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TitleKeene Photographs
Description Photographs of Derbyshire, mostly of churches and historic buildings.
DERBYSHIRE (Continued)
1. Denby, old hall near church.
2. Derby, All Saints' Church.
3. Derby, All Saints' Church.
4. Derby, All Saints' Church, from Irongate.
5. Derby, All Saints' Church, Queen's Street, copy of drawing by A.J.K. [two prints].
6. Derby, bridge [two prints].
7. Derby, from Exeter bridge [four prints].
8. Derby, Doctor Vaudrey's house, the Wardwick [two prints].
9. Derby, Friary, west front, distant view [two prints].
10. Derby, Friar-gate.
11. Derby, Infirmary, from south-east.
12. Derby, old houses [two prints].
13. Derby, Old Irongate (1866) and Rotton Row.
14. Derby, Old Silk Mill.
15. Derby, Old Silk Mill, wrought-iron gates.
16. Derby, Queen Street.
17. Derby, St. James Street [two prints].
18. Derby, St. Michael's Church.
19. Derby, St. Peter's Church [two prints].
20. Derby, St. Peter's Church.
21. Derby, St. Peter's Church, interior looking east.
22. Derby, St. Peter's Church, old house in churchyard [two prints].
23. Derby, St. Werburgh's Church, the old tower and the new church. Built by Dr. Were, the first Bishop of Derby [two prints].
24. Derby, St. Werburgh's Church, new interior [two prints].
25. Derby, St. Werburgh's Church, the old chancel where Dr. Johnson was married.
26. Derby, St. Werburgh's Church, the new chancel [two prints].
27. Derby, St. Werburgh's Church.
28. Derby, Smith's Old Bank, from gardens [two prints].
29. Derby, Smith's Old Bank, back.
30. Derby, the Wardwick [two prints].
31. Derby, casket presented to the Queen by the Mayor of Derby, 21 May 1891.
32. Derby, decorated trowel presented to the Queen, 21 May 1891.
33. Dovedale.
34. Dovedale.
35. Dovedale, Dove Holes [three prints].
36. Dovedale, Dove Holes.
37. Dovedale, Lion's Head Rock.
38. Dovedale, Reynold's Cave [two prints].
39. Dovedale, Twelve Apostles [two prints].
40. Doveridge Church, north-east.
41. Doveridge, old water-mill.
42. Duffield Church.
43. Duffield Church, north-west.
44. Eggington Church, from south-east.
45. Eggington Church, from south-east.
46. Eggington Church, nave.
47. Eggington Church, interior, looking west.
48. Eggington Church, sedilia, piscina etc. [two prints].
49. Eggington Church, chair.
50. Elvaston Church.
51. Elvaston Castle.
52. Elvaston Castle, east front through cedars.
53. Elvaston Castle, gardens.
54. Elvaston Castle, gardens, cedars.
55. Elvaston Castle, gardens, lake.
56. Elvaston Castle, gardens, lake.
57. Elvaston Castle, gardens, Spondon church in distance.
58. Elvaston Castle, gates.
59. Etwall Church, interior of north aisle.
60. Etwall Hall.
61. Etwall Hall, from south-west.
62. Etwall Hall, terrace.
63. Etwall Hall, interior.
64. Etwall Hall, tapestry.
65. Etwall Hall, "Charles the I" by Van Dyke, Cotton collection [two prints].
66. Etwall Hall, "Queen Elizabeth," Cotton collection, [artist not known] [two prints].
67. Etwall Hall, tapestry.
68. Eyam Church, south-east.
69. Eyam Church, ancient cross.
70. Eyam Church, incised slabs.
71. Eyam Church, Mompesson chair and old font [two prints].
72. Eyam, "Cucklett Church" [two prints].
73. Eyam, Cucklett Dale.
74. Eyam, Cucklett Dale, looking from the pulpit north.
75. Eyam, Cucklett Dale, the salt pan.
76. Eyam, Cucklett Dale, the salt pan.
77. Eyam Hall.
78. Eyam Hall.
79. Eyam, Mompesson well.
80. Eyam, village.
81. Eyam, village.
82. Farley, study of sheep.
83. Fenny Bentley.
84. Fenny Bentley Church, south-west.
85. Foremark Hall.
86. Haddon Hall.
87. Haddon Hall, entrance.
88. Haddon Hall, terrace.
89. Haddon Hall, the terrace.
90. Haddon Hall, interior.
91. Haddon Hall, interior, approach to music gallery.
92. Haddon Hall, room over the tower.
93. Haddon Hall, oriel in dining room.
94. Haddon Hall, bay [oriel] window in dining room.
95. Haddon Hall, long gallery.
96. Haddon Hall, ball room, long gallery.
97. Haddon Hall, entrance to chapel.
98. Haddon Hall, chapel.
99. Haddon Hall, chapel.
100. Haddon Hall, chapel looking east.
101. Haddon Hall, chapel.
102. Haddon Hall, chapel, norman pillars and font [two prints].
103. Haddon Hall, chapel, norman pillars and font.
104. Hardwick Hall, from gateway.
105. Hardwick Hall, approach from north.
106. Hardwick Hall, entrance hall.
107. Hardwick Hall, dining room.
108. Hardwick Hall, the presence chamber.
109. Hardwick Hall, the presence chamber.
110. Hardwick Hall, interior.
111. Hardwick Hall, long gallery.
112. Hardwick Hall, part of long gallery.
113. Hardwick Hall, long gallery.
114. Hardwick Hall [?], portrait, [subject and artist not known].
115. Hartington Church, interior looking east.
116. Hartington, view of village from "The Charles Cotton" Hotel.
117. Hartington, "Charles Cotton" Hotel.
118. Hathersage Church, south-east.
119. Hathersage Church, from field [two prints].
119a. Hathersage Moor, "Toad's mouth" rock, near Fox House.
120. Holbrook Hall.
121. Horsley Church.
122. Horsley Church, interior.
123. Hungry Bentley Hall.
124. Hungry Bentley Hall.
125. Hungry Bentley Hall.
126. Kedleston Church, south-west.
127. Kedleston Church, norman doorway.
128. Kedleston Church, interior.
129. Kedleston Hall.
130. Kedleston Hall, north view.
131. Kedleston Hall, south front.
132. Kedleston Hall, south front.
133. Kedleston Hall, under bridge.
134. Kedleston Hall, doorway.
135. Kedleston Hall, the entrance hall.
136. Kedleston Hall, fireplace.
137. Kedleston Hall, interior.
138. Kedleston Hall, interior.
139. Kirk Ireton Church.
140. Kirk Ireton Church, from south-west.
141. Kirk Ireton Church, interior.
142. Kirk Langley Church, looking east.
143. Kirk Langley Church, window in north aisle.
144. Kniveton Church, font.
145. Langwith Church, south-east.
146. Langwith Church, south-west.
147. Lathkil Dale, bridge.
148. Lathkil Dale, mill.
148a. Lathkil Dale, view in the lower part of.
148b Lathkil Dale, old aqueduct piers.
148c Lathkil Dale, looking down river.
148d Lathkil Dale, looking down river, with floodgates.
148e. Lathkil Dale, gorge on south side.
148f. Lea, scene near corn mill.
148g. Lea, brook near corn mill.
149. Little Eaton, Outram's Railway, arrival of last gang, July 1908.
150. Little Eaton, Outram's Railway, arrival of last gang, July 1908.
151. Little Eaton, brook in wood.
152. Little Eaton, path through the wood.
153. Little Eaton, path through the wood.
154. Little Eaton, path through the wood.
155. Little Eaton, quarry path.
156. Little Eaton, stone quarry.
157. Little Eaton, study of nettles and ivy on wall.
158. Little Eaton, twitch burning.
159. Little Eaton, woodside rivulet.
160. Littleover Church, from south-east.
161. Littleover Church, from south-east.
162. Littleover Church, from south-west.
163. Littleover Church, from south-west.
164. Littleover Church, interior.
165. Littleover Church, interior.
166. Littleover Church, old church doorway with rustic figures.
167. Littleover, vicarage.
168. Littleover, lane.
169. Littleover, lane, scene.
170. Littleover, lane, cottage.
171. Littleover, lane, cottage.
172. Littleover, lane, cottage.
173. Littleover, lane, cottage.
174. Littleover, lane, cottage.
175. Littleover, lane, cottage [two prints].
175a. Littleover, view from vicarage.
175b. Littleover, lane scene, with cottage.
175c. Littleover, study of old tree.
175d. Littleover, from vicarage gate.
175e. Littleover, lane scene.
176. Litton Dale, Litton mills.
177. Litton Dale, Litton School.
177a. Litton Dale, "water-cum-jolie".
177b. Litton Dale, from end of mill.
177c. Litton Dale, from top of rocks.
177d. Litton Dale, from top of rocks.
178. Locko House.
179. Locko House, distant view.
180. Locko House, south front.
181. Locko House, south front from south-east.
182. Locko House, south front from south-east.
183. Locko House, south front from south-east.
184. Locko House, south front from south.
185. Locko House, south front from south.
186. Locko House, entrance hall.
187. Locko House, picture gallery.
188. Locko House, picture gallery.
189. Long Eaton Church, south-east.
190. Long Eaton Church, south-west.
191. Long Eaton Church, interior.
192. Long Eaton Church, interior.
193. Long Eaton Church, norman doorway.

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