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Extent155 ff.
TitleMiscellaneous papers of John Selden and Sir Matthew Hale
DescriptionAs follows:
A. Papers by or connected with John Selden
Abstract of suit by Henry Grey, 6th Earl of Kent, against George Rotherham, esq., and William Dethick, Garter King-of-arms, alleging a false pedigree for Rotherham compiled by Dethick, [1594] (ff.1-2).
Endorsed to be heard in the Star Chamber.
Verses entitled, 'Elencherii Candidi Angli de Verulamio et Verulaemii Barone Francisco Bacono ... Ad Joannem Seldenum.
Academia Londinensis sydus et unicum Pici Miraendulaeni parallelum amicum suum' (f.3r-v).
Letter from Egremonte Thynne to Lady Elizabeth Ruthin, wife of Henry Grey, (1623) 8th Earl of Kent, 30 October 1618, giving professional advice concerning her inheritance (seal) (f.5).
Letter from Egremonte Thynne to Lady Elizabeth Ruthin, wife of Henry Grey, 21 November 1618, informing her that the judges are conferring about her inheritance (seal) (f.7).
Confirmation under the privy seal to Thomas Howard, 14th Earl of Arundel and Surrey, of the powers of the Earl Marshal, 1 August 1622 (copy) (f.9r-v).
Letter to Elizabeth, wife of Henry Grey, 8th Earl of Kent, 23 November 1626, denying that the writer or his mother possessed certain deeds relating to estates of the late Earl of Shrewsbury (seal) (f.11).
Draft of a letter written by Selden [for the Countess of Kent] to Richard Bourke, 1st Earl of St. Albans, 1631, recommending Richard Tiler, sergeant of her castle at Goodrich in Herefordshire, as tenant of a mill in the Forest of Dean (f.13).
Draft of a letter written by Selden [for the Countess of Kent] to John Holles, 1st Earl of Clare, 17 July 1631, giving an account of 'this late reference between my L. Chamberlain and my self' (f.14).
Letter from Lucy, widow of James Hay, 1st Earl of Carlisle, perhaps to Selden, 24 June [1636], concerning her financial affairs under her late husband's estate (f.16).
Note of Selden's answer in Parliament to questions on religion by Sir Harbottle Grimston, 2nd Bart., 5 July [1640] (f.18).
Certificate from the Committee for Sequestrations to the Countess of Kent concerning the rent of a tenement belonging to Arthur Capel, 1st Lord Capel, in Whitefriars, 13 January 1645 (f.19r-v).
Receipt by Cornelius Bee for books sold, with a few additional titles listed by Selden, 1 November 1649 (f.21r-v).
Order by the Committee for Compounding to Selden, authorising the delivery of evidences, deeds, and writings to Philip Warwicke, esq., who has compounded for his delinquency, Goldsmiths' Hall, 1 January 1650 (f.22).
Draft by Selden of his resignation as a governor of the Charterhouse, 16 January 1652 (f.24).
Draft of a letter written by Selden [for the Countess of Kent], to an unnamed peer, n.d., thanking him for providing accommodation and presenting 'my best service and my Lord's' to Lady Hertford (f.26).
Draft of a letter written by Selden [for the Countess of Kent] to an unnamed peer, n.d., stating 'My cozen Talbot will tell you how the proceding hath heer been' (f.28).
Miscellaneous notes in Hebrew and other oriental languages (ff.30-38v).
Copies of historical records: (a) coronation oath of Edward II (39r-v); (b) proceedings in Sir Richard Scrope v Sir Robert Grosvenor for wearing the arms 'azure, a bend or' before the Constable, Thomas, Duke of Gloucester, [1386-9]. See The Scrope and Grosvenor controversy, ed. Sir H.N. Nicolas, 1832 (ff.41-55); (c) charter of incorporation of the heralds, 2 March 1484. See Foedera, XII, 215-16 (ff. 52-58v); (d) 'The othe of the Kings highnes at every coronation', temp. Hen.VIII, from a MS. in the Cotton Library. In Selden's hand (f.59); (e) coronation oath of Edward VI 'taken out of a book of his Coronation in Bibl. Cantuariensis'. Heading in Selden's hand (f.61); (f) charter of incorporation of the heralds, 18 July 1556. See Foedera, XV, 423-5 (ff.63-65v); (g) 'A copie of a Judgment geven by ye Earle Marschall of England wherin is shewed his authorytie to cansell a false pedygree and to right ye partie greved but not to punishe the offender', consisting of the judgement of the Earl Marshal ordering a new descent be made for Hugh Fitzwilliam, who refused to produce a false pedigree by Clarenceux King-of-arms, 20 July 1568, and a summons for Fitzwilliam to appear before him, 16 May 1568 (ff.67-8); (h) charges against William Dethick, Garter King-of-arms, [1593]. Endorsed, 'Mr. St. George his notes of information against hym' (f.69r-v); (i) notes by Selden 'in the case touching appeales to the King from the Court of Knighthood', n.d. (ff.71-2); (j) 'The Oath of the Herald at the tyme of his Creation before his Soueraigne', 17th cent. (f.73r-v); (k) charters of the Kings of Scotland concerning homage to the King of England, with a few annotations by Selden (ff.75-82); (l) petitions from the House of Commons to the crown (numbered 55-80), 5 Hen.IV. 17th cent. copy. See Rotuli Parliamentorum, III, 538-43 (ff.90-105).
B. Public correspondence of Sir Matthew Hale
Letter from Hale to John Smyth, of Nibley, Glos., n.d., undertaking to subscribe £100 to sums collected by Commissioners, of whom he is one (copy) (f.106).
Letter from Thomas Wilde to Serjeant Hale, c.1654, apologising that his offer of a fee was interpreted as a bribe (f.108).
Letter from Hale to - Barker, n.d., agreeing to stand for election to Parliament, but wishing not to appear publicly at the election in order to leave the electors free to choose (draft) (f.110).
Order by the Council of State, signed by Henry Lawrence, summoning Hale, Justice 'of his Highness Court of Common Pleas', to come to London speedily with the other judges, Whitehall, 4 September 1658 (wafer seal) (f.112).
Letter from Richard Parr, Vicar of Camberwell, to Hale, 14 July 1659, referring to the receipt and return of MSS. 'God looke upon a dying nation and a forsaken church' (f.114).
Letter from William Sheppard, Henry Selwyn, and John Gyse to Hale and Edward Stephens, M.P.s, from Gloucester, 28 July 1660, inquiring whether the Receiver-General for the monthly assessment should give security to the king or to Hale and Stephens as their M.P.s (f.116).
Letter from Mary Norborne to Hale, 24 September 1660, acknowledging his help to her in her widowhood, and seeking advice about lands bought by her husband from the Earl of Castlehaven (seal) (f.118).
Endorsed by Hale with legal notes.
Letter from the city of Hamburg to Sir William Morice, Secretary of State, introducing the legate Caspar Westerman, 16 September 1662 (Latin) (f.120).
Letter from T. Palmer to Hale, 22 March 1664, concerning an inquiry referred by the Council to the judges. Hale's presence in London much needed on public affairs (seal) (f.122).
Letter from Henry Robinson, merchant and writer on economics, to Hale, from London, 10 August 1666, reporting that on the defeat of the Dutch the king will issue a patent for minting farthings, but whether of tin or copper is not known. Advances reasons for the king to found a bank (f.124). Also a draft memorandum by Hale on the foundation of a bank (ff.126-7).
Letter from William Fuller, Bishop of Lincoln, to Hale and Sir Wadham Windham, Justices of Assize, from Louth, 26 August 1668, reporting on his recently completed visitation. Notes opposition less than was expected, the punishment of scandalous ministers, a private conference with Dissenters, numerous confirmations (f.128).
Letter from Thomas Barlow, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, and (1675) Bishop of Lincoln, [to Hale], from Oxford, 14 April 1672, proposing that [Charles Crew] enter Magdalen Hall, where he can live on £30 a year, until a demyship at Magdalen College falls vacant. [Thomas] Pierce has resigned but has influence over his successor [Henry] Clerk, and a place may soon be got 'unless mandamus'es from Court hinder it' (f.129).
Letter from Thomas Pierce, former President of Magdalen College, Oxford, to Hale, from Stowell, Glos., 17 April 1672, undertaking to recommend a poor scholar named Charles Crew to his successor for a demyship, if not impeded by the king's mandates or the engagements of other electors (seal) (f.130).
Letter from Hale to Sir John Trevor, Secretary of State, from Acton, 22 August 1672, declining to advise him on a matter likely to cause family dissension (draft) (f.132).
Letter from Sir Heneage Finch, Lord Chancellor, later (1681) 1st Earl of Nottingham, to Hale, 28 February 1674, stating that the king excuses him from going on circuit. Asks opinion of the judges on the case of the sheriff of Kent, Gombleton, who did not take the oaths of allegiance and supremacy 'and the usual Test' within the statutory period and thereby became disqualified from office (seal) (f.133).
Letter from Hale to Sir Heneage Finch, [March 1674], replying to the previous item (draft) (f.135).
Letter from Richard Sackville, 5th Earl of Dorset, to Hale, from Drury Lane, 29 June 1674, expressing his belief that writs 'of processe in my Liberty of Dorsett Courtt' might be served by officers of the liberty, but referring the question to Hale (f.137).
Letter from Sir Leoline Jenkins to Hale, from Doctors' Commons, 10 January 1675, concerning the form of oath for heathen persons in Christian courts (f.138).
Letter from Thomas Leigh, 2nd Baron Leigh of Stoneleigh, to Hale, from Stoneleigh, 3 October 1675, defending himself against charges that he maltreated his wife (f.140).
An unpublished letter of the Reverend Richard Baxter to the Chief Justice Sir Matthew Hale (John Ryland Bulletin April 1940) (f.142).
Letter from Charles Bertie, Secretary to the Lord Treasurer, to Sir Robert Howard, Auditor of the Exchequer, from Wallingford House, 5 May 1676, notifying him of the delivery of funds to the Exchequer for payment of the judges (f.144).
Letter from C. Harbord to Hale, from London, 29 May 1676, commending Contemplations moral and divine, and proposing its translation into Latin for the benefit of foreign churches (seal) (f.146).
Letter from Henry Schmettan, chaplain to the Elector of Brandenburg, to Charles II, after 1676, presenting a gift and extolling a German translation of a book by 'the late judge Hales' (f.148).
Letter from Edward Stephens to Hale, n.d., defending his conduct apparently in connection with a sale of property (seal) (f.150).
Letter from Hale to an unnamed judge, n.d., advising on proceedings against three persons committed for trial at Suffolk assizes (draft) (f.152).
Letter from Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk, to [Robert] Hale, from Whitehall, 20 March 1611, proposing a composition for undervaluing the manor of Rangeworthy, Glos. (f.154).
PublnNoteSee Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 5.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]
G. Toomer, 'John Selden: A Life in Scholarship' (OUP, 2010) [Lambeth Palace Library H512.O7]

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