digbeth, police station ("A" division).
179. Birmingham, General Hospital.
180. Birmingham, the Grand Hotel.
181. Birmingham, Hall of Memory.
182. Birmingham, Hall of Memory.
183. Birmingham, Hall of Memory, Armistice day.
184. Birmingham, Hall of Memory, Armistice day.
185. Birmingham, Hall of Memory, colonnade.
186. Birmingham, Hall of Memory, interior.
187. Birmingham, Hall of Memory, interior.
188. Birmingham, Handsworth, St. Mary's Church.
189. Birmingham, Handsworth, St. Mary's Church, monument to James Watt.
190. Birmingham, Hill Street.
191. Birmingham, King Edward's School, New Street.
192. Birmingham, the Law Courts.
193. Birmingham, Lewis's department store.
194. Birmingham, Lewis's department store.
195. Birmingham, Lewis's department store.
196. Birmingham, Lewis's department store.
197. Birmingham, Masonic Hall.
198. Birmingham, Masonic Hall, portal.
199. Birmingham, New Street.
200. Birmingham, New Street and G.P.O.
201. Birmingham, New Street (L.M.S.) station.
202. Birmingham, Queen's Hotel.
203. Birmingham, St. Chad's Cathedral.
204. Birmingham, St. Chad's Cathedral, interior.
205. Birmingham, St. Chad's Cathedral, high altar.
206. Birmingham, St. Martin's Church.
207. Birmingham, St. Martin's Church, interior.
208. Birmingham, St. Philip's Cathedral.
209. Birmingham, St. Philip's Cathedral.
210. Birmingham, St. Philip's Cathedral, interior.
211. Birmingham, St. Philip's Cathedral, "Burne-Jones" east window.
212. Birmingham, School of Arts and Crafts.
213. Birmingham, Small Heath, Aubrey Road.
214. Birmingham, Small Heath, Coventry Road.
215. Birmingham, Small Heath, Coventry Road.
216. Birmingham, Small Heath, Dora Road.
217. Birmingham, Small Heath, Mansel Road.
218. Birmingham, Small Heath, St. Benedict's Road.
219. Birmingham, Small Heath, St. Oswald's Church.
220. Birmingham, Small Heath, St. Oswald's Church, All Souls' altar.
221. Birmingham, Small Heath, St. Oswald's Church, the high altar.
222. Birmingham, Small Heath, St. Oswald's Church, Lady chapel.
223. Birmingham, Small Heath, St. Oswald's Church, nave.
224. Birmingham, Small Heath, St. Oswald's Church, rood screen and chancel.
225. Birmingham, Small Heath, Tennyson Road.
226. Birmingham, Small Heath park, bandstand.
227. Birmingham, Small Heath park, boat house.
228. Birmingham, Small Heath park, bridge.
229. Birmingham, Small Heath park, children's corner.
230. Birmingham, Small Heath park, entrance.
231. Birmingham, Small Heath park, island.
232. Birmingham, Small Heath park, lake.
233. Birmingham, Small Heath park, lake.
234. Birmingham, Small Heath park, lake and island.
235. Birmingham, Small Heath park, refreshment room.
236. Birmingham, Small Heath park, swans.
237. Birmingham, Town Hall.
238. Birmingham, Town Hall.
239. Birmingham, Town Hall.
240. Birmingham, Town Hall, facade and Victoria Square.
241. Birmingham, Town Hall, interior.
242. Birmingham, Town Hall, the great organ.
243. Birmingham, the University.
244. Birmingham, the University.
245. Birmingham, the University, Edmund Street.
246. Birmingham, Victoria Square and New Street.
247. Birmingham, Victoria Square and New Street.
248. Lickey Hills, steps of the stream.
249. Lickey Hills, upper falls.
250. Rugby, market place with St. Andrew's Church and clock tower.
251. Rugby School, chapel.
252. Rugby School, south view.
253. Rugby School, headmaster's residence.
254. Rugby School, interior arch of entrance to quadrangle.
255. Rugby School, statue of Thomas Hughes.

256. Sheffield, botanical gardens.
257. Sheffield, botanical gardens.
258. Sheffield, Endcliffe woods.
259. Sheffield, Endcliffe woods.
260. Sheffield, Endcliffe woods, boat house.
261. Sheffield, Endcliffe woods, entrance.
262. Sheffield parish church.
263. Sheffield parish church, interior.
264. Sheffield, Town Hall.
265. Sheffield, Town Hall, reception room.
266. Sheffield, Mappin Art Gallery.
267. Sheffield, Mappin Art Gallery.
268. Sheffield, Western Park lake.

269. Blue jackets [sailors] landing guns.
270. James Watt's famous workroom, Heathfield hall.
271. "Souvenir of Birmingham:" brown card album containing six postcards of Birmingham city centre.
272. Wolseley motor sledge, built for Captain Scott's Antartic expedition, undergoing a test in Norway.
273. Wolseley motor sledge, built for Captain Scott's Antartic expedition, undergoing a test in Norway.
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