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TitleChurch Reform Committee: minutes
DescriptionAppointed by Archbishop Lang at the request of the bishops to consider the reform of the internal life and administration of the Church of England after the war, 30 April 1941 - 9 June 1942. They include (ff.12-18) a draft memorandum by George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester, on a joint meeting of the Committee and the Bishop of London, 2-7 October 1941, and (ff.65-67v) a draft report probably by him, 9 June 1942 (ff.1-72v). See also Bell Papers 120, ff. l78-240.

Minutes and working papers of the House of Bishops of the Church Assembly Church Reform Committee on the legislative and administrative machinery of the Church of England, 15 July 1942-7 April 1943. The chairman of the Committee was Bishop Bell (ff.73-125v).

Minutes of a Committee of the Church Assembly to consider the report of the Bishops' Commission [CA 719] together with the comments of the House of Clergy and the House of Laity and a draft Measure giving effect to it, 16 February 1944 - 1 March 1945 (ff.126-34).

Papers submitted to the Church Reform Committee:

CRC 1. Canon Harold William Bradfield, later (1946) Bishop of Bath and Wells, 'The problem of the parsonage house', 17 April 1941 (ff.135-136v).

CRC 2. Elizabeth Marion Denby, sociologist, 'The parsonage house problem', 16 April 1941 (ff.137-138v).

CRC 3. Bishop of Chichester, 'Memorandum on procedure', 23 April 1941 (ff.139-40).

CRC 4. William George Hannah, Secretary of Queen Anne's Bounty, 'Parsonage houses and dilapidations', March 1941 (ff.142-4).

CRC 5. Bishop of Chichester, 'Parsonage houses. A memorandum', 16 June 1941 (ff.145-146v).

CRC 5 [sic]. Henry Potter, diocesan surveyor of Sheffield. Memorandum on parsonage houses, [1941] (ff.147-51).

CRC 7. James Raitt Brown, Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Kt. (1948), 'A new dilapidations scheme', [1941] (ff.152-60].

CRC 8. J.R. Brown, 'Parsonage houses', [1941] (ff.161-5).

CRC 8A. J.R. Brown, 'The problem of the parsonage house and dilapidations', 12 August 1941 (ff.166-9).

CRC 9. W.G. Hannah, 'Parochial houses of residence', 26 September 1941 (ff.170-9).

CRC 12. Leslie Stannard Hunter, Bishop of Sheffield, 'Family allowances', [1941] (f.180).

CRC 13. Walter Godfrey Whittingham, Bishop of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich, 'Note ... on the scheme for family allowances in his diocese' [1941] (f.181).

CRC 15. Bishop of Chichester. Draft report, 7 January 1942 (ff.182-189v).

CRC 16. Sir Philip Wilbraham Baker Wilbraham, 6th Bart., Notes on the redistribution of benefice incomes, [1942] (ff.190-3).

CRC 17. Leslie Stannard Hunter, Bishop of Sheffield. Draft letter on diocesan reorganisation, [1942] (f.194r-v).

CRC 18. Sir P.W.B. Wilbraham, 'Suggested outline of a Draft Report', 28 January 1942 (ff.195-7).

CRC 19. Bishop of Chichester, 'Redistribution and church reform', 23 February 1942 (f.198r-v).

CRC 20. Letter (copy) from Mervyn George Haigh, Bishop of Coventry, and later (1942) Winchester, to the Bishop of Chichester, 23 February 1942 (ff.199-200).

CRC 21. Leslie Stannard Hunter, Bishop of Sheffield. Memo. on the clergy freehold, 15 March 1942 (ff.201-2).

CRC 22. Canon H.W. Bradfield. Memo. on the reallocation of clerical endowments, [1942] (ff.203-204v).

CRC 23. Alfred Brotherston Emden, Principal of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Memo. on nonendowed sources of benefice income, [1942] (f.205r-v).

CRC 24. [Bishop of Chichester]. Draft report of Church Reform Committee, [1942] (ff.206-209v).

CRC 25. J.R. Brown. Memo. on clergy pensions, [1942] (ff.210-12).

CRC unnumbered. Bishop of Chichester, 'Contributions from church members', 8 July 1942 (ff.213-214v).

Papers submitted to and relating to the Bishops Church Reform Committee:

BRC 1. Memo. on proposals for redistribution of clerical income (ff.225-226v).

BRC 2. Sir Arthur Sackville Trevor Griffith-Boscawen and L.S. Whitehead. Memo. on the central pooling of benefice endowments [1944] (ff.227-230v).

BRC 3. Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London, and later (1945) Archbishop of Canterbury. Memo. on the redistribution of clerical endowments, 10 April 1944 (ff.231-233v).

BRC 4. Comparative statement on the Union of Benefices Measures 1923-36 and the Reorganisation Areas Measure 1944 (ff.234-235v).

BRC 5. Geoffrey Reynolds Yonge Radcliffe, Fellow of New College, Oxford, Statement submitted to the committee of the Church Assembly on the redistribution of parochial endowments, 7 March 1944 (printed) (ff.236-43).

BRC 7. Letter from G.R.Y. Radcliffe, 31 May 1944 (f.244r-v).

BRC 8. Sir A.S.T. Griffith-Boscawen. Memorandum [1944] (ff.245-6).

BRC 9. Note by the Bishop of Sheffield on BRC 8 (f.247).

BRC 10. Bishop of Chichester. Comment on part II of the Bishop of London's suggestions for a report, 12 January 1945 (ff.248-253v).

BRC 10B. Report of the committee appointed to consider the Report [CA 719] of the commission of the House of Bishops on the remuneration and housing of the clergy and other matters, January 1945 (draft) (ff.254-260v).

BRC 11. Comments by Queen Anne's Bounty, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the Pensions Board on part III of the draft report (ff.262-3).

BRC 12. 'Outline of suggested measure', 16 February 1945 (ff.264-266v).
AcquisitionGiven by Mrs S. Martin of Sudbury, Suffolk.

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14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
266Bradfield; Harold William (1898-1960); Bishop of Bath and Wells1898-1960
318Denby; Elizabeth Marion (1893-1965); Sociologist1893-1965
369Hannah; William George (1868-1945); Secretary of Queen Anne's Bounty1868-1945
270Brown; Sir; James Raitt (1892-1979); Knight; Third Church Estates Commissioners1892-1979
388Hunter; Leslie Stannard (1890-1983); Bishop of Sheffield1890-1983
595Whittingham; Walter Godfrey (-1941); Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich-1941
598Wilbraham; Sir; Philip Wilbraham Baker (1875-1957); 6th Baronet1875-1957
89Haigh; Mervyn George (1887-1962); Bishop of Winchester1887-1962
339Emden; Alfred Brotherston (1888-1979); Principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxford1888-1979
365Griffith-Boscawen; Sir; Arthur Sackville Trevor (1865-1946); Knight1865-1946
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
500Radcliffe; Geoffrey Reynolds Yonge (1886-1959); Fellow of New College, Oxford1886-1959
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